the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

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i remember whne i was stupid enough to have anon on and i would get messages that were either

a) why do you look 12


b) how old are you


I’m sorry, but I’m little confused about positions on Senior Class photo. It seems like Brooks has his elbow on Eric’s knee, right? But Eric’s legs look really funny, I mean, due to bottom of Eric’s combat boot, is it possible? Doesn’t make sense.

In the senior photo when they did the goofy picture, there’s a foot on the fat dudes (next to brooks) lap and I’m just wondering - is that Dylan’s foot????? And who’s knees is Brooks resting on?? I’m so confused lol.

I’ve studied and studied this photo quite a bit myself and and it’s not easy to figure out!  So, you’re not the only one that is coming up short over it! The thing that doesn’t make much sense is the body part in light blue denim jeans that I put a ‘?’ by. But, we can determine from the first photo, that Eric is wearing black BDU pants. Brooks and Zack have slightly nuanced shades of dark blue jeans so this means.. the light denim jeans have to be Dylan’s! His body is slopping forward and his looong thighs are kinda squeezed in together and all we can see are the tops of his knees  Brooks has his hand lazily resting on the top of Dyl’s knees.  I used to think that was Dylan’s boot..but I it seems too small given that Dylan had a size 12 foot.  It can’t possibly be Eric’s boot, because his body is leaning in the opposite direction. No way would he get his boot swung forward.  So, the only logical explanation would be Robyn’s boot. I don’t know what kind of rugged boots she has on but that would give her a fairly sizable foot for a girl - maybe size 9 or 10.  Which would mean that her right leg is bent, leaning on top of Dylan’s thigh (which we can’t see behind Zack) and she’s resting her boot on top of Zack’s leg.  That’s the best I can deduce of it presently!  :)  The photo really is a puzzle-like conundrum..   

And, by the way, Zack is not a “fat dude”, he is stocky, people, stocky. Sheeesh.  The poor guy…

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How do you come up with your comics? They are HILARIOUS! (&CUTEAF) I'm crying over your last one!Seriously. ((유∀유))

90% of my comics are memes, the jokes are not my original ideas (the last one inspired from this vine) im a fake……. *you, closing the door* BUUT *ME, JAMMING THE DOOR WITH MY FOOT* PLEASE I SWEAR I AM FUNNY TOO LOOK I HAVE ORIGINAL POSTS LIKE THE SNAPCHAT AU PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON ME


“There was a cat…” Darcy said, looking down at him, knees pulled to her chest. “It was stuck in the tree and birds were picking on him.”

“And now you’re stuck in a tree and a squirrel is looking at you funny” Digger lifted himself up and offered her a hand, “C’mon sheila”

@ people laughing at jongdae's outfit

You should know the facts before laughing right in someone’s face. While some of you went all “haha he looks so funny with those glasses, why would he wear those” jongdae was sitting there with a freaking eye infection. His eyes were swollen and THAT is why he wore the so called funny glasses.

He barely smiled today and that is so not him. But he still made an appearance to please the few fans who chant his name.

Please stop making fun at any of them before knowing the facts!

they call me ol skin hair

on account of my skin colored hair

tbh, I’m bleaching it because I did a patchy job, and it wound up looking funny and having a blob of lavender and random pink streaks from the last time I bleached it

People at work kept saying I had rainbow hair

now I’m gonna actually make it rainbow

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HI can you help me understand what's happening to wade's face in sm/dp? Im confused bc sometimes he has his scars and now he has a new face. is it something to do with Death?

We don’t know at this point. So it’s pure speculation but I think Patient Zero did something while Peter and Wade were fighting him. Maybe injected him with something?

There is a theory that Death has something to do with it while Wade was saving Peter’s soul, that Wade might have given his healing factor up in exchange for Peter’s life, but I dunno, cause he heals from his wounds in the glass house so it can’t be that, and the skin-healing seems to be an instantaneous thing that happens right after the Patient Zero fight since Wade doesn’t know why Spidey is looking at him funny so it has to be Zero’s fault.

“Oh, you’re a funny looking fellow,” she chuckled at the fish she pulled up on her line. “I don’t have the heart to eat you, you’ve got a cute face. Back into the water with you.” She released him back into the tide and looked up at the breaking dawn.

Pinks and yellows were cresting the horizon as daybreak intruded on her solitary ponderings. “Best to head home,” she decided, pulling her line back in and giving the sea one last look. It was a bittersweet thing for her, the presence of the ocean. On the one hand it reminded her of her father but on the other, she’d lived on the seaside with her mother and brothers whom she’d loved and she’d been swimming before she was walking. She could’t bring herself to disown it.

