Noorhelm week - day 2 : touches & kissing

I just had to choose this scene. William comes and see that Noora is having a breakdown/anxiety attack. He just comforts her with hugs and small kisses without asking any questions.

Like look at him just slowly shooting her side. As someone who is used to having similar attacks that is something that you need. Someone to be there and ensure to you that it’s all going to be okay. Life is not going to end for that day or minute, you can get over it. 

Look how he just hold her. That shows love if nothing.

As love is being there for worse and best and Noora was really struggling for everything. William didn’t take advantage of it instead just hold her shoo tingly and made her to go sleep before going to write the article to her. I don’t know this just my favorite touching/kissing scene of them.

alex danvers is my star. i would lie down on burning hot coals for that woman. she is strength and determination personified. i mean, ever since kara arrived, alex has felt so inadequate. she’s never felt like she measured up, and even now she still worries about being a disappointment. but alex danvers is supergirl’s hero. kara zor-el, who can fly, lift an airplane, and shoot lasers from her eyes, looks at alex with respect and admiration. not only because she’s her sister, and not just because of her work for the deo. no, alex has always been kara’s hero. ever since they were kids and she realized what an amazing listener alex is. since alex protected her from the bullies at school. since kara, dropped onto a foreign planet, looked at her new sister and saw something familiar mirrored in alex…a desire to protect. but what gets me is that alex sees these amazing traits in kara…her strength, her bravery, her selflessness. but what she doesn’t see is that so much of what shaped kara into the superhero she is, came from watching alex.

yo guys im sorry i havent been posting a lot here i feel like i should appologize