Autumn needs a rest!

after all that excitement, Autumn is really tired. So she’s gonna be taking a break for a couple weeks. But don’t worry! Mod has some fun stuff planned in the meantime. Just don’t be expecting any updates for a little while, it won’t be long!

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slycooperandcarlosfox asked:

(Clothes Meme) It's a dark green wooden mask. It's face looked like it was smiling, not unlike an Ancient Greece Comedy Theatre mask. It had a small lighter green, board running down the bridge with four bolts on it and a symbol with what appears to be a fancy-looking L inside a circle. the mask didn't appear to have anything to attach to one's face.

[puzzled, turns it over and over in his hands] This looks ancient…how on earth are you supposed to put it on, though? Holding it against your face seems – inconvenient.

10 Days Kuroshitsuji Challenge

Day 10: a quote from another work that suits the story

Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High school Host Club) “Damn these rich people.”

I think like Haruhi whenever looking at Ciel’s fancy clothing and furniture, servants doing all the work, and eating those delicious food :) Damn these rich people!!!


I would like to finish the Otp challenge, since I don’t have that many left! So here is 19, 23, 24 together. Every couple argues, especially those with different interests, these two especially so.
Luniak sold her soul to a demon to gain powers. She’s power hungry, and although has known to do quite well in social rings, demands her space, hates monotonous and boring drama and having to lead people through things or take care of them, and especially doesn’t suffer fools well. She never liked the idea of a relationship for how much work it is, although enjoys friends with benefits quite often. Lady Usulla, by contrast, is a social butterfly who likes to be humored and coddled like a teddy bear, enjoys simple friendships and lifes little pleasures. She is perfectly sweet as candy and decided to try and catch the bird demon’s eye because she thought she looked rather fancy. 
Their relationship started off as a casual tease, but once they started becoming close they found themselves having to work out their differences. More than once with Luniak’s head turning into a tourniquet of flame. 

kendosoldier2 replied to your post “life updates ive been in vegas since yesterday afternoon heading to…”


these the only pix i have cause my phone died after that mirror selfie and the rest were some i jacked from my moms phone


finished fior emblam on the flight

i hate vegas

multiple long
school graduate

hotel big and cheap. fam gone for gambling but babbs underage

oo she bad selfie but they say we gotta go. timeskip a day bc the rest of friday was lost in the no phone void

saturday. bobby flay burgers then sneaking around expensive hotel behind. 

now we are out of order bc this was friday oh well. caesars big buffet.. v $$ v fancy

these look gud but didn’t really like them. too refined for my child taste why so much dark chocolate

those are the only pix i have rn follow for more quality content


Jonathan Strange and his wonderful and frankly astounding technique for blowing out candles

Many, many thanks to stevomuck for making and gifting these to me!