story time 🐸

one time I forgot my glasses on a walk and on the way home I saw a cute lil frog! I followed the frog as it was hopping along the street and was saying things like “awuh hello little frog!! Youre so beautiful!!!”. Then my roommate walked up and gave me a funny look and said “Dude thats a leaf” and I swear my heart broke ; ^ ; I really thought that leaf was a frog!!!!!!! I was certain!!!!!


Well … this count as a Au?? I don’t know??

Anyway, “Sincerely me” but Connor and Zoe are writting the fake letters (sorry if I make a mistake writting or this didn’t rhyme (??) english isn’t my first languague) 


Someone had the “post a picture of you from 2012 and 2017 side by side” I was curious what the difference was like and HOLY SHIT GUYS I grew up. I looked like such a dork then. Hadn’t really realized it was that much…

It’s funny to look back and think how much of a baby I was at 19-20 mentally (and physically clearly). I grew up so much in the last 3-4 years with moving to a new city alone and taking care of myself and the deterioration of my health. It’s pretty interesting to look back on how much I’ve changed. I’m sure it is for anyone in a 5 year span.

When you only have 1 friend

I am laughing my ass off.
On the day of the new update, before turning off that weird location thing snapchat has going on, I took a minute to look at it and

my friend who lives 5 minutes away

okay lets zoom out a bit here..
How about the entire province?

… the Americas???

i kind of like lenny with muppet eyes. it’s very funny looking and, well, it’d make it easier to make a muppet of him. but the more animal-ish eyes are good for his silent, unpredictable, but Probably Dangerous personality


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i was tagged by @omgxiaoch thanks for always tagging me in these things fam! Sorry it’s so late tho :/ ♡

This is my dramatic hamster face 😂 I almost laughed because my nose was flaring and it looked really funny 😂 Jooheon over there doesn’t seem to think it’s funny though 😅

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“Rumen’s Mojito tasted like booze”