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Hidden Prize (alpha yondu x Omega reader)

Letting his men go first Yondu followed in after them. He watched as his men took over the ship they were currently plundering. Looking about he saw as one of his crew held the Captain on his knees. Walking over he smiled at the man, no doubt one of the Kree race. “Well looky here. We got ourselves a Kree ship boys.” he said rubbing his hands together. The blue man gave a snarl to Yondu and proceeded to insult him about his former slave life. “I guess I moved up in life, now what sorta goodies you got on this here ship.” he smirked. Snapping his fingers the men began going through the boxes on the ship to find anything they could sell. Seeing the dead crew members on the ground he looked at the Kree captain. “See your first mistake was keeping weak crew members.”  he growled before punching the Kree in the gut. Hearing a scream he furrowed his brows and looked in the direction it was coming from. Kraglin was the first to met the Captains eyes, showing him honest concern while the others just laughed and gave fox calls. “Ah Captain you may want to come take a look at this.” Kraglin said and the Kree began to thrash in his bindings. Kicking the Kree Yondu made his way towards where the others were to see what they were gawking at. “Now move out the way.” he said, pushing the men aside. Looking inside the small dark room he saw a cage with what clearly a woman inside. She was curled up in the far corner, shaking with fear as some of the crew tried to grab at her. Seeing chains on her ankles, wrists and neck he knew imminently she had to be a slave in transport. Remembering the time when he too was in chains Yondu gritted his teeth before kicking one of his crew members that was trying to grab at her in the ribs. The man doubled over in pain and all the others were quick to look at the blue centenarian. “Your scaring her. Go see what else ya can find on the ship. Go on GET!” he yelled making the men take off away from the cage. “Kraglin!” he said still looking at the girl. “Yes Cap?” the skinny man said. “Bring me the Kree.” he said in a even tone and saw as the man nodded out of the corner of his eye. 

When the Kree was thrown to his feet Yondu finally broke his gaze from the female still cowering in the corner. “Who is she?” he asked but the man said nothing. Whistling Yondu made his arrow go through the Kree’s leg, erupting a loud grunt from the man. “I’ll ask again who is she!?” when the man again said nothing Yondu let out a high pitch slow whistle. The arrow slowly began to pierce itself into the males chest. “She is a terran. Picked her up during the battle on earth.” he screamed in his own language. “Why?” Yondu asked calmly. “She is an Omega… were going to see how much we could get for her… would you be interested. I hear the cunt is pure, just how you Centaurians like them.” the kree mocked with a laugh. Curling his lip in distaste the room was filled with a high pitch whistle and the kree fell dead at Yondu’s feet. The omega had not looked up once and he knew she must be terrified. “Kraglin, go get me a blanket.” he said and was left alone with the female once again. Opening the cage door he bent down to crawl over to her. He could see the dark bruises on her body where she had been beaten and furrowed his brows. Her clothes were dirty and had holes all in them. Her hair matted and wild. She was shaking still and when he ran his knuckles over her upper arm she flinched. “Now doll I’m gonna get ya out of here.” he told her in as gentle of a voice as he could. Moving to grab her hand she snatched her hands away and looked into his eyes. Bright eyes the same color blue as his skin looked into his red ones. He didn’t think he had ever seen so much fear on one person before. “I’m just going to get these chains off ya.” he told her and slowly moved to grab his knife from his boot.  Yondu saw as a tear fell from her eye when she looked at his knife. She thought he was going to hurt her. Grabbing her arm he picked the lock of the chains letting them fall to the ground. When Kraglin walked back into the room with a blanket in his arms he handed it to Yondu. Going to wrap her in the blanket she took her chance and hit his nose with the palm of her hand making him fall backwards and groan in pain. By the time he looked back up she was out of the cage and kicking Kraglin in the balls as she made a run for it. “Fuck.” he said crawling out of the cage to go after her. Seeing her running down the hall he yelled for his men to catch her. When they grabbed her around her middle she kicked and hit as hard as she could to get away. Coming up Yondu saw as she kicked another in the face and before he could say anything the man back handed her across the face, knocking her out. “Did I say hurt her!” he yelled punching the man in the jaw. Pulling the female from the man’s arms he wrapped her in the blanket. “Get whatever you can and hurry up and get us out of here. I want to be long gone by the time the kree find out one of their ships is late.” he told the crew and saw them nod before walking towards his chambers.

Hearing a small groan Yondu looked to see the girl he had laid in his bed waking up. “She finally wakes. You know girl you hit pretty hard for an omega.” he said with a chuckle, walking over to the bed. When she saw him she backed up into the corner of his bed that was against the wall and stared at him. Siting on the bed he looked to her and sighed. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya doll.” he said. “You’re one of them… the ones that took me…” she whispered and he shook his head, “No. I ain’t no kree. I’m a Centaurian. The name is Yondu, What’s yours?” he said holding out his hand for her to shake. She looked the appendage over for a moment before placing her smaller hand in his, “Y/n.” she whispered. Smiling he nodded his head and then looked down to her arm, seeing puncture wounds he let out a sigh, “what did they do to ya darling?” he asked making her snatch her hand away from him. Looking down she tried to cover the marks on her body. Licking his teeth he stood and walked into another room. Soon he walked back out and went to a drawer made into the walls. Watching his every move she was surprised when he came back over to the bed and handed her a pile of what looked like clothing and a towel. “There is a bathroom through there. Here’s some clothes, we ain’t got no women clothes on the ship so these will have to do until I can pick ya up some.” he told her. Timidly she reached out and grabbed the clothes from him and looked down. “Thank you.” she whispered making him give a small smile and nod. She looked between him and the bathroom for a moment before getting up and walking towards it. When she looked out of the room that had no door to separate the two he chuckled, “I’m going to check on what the crew is doing. Don’t worry, ain’t nobody allowed in here but me.” he told her with a smirk before leaving the room. 

Looking in the bathroom y/n saw a shower of sorts with the water already turned on and steaming. Checking to make sure the blue man known as Yondu did actually leave she undressed from her rags and stepped under the water, letting out a small sigh at the feel of the hot water on her skin. Washing away all the dirt and blood she grabbed what she assumed was soap and washed her hair and body. When she was done she was left feeling better than she had in a long time. Holding up the clothes he had gave her she stepped into the red pajama pants, having to roll them up at the waist to keep them from falling down. Pulling the black shirt over her head she lifted the fabric to her nose and sniffed the shirt. Alpha, she knew it. She had guessed that was what he was from the moment she saw him and smelling his scent on the shirt confirmed it. Looking into the mirror she saw how thin her face had grown and saw the light bruise on her cheek where that man had hit her. Sitting back on the bed she looked around the room a she ran her fingers through her hair to get out all the tangles. It was a spacious room with a bed, a small table and a desk. The walls, floor and ceiling looked to be made of metal that was a redish color. The bed itself was covered in black bedding. Looking at the wall that the bed was against she saw it to be made of glass but was not see through. Seeing a button on the wall beside the bed she bit her lip before leaning forward to press it. When the wall became transparent she gasped at what she saw. 

After a few hours Yondu went back to his room, carrying a tray of food and drink for the omega. Opening the door quietly in case she was asleep he looked in to see her sitting on his bed with her legs crossed under her staring out the window into space. Walking over to her she never looked away “Beautiful isn’t it?” he asked making her jump and look at him. Holding up his hand in defense he sat on the bed and placed the tray in front of her. “Thought ya might be hungry.” he said. She seemed cautious at first but when he gave a smile she reached out to grab the food. While she ate Yondu looked over the female. Now that she was clean he saw she was in fact very beautiful. Her skin no long covered in dirt and blood showed clear s/c skin. Her long h/c hair was brushed out and clean. He could also see how skinny she was, no doubt from being starved. With being so skinny his clothes seemed to swallow her up but he couldn’t deny the fact that he enjoyed seeing the omega wearing his clothes. When she went to bite down on a piece of food he quickly reached out to stop her. “No. Trust me you don’t want to eat that end. You won’t be able to move for a hour.” he chuckled before breaking off the root of the fruit and handing it back to her. “Darlin’ I need to find out what they were putting in ya… I just need ta take a little blood…” he said after a while, pulling out a small syringe from his pocket. Moving to grab her arm she snatched it away and growled at him. Knotting his brows he curled his lip and moved to grab her arm again, this time with more force. Before he could react she bit him. “Oww.” he hissed. Jumping he pinned her to the bed under him and held her hands down by her head. She tried with all her might to throw him off of her but he was much stronger than any human. “Hold still now.” he said around the syringe in his mouth. Pulling one of her arms under his leg he took the other one in his hand and grabbed the needle with the other. Pushing the needle into her skin she gave a whimper in pain. As soon as he pulled out the needle he placed it on the table beside his bed and ran his finger over her arm. Feeling a small bump in her skin he knotted his brows and grabbed his knife. She pulled for him to free her arm as he pressed the blade to her arm and cut open the skin. Letting out a scream he hurried and dug out the small tracking bit the kree had put in her arm. Once the chip was out he threw the knife on the table and held his finger down over the cut to stop the bleeding. 

