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@dirtyallobi makes a post about how ‘aphobes’ keep making shit up, @the-ace-community comments. they go back and forth a few times, meanwhile dirtyallobi makes a false claim about the latter

when called out on the post, they refuse to provide receipts or apologize, instead falling on excuses like “it wasnt a callout but a personal post and i dont have enough followers for it to matter anyway + there were posts about it”, which is frankly bullshit and in no way excuses them having typed out that blatant lie in the first place. note that people have reached out to dirtyallobi explaining that the post they are talking about was made by (then) dorrentian, who was 13 at the time, like over half a year ago when it happened, and who apologized profusely (see, the next screenshot) multiple times

now, @dirtyallobi refuses to apologize for making a gross incorrect claim (especially hypocritical considering it was directly in relation to their post about aphobes making shit up too) and also refuses to provide receipts as well under the guise of “personal post” and “how dare you look at my public blog for my most recent posts while engaging in mobile post conversation with me”

“Don’t you think this would be much easier if you would just open up and try and speak with her?” Liam questions him one day.

“Don’t you think this would be much easier if I could just kill her and be over with it?” Harry counters, fist at his cheek and pressing the skin up towards his eye.

Liam rolls his eyes at him, chewing on the end of a celery stick, “The bond runs both ways so you wouldn’t have a chance to make a fool of yourself, she’s already very fond of you.” He swivels in the stool he’s sat on, “Why’ve you not told Niall about this yet?”

Snorting, Harry snaps a celery stick of his own in half, “And be called a sap till the next millennium? I’ll pass.”


Harry is a demon and Y/N is cute 

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“Y'know, we could’ve planned this out a bit better,” she starts once she’s buckled and seated, “Or you could’ve just sent me like – an apology letter, or somethin’ – that might’ve sufficed.”

From the corner of her eye, she can see him pout his lip out at her, his arm swinging around the back of her seat so he can back out of the parking spot, “There’s no fun in that. Thought this would be more from the heart, and figured you deserved it – really – I know you probably didn’t fancy the sight of me – y'know  –”

“Balls deep?”

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Look, I’m not gonna stand here and say thiefshipping is canon, but you can’t deny that the relationship between Marik and Bakura is unique from every other relationship they’ve had. 

I mean, take Bakura as a primary example. He has shown opposition or hostility to every single other person who’s tried to fight Yugi that he encounters (Pegasus, the Paradox brothers [manga], Bonz, Sid & Zygor, Bandit Keith [anime], Otogi [manga], Haga and Ryuzaki [anime], Yami Marik, hell even Kaiba in the anime). And yes I know that in many of these cases defeating them helped him further his cause but it doesn’t change the fact that he is hostile to them.

But not Marik. Despite the whole “trying to kill each other” at the start, they create an alliance. We see that they both have abrasive personalities and get on each other’s nerves, but never at any point does he go back on their agreement.

“But Krissy, isn’t he just trying to get closer to his revenge?” No child, because you see he needs the Pharaoh alive so that he can open the door of darkness. By helping Marik try to kill the Pharaoh, he’s throwing an extra wrench into his plans and yet he still does it.

Analysing it purely from the world of the writer (as opposed to the world of the characters), it really says something when your main villain will oppose every other antagonist except one. Takahashi put a lot of thought into the details of Yu-Gi-Oh!, so in my personal opinion it’s not just a coincidence.