So, I had this dream last night about Dan and Phil// I’m not even joking.
D&P stoped making videos after Pinof2 and they quit youtube, and in the present Dan was a lawyer and Phil a weatherman, but they were still a couple.
One day before talking about the weather Phil started talking about Pokemon Go because the presenters were talking about it before that so he joined like you know, weatherman do sometimes idk (you know what I mean), and people on the internet were like ‘what a good looking nerd rambling about Pokemon Go, he’s so cute’ and it went viral.
People started stalking him and found his twitter, which was basically like it is now but with less youtube videos and more about being in a relationship with Dan. And people started shipping it and started being called a power couple and they had their own (little) fandom :’) and it was very cute and warm and pure.
And I remember that Dan’s twitter was all geek stuff and his description was something like ‘if you are one of my clients,,, i’m so sorry,,,’

anonymous asked:

What apps would the paladins have on their phones?



*80% games like Candy Crush and Angry birds
*19% is like Pinterest, twitter, and some other social apps.
He likes the attention.
*1% His filter app, he wants to look gorgeous all the damn time


*Coupon apps, he likes the savings
*Pokemon Go because he’s a nerd
*A bunch of crappy apps that he downloaded because he thought they looked cool but found out they were bad or useless but never deletes them until he runs out of room


*Recipe and food apps.
*Diner dash, restaurant story, and cooking fever.
*He nearly died and went to heaven after he downloaded Gordon Ramsay Dash


*Pokemon Go, Brave Frontier, and Clash of Clans
*Tumblr and Twitter
*Don’t ask her about how much she hates the YouTube app always updating


*Tetris, Snake, Galactic Attack, and brick breaker. He likes the old arcade game a lot
*Several astrology apps because he’s a dork
*He deleted tumblr the first day he got it because a spam blog became his first follower