Pokemon | Entei | Realistic

Pencil on paper, 2010

Always wanted to render this one digitally! Wonder what the rest would look like, too.

anonymous asked:

i love ur pokemon mob au!!! do u have natures/moves/abilites/ picked out for everyone like u do with shou? and what pokemon is reigen?

yeah!!! i doodled up some reference sheet things of them! :0

mob’s an espurr… or is he? something that’s established in the pokemon anime is that Mew can change its form to look like other pokemon, so i actually like the idea of mob as a mew who doesn’t know hes a mew!!! he only looks like a mew when he hits ???% tho, and that’s also the only time mob uses his hidden power move. im bending the rules of pokemon a lil bit here lmao

Ritsu’s a shiny espurr! even though he’s a psychic type, i think he had a lot of trouble actually using his psychic moves. he and mob are probably adopted in this au tbh. Frustration is his most powerful attack :0

Teru’s a braixen! i almost made him shiny but i think regular braixen’s pallet fits him more nicely. i gave him hidden power electric bc his aura is a spiky lookin yellow!! this is pre-mob teru, i haven’t figured out what he’d look like with haystack hair lmao. also not sure abt his nature.

AND finally, the Dad… reigen’s a Zorua posing as a Drowzee! But he has No offensive moves whatsoever, he’s useless in a physical fight. He’s very good at keeping up his illusion though, only dropping it when he’s alone.

and yeAH thats everybody that i’ve figured out so far!! not including shou, who is in another post ;v;

Pokemon Drawing Challenge

1. Add another evolution

2. Primal form

3. Shadow (like Shadow Lugia)

4. Alola form

5. Mega Evolution 

6. Alternate shiny 

7. Attack Form

8. Defense Form

9. Speed Form 

10. Cosplay 

11. Give them a furfrou trim!

12. What would a bootlegged version of them look like? 

13. Realistic 

14. What would they look like as a legendary? If they are a legend, what would they look like as a common pokemon? 

15. Alternate evolution (change one of its evolution’s designs)

16. With a ditto smile