Rolling to lay beside her he kept his hand over the cut. Hearing her crying he let out a sigh, “I’m sorry. That was a tracker they put in ya, most likely in case something like this happened. They won’t be able to get ya again.” he told her. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked in a soft voice. It was the question he had been asking himself since he picked her up. Letting go of her arm he stood. “I don’t know yet…do ya got any family?” he asked and she shook her head. Grabbing the syringe and the chip he looked down at her. “Get some sleep omega.” he said before leaving the room, cutting off the lights when he went. Curling up on the bed y/n looked out the window at the stars. Who was this man? He had saved her and had went out of his way to care for her. He was an alpha and hadn’t made a move to claim her yet. What was his plans for her?

A few days had passed by and over the time y/n had not seen much of her savior. A man known as Kraglin had brought her meals during the day and at night she would only see the Captain when he came to take a shower or grab something out of his room. She had made herself busy by making things out of a box of wires she had found. She had been feeling very weak as of late and made it a habit of just laying in bed. She had been surprised to see Yondu come into the room and look at her. “we are stopping to make a drop in a little bit. It won’t be long but I’ll be off the ship with most of the crew…What’s wrong?” he asked when he saw her flushed skin. “..nothing…i’m fine…just a headache.” she told him, trying to look more presentable. “Mmm, I’ll see if I can pick ya up something.” he told her with a slight nod of his head. Watching him leave she fell back to sleep, burying her face into his pillow. 

Y/n woke up to the door opening and rubbed her sleep filled eyes. “Yondu?” she asked but was surprised when the person came into her sight. It was not Yondu, it was another male, he was a red looking male with sharp teeth and yellow eyes. He quickly moved to cover her mouth when she went to scream, leaning forward to sniff at her. Smiling she saw his yellow eyes flash with something she had seen before, lust. “I Knew it. I could smell your scent down the hall. How delicious you smell. Just coming into heat as well, mmmm.” he hissed into her face. When he went to grope at her breast she bit down on his hand and he pulled it back. With the hand no longer covering her mouth she let out a scream before he again was covering her mouth. “Shut up you stupid whore.” he snarled. Pushing his hand down her pants she felt tears come to her eyes. When a loud whistle filled the room she opened her eyes to see the man on top of her gasp in pain. “That was a warning. Let her be or next time it will be your life.” Yondu yelled making the man look over his shoulder at the Captain. “You think you can keep her for yourself. You ain’t even claimed her yet Yondu!…That why you been staying away from her all this time, to afraid you going to hurt her.” the red man hissed in a mocking tone and she heard a low growl from the blue alpha, “That ain’t none of your concern.” Looking back down at her the man tore the shirt she was wearing, “What if I bite her now? What if I mark her as mine?” He said bending down slowly and showing his sharp teeth. An arrow quickly went through his chest before he fell off of her. Laying there in shock she watched as the arrow flew through the air before Yondu caught it and walked over to drag the man from his bed. He seemed to not be affected by the mans weight as he threw him from the room.

Slamming the door shut he made his way back over to the scared omega in his bed. Sitting on the bed Yondu reached out to stroke her cheek. “Are ya alright?” he asked and saw her nod. “I didn’t know he would do that, I’m sorry.” he growled looking towards the door. “was he telling the truth?” she asked in a whisper and saw him look down. “I’ll get ya a new shirt.” he said going to get up from the bed when he was stopped by her grabbing his hand. Looking at their hands intertwined he tried to control his alpha instincts as the smell of her heat hit him. “That stuff they were injecting you with was heat suppressants. I don’t have any but I know of a guy that I can buy some from… Should be able to get it in a couple hours.” he said and she looked down in shame. Before she could say anything he walked out of the room. Feeling a tear roll down her cheek she layed down on his bed and cried, not knowing the Centaurian was just outside the door listening. 

Hours later Yondu had successfully gotten the heat suppressants for y/n. With a deep breath he made his way back into the room to find her curled up on the bed sleeping. She was whimpering with the pain of her heat. Seeing her holding something he leaned down to see it was one of his shirts that he had been wearing the day before. She was scenting him, she actually did want him. Looking down he shook his head and rubbed his hand over his face. He couldn’t possibly mate with her. She was so much smaller than he was and she was human. He could crush her if he wasn’t careful. All the reasons he shouldn’t claim her ran through his head. Hearing her soft sigh he looked back at her. On the other hand she had no one else and he couldn’t possibly send her back to earth when she had no one there to take care of her. He had always dreamed of taking a omega one day and now he had the chance. Seeing the different things she had made with the spare wires he smiled. Laying the needle on the side table he shrugged off his coat and layed on the bed beside her. Resting on his elbow he ran his finger over her cheek, waking her up. “Yondu?” she asked and he smiled, “Y/n, i need you to listen to me. I got the suppressants if you want them… but I was thinking that I would give you a choice on the matter.” he said stopping to see her looking at him with those bright blue eyes. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the tale he had always heard about omegas having eyes that would somehow match who their true mate was. “I’m a Centaurian and that makes me a whole lot more…intense than your terran men. It would not be difficult for me to hurt ya if I lost control. If I claim ya and it would be your choice, i need ya to understand that once you say yes, there is no going back. I won’t be able to control myself, you’re too much for me to darling. ..But with that being said if I was to take you as a mate I would take care of you. It’s completely up to you.” He said holding her hand in his. “Yes.” she said and he had to look up when he heard the word pass her lips. “Are you sur..” he started but was stopped by her pushing her lips to his. 

Feeling her lips on his he could not stop the growl that left his throat. “princess, you don’t know what you just got yourself into.” he growled out. Grabbing the back of her head he rolled on top of her, biting at her lip he heard her gasp out and used the opportunity to roll his tongue into her mouth. Holding himself up on his forearm he moved the other hand down to grab the shirt she was wearing in his hand. With a quick tug he finished ripping the shirt off of her. Leaning back he looked down at her bare chest and gave a deep growl seeing his eyes flash a darker shade of red y/n let out a gasp when he engulfed one of her nipples into his mouth. Sucking hard on the small nub he felt her flinch and regained control enough to lick over the now raw nipple. Kissing over her chest he sucked marks into her skin. Getting to her neck he licked over the area where soon he would place his claiming mark. Nipping at the skin he moved to kneel above her, pulling his own shirt over his head. Seeing her run her fingers shakingly over his fighting scars he gave a purr, telling her it was okay. Leaning down he went back to kissing her as he slowly pulled the pants from her legs. Lifting her bottom with one of his hands while the other pulled the pants from her legs. When she was completley nude he unbottoned his slacks and kicked them off the bed with his boots. Being skin to skin with the omega made Yondu shake with want. Biting at her hip bones she cried out and he smirked. Licking up the small drops of blood he had created with his sharp teeth he growled out. Licking down to her sex he threw her legs over his shoulders and licked up her slit. When a moan escaped her lips Yondu had to dig his fingertips it her flesh to keep from taking her then. Pushing his long tongue into her pussy he groaned at the sweet taste. He was happy when he found out she was infact pure, that the kree had not been lying. Thrusting one of his fingers into her she arched her back up off the bed. 

