Oh right that’s one of the reasons I was against drawing any pokemon because of that assumption that I play the games. No I just like the way the Pokemon look.

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One look at your Pokemon comic had me sold, people like you are the reason I got in this site for and yes just yes ^o^


Okay so im going to explain that post from earlier since mom didn’t take computer when i got home. so my mother is crazy. like everyone in my family is crazy but ill explain that other craziness later. like she thinks im sneaking around and doing drugs and having sex when i stay after school with cameron (even though all we fucking do is get starbucks and look for fudging pokemon!) and like shes pissed that i dont have a job and is making me work 40+ hours a week cleaning the house. i cant leave the house unless i have all those hours in and on school days i cant leave until an hour before my class starts and i have to be home an hour after my last class ends or else i get things taken away. i cant work on school work or apply for jobs when im home because i have to be cleaning for like 10 straight hours (besides a 30-minute lunch break and one 15 minute break) honestly these so much more and ill probably add onto it later but im just so so tired and my eyes sting


Thank you to my wifey @asexualbuckybarnes for tagging me in the pokemon look-a-like thingy. I honestly have no idea if I look like piplup but I’m pale af and and my nickname on twitter used to be Piplup so?

As long as everyone is comfortable and up for it, I’m tagging @brutallyhonests, @screamingsomewhere, @idontwannabetherightwayround, @foodbeforehumans and any of my followers who want to do this, just tag me as the person who nominated you. 

I don’t know who’s been tagged already because I don’t follow things like this. Sorry yo.