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faith, xander, dawn, lorne, giles, willow, kate lockley, gwen raiden (oops this is a lot I'm sorry)

OMG THANK YOU :D and you’re good lol this is gonna be fun


First impression: Tbh I really didn’t care for Faith that much when she first appeared (don’t hate me)
Impression now: I like her so much better now, her arc on Angel really changed how I looked at her. And also I really love her in the comics.
Favorite moment: Probably when Wesley comes to break her out of jail and she just breaks through the glass.
Idea for a story: What if Faith got a cool weapon just like Buffy’s Scythe.
Unpopular opinion: same as my first impression
Favorite relationship: Fuffy or Fangel
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) Faith has some piece of jewelry that belonged to her mother.


First impression: I liked Xander a lot and he was pretty funny although looking back some of his humor is kind of cringeworthy.
Impression now: I really loved watching him grow over the series and I really appreciate him.
Favorite moment: Every time he tells someone how awesome they are.
Idea for a story: Xander buys clothes that don’t have prints on them.
Unpopular opinion: I find Xander centric episodes kind of boring.
Favorite relationship: Xanya
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) I don’t know why I just thought of this but him and Andrew probably watch My Little Pony together. I can totally picture Xander being a bronie.


First impression: I liked Dawn immediately (me being a younger sister i could relate)
Impression now: I still really like Dawn, she showed us that she is not some whiny brat as some would stay but a strong woman who has a cause to fight for
Favorite moment: When she and Buffy kicked ass in that hole in the ground in Grave.
Idea for a story: I don’t know why this popped in my head but they are filming a movie in San Francisco and Dawn somehow lands a part.
Unpopular opinion: Her and Xander (I’m sorry but not)
Favorite relationship: Buffy and Dawn (their bond was so great)
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) Dawn probably loves Taylor Swift


First impression: I loved Lorne the second he was introduced.
Impression now: Lorne, like Tara was so unproblematic and I really liked him for that. Although I’m still mad at the writers for the ending they gave him because I felt like it was so out of character.
Favorite moment: Anytime he would sing.
Idea for a story: Lorne reopens Cartias somewhere safe and is living a happy life.
Unpopular opinion: I didn’t like his ending. 
Favorite relationship: Him and Angel had such a good brotp. Also I loved when he called him Angel Cakes.
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) Lorne really likes his ability to read people but at times it can overwhelming with all the emotions.


First impression: I liked him a little in season 1 but in season 2 I really started to like him.
Impression now: Giles is awesome and he was such a great “dad” to Buffy
Favorite moment: Giles + chainsaw.
Idea for a story: Giles finally gets on social media.
Unpopular opinion: I really didn’t like how he tried to kill Spike. 
Favorite relationship: Giles and Jenny (short lived but still nice)
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) Giles writes in a diary journal every night.


First impression: I loved Willow, she was such a cute little nerd.
Impression now: Like Xander I loved watching her grow. And she has to be one of my all time fave witches
Favorite moment: When she decides to stay in Sunnydale to go to school.
Idea for a story: Willow gets into nice relationship because she deserves it.
Unpopular opinion: Did not like her and Kennedy.
Favorite relationship: Twillow
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) When Willow has some free time she uses her magic to do small good deeds around San Francisco.

Kate Lockley

First impression: Bad ass cop
Impression now: Although her appearances throughout the earlier seasons of Angel were spread out she really grew on me and i wish she got some type of closure
Favorite moment: I can’t really think but I liked the part when Angel saved her life in her apartment i just always remember that part when i think of her.
Idea for a story: Kate and Angel meet up again and go on a mission.
Unpopular opinion: I totally wouldn’t of mind if she came back in season 5 and it was her and Angel not Nina and Angel.
Favorite relationship: Angel and her.
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) Kate always wants to try to get in touch with Angel but every time she does something always pops up.

Gwen Raiden

First impression: I loved her immediately.
Impression now: Even though she was in a total of three episodes, she really grew on me. I wish she was in season 5.
Favorite moment: When she electrocutes the guy’s watch.
Idea for a story: Just a look at one of her travels since loved traveling the world.
Unpopular opinion: She was season 4′s highlight/saving grace.
Favorite relationship: Her and Gunn (idk she had that thing with him so theres that)
Favorite head canon: (i suck at head canons btw) After Gwen got that electricity neutralizer the first time it rained she went outside and walked around for hours and didn’t get struck by lightning.


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I hate the look people give me when they see me walking my bike up the big hill like
Sorry that I have a heart condition? Like I thought I was gonna die yo I’m in a ton of pain right now and I need a breather
My goal is to ride nonstop up the hill by December and I’ve made a little progress!! I’m almost 1/3 of the way there! But I have to walk it the rest of the way and people give me funny looks