He fucked her with his fingers for a while until he thought she was ready for him. Crawling back up her body he slammed his lips to hers. His instincs to claim her were taking over as he made sure to leave marks on her body of their coupling. Lining up with her he slowly sheathed his cock into her small body. She cried out and gripped his arms as he pushed in and when he saw tears flow down her cheeks he became concerned he had hurt her badly. Pulling back out he looked down where their bodies were joined to see blood covering the tip of his shaft. Knotting his brows he sat up and looked at her sex to see a small amount of blood leaking from her hole. “Your bleeding.” he said confused and saw as her watery eyes met his, “I was a virgin.” she said in a embraressed voice. When she started to curl up and hide herself from him he shook his head. “Is it normal for terrans to bleed during their first time?” he asked quickly trying to sooth her. Seeing her nod he let out a sigh of releif. “Do you not want to…” she started to say no longer looking at him. Before she could finish her sentance he was back on top of her kissing her cheek. “I’m not stopping.” he said in a deep voice, thrusting back into her, he pushed into the hilt and heard her moan. Gritting his teeth together he let her adjust to him. When he felt her buck her hips under him he smirked and pulled back out. Thrusting in and out of her he let her moans rile him on. It didn’t take long for her to begin whining. Grabbing her hips he flipped her over onto her stomach. Wasting no time he thrusted back into her hearing a soft cry leave her mouth. “Oh god…Yondu.” she moaned and he let out a feral growl. When the base of his cock began to swell he pushed it into her body, feeling it lock in her body. The omega screamed out as she was knotted by the alpha, her pussy milking his cock. Roaring out Yondu held her hips still as he filled her with his seed. Biting down on her neck he claimed her. Drinking down the blood gushing in his mouth he heard her whimper in pain.

Once he had spent himself he felt the alpha back away and realized what he was doing. Unlocking his jaws he looked to see the bite mark deep and flowing with blood. Furrowing his brows he leaned down to lick at the wound making her hiss and flinch away from him. Holding her tight to him he rolled them over to lay on their sides. With her throat in his hand he held her still as he cleaned the wound. When he was satisfied he placed a kiss on the bite and leaned up to open the window. The two layed there for sometime just looking out at the stars before he began to whistle. When the arrow began flying through the air he saw her sleep filled eyes following the arrow around the room. She smiled softly before giving a yawn, “Get some sleep princess.” he purred to her, placing a kiss to her temple.

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Jerome Valeska//Know-It-All

Jerome x Reader
(Y/N=Your Name)
(Y/T/N=Your Teacher’s Name)
*WARNING: gun threat and gun use (someone gets shot in the leg)*

You sat in history class anxiously awaiting today’s lecture. You’d always had a knack for history and being the teacher’s favorite certainly didn’t hurt. The class was currently going over World War II and war strategies throughout history.

You’d been considered a Know-It-All in history since as early as you could remember. Jealous students would often snicker at your willingness to answer every question and the teacher asked. Despite this, you still tried hard every day in class and didn’t any of your fellow students bother you.

“Ultimately, the Axis powers were able to fall to the Allied powers due to their serious lack of-” Y/T/N Cut off by the class phone ringing you watched your teacher carefully as they slowly walked over to the class phone. Their eyes darted frantically across the room and you noticed a small drop of sweat begin to creep down your teacher’s brow. Your countenance displayed a confused look.

The teacher hung up the phone. “I’ll be right back kids.” They said.

Your turn toward your paper and begin to read through your notes while all the other kids in the class did just the opposite. It was several minutes before another adult entered the classroom. You turned around expecting to see Y/T/N standing in the doorway ready the scold the kids who weren’t doing their work.

It wasn’t Y/T/N standing in the doorway.

Jerome Valeska. Everyone knew about the escaped convict from Arkham. The red hair and smirk were unmistakably his.

The psycho let out a roar of horrifying laughter.

One of the girls in your class let out a screech. Jerome whipped a gun out of from behind his back and pointed it at her. The girl immediately got quiet.

“Oh I see,” Jerome said between laughs as he approached the front of the classroom. “World War Two. See I was never one for history.”

No one in the class said anything. The only sound was yours and others student’s heavy breathing. The red headed maniac rolled his eyes and shot a bullet into the ceiling leaving only 5 bullets in the revolver.

“Does someone care to enlighten me on the subject?”

All eyes shifted over to you. You weren’t sure if your fellow classmates did this on purpose or if the action was involuntary. Jerome noticed the change of attention and looked to you with a wide grin.

“Well lookie here! The gorgeous one’s got brains.” Jerome skipped over to your seat. “What’s your name sweetheart?” He whispered in your ear.

“Y/N.” You replied.

“I’m Jerome.” The maniac extended out a hand. You took it, and he guided you to the front of the room.

“Now, tell us all about what we need to know.”

Jerome dragged your now empty desk up to the front of the room so that he could have a perfect view of you and the board.

You lectured on and on about World War 2 and the change in war strategy between both world wars. You almost forgot the ginger psycho had invaded the room.

“And that’s pretty much it.” You stated, looking Jerome in the eye.

He clapped loudly. “Well aren’t you just a little Know-It-All!” The psycho said while pinching your cheeks between his fingers.

You attempted to take your seat back but Jerome stopped you. “Don’t sit down yet doll. I wanna test you.”

“Test me?” You asked inquisitively.

“Yeah Y/N. Is learnin’ theory the same as doing the thing your learnin’ about.”

“What do you mean?”

The psycho rolled his eyes, placed his hands on your shoulders, and led you to the front of the room. “Is studying war the same as the real thing.”

Jerome whipped out is revolver once more and released a bullet which lodged itself into the leg of one of your classmates. They let out a distressed scream. Jerome rolled his eyes. You stared on horrified. He dug his hand into the boys gunshot wound and used the crimson blood to draw the silhouette of a person on the brick wall.

The psycho approached you with a look of pure insanity on his face. To your surprise, he handed you the gun.

“That’s your target.” Jerome said while pointing at the bloody painting. “Try for a head shot.”

You’d only shot a gun once, and it was a rifle, a completely different type of weapon than the one you were holding now.

You must’ve been hesitating because Jerome seemed to grow impatient. He growled in your ear. “Shoot baby.”

You pulled the trigger.

The bullet was about a foot away from the target.

Jerome fell against the teacher’s desk in a fit of maniacal laughter. “You have no aim. I guess theory isn’t the same as the real thing.”

You shot the gun at the target once again. The bullet was even farther away this time. Your futile attempt only furthered Jerome’s fit of laughter.

However, in a moment of pure guts, you spun around on your heals and aimed the gun at the psychos forehead. You placed your finger on the trigger. Before you could pull the trigger and send a metal bullet through Jerome’s head, his hand flew up to meet yours and the gun was snatched from your hand. The barrel of the handgun was now pointed at you.

“I dare say you almost killed me kitten.” Jerome stated.

You didn’t say anything for fear that speaking would end your life sooner than necessary. Instead, you looked Jerome in the eye as one last act of defiance.

You heard the click of the next bullet falling into place.

Then, another one of the Maniax came into the classroom. Jerome turned to them. “GCPD is here.” They said strangely calm.

“I’ll be right out.” Jerome said before averting his attention back in your direction.

After another second of having the gun pointed at you, Jerome lowered his arm and scooped you off the ground.

“Where are we going?” You said between shaky breaths.

“That doesn’t matter baby. You’re coming with me, and we’ll be together.”

You were carried from the confines of your school in the arms of one of the most dangerous villains Gotham had seen in your lifetime.



Lookie here, Haven! This is my ticket to the NOLA Film Festival for ISTL. I got SAF’s autograph at Wizard World. Last night I met Rodney Crowell and got his autograph after his concert at a festival. I’ve always loved him, and he put on a great show. He was very kind and gracious, and of course we chatted about about Tom. I told him what a great job they did in the film and that initially I didn’t think Tom could do it. And he said, “He didn’t think he could do it either but he did!”

My take on Nathanael’s feelings for Marinette

So I saw @luckyladybuggy​‘s question if Nath gets over Mari and I kinda went overboard with my answer.

