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Luke Hemmings: Nandos Disaster (Part 2)

( ida000913 asked for a part 2 and I think it was meant for Nandos Disaster. If not let me know what you wanted a part 2 to ^-^ I did enjoy making this though, so enjoy!)

Read Part 1 here

Luke Hemmings Imagine: After embarrassing yourself in Nandos, he asked you out to make things up.

It was Sunday now and you were really nervous. You had spent the past hour and a half in a towel, trying to decide what to wear. You were completely dry from your shower now, even your hair was close to drying. After finally narrowing it down to two dresses, a blue one and a black one, you decided to go for the black skater dress. Black suited you quite well and was classy without looking too fancy.

You were suddenly really nervous about seeing Luke again. You hadn’t exactly given the best first impression of yourself, so you were really surprised that he had even asked for your number at the end of the night. You chose to straighten your hair and add natural make up. You didn’t want to over do it, but you couldn’t go out looking too casual. You didn’t even know where he had planned to take you, which had meant that you didn’t really know how to dress.

This probably wasn’t a good idea. The boys were touring, they wouldn’t be here for more than a few days… Or maybe that was the idea. What if Luke wanted a one time thing? What if he was just going to use you? With the sudden panic filling up inside you, you weren’t aware that Luke had arrived. Your friend must have answered the door to let him up because you suddenly heard his voice. You couldn’t exactly back out any more, so you had no choice but to force yourself up from your bed, slip on the black ballerina flats and join your friend and Luke in the living room.

“Wow…” Were the words that slipped out of Luke’s mouth when he saw you. It was a mere whisper, and he clearly hadn’t planned on saying it out loud because his cheeks tinted red. Of course, so did yours. “You look beautiful.”

The comment caused your cheeks to flare up even more so. You didn’t think you looked that good, your outfit wasn’t that interesting and you hadn’t really done anything fancy. “Oh… Thank you.” You stuttered out. “You look great, too!” You smiled as you returned the compliment, not really knowing how to act. You hadn’t really planned on dating anyone, let alone the lead vocalist for 5 Seconds of Summer.

You ended up walking to your destination as neither of you had any form of transportation. The thin cardigan you had chosen to wear didn’t provide much protection from the chilly air, but you tried your best to pretend that it didn’t bother you, despite the several times Luke had asked. You kept trying to ask him where he was taking you, but each time he would just grin and tell you it was a surprise.

After the short walk you arrived at a cosy looking place, which turned out to be quite a nice restaurant. Luke had booked a table for you (it was optional, but it guaranteed you a seat) and it was right next to a window. From the window, you had such a great view of a park with a small lake. It was sweet really, and such a change from your busy life.

The restaurant itself felt calm, not at all like Nandos, where you worked. Everybody seemed so relaxed and friendly here. Despite your nervousness at the beginning, you and Luke got on really well. It was strange because he insisted on finding out about you instead of talking about himself. Sure, he would gladly answer any questions you asked him but he seemed much happier learning about you. The subjects ranged from the university courses you were taking, to your favourite films. You joked about Mean Girls when he had mentioned that he really liked that film, but who didn’t?

As you looked at the menu, you were finding it hard to decide on what to eat. Eventually you settled on a burger and Luke had ordered a chicken tikka curry. That had caught your eye, and you had been tempted to get the madras curry, but you passed for now, the burger sounded much tastier today.

While you waited for your food to arrive, you sipped at your drinks and just talked some more. Their world tour would be starting in the next week, and he seemed so excited about it. You could hear it in his voice and through the glint in his eyes that he really did care about the music and the fans, and he could not wait to see them all over the world.

“I don’t know how you do it… Perform in front of all those people. I don’t even have the courage to present stuff in front of my class!” You blushed lightly at your words, it wasn’t exactly something you were proud of. Just anything to do with speaking in public frightened you, which is why you were surprised that you were able to get the job at Nandos.

