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when hanzo joins overwatch, he speaks to everyone in reasonable sentences, except genji, whom he avoids practically 24/7, even when on missions. Genji tries to take zenyattas advice to start small, but when your own brother just wont even look in your general direction, is there really a relationship to fix? When a room empties to just the two of them, Hanzo gets the fuck outta dodge, without even letting genji get a single word out. zenyatta has to comfort genji daily from hanzos coldness. :D

hanzo u fucugkin dick. i love this. this is Good and honestly i can see it 110% Absolutely hmmmmm boy i love To Suffer™

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where do you live? : at the moment, Dubai.

Who is your BTS bias and why? : Kim Namjoon and if you want to know why, just look through my tag.

What is the most important thing to have in a relationship? : Trust, I guess.

Do you believe in long distance relationships? : Not really.

What is your dream job? : Anything I’ll be happy waking up to doing.

 Describe your fashion sense : jeans. always jeans.

What is your ideal type? : someone having an actual Personality™

If you could go on a date with your bias what would you do and who is the lucky date? : Namjoon and I would shrivel away into nothingness if he so much as looked in my general direction.

What is your favorite dream that you’ve ever had? : I’m not great with remembering dreams after I wake up. Maybe I was a pancake flipper or something.

What is your favorite perfume? : pick of the month

What nail polish do you paint your nails with the most? : I don’t have the patience to paint my nails at all ahm

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