Okay, so we first see Nathanael drawing  himself, as a superhero, and saving Mari. And we learn that he has a crush on our heroine but has kept silent about it until Chloe did her thing.

And in the course of the episode, his crush becomes more obvious as Evillistrator.

Look at the smile on his face. Like, omg, my crush gonna spend my birthday with me. He even promised to lay off on Chloe.

Nathanael even put Mari before the ‘get me the Miraculous’ HawkMoth call until the supervillain threatened him.

I mean, he trusted her to the point that he’d carelessly give away his weakness. And well,  I have this idea that despite being akumatized, some people somehow still has the heart to not hurt people they kinda harbor strong feelings for and even ask them out on a date in Evillustrator’s case. (It happened with Mylene too in Horrificator and Nino with Adrien’s party.)

And then he learns that there is an entire MariChat thing that happened. And like from being this perf girl, he compares her to Chloe, the girl he hates and had initially put him on the stand and is the primary reason of his negative feelings and him being akumatized.

But lookie here, after returning normal, this is the first thing he sees. Obviously, Nath doesn’t remember all the crap he pulled as Evillistrator which means, he doesn’t remember his feelings for Mari flipping 180 degrees.

But at the end of the ep, we see this. He crosses out the comic where he saves Mari and starts with a pretty cover of what probably is a LB comics. And look at the hearts below which brings us to the question: Does this mean he got over Mari or is he still into her? (Well, Mari and the Lady are the same person but you know what I mean.)

Okay, so in the episode where Chloe lost her bracelet, Nath was one of the suspects since he drew it and they wanted everyone’s bags to be checked and here we see Nath, asking them not to look through his stuff.

What can we get from this? Although this is just speculation, not wanting people to look through your stuff may mean that you have something to hide, something you don’t want others to see. I will connect this fun fact with other stuff later.

Okay so, most of the time, in various episodes he’s just there with a blank or base face. He doesn’t exactly react every time something is going on with Marinette. And even if he might have moved on from her and started admiring Ladybug instead given the Ladybug comics he’s starting and everything (even though those two are the same person and everything), he wasn’t acting like a fanboy in front of Ladybug either.

Nath seems to be inexpressive with his feelings. You can’t tell what he’s thinking by just looking at him unlike when you look at Kim or Mylene and other charas. You probably wouldn’t know what is going through his head unless you see his art. I mean, no one knew he liked Mari until Chloe announced it to the whole class that he drew a comic where he saves the girl.

And that is where we connect the part where he doesn’t want people to see his bag. What could be in his bag that he wouldn’t want people to see? Obviously, not his books. Everyone has those. Not his pencil case. Not his water bottle. And that leaves us with his sketch pad or wherever he draws. He’s probably afraid people will see his drawings, his form of expression.

So how is this related to if he moved on from Mari or not? Okay, so I have two theories here. One is straightforward simple and the other is kinda speculative in nature because we can’t read Nath by looking at his face.

1. Yes, he moved on from Mari. He crossed out the comics where he saves her and starts anew with the LB comics (+ the hearts below the cover could mean that he has the thing for LB now).

2. Nope. He ain’t over her. You probably might be asking, ‘if he ain’t over Marinette, then how do you explain him crossing out that comic, huh?’ Here’s the thing. If you look at nath’s comic where he saves Mari from danger, his portrayal of her isn’t exactly like Mari. The thing is Nath doesn’t really know Mari. I mean, he has a crush on her but doesn’t interact with her much and thus cannot really see her totality, like how she’s witty, sometimes irrational (stealing phones and everything), even kinda analytical. The list could continue on forever. I mean, people go through that stage where they try to understand the person they are crushing on and what if Nath is doing just that with Marinette? What if him crossing out the comic where he saves Mari doesn’t mean he’s over her but is in the stage where he is deciding if he’d try to seriously like her not just the 'sweet, perfect and pretty girl’ concept of her he made up in his head but liking Mari for herself? I mean, the cat is out of the bag. Mari knows he has a thing for her. And that may have triggered Nath to seriously think about the girl. Of course seriously thinking about her may entail him concluding that he doesn’t really like her and thereby moving on but I still don’t think he’d just jump the gun and say ‘nah, I don’t liker her, really.’ unless he’s scared of further embarrassment like what happened before.


“Lookie what we got here! You are so beautiful!”said Sodapop, laughing while looking at you.

“Sodapop, I’m your girlfriend. You know? (Y/N), 3 years together?”you said, giggling. The doctors warned you about him possibly being “high”. You didn’t mind, it was funny.

“Just three more hours and we’ll go home okay”

“I’ll go wherever you want me to go, good looking”


Based off mine and amanda-jp drunk baby Ivy headcanons, go follow this gal :^)

“I’m hoooooommeee!” Harley announces, bounding into the room with her latest shopping spree.

She lifts the bags into the air with triumph and sees Selina, who doesn’t even have the courtesy to greet her!

“Hey! I said I’m home.” Harley pouts, the bags falling to the floor. “Heyyy!”

She leaves the bags and approaches Selina, who has her back to her.

“Kitty! Earth to Kitty!” Harley places herself in front of her and waves in her face.

Selina looks ready to combust, her face is tinted red and her eyebrows are knitted so tightly together, they look ready to conjoin. A great big ‘pfffff’ leaves her mouth as Harley gets a whiff of something very strong and very alcoholic.

“Are you drunk?”

“God, no.” Selina guffaws. “Harl, listen, I’m not- well maybe a little bit but your plant pot gal…”

Oh dear.

Harley swallows, running a hand through her hair.

“Where is she?”

“In the kitchen. Harley you didn’t tell me!”

“What? That she could do her whatzimajig with her blood and get herself shit faced?”

“No, that-”

“Harleyyyyyyy.” Chimes a voice one would swear is woven from silk and honey.

Ivy saunters in from the kitchen, draped in a thin blue nightgown, wine glass in hand. She leans against the door frame, one arm above her head to show off her figure, not that she needs to, Harley has already etched every curve into her mind.

Selina bursts into laughter, not because of Ivy looking like she might topple any minute but because her face is pink. Not flesh pink, pink, adorable deep pink.

It will spread through to the rest of the of her body and the process only seems to quicken as her emerald eyes settle on Harley.

The colour apparently came through when the many toxins in her blood stream mixes with alcohol, only when Ivy wants to get drunk and only Harley knows this.

“She’s pink, Harley! Pink!”

And now, Selina.

Harley knows what’s coming but still, she can’t help but grin.

“Hey, Red!” She said, patting Selina roughly on the back and leaning down to her ear to whisper roughly. “How much has she had?”

“Enough apparently.” Selina scoffed, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Oh, Kitty,” Harley sighs. “Ivy will feed ya to her flora tomorrow if she let you see her like this and believe me, you ain’t seen nothin’. Is she at Touchy McFeeley stage?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hey Harl,” Ivy purrs. “Come over here and give me a kiss.”

Even her lips have gone from green to red. They look delectable, plump and oh God she’s biting it, Harley can’t even try to resist.

“Oh what the Hell,” She grins. “You get over here sweet cheeks.”

The wine glass falls to the floor (thankfully, a carpet floor) and she strides over a lot quicker than Harley expects and she realizes she has made a mistake.

Of course Ivy knew Harley won’t be able to resist the lip biting, Harley might as well be giving landing lights to the bedroom with that invitation for a kiss.

Ivy yips gleefully as she presses her lips against hers, snaking her arms around her shoulders. Ivy’s drunken kisses were fun, sloppy, but fun. Even if Harley wants to take the lead, she can’t. Ivy leans against her and kisses deeper, no doubt she has Harley’s classic black lipstick smeared all over her mouth.

Harley’s own moan is enough to snap her out of it and she becomes incredibly aware of Selina gawking at them.

“Okay, babe, I got it.” She insists, pushing her off carefully.

Ivy laughs slyly, her hand slides down and cups her ass firmly.

“Mm, you definitely do.” She smirks and Harley’s blush is fierce, a butterfly effect blooming in her abdomen.

“Wowwwwwwww,” Selina coos, lifting her hands in the air and turning to leave. “I know who Touchy McFeeley is now.”

