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Your fingers were laced perfectly within Kai’s as you both walked down the main strip of the shopping mall. You rarely had dates out, not that it bothered you because you were totally more of a stay at home, sleep all day, watch movies and order pizza date kind of girl. 

Although you did like dolling up for Kai. The look of shock and immediate appreciation that flashed across his face when you come out in one of your new sundresses is worth the hour to two of hassle. The dress showed off your long legs, which you were glad you remembered to shave last night in the shower. 

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i can’t get over the fact how Hiccup and Astrid are a lot like Percy and Annabeth and how they were 15 in the first movie and that’s how Percy and Annabeth kind of looked like during the Last Olympian, such a babies

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Hi! I love your page! <3 I'd like your opinion on something! I've been asking several inukag fandom blogs this question becos I wanted some opinions! My question is, In the 2nd movie when inukag were at the campfire talking about inu turning fully demon, kagome was saying she likes the way inu is. Kag puts her hand on inuyasha's shoulder and gives her a look then kagome was going to say something but got interrupted by kaguya. What did his look mean & what do u think kagome was going to say? :o

Honestly every time I watch this movie this scene confuses me a bit… We’re talking about the moment right after Kagome says  “What do you mean ridiculous!? Can’t you be a little more serious?” and she puts her hand on his shoulder and then this happens:

Right after this happens, she just stares at him and says “Inuyasha … You just…”.

To me, It seems like Kagome had a “wow he’s so beautiful” moment. She was a bit frustrated because he seemed to be not taking their conversation seriously, and then she just lost her train of thought when he turned around with that look in his eye.

I think maybe, she also saw in his eyes that what she just said really affected him (in a good way). Because he’s never had anyone treat him like being a half-demon was a good thing. He has always wanted to change (like he was telling her previously in the conversation) and now he was hearing someone telling him to do the opposite, to stay how he is because being himself was perfectly fine. At this point in the series (the second movie takes place after episode 95) Inuyasha always tries to hide what he feels, and that’s what he did through the whole conversation but maybe at that moment he let a little bit of emotions slip and Kagome noticed it immediately even though he tried to cover it up right after. He did seem a bit embarrassed after this.

So I think she was simply shocked at the fact that maybe her words had a bigger impact on him than what she imagined, because this was the first time he looked at her in the eyes during their conversation. 

This movie was really centered around Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship and especially about the fact that Kagome loves him for who he is. I mean, the kiss while he’s transforming to bring him to back is a good proof of that. So I think this scene was another way to show how Kagome’s acceptance of Inuyasha is something really important in their relationship.

Calum absolutely worshipping your body;

HANDS: he’d grab hold of them at the randomest times and jokingly kiss them like a gentleman even if he secretly loved the feel of your skin on his lips

BOOBS: lets not lie he’d probably grab your titties when you were cooking or watching a movie bc he loved them and during sex he’d be paying special attention to your nipples and wrapping his lips around them until you were moaning

ASS: Cal would probably smack your ass if he was horny or just knead it for a while if you were on top; spanks getting harder as the dirty words leaving his mouth became more frequent, ‘look at you spread out so beautifully for me, bet you’d love to feel me inside you right now, wouldn’t you baby?’

LIPS: Calum would spend a lot of time looking at your lips or tracing his fingers down them just because he loved watching you speak and when he kissed you, he’d make sure that you felt how much he loved you, whether it was a sloppy fast kiss or a passionate slow one, with his hands on your waist or in your hair and his lips on yours, he’d make you his priority

lmao I’m dead inside bye

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hi! I love your page so much! i've also read your analysis and i love your explanations! So due to that I have a question for you i've been wondering.. In the 2nd Inuyasha Movie the scene where inuxkag were at the campfire talking about inuyasha turning full demon. & kagome says she likes him the way he is. She puts her hand on his shoulder then he turns around w/ this look then kag was gonna say something but Kaguya interrupted. What did his look mean? & what do u think kagome was gonna say?

Thank you! Though I’m afraid I can’t help much with this particular question, as I’m just a perplexed as you are. I even rewatched the scene as a refresher and I’m not really sure where they were going with it.

Perhaps he just had a lot on his mind, trying to decide between becoming a full youkai, which he’d continually been wanting to do*, and then what Kagome had just revealed to him, that she, at least, thinks he’s just fine the way he is. Perhaps some of that seriousness, confusion, and maybe sadness was reflected in his eyes when he turned towards Kagome, who was caught off-guard, expecting an argumentative or annoyed look. Once the surprise wore off, she was going to ask him about it, but, of course, they were interrupted. 

