It was just a bet. A stupid one at that even, but you didn’t wanted to lose it. So you were cursing Izzy in your mind, you went straight to Alec’s room and started knocking.

He opened it and before he could say something, you went on your toes and kissed him. You liked Alec since you had been introduced to him but you had always been too shy to admit it. That Izzy was now using it against you, had made you angry from the start.

Thinking about it more like an attack on Alec’s lips, kissing him still felt way too good. When you leaned back he looked more than just a little bit suprised and confused.

“Izzy bet I wouldn’t do it”, you tried to explain.
“Do what? Kiss me?”

He still seemed to have a hard time understanding you but suddenly he looked away from you.

Okay? That was all he was saying?
“Oh come on!”, you blurred out embarrassed. “It wasn’t that bad!”

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BTS Reaction: When they see someone passionately kissing their little sister

Thank you to @lianakeithkim for the request! I love thinking of them as big brothers, so thank you so much!


I feel like he would be very calm about it. His motherly instincts would kick in a little bit and he would feel the urge to immediately go over. Of course, he would wait until they were finished, trying not to look but glancing occasionally to see if they had parted, then he would come up to them and stand beside his sister, politely asking her to introduce him to the person she was kissing.

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He wouldn’t be too bothered by it, either. He would probably get a little impatient if the two of them kept at it, and he would get a little bit annoyed to the point where he would come over and speak to them, forcing them to break it up. He would try his best to be polite, giving an awkward smile to the person before turning to his sister, waiting for her to say something to save the uncomfortable situation.

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As a brother already, I feel like J-Hope would care a lot about his sister and it would make him extremely uncomfortable to see her like that. He wouldn’t have a problem with it happening, it would just really make him cringe. He would go up and take his sister by shoulders and run away with her, pushing her away with him and getting her away from the person kissing her.

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I really don’t feel like Namjoon would be a big, scary, over-protective brother. I think he would be really sweet. He would happily wait until his sister was finished kissing and he would approach with a smile and bow, asking the person questions about themselves and coming to a conclusion about whether he likes them or not. He would probably give his sister a serious talk about safety and things like that, too, but he would be very supportive, unless he saw anything wrong.

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He would be so amused by this. He would go straight up to his sister and whoever she was kissing and get really up-close, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively while saying stupid things like probably asking them if they were having fun or something. It would probably surprise them. As they jumped and realised he was there, he would just wink and walk away, telling them to carry on.

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I can really picture Jimin getting all moody and sulky when he noticed this happening. He knew you would be his sister would be mad if he went up and interrupted her, but he would just sit and watch, a constant frown on his face as he watched to make sure the person’s hands didn’t wander anywhere they shouldn’t. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he would go straight up to his sister, demanding that they leave before walking off in a huff.

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He would be the one to act super protective, if anyone. As soon as he saw someone even getting close to his sister, he would raise an eyebrow, wondering what on earth they think the are doing with his sister. He would storm over, putting a hand on the person’s chest and pushing them backwards without aggression. He would throw his arm over his sister’s shoulders and stare down at the person, questioning them about their intentions with his beloved sister.

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Bucky slipped his arm around you as the ferris wheel reached its highest point. The view was magnificent and having Bucky here with you made it ten times better.

“This was really fun” you grinned looking up at Bucky who kissed your forehead smiling.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it princess. We should go out on another date soon”.

“Hmm” you agreed “but next time we should go dancing”.

“Sounds like a plan”.

You yawned resting your head on Bucky’s chest. You could have just fallen asleep there but the ride came to an end not too long later and you were forced to get off.

“How about a take you home now?” Bucky suggested and you nodded sleepily.

Part of you didn’t want to leave because you were having so much fun but you’d fall asleep on the next ride if you stayed. It was time to go home and dream about your next date with this man you cared about so much.


Disclaimer; This was inspired by and written for @columboys​ becuse Bric has consumed my life and the last ask he got lowkey inspired me to write this. ALSO this will likely be the only gay imaigine on my blog but idk cause Bric is hilarious (If you dont know what Bric is go look at his blog and i promise you will die laughing.) the normal requests will continue tomorrow as i have a few written already, but this ship is too funny for me not to write a joke magines about it.