“Wait, Selina, lemme explain somethin’!” Harley begs, trying once more to shove her giggling girlfriend off of her.

“No need. You wanna be left alone, my pleasure. I don’t wanna see anyone make out, let alone you two.”

“Red, lovely, Pammy, sweetie pie,” Harley pleads. “Go sit on the couch, I’ll be with ya lickity-split.”

“Promise?” Ivy pouts.

“Oh, I promise.” She really does.

Ivy does as requested but not before squeezing her ass one last time with a cheeky wink.

When she’s left the room, Harley releases a long breath and turns to Selina, who has waited, thank God.

“Righty-o, catty-o.” Harley clasps her hands together and rubs them together. “Lemme tell ya somethin’ only the bestest of buddies share with each other.”

Selina looks less than impressed but it doesn’t deter Harley.

“So me ‘n Ives, we got a thing going, ‘cept that she don’t quite know it. Ya see a gal like my Red ain’t really in the mood that often which is fine, I like workin’ for it anyway.”

Selina’s eyes widen as she clicks exactly what Harley is talking about.

“Oh, Harl, I don’t wanna hear this.”

Harley points at her accusingly.

“Hey lookie here, I am sharin’ this with ya because we’re buds, you’re gonna hear it. So that’s what normally goes down, I work for it, stimulate her-”

“Christ, do not say it.”

“I was gonna say brain, filthy kitty.” She  shook her head. “I get her brain goin’, we have debates, she gets all pent up and so do I in alllll the right places. But when she gets drunk, I don’t gotta do nothin’! There’s not as much satisfaction in that!”

Selina brings her hands to her face and drags them down in despair.

“So all of that arguing? That’s… that’s foreplay?”

Harley smiles deviously.

“Harrrrlllll,” Ivy drones from the living room. “Come over here, I want you to look at something for me.”

Selina looks positively frightened and Harley frowns.

“Ivy doesn’t have to worry about a thing, I’m going to make myself forget everything that has transpired.”

And with that, Selina ascends the stairs.

Harley stands there for a few moments, takes another deep breath and goes into the living room.

Ivy is sprawled on the couch, her hair splaying out behind her head. The pink has spread everywhere Harley can see and she’s sure to places where Harley cannot see. Her dark blue night gown contrasts beautifully with her pink skin and red hair, Harley is reminded of the final moments of a sunset.

“There you are. Come here.” Ivy instructs and Harley obeys.

“What didya wanna show me?” Harley asks, kneeling down by the couch.

“You know I always loved that shirt on you.” Ivy muses and her hands suddenly leap from her sides to covet Harley’s breasts. “Oops! My hands slipped.”

“Red!” Harley giggles and bats her hands away.

She can get grumpy all she wants about lack of foreplay but how could she stay grumpy when Ivy is this fun?

“NO, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR A THING!” Selina yells from upstairs.

Ivy glowers at the ceiling and mutters something under her breath.

“Ignore her, baby.” Harley reassures her. “You were saying?”

Ivy tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and purses her lips, like a child caught in the act of stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

“There’s a bottle of wine there, join me?”

Harley contemplates but not for long because damn her eyelashes are pretty.

“Well,” She shrugs. “If you can’t beat 'em…”

A few drinks later and she’s laughing, rather ungraceful snorts escaping her as she does so. Her cheeks are heated beyond belief.

Ivy rambles on about her plants in between playful gropes, Harley just plays with her hair.

“Wait, wait, wait.” She drawls, tapping Ivy on the shoulder. “You wanted to show me somethin’.”

Ivy squints and then apparently remembers.

“Oh, yes, c'mere. Kiss me again and I’ll show you.”

Harley gets up onto the sofa and straddles her waist. Ivy’s eyelids lower in a fashion she rarely sees and it lights her on fire. She cranes down and kisses her.

Harley being on top, she has the advantage and uses it to pin down Ivy’s hands with her own. She coaxes Ivy’s mouth open with her tongue and runs it along them, sweet wine and strawberries. She dips her tongue in for more and Ivy moans and oh, it sounds delightful.

She pulls back quickly, she can see Ivy’s disappointment for a brief moment before her mouth forms a little 'o’ shape and she wriggles free from Harley’s grip. She takes something from her hair and holds it up to Harley’s face.

“You make me bloom, Harley.” Ivy says so sincerely that Harley forgets they’re drunk.

It’s a lily. A stunning white lily has grown from Ivy’s hair. Now that is something.

“Oh, Ivy, look at ya.” Harley sighs and delicately takes the flower and tucks it into her hair. “You’re so beautiful.”

Ivy’s face burns with a darker pink.

“Thanks.” Her eyes avert. “So are you.”

“Oh no, this ain’t about me.” Harley plants a kiss on her forehead. “Tonight is all you, Red, or would ya rather go by Pink now?”

Ivy chuckles and her gaze softens. She reaches up and caresses Harley’s cheek.

“Call me Pamella, just for tonight.”

Harley leans into her touch, kisses her cheek and leans until she hovers by her ear.

“Pamella…” She whispers. “What do you want me to do?”

Ivy shudders underneath her.

“Kiss me, touch me, please, Harley. Love me how you want to.”

Harley complies, gladly. She never hesitates to show Ivy just how much she loves her.

nsfw undercut

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Fight Song ~ Part 13 ~ Hail To The Queen

Originally posted by blackinjustice

Warnings: Death, broken body, pain, loss. 

Pairings: Steve X Reader X Bucky; Tony X Reader; 

Word Count: 3,341




I feel a kick against my stomach and I am sent backwards as Zeke fires a repulsor at me. I quickly twirl out of the way falling back into a fighting stance. “You are such a stupid girl!” Zeke says and I narrow my eyes.

“Better to be a stupid girl, than a pigheaded jerk!” I say as I fire a rocket at him. He meets my rocket with a set of flares and I growl in annoyance. We fight back and forth half in the air and the other on the ground; repulser beams and missiles flying throughout the air like a meteor shower. Zeke was getting tired which resulted in him becoming sloppy.

‘You can do this Sunshine,’ Dugan says and narrow my eyes looking for any weakness in his suit.

“Friday, have you found any weaknesses yet?”

“Not yet miss,”

“Damn, okay just, keep me posted.” I say as I wrack my brain for anything that could be useful. A smile crosses my lips before I crack my neck and say to Zeke, “You’re tech is outdated Zeke!”

“Whatever, my tech is top of the line.”

“Sorry to tell you, but that’s not true. You’re wearing trash. See it’s already failing you.” I say as I point to his leg that was now sparking with electricity. “You’re on the verge of a malfunction.”

“Then I better end this now,” He says as he dives toward me. I smile as I surge upward toward the sky with him close behind me.

“Peanut what are you doing?!” I hear Tony yell out in my comms and I narrow my eyes.

“I doubt he thought about the freezing, if I can get him high enough his suit will short circuit and I can tear him out of it.”

“That’s my girl, be careful.” Tony says and I smile softly.

“I will,” I say softly feeling the oxygen slowly start to lessen in the air. I finally stop and turning toward him expect him to stop and ice over but he doesn’t. My eyes widen as he collides into me with a hard bang the sound of the impact echoing thought the sky.

“Do you really think I’d make the same mistake as my old man?”

“Not really,” I say smiling as I wrap my arms around him and taking a deep breath say so only Friday can hear, “Take us down Friday, Fast!”

“I’m not sure you’ll survive a drop from this altitude Miss.”

“Just do it!”I yell out angrily and I suddenly feel the both of us start to hurtle toward the earth at supersonic speed.

“(Name)!” I hear Steve yell out into the comms and I feel my heart clench. I take a deep breath and closing my eyes start to come to terms with what I was about to do. I was going to sacrifice myself for my father. That would be okay wouldn’t it? The world needed Ironman more than it needed some tortured little girl. Didn’t it?

“You’re wrong Sunshine,” I hear my grandfather Dugan say and I feel tears fall from my eyes. “They’d miss you. Steve, Bucky, and especially Tony; they love you and they want you to be with them.”

“I don’t know if I can be what they want me too be.”

“Trial and error child, trial and error.” He says and my eyes snap open. He was right. I couldn’t die. I needed to live. I had so much more than I thought I did. I had people who loved me and wanted to be with me.