*Only in the anime universe. Supposedly the second movie takes place after episode 95 or so, and at that parallel point in that manga, Inuyasha had long since given up his ambition to become full youkai, ever since he realized it might not be all it’s cracked up to be when his youkai blood started taking over nearly 50 episodes’ worth ago. Dang it, Sunrise, stop regressing his character. ;_;

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We named him that cause his eyes were super far apart and he looked like the fish in that movie it was perfect

EXO reacts to finding you crying over a TV show at 2 AM

Xiumin: He would find this very amusing, but would hold in his giggles for your sake.

Luhan: He’d be completely confused. He’s not one to cry over movies or TV shows (Miracle in Cell Number 7 excluded) so he couldn’t understand why you were being like this.

Kris: As much as he loves you, this is an expensive jacket and he cannot have you wiping your snot all over it. He’d only hold you once he’d changed into more casual clothing.

Suho: Like Luhan, he wouldn’t really understand your feels. He’d hold you, but he’d have this look of “what is with this girl?” the entire time.

Lay: If you’re looking to be comforted, I have bad news for you. This sweet angel likes his sleep and there’s no way he’s going to be up doing anything at 2 in the morning.

Baekhyun: He loves you but girl, please find your sense of reality.

Chen: He’d think it was kind of dumb of you to be crying over something like this, but he’d comfort you all the same. He’d even check on you later that morning to make sure you were really okay.

Chanyeol: He wouldn’t even notice that the TV was on and there was sad music coming from the speakers. He’d think that someone had made you cry instead. “Tell me who made you cry, jagi! I’ll beat them up with a quick 1,2,3 just like this!”

D.O: He’d probably be watching and crying with you tbh. They found him in his room crying to Prince of Tennis for god’s sake.

Tao: He’s honestly terrified that you have been possessed by a ghost and fears for his life. You can’t really blame the boy either. How would you feel if you got up at 2 in the morning to get a drink and found your new girl/boyfriend crying alone on the couch?

Kai: Oh no, he had just gotten you to stop crying from the last sad scene. Knowing a dog was about to die in about 10 seconds, he covers your eyes, thanking the lord he had already seen this movie and could prevent you from seeing other scenes that would make you cry.

Sehun: He actually does a wonderful job of comforting you, being the sweetheart he is, and you’re cuddling with him as a reward.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever ♥”

“Yeah, I know”

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jurassic world was a pretty decent movie but it, like all movies, would have been a million times better if the male characters were replaced by females. like i want to see a pair of sisters helping each other narrowly escape horrible deaths by that mega monster fucker, and i want to see a woman zooming through the forest on a motorcycle in the midst of a pack of raptors looking to her for guidance. honestly i would have cried if that was how it went lmao

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• A day that you like to think back on. What happened? Who was there? Where were you, and what color was the sky?

• Someone you met at a concert. Are you still friends now? How did you bond with them in that moment, and did you ever look over to see them singing along? (It’s a pretty magical moment)

• Something you’ve been wanting to talk about but wasn’t sure how to bring up. Now’s your chance!

• A moment you experienced while listening to a song that was so perfect that anytime you listen to that song now, you’re taken back to that time.

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now that naruto gaiden term. I would like to ask you a question do you think that the Japanese buy boruto to see the movie? Could you tell me if Studio Pierrot will have enough to pay the prodruccion fans of the movie but the naruto gaiden comic that will be released? because if I'm honest the chapter that came in the manga has no explanation, nor do I think the fans in Japan to see the movie or SNS fall into trampan to see, as happened in the last film by marketing.

The movie and NG and the 2 last books were all paid together with The Last already long before the manga ended, and that’s what I believe is the reason behind Kishitmoto’s sudden “retirement” (last November he said he was going to stop writing Naruto but would continue his work as mangaka, yesterday he changed everything and suddenly decided to “quit” for good, looks more like he’s trying to hide the fact he got the blue slip) because Shonen Jump and SP already lost millions of dollars upfront. 

And Boruto will flop, along with Naruto Gaiden - Kishitmoto made a VERY RISKY decision with the NH/SS ending, a decision that definitely would shoo away most of the fans from the franchise right in the beginning, and that decision turned out to be entirely wrong. 

The only reason he, WSJ and SP didn’t back out is that The Last was such a HUGE FLOP, they lost so much money, that they don’t have enough left to simply rewrite the whole thing, like it happened with Evangelion (which has like 3 different endings due to the mangaka, the editors, the producers and the fans trying to rip each other a new one, that was an epic fight). 

At this point the franchise has been so damaged that not even if they tried to salvage anything they’d ever be able to, so they’re vomiting the products any way in desperate hopes that they’ll make SOME money to soften the multimillion dollar blow. 

