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Destiehellers cannot PROVE that Bi Dean or Destihell is canon

They’d like to believe that they can, but they can’t. Being able to prove Dean is bi would require providing UNEDITED, NOT MANIPULATED, RAW CANON proof of Dean making out and/or having sex with another guy (pictures/gif/vid) or at least a mention of Dean having made out/had sex with another guy, and the fact that it was a guy would have to be specified, no vague dialogue, as that’s only enough to cast doubt, not enough to PROVE anything. For proving Dean is in love with Cass, it can’t be just any guy, they’d have to provide (unedited) pics/gifs/video clips of Dean making out and/or having sex with Cass, or at a minimum, a mention of Dean specifically having some sort of sexual/romantic relations with Cass. Anyone with half a brain knows that no such proof or evidence exists for bi Dean or D*stiel. The hellers can scream and cry all they want about subtext, but subtext means absolutely nothing in the face of zero concrete canon evidence. If there is absolutely no onscreen proof of them sharing so much as one kiss or cuddle after 8 years, it’s safe to say that it’s never going to happen. Also Dean’s in his 30’s now and by the age of 30 Dean definitely knows what his own sexual orientation is and what he is aroused by/attracted to, so there’s no switching his sexuality at this point, and if he hasn’t had any kind of sexual interaction with at least one man by now, he’s never going to, because sleeping with women exclusively (which is what Dean does) = Heterosexual.

PS Just in case some more petty people just “happen across” this piece, who think I’m trying to be authoritative and tell people what to do and stuff, I’m not, this isn’t about telling people what they can or cannot ship, or my opinion on ANY ship, or what fans do in fanon, this is about the complete lack of CANON proof of bi Dean and D*stiel, because subtext and certain fans’ interpretations (how one chooses to view the show/characters) without substantial, concrete proof to support them, are not proof of anything, except of how said fans think.


And regardless of what the destiehellers may think, there is only ONE absolute authority on all things Dean Winchester, and he has this to say about destiehell IN THE SHOW:

Lookie Lookie What I Found!

So I was searching for pics for p7 and I found all of these. Thought I’d share, just in case anyone else hasn’t seem them. I believe they’re from the 200th episode celebration.

Tons more below the cut

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casandthedeanmon  asked:

"You forgot the magic word". Sterek please???

Stiles saunters into the living room, wafting a piece of paper between his fingers. Derek ignores him, determined to finish at least a chapter of the book he borrowed from the library, if only to prove a point to Stiles about books being just as relevant and interesting as the internet. 

Between porn and Chaucer, however, Derek’s privately thinking porn wins. But, Stiles will never know. 

“Looky, looky what I found on the good old, interesting internet,” Stiles drawls. “Derek Hale, the cutest baby to ever exist.”

Derek snaps his head up, and launches himself over the couch. 

"What did you—”

Stiles shrugs, “Got bored, googled you.”

“Googled me— Stiles!”

“Hey, most of it was depressing as hell, just like my name—”

“You google yourself. What kind of college allows you enough free time to do this shit?”

“There’s always time for google, man, just like there’s always time for porn.”

“Your priorities astound me.”

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