“Let go of me you crazy bitch!” I hear Zeke yell out and I smile.

“Sorry Zeke, you threatened my family; and for that you have to pay.”

“Your father started it!”

“No Zeke, yours did! Think about it clearly! He sent mine to die! Tony was a little out of control back then but he didn’t deserve to die over a company!” I yell gripping tightly to the metal alloy of his suit.

“He still killed my father!” Zeke yells and I roll my eyes.

“Zeke you and I were friends once, I don’t want to kill you; but if you continue this stupid mission to murder my father I will destroy you.” I growl out as I narrow my eyes.

“You’re right,” He says making me loosen my grip. “We were friends,” All of the sudden he whips me around and grabbing my neck starts to squeeze making the armor crackle under his grip. “But that was a long time ago.” I grab at his arm and start to power up my chest repulser. “Now you’re just an obstacle in my way.”

“I’m Sorry,” I say regretfully as I open the faceplate of my helmet.

“Sorry for what?” He asks as he does the same.

“This,” I say my eyes turning sad as I fire my unibeam at him making him instantly release me and fall backwards his armor crumbling around his body. He stares at me his eyes filled with a mixture of shock and surprise as he slowly starts to fall toward the ground. My breathing starts to race as I watch his eyes gloss over with unconsciousness.

“What are you waiting for? Save him!” Dugan says and I clench my jaw.

“Why should I?”

“Because he was your friend,”

“He made his decision,”

“He’s a tortured and neglected little boy. He’s hurt and trying to cope with the death of his father by doing the wrong thing and going after yours. He needs rehabilitation, not death.”

“You’re right,” I say as I stare at Zeke’s falling body. “God dammit!” I yell out firing my boot booster and surge toward him. “HANG ON ZEKE!” I yell out as I push the suit to go faster. How was it that an unconscious man in an titanium alloy suit could fall faster than this suit could fly? “Come on, Come on!” I yell out and then right before we hit the ground I grab Zeke and flip him over my body so that when we landed I hit the ground first shielding him from the fall.

“AGH!” I scream out as the pain starts to fill my body. There was no telling how severely I was injured but I knew it was bad.

“(Name)?” I hear Zeke ask and I tilt my head over to look him in the eyes. They were no longer filled with anger and regret but fear and concern. “Oh my god what have I done?” He says as he pushes himself up and over to me. “I’m so sorry!” He cries as tears fill his eyes. I open my mouth to tell him that it’s fine and I’ll be okay but nothing comes out; Only the taste of copper and the feeling of warm liquid running out of the corners of my mouth.

His eyes widen as he says, “Don’t talk, don’t move! HELP! Somebody help us!”

I feel like shit.

“Somebody please!”

This really hurts. I need to move. I try to move my legs but am only able to feel sharp intolerable pain. Yeah no let’s not do that. Surprisingly at that very moment all I wanted was my mother and father. I wanted to be held. I wanted to feel the love I was denied for so long. I wanted to stop worrying about what would happen if I tried to love again. I wanted to be free. I wanted to love someone. My eyes flutter as my eyesight becomes foggy. I could hear someone calling my name but I couldn’t respond. I was too tired.

“Peanut!” I hear Tony’s voice and I blink a couple times before glancing to my right to see him kneeling next to me his eyes wide with fear and worry. Tears fill my eyes and my heart clenches at the sight of him so scared.


“It’s gonna be okay, (Name); I’m not gonna let you go.” Tony says as tears fill his eyes.

I don’t wanna go.

“Come on Stark you’re tougher than this,”

Bucky? I glance to the other side to see that Zeke was no longer there, he had been replaced by a pair of worried super soldiers.

“Just hold on (Name), help’s on the way.” Steve says and I feel him grip tightly to my hand as Bucky gently moves my hair from my face.

If I survive this, you both are taking me out on a date.

“You should hear what she’s thinking.” Wanda says a worried chuckle escaping her lips.

Don’t you dare tell them!

“I promise it stays between us.” Wanda says and I smirk. “It’s good to know the fall didn’t hurt your sense of humor.”

“What do you mean? What’s she thinking?” Steve asks and I narrow my eyes at him.

“I don’t think you want to know,” Wanda says and Steve’s face turns red.

Yeah I have a dirty mind, and hell I may be dying so let me have a little fun.

“WE’RE HERE!” I hear Clint yell out and I try my hardest to look toward him only resulting in excruciating pain and an upchuck of blood causing everyone around me to stare worriedly at me. “Get the suit off her!” I hear Clint yell and I somehow let out a blood curdling scream as the suit pulls away from me leaving me to lie on the cold hard ground. Tears uncontrollably start to cascade form my eyes as the pain becomes increasingly unbearable.

“We have to get her into the cradle!” Natasha says and I blink slowly my body growing cold and unresponsive.

Come on guys, I’m starting to- starting to-

Suddenly a white light pierces my subconscious and I look around to see that I am now standing in the middle of a snowy abyss. I walk forward the snow falling slowly around me. I feel the fluffiness against my bare feet and I look down to see that I am in fact bare foot and raise an eyebrow. What the hell was going on? “Hello?” I cry out as I raise an eyebrow in confusion. “Is anybody there?”

“Well looky what we have here.” I hear a voice say and I turn to see my grandfather, Dum Dum Dugan, standing there in all his glory and I smile brightly.

“Grandpa!” I cry out as I throw myself into his arms. He lets out a hearty laugh as his arms wrap tightly around my body.

“You got big!” He says as a laugh escapes his mouth.

“I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too Sunshine, kinda wish heaven had visitation days.”

“Wait what?” I say as I pull away and stare up into his icy eyes. “Am I-am I dead?”

“Of course not!” He bellows making my heart relax. “You just got close enough that you get to visit me for a while.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“I don’t know, did it?”

“Surprisingly yes,” I say as I narrow my eyes at him.

“Don’t give me that look, It’s better than actually dying isn’t it?” he asks and I nod.

“Yeah, at least now I get to see you.”

“What am I chopped liver?” I hear another voice say and I turn to see Howard Stark standing a few feet away and I smile. “So this is (Name), I have to say she definitely took more after me than you.”

“Yeah you wish,” Dugan says and I smile.

“I’m glad I got to meet you (Name),” Howard says a smile covering his lips.

“Likewise, although I wish it could have been under different circumstances.” I say as I smile up at him.

“Now now don’t you go liking him more than me now,” Dugan says and I chuckle as I wrap my arm around his stomach and hug him.

“I make no promises,” I say and he smirk as he insantly starts to rub his fist into my head. “Ow! Okay I take it back!”

“So Bucky and Steve?” I hear Howard say and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“What about them?”

“You like them.”

“Yeah, okay, tell me something I don’t know?”

“How much of the Stark genes did you get?” Howard says a smirk covering his lips.

“More than you know old man,”

“Old man? I don’t think I like that name.” Howard says as he face contorts.

“Well it’s true.” I say folding my arms over my chest.

“What Stark means is,” Dugan says making me look up into his blue eyes. “What do you plan to do now?”

“I honestly have no fucking clue.”

“Language!” They both yell in unison and I laugh out loud.

“Okay now I know why Steve’s the way he is.” I say in between fits of laughter.

“Steve’s a good guy,” Howard says his eyes staring at me lovingly.

“So is Buck,” Dugan says and I nod.

“I know they are, they both helped me in one way or another when I was going insane but; I don’t know, I just feel like I don’t want to hurt either of them.”

“No matter what you do someone will get hurt, that’s inevitable.” Dugan says and I narrow my eyes.

“You’re not helping my dilemma.”

“I’m not meant to,”

“You could always choose both.” Howard says and I can swear I heard a blood vessel pop in Dugan’s neck.

“She cannot choose both!” Dugan says and I raise an eyebrow.

“Um are you guys just gonna argue like I’m not here?”

“Why can’t she choose both?” Howard asks and I roll my eyes. Of course they were.

“Because it’s not practical; if she does, she and they will be criticized and ostracized for the rest of their lives.”