So it’s a given that nearly no one will see Boruto the movie, even SP knows it’ll flop, nobody knows the main character or is interested in Borusara anyway. 

watched this weird movie where every now and then a character would have these kind of delusions or hallucinations where they’d see something weird, let’s say they saw a red frog, and then i went on my torrent tracker and in the comments someone had asked ‘what did the red frog mean?’ and somebody had replied to that with a long diatribe about how the red frogs represented the manipulative and malevolent force of women, and how women were destroying this man’s mind, and that comment was some of the scariest shit i’d ever seen because there was nothing in the movie that supported it whatsoever, it was like this dude had been provided a miniature abyss to look into and when it looked into him it just found massive, raging misogyny and he just thought ‘yes this makes sense i’ll explain it to people’ and i find myself thinking about it all the time

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without looking into it id say there was probably some kind of exciting development in genetic engineering or one really influential movie about it. possibly both? its like the fast talking blue supernatural creature thing that happened

yeah true, i think there might have been a lot going on in the Genetic Engineering Field at the time or something, like i know glofish hit the market in the early 2000s i think and before that there was dolly the sheep which isnt really genetic engineering she was a clone or whatever but yeah i think there was probably a lot of stuff going on then that might have inspired them. the outcomes where so weird and goofy tho

T'be honest I don’t even care about feathers on movie dinosaurs in terms of scientific accuracy all that much because yeah, who knows what these things even looked like, right now we base everything people recognize as “dinosaur” on skin stretched over skeletons like balloon latex. Like everybody loves the little frill dude in the first Jurassic Park and there’s zero evidence to suggest it had frills or acidy spit, that was just a fun thing they made up. I’m mostly just disappointed in them snubbing a whole new dimension of texture and colour they had a carte blanche to work with.

It feels like… if we lived in a world where every movie werewolf was a big hairless snouty dude, and then someone came in and was like “hey you know these are wereWOLVES, we could probably do some cool things with fur and hair” but a handful of nostalgia gluttons were like “ugh you want them to look like DOGS? But dogs are cute and silly, that’s not scary” and the people making the movies were just like “all our marketing data is based on hairless werewolf sales, we don’t know how your hairwolves are gonna sell, we’d rather stick with the sure thing” and then whenever someone was like “wow imagine how much cooler these things could look if you added fur” they had to deal with a bunch of randos coming out of the woodwork to say “Well I LIKE bald werewolves so FIGHT me. They’re just better.” Like imagine every single movie werewolf you’ve ever seen in an alternate reality where Hollywood just decided “bald werewolves only”

There’s a whole new dimension of creature design you can bring to the table with embellishments like feathers, keratinous spines, colours, soft tissue, all that stuff. Everyone I meet who gets riled up about dinosaur feathers thinks you’re demanding they replace t-rex with a giant chicken or something but like dude, no, they could make it even BETTER and MORE intimidating. They can give it red eyes and thorny neck ruff like a bearded vulture, they can give it that iridescent indigo with fleshy crimson flashes like a cassowary, they can invent something completely new with the most flattering accents of feathers they can raise in threatening displays to communicate emotions and spiky overgrown pinfeather spines running down their backs. To say feathers would look “stupid” just betrays a lack of imagination.

The first month we spent together was something like out of a movie. You held the door opens for me. You didn’t dare to let me lift anything that you would consider heavy for me.

The last month we spent together was tragic. Everything has been lost and we were holding on by a tiny thread. When we were leaving a restaurant, you’ll be out of the doors before me. You looked at me struggling to pick up a chair and you just looked away, focusing on something else.

—  You don’t care anymore but I do

How your genes may be giving you the giggles

Next time you find yourself with an uncontrollable urge to laugh, you can thank your parents.  

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Northwestern University have found that a gene involved in the regulation of serotonin makes some of us more prone to spontaneous smiles and bursts of laughter.

And this “giggle gene” is the same one that is also associated with marital bliss or blues.

Specifically, researchers looked at two versions of the gene variant, or “allele” known as 5-HTTLPR, and found that people with the short version were more likely to smile and laugh while looking at cartoons and funny clips from the movie Strangers in Paradise.

They found that people with the short allele displayed a more genuine smile and laugh than people with the long allele.

While previous research have found that people with the short variant were more vulnerable to depression and anxiety, this study also shows that they are more responsive to the emotional highs of life as well.

“Having the short allele is not bad or risky,” said Dr. Claudia Haase of Northwestern University, coauthor of the study. “Instead, the short allele amplifies emotional reactions to both good and bad environments.“

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Got bored and did one of these again while I was gone! :D There are no shots where the queen is without the king by her side, so he joined her here too (he is completely untouched, btw).

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLindaMavis

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critic on the respective movies’ animation styles!