“I guess I just love doing it and sharing my music… I mean, I do get nervous before a show, but not as much now. Big crowds are easier than small crowds, I think.” He started to explain, but it didn’t really make much sense to you. You laughed it off when he told you about some of the strange things that happened backstage.

“Wow that’s… Was he okay?” You asked after hearing about a time when Calum dared Michael to eat a whole chilli.

“He was after a week.” Luke laughed. “I’d never seen Michael cry so much!” The tall blond was laughing so much that he almost had tears in his eyes himself. “Well, I’ve told you some embarrassing things to do with me… Can I know some about yourself?”

You were about to make up an excuse, try to avoid the question, but thankfully that was the exact moment that the food arrived. You were so relieved that you let out a sigh of relief, which Luke noticed. After a few minutes of eating, you noticed Luke start to sweat a little bit, so naturally you decided a bit of teasing wouldn’t hurt.

“Gosh, Luke, you laugh at Michael for crying because of a chilli, but you’re sweating because of a tikka masala!” You couldn’t even tell if he had blushed at the comment because his face was already red.

“It’s hot, okay? And it’s not like any chicken tikka I’ve had before!” He protested after gulping down some of his drink. You started to laugh but then he gestured down at it. “Go on, you have some and not sweat. I’d like to see you try.”

You took this as a challenge and you smirked before taking your fork and taking one of the small strips of chicken, making sure you had some rice and some sauce. You chewed for a moment, savouring the taste. It was actually very tasty, but it wasn’t a tikka masala. “Yeah you’re right… That’s madras, not tikka masala.”

His eyes widened a little bit as he took another gulp of coke. “You could send it back you know, it’s not what you ordered.” You shrugged a little, not thinking it was that big of a deal, but he shook his head.

“No, that’s alright. It’s tasty, just spicier than I wanted. How’s your burger?” Ahh yes, changing the subject. You didn’t mind, you swallowed your mouthful before you answered, not wanting to speak with burger in your mouth.

“It’s delicious! I’d offer you a bit, but a burger isn’t really a sharing kind of thing…” He let out a small chuckle that made you smile, you hadn’t intended on making it seem like a joke, but he must have found it funny.

Just after you had finished eating, you excused yourself so that you could go back to the bathroom. You had felt a little awkward bringing the subject up, but it was a natural occurrence so hopefully he wouldn’t find it gross or anything. Lost in your thoughts, you nearly walked into someone, Luke’s shouting making you stop though. “(Y/N) watch out for the-!” You managed not to walk the waitress with food in her hands and you turned around to thank him, only to see him laughing to himself.

You were blushing furiously by the time you walked into the ladies’ room. Why did you have to be so clumsy? You nearly ruined your dress because of it! After you had finished using the bathroom, you had managed to compose yourself as you entered the main dining area again. As you started to walk towards the table you and Luke had been sat at, you were suddenly held back. Confused, you gave your dress a tug. Luke had seen you by now and was about to come over to help you when you pulled at the fabric again.

All you could hear was the sound of seams ripping apart. Yes you could move once again, but at what cost? You looked back to see that a part of your dress had been caught in the door that lead into the bathroom, and that you had ripped it in the process of trying to get free.

You felt like you were about to cry, so you quickly walked over to the table and sat down, your cheeks a bright red. “Do you wanna get going?” Came Luke’s voice, and he must have sensed your embarrassment. This was a place where you paid as you ordered the food, so you didn’t have to worry about collecting a bill or anything. You simply nodded, not finding the words to speak.

He offered you his hand and you took it without hesitation. After leaving the restaurant the cold breeze hit you hard. “You’re shivering.” Luke stated and although you went to protest, he was already pulling off his jacket and handing it to you. Laughing softly when you tried to give it back. “Seriously, you’re actually shivering, just wear it and stop complaining." 

You were reluctant but you shrugged it on none the less. You were instantly warmer and were very glad that Luke had offered. "Thank you.” You smiled over at him just to see that he was smirking. “Okay, what?” You asked, knowing that he had something to say, probably about tonight.