“So?” I say making them turn toward me with shock in their eyes. “Who cares what anyone else thinks? It’s my life not theirs, they can go suck a dick for all I care. If I do this I want to do this on my terms, no one else’s.”

“Finally acting like an adult,” Dugan says and I roll my eyes.

“I mean what I say. I like them both and you know I’ll try dating them separately but if I still can’t decide then I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.”

“You’ll figure it out,” Howard says as he ruffles my hair making me glare at him. He laughs at my expression before he turns to Dugan and says, “It’s time to go.”

“What? No! I don’t want you to go yet!” I cry out gripping to my grandfather for dear life.

“We have too; but one day, hopefully a long time from now, you will see us again. Until then, we will always be right here.” He points to my chest and I gulp down a breath of air as I try to keep from crying. “I love you Sunshine,”

“I love you too grandpa,” I say as I hug him tightly.

“Hey what about me?” Howard says making me pull away and smile brightly at him.

“I love you too,” I say as I hug him just as tight.

“Promise me you’ll take care of Tony for me. I know I never said it out loud, but I do love him.”

“I promise, and I’ll let him know you love him.” I say and before I am able to pull away I fell the scenery along with my grandfathers be pulled from me. The scenery swirls and contorts making me close my eyes tightly. When I open them again I am instantly blinded by a bright light. “OH DEAR GOD TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!” I hoarsely groan out loudly as I reach my hand up to cover my eyes.

“You’re awake!” I hear Tony say and I slowly blink as my eyes try to adjust to the brightness of the room.

“Yeah I’m alive, wee yay, now can someone for the love of god turn out the lights!” I cry out my head throbbing from the light.

“It’s the sun peanut, I can’t exactly turn it off, well I can, we’d jut kill a lot of people including ourselves.”

“Can you atleast close the blinds then?”

“That I can do,” He says and I hear him move from one side of the other. The room instantly grows darker and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you,” I say as I look around to see him walking back toward me looking rough as hell. “Dam dad you look like shit,”

“Yeah well when your kid decides to pull a Stark and go all sacrificial you’ll learn how I feel.” He says and I smirk. “I’m glad you’re alright kid,”

“Me too,” I say as I look around the room and groan inwardly to see the familiar hospital appearance. “Dad I hate hospitals.”

“Then be glad you’re not in one.”

“Huh?” I ask curiously raising an eyebrow at him.

“It’s our sickbay in the tower. After you blacked out we put you in the cradle and brought you back here with us. I wanted to keep you close.”

“I’m in New York? What the hell dad?”

“Don’t get pissy, it was inevitable.” He says and I growl at him. I suddenly hear a whimper and I look over to see Baldr lying in the corner of the room and my heart rises in my chest.

“Baldr?” I say in disbelief making him rush over and jump onto my hospital bed. I instantly wrap my arms around him and tears fall as clutch tightly to him.

“Little guys been through a lot, even though he just recently got out of his casts he seems to be doing pretty well.” Tony says and I smile as I pull away from Baldr and rubbing his head say, “Thank you,”

“Don’t think me. Well not entirely, frosty found him and since he was the only one grumpy there would let around him, well you can guess the rest.”

“Still, thank you. Baldr means a lot to me.”

“He never left your side, like literally he hasn’t went to the bathroom in like a week.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“Not really,” Baldr barks at me and I smile.

“Oh dad, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Oh?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, when I- when I almost diedi guess I went to limbo and while I was there I met grandpa.”


“He wanted me to tell you that even though he never said it, he did love you.”

“I know he did peanut,”

“How do you know?”

“Because when you’re a parent, you love unconditionally. I didn’t realize that until I saw you lying there in my suit on the verge of death. I know I haven’t told you (Name) so I’ll tell you now. I am so proud of you. You could have easily let that boy die but you didn’t. You recognized that he needed help and you saved him. Grant it I would have preferred you did a different way than almost dying; but I am proud of you. I love you (Name).” He smiles softly at me and tears suddenly start to fill my eyes.

“I love you too,” I say as I gently pet Baldr’s soft back.

“Good, well now that we know we love each other, how about you hurry up and heal. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Speaking of that boy, what happened to Zeke?” I ask glancing down at the bed.

“He’s in a whole lot of trouble and I’m not gonna lie I almost let Bucky rip him apart; But he apologized and said he’d do whatever it took to help you.”

“Steve told you to let him live didn’t he.” I say blatantly and he nods.

“Yeah, although I still feel like pummeling him would be a good rehab.”

“Of course you do,”

“I’ll go let everyone know you’re awake. You want anything?”

“Yeah, I want my bears.”

Will Continue in ~ Seeing Things In A New Light

Dance With Me (Spencer Reid x reader)

warnings: extreme feels
description: imagine being a BAU agent undercover at a local highschool to track down a murderer, and also spencer reid’s secret lover.

Y/U/N: your undercover name

A/N: im so sorry for my absence everyone…ive been incredibly busy and exhausted. i have a part two in the making for Sexy Woman however havent been able to finish it as of right now. so heres an imagine about my beautiful smol love spencer reid from criminal minds.


From my place in the crescent of teachers behind the main podium upon the stage, i shifted uncomfortably in my hard plastic chair, drawing the attention of Mandy the English teacher who gave me a sympathetic smile. Of course my shifting wasnt because of the awkwardness of the seat, it was because Victor Wellings, the prime suspect, was nowhere to be seen, and Peter Brighton sat tapping his right foot in a very certain time. The small earpiece in my ear rang with a particular genius’ voice, his eyes seeing what mine where through the small chip in my fake glasses that were perched upon my nose. “I’m pretty sure thats Morse code, however it seems to be slightly different-” as Spencer turned away from the mic to talk to the team I lost the comfort of his voice and sureness. Fighting the instinct to run, as i knew my colleagues were in the parking lot waiting for a signal, I focused instead on the hundreds of kids in the stands, all moving like a huge shifting wave. I felt sorry for the chaos that was about to erupt in front of them.

“Hello, students of Pennsylvania Avenue High!” The almost too chirpy voice of Principal Horace came over the speakers, strange for an assembly. “If everyone could please put away their phones, thank you all. Your favorite Algebra teacher, Mister Peter Brighton, is about to say a few words…” his voice sounded clipped, forced, and i reached slowly for the cool gun hidden in my skirt waistband while Horace continued. “If everyone could stay in their seats no matter what, that would be just super! Thank you!”

Arms around me from behind and breath that reeked of mint and tobacco took my attention while Brighton stepped up to the podium, the lights flashing on the shiny metal of the revolver in his pocket had me squirming to hit the panic button on my watch, but Victor quickly tore it off. How the kids werent seeing this, I had no clue, but the teachers seemed to be oblivious as Victor discreetly held another gun to my back, forcing me to sit straight. “Hello, Y/N,” he purred, my mind racing to figure out how he knew my real name. “Y/U/N doesnt quite fit you, and I know you…you put my mother away for murder…do you remember her?”

A sharp gasp from Spencer in my ear had me almost hissing as Victor heard it, digging his finger into my ear canal to swipe out the small mic. “Ohhhhh, lookie what we have here? Youve been naughty, Y/N, very…very…naughty…oh, Spencer?”

Reid’s slight gasp made my heart constrict, knowing the team was on the move didnt ease the fact that this could be my last moment. If Victor got pissed….“Spence, I’m sorry.” I whispered, knowing he could hear me through the tiny mic on my collar as all exits to the gym were blown in, my unit rushing through while Victor tugged me to my feet and pushed me to the front of the stage. He held the gun to my head now and grinned widely; Peter still on the podium, his eyes wide with fear.

“Victor Wellings, my name is Spencer, but you already knew that.” Spencer said calmly, gun trained on the man behind you. “If you’d be so kind, let Y/N go please. I won’t ask twice.”

Victor laughed, his nasty breath fanning my cheek. “Oh, Spencer Spencer Spencer. You lack the balls to risk your little girlfriend’s life. So what you all are going to do is put down your weapons and leave the gym, now.”

“We can’t do that, Victor,” Spencer shot back, moving forwards and stopping when Victor hissed at him. “I understand you. Your mother and you were close, just like me and mine. She killed your father, Victor, and would have killed you too if we hadn’t stopped her.”

