CTM Countdown - 39/42

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean: skam has barely updated in the last three days and I know I need to wait and be patient because the characters are going through some things right now but I am currently using the show as a distraction from school and finals and the show is in an unhappy place right now and so now I am double-ly unhappy and also very concerned about two fictional characters that are going through so much right now and I just want to know if the are ok…

ON THE ROOF. this feels so much better.

sorry lmao but im kinda tired of answering anons and comments about tyler’s age,,,,,,,,,he’s 25, about to be 26. multiple people have confirmed it with tweets and pictures, his younger sister is 23 so there’s no way he’s younger than her. iliana’s post about him being “forever 19″ two years ago is a joke because he still looks like a teenager to this day. can we stop talking about it now cause its not that deep fam like i cant believe theres discourse about this lmao

Nobody is perfect. The world is cruel.

Inspired by this video of Yuzuru tripping over nothing.

She’s Beauty and she’s Grace, she’s Alolan Dugtrio (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Text Messages:
  • Victor: I miss you...
  • Yuri: I miss you too!
  • Victor: send me something hot
  • Yuuri: ok *sends picture of the sun*