Eric, Dylan, Brooks and a few other friends were all out bowling. Throughout the entire night Brooks kept flirting with Eric, and kissing his cheek when he got a strike and Eric kept blushing and triyng to be mad at im for being so forward with PDA.

Eric was up again to bowl, he stood up from his spot next  Brooks and walked to over to grab his ball. Brooks started to smirk as he slowly walked over to Eric and right before he got to throw the ball he slapped ass and stepped back a few feet. Eric ultimatley was startled and ended up throwing the directly in the gutter.

Everyone in the small group were all laughing hystericaly, Dylan and Zack were doubled over in pain from laughing at what just happened and Brooks was trying extremly hard not to laugh at Eric’s face.

“Oh fuck you Brooks.” Eric said flipping him off and going to get another ball to throw.

“Not tonight babe i’ve got shit to do after this and you arent on list tonight.” Brooks said walking to sit down with a s, knowing very well that would throw Eric off his game and ultimatley lose. He was right and Eric lost game the winner  Brooks.

When the game was over everyone went outside for a smoke before heading home. Brooks put his ciggarete out against the building and walked over to Eric. Eric just glared at him as he walked over.

“Dont fucking talk to me Brooks you cost me the game and 10 bucks.” Eric spat as Brooks smirked at him. He stood behind him and wrapped him arms around him resting his chin in Eric’s hair.

“Fuck you and your tallness Brooks.” Eric said failing to hide his crooked smile.

“Yea yea, you love my height so shut up Harris ‘nd hurry up dude if i get home past curfew again my parents will freak and wont let me anywhere for a month.” Brooks said as he let go of Eric who just sighed and threw out the ciggarete.

“Lets go then you asshole.” Eric said as he got his keys from pocket and walking towards his car.

“Mm love you too Eric.” Brooks called towards him, a small smile tugging at his lips.

“Lets goooo Brooks we arent getting any younger man.” Eric yelled back.

“Guys he loves me did you hear it!” Brooks yelled to the rest of group as he jogged to Eric.

“Use a fucking condom you two wild kids!” Dylan yelled as the pair got into Eric’s car. This earned him a loud ‘fuck you’ and a middle finger from Eric, plus laughter from the group and Brooks.

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//So that’s why we were all giving her them the side eye for the LAX pics, because she didn’t even go to the TCAs with him, nor did she stay long. It was almost as if she made the trip to be seen with him, since they did call the paps. // EXACTLY! If she wanted to support him why didn't she go to TCAs? and if the airport didn't allow paps in, who called them? and is it just my opinion but they never look (especially him) interested? like Chris never looks her like he likes her they walk meters +

+ apart. Chris has never been the type who confirms relationships in interivews, but when he was dating Minka (please God let this era ends too) or Jessica Biel, they were seen out&about holding hands, kissing … normal things couples do. I’m still not buying whatever this shitty things they’re trying to sell us is.

This whole thing is just…I don’t even know. They never tried to sell the public on any of his other relationships, and they were with bigger celebrity counterparts. But now it’s Jenny who is barely known, and it’s a new article every week on how great she is, mentioning them, and these PR planned things to show them together. Honestly. Aside from that one picture from the Twitter airport sighting, the only pictures of this couple have been planned/pre-approved pap or promotional shots. The other day someone sent me a manip the shippers made, and I found that kind of funny that a crackship manip had to be made of an IRL couple. There are literally no other pictures. Not one. 

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But watch now that I said this, we will get one. I see you, Jenny.

– MP

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ILY TOO!!! and how about like calum and Michael used to be friends when they were lil but lost touch and calum and Michael don’t talk but he sees Michael getting beat up and he tries to leave but sees the look on Michaels face and just???? CANT and beats the shit out of the guy and when he asks Michael if he’s okay Michael gets all flustered and kisses him and he’s like wow ok wow and mike runs away


can you not — — look at me like that ??

she has made mistakes in her life, and sometimes they were hard to admit to. one mistake one could say she made was kissing her ex husband after nearly dying. not smart. another mistake ?? kissing her ex husband when she had a NOT boyfriend too. and a third mistake, is not telling her ex husband about her not boyfriend and letting him find out by himself. and she got that him finding out probably hurt him — no, it definitely would, but she still held her chin u, in some sort of wrongful pride.

don’t look at me like — you have NO right to look at me like that.