“She died in there!” Victor roared, causing me to flinch in his grip. “You assholes killed my mother!”


“Shut up!” The maniac screeched, tightening his arms around me. “I’ve grown tired of this.”

It all happened so fast. Peter fired a hidden gun just as Spencer, JJ, and Hotch all hit Victor’s brains with their own bullets, his body weight pulling me down with him. I saw Spencer jerk backwards as I fell, and screamed louder than I thought I could. “SPENCER!”

I scrambled out from underneath Victor’s body and ran as fast as I could off of the stage and to where he had fallen. The bullet had hit his lower abdomen, and Hotch was calling the medics as I stumbled through my team, pushing JJ and Rossi out of the way to fall next to the gentle genius who looked up at me with fear in his eyes. I leaned over him, grasping his long fingers in my right and holding his cheek with my left hand. “No, no, youre not leaving me. Not today.”

Spencer nodded hastily, licking his lips like he did when he was nervous, hair splayed on the gym floor. “Y/N…I’m sorry we never told them.”

“We’re going to, Spence. Talk to me, baby. What do you get if you mix hydrocloroctic acid and magnesium?” I spoke quickly, tears streaking my cheeks as I stared into his gentle eyes. He replied immediately, causing a smile to spread across my face.

“Well it reacts according to the equation Mg (s) + 2 HCI (aq) - > MgCI2 -” He stopped, staring at me with fear again. “I’m scared, Y/N.”

“You are NOT dying on me, Reid, you hear me?” I croaked, feeling his breathing start to slow as the medics flew into the room. “You haven’t taken me dancing yet. Don’t be like Steve Rogers and die on me, baby. Please. Im begging you, please -”

The medics tore him from my hands as I sat sobbing on the floor of the gymnasium, JJ’s gentle hands on my shaking shoulders while I prayed to anyone listening that my love would live to dance with me.


[1. Sweetie: The little rabbit pops out of the blog’s ask box, looking overjoyed as she held up what looked like a letter. “Ben, Dee! Lookie! We got an ask!” Ben: “…And here I was just about to start my five year nap.” The kind-natured demon joked as he looked at Sweetie. “Why don’t you let me read the ask since there might be words in there that might be too big for you to read.” Sweetie: The rabbit girl pouted, a little miffed that Ben didn’t believe in her improving reading skills….but the ask could still be a challenge for a 1st grade reading level. “…Fineeeee. But I get to read the next one!” Sweetie said, handing the ask to Ben. Ben then proceeded to open the letter and stand up.] [2. Ben: “It says that the ask is from @ashleebirch762 . They said, ‘Heya! How is everyone? (Really love your characters! They have such an original and awesome concept to em!)’.” Ben looked up from the paper, smiling toward the asker.] [3. Sweetie: With a cheerful smile, she waved. “Hiiiiiya to you too, Mister/Miss Ashlee!” Ben: “…As far as we know, Sweetie and I are doing just peachy. We’re still new to this meeting place called…Tumblr?” He looked over at Dee. “It was Tumblr, no?” Dee: The darker demon gave a grumpy scowl to his ‘brother’ . “…seY” At that, he turns his back away to continue his nap. Ben: “…Seems Dee has danced himself all night again.” The lighter demon muttered to himself. “As I’ve mentioned, we’re still new to Tumblr, but we are quite excited to meet all the other Toons/People who are also on!”] The twins and rabbit enjoyed answering this ask! Do send them more, it would be much appreciated! ((Bun-Mun: ;w; Thank you so much for taking interest in the demon twins and Sweetie. It means a lot that you like the idea! Oh, and love your blog… @1850-s-toonhigh-batim I believe was the name. Such an interesting concept! ^-^))


From this request: Could you write something where the reader is young (late teens to early 20’s) but she acts like she’s the boys age. And they find out that she blushes super hard when she gets embarrassed and they think it’s adorable because it’s the closes to acting her age that they’ve ever seen. So they tease her and fluffy fluff


Age is merely a number.

Physically, you’d only been on this earth for twenty-three years. But anyone who talked to you or even merely saw you would think that you were much older. It made things much easier during the cases, especially the moments when the Winchesters had to pretend to be FBI agents.

The boys treated you like the younger sister they never had.

That included prank wars and relentless teasing.

One night, the three of you were at a small bar in the middle of a tiny country town. Sam and Dean had found an empty pool table and were shooting a round, the loser buying the next round.

“Hey,” Sam said, nodding over toward the corner. “Look over there.”

Dean looked up and saw that you were talking to a young man. You had a smile on your face and even from this distance, Dean could tell that you were flirting with him. And from the guy’s body language, there was no doubt that he was flirting right back.

“Think we should step in?” Sam asked.

“Nah,” Dean said. “She likes it. But if things turn bad, we go in and rough him up.”

The boys continued their game, always keeping one eye on you and your new… friend. Just as their game was wrapping up (Dean shooting the winning shot), the young man stood and headed out of the bar.

Sam went to the bar and ordered the next round of drinks and he and Dean walked over to the table. You were looking down at your phone, the smallest trace of a smile still lingering on your face.

“So,” Dean said. “Who was your new friend?”

“Did he give you his number?” Sam asked.

“What?” you asked, looking up. “No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You made to put your phone in your pocket, but Dean was quicker. He reached forward and grabbed your phone.

“Well, lookie here,” he said, showing your phone to his brother. “Looks like Derek made quite the impression on Y/N.”

“He got an emoji next to his name?” Sam asked.

“H-he did that,” you said.

The brothers looked over at you.

“Sammy! Look at her!” Dean said. “She’s blushing!”

“No, I’m not,” you said, bowing your head slightly.

“Are you embarrassed, Y/N?” Sam asked, a light, teasing lilt to his voice.

“What? No. Shut up.” The redness of your cheeks intensified.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Sam said with a smile.

“How red do you think we can get her?” Dean asked.

“Stop it,” you said.

The brothers shared a look before Dean stood up. “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to say that my friend, Y/N, is looking for a man!”

“Right!” Sam said, standing next to his brother. “Any eligible bachelors, feel free to step right up!”

“Stop it!” you hissed, your cheeks looking like two plump tomatoes.

Thankfully, none of the bar patrons were paying any mind to the Winchesters. The brothers sat down with a laugh. “Calm down, Y/N,” Dean said. “No one is looking at us.”

The color slowly began to drain from your cheeks. “I can’t believe you two sometimes.”

“We only do it because we love you,” Sam promised.

“But seriously, if that Derek guy calls you, he’s gotta go through us first,” Dean said.

Your entire face flushed deep red.

Ghost of You. (Oswald x Reader) [Bartender Roxy]

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At this point your bottom was numb from sitting in the cold cement of the club, but the rest of your body was warm from the champagne you had been drinking straight from the bottle. It was no lie that life was rough in Gotham, you knew that for a fact. But you never knew it was going to be this hard.

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Prompt: The Lacrosse player comes back. Oliver, Diggle, and Roy get protective.

“Has anyone seen Felicity?” Oliver asked as he shrugged off his jacket. Diggle looked up from his desk, where he was cleaning his gun, and shook his head. Roy, who sat across from him, also shook his head. “She’s usually here before us, and this is the fourth time this week she’s late.”

“Maybe she’s just having a bad week,” Diggle commented without looking up from his piece.

“Yeah. Don’t tell me you’ve never had one of those,” Roy added.

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There are captions! Go on and click on the pictures to read them… or else you wouldn’t get much the story ⊙▽⊙


Who remembers this golden nugget from last year…26th November 2015 for Thanksgiving Sam and Caitriona were like two excited teenagers (a week after something special) tweeting about dinner that evening….well we’re a wee bit more street wise this time around! We got the PIE and Fnarr Fnarr but lookie here at what the cake with the strawberry on top means! Oh Sam you little cutie insisting on PIE!!! AND his friend Sean’s Fnarr Fnarr tweet! Gold…solid gold right there! PIE, cake and Sean’s Fnarr Fnarr…I do recall blogging that I would love Sean and his Fnarr Fnarr til my dying day last year and nothing has changed…Shipper gold right there Lassies! #GoodTimes

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