“Oh, I was just wondering if there’s a reason that you hate your clothes.” He paused, and even though it was dark he must have known you were blushing. “I mean, the dress, you’re shirt on Friday-”

“That was your fault and you know it!” You elbowed him in the side as you tried to get him to shut up.

“Alright, I’ll take the blame for that one, but from what I’ve seen tonight you’re just as bad.”

You couldn’t really argue with that, because it was the truth, so you just shrugged in agreement. The walk to your apartment was filled with teasing and laughter from both you and him. When you came to the building you bit your lip anxiously.

“I really enjoyed tonight, Luke, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, (Y/N). So, I know I’ve got to start touring in like a week, but I do want to take you out again… I really like you. And I know it would be hard because you have school and I’m going to be going around the world, but I do want to see you again. I mean, we can text and call and skype and-”

You weren’t sure what made you do it, but you had decided to press your lips against his softly, partially to shut him up, but mostly because you couldn’t help yourself. It was strange, after all you had never kissed anyone with a lip piercing before and it was a strange sensation. A good sensation of course. You had to try and not giggle at his expression when you pulled away, he was completely lost for words.

You started to head up the steps, no longer caring that you had ripped your dress and embarrassed yourself both times you had come into contact with him, because it was worth it, and it wasn’t just a one time thing. Before you disappeared into the building you turned back once more.

“Goodnight, Luke.”

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elginelegaint replied to your post: drakishgodempress asked:★Not only…

i didn’t know there was even an alto and treble clef wtf. im a euph player too though! i can only read bass tho i used to know treble but since i never use it i can’t sight read it anymore.

Hold onto your knickers, because guess what?

There are actually 9 clefs, in three different categories (G, F and C)

Treble and French Violin Clef are G clefs, as the fancy whorl indicates the position of G on the staff.

Soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto and tenor are C clefs. They look like a fancy letter b, and C on the staff goes “between the cheeks” as it were.

Baritone, bass and sub-bass are all F clefs, which as you know sort of resemble a nine with two dots off to the side around the F.

It used to be that people used these clefs instead of transposing, which is the current convention. Nowadays, bass and treble are by far the most commonly used, however, violists read in alto, and trombonists are one of the few musicians to whom which the idea of transposing is entirely foreign the majority of the time, as we read in bass, tenor and alto, and even very, very occasionally treble.

These are the things you learn when you’ve spent the last four years as a music major.

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according to my grandpa, flying used to be something you dressed up for– you were supposed to be in like your sunday best. who knows WHY that was a thing tho

ohhhh rly ?? i had no idea,,,i pretty much wear the same outfit every time, hoodie+jeans+shitty tennis shoes lmao i am an unwashed, disheveled gremlin in the airport

I don’t trust those white antiporn feminists with vagina urls who have a lot of pink and flowers in their theme and the font that looks like fancy handwriting but it’s a font

Whilst everybody will be talking about the Met Ball, I’ll talk about my morning which has taken a very strange and uncommon turn. I got up from bed before 9 am… without being forced by anyone or anything… and shaved my beard. Only because everybody looked incredibly fancy and handsome last night and in spite of me being on the other side of the world, I still felt like Hollywood’s tramp with a two months beard.


What with the 40 degree temperatures, it reeeally isn’t possible to take photos out of doors now, so I thought I might do a makeup look! My inspiration is from the makeup at John Galliano’s F/W 2009-10 show, in particular this image which I found on Pinterest a very long time ago. I love a bit of gold on my face. The highlight of this look is my MAC Superslick liquid liner in Pure Show which is actually the best gold eyeliner I’ve ever come across. I added to the vintage circus-y vibe with my ASOS Denim smock and Flimsymoon Etoiles Collar. 

Here’s what I used for my face

  Sleek makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm    Benefit Boing concealer  

   Benefit Cha Cha Tint    Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Rumour has It    MAC Superslick Liner in Pure Show 

 Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner    Rimmel Scandaleyes Rocking Curves mascara   Maybelline Brow Drama eyebrow mascara