Going To IKEA With The Avengers Would Include...

-Steve, Bucky and Thor would have no idea what it was, and stick closely by you the entire time. 

-Tony is aimlessly wandering around, buying stuff which would look fancy in his house.

-Trolley races. The first one to the end of the area wins.

-Clint has a lamp obsession, and finds a new one every time he goes, but always brings you for advice.

-Finding Natasha and Bruce looking around the kitchens, trying to find something nice.

-Peitro just running around the store, but crashing into the places he can’t see.

-You, Wanda, Pepper and Natasha are literal babysitters. You each have a walkie talkie to keep track of where you are.

-Trying to pronounce what some of the items are called, but Thor getting it right.

-Steve would be looking at all the old fashioned furniture, looking to hold your hand when it reminds him of home.

-Lunchtime in the Cafe. Everybody goes for the meatballs, by a clear choice.

-Wanda loves all of the cushions. You can always find her at the end, with a trolley full of them. 

-Coulson is the driver, for you all. However, he ends up tagging alongside the sensible ones. 

-Okay, but Thor would definitely be the one to get lost, after wandering away, to the mirrors.

-’Would the Guardians of *Sigh,* Prince Thor, son of Odin, of Asgard, please come to the lost child area.

-’For God Sake, Thor!’

-Cap, Bucky, and Thor all competing to see who could carry the heaviest items from the store.

-Everybody hides in the cupboard, just to make one another jump. Steve Rogers included.

-’Oh my god, Steve came out!’ ‘Be quiet, Stark.’

-Bucky trying out all the sofas; he’s not used to something so comfortable, and begs you to come and cuddle with him.

-Wade is tagging along, making conversations with anybody he sees. 

-Wade also decides that sitting on top of the flat packs in the warehouse it the best part, too, just waving to everybody.

-Peter Parker is just loving the desk layouts. He’s a total aesthetic guy.

-In the end, somebody is going to get kicked out. Either Tony, for shamelessness, or Wade for language. 

-But its a good day out, and you all love it. 

Feel free to send requests for more ‘Would Include…’ with anybody! <3

i THINK i’ve decided what car i’m getting……. a toyota aygo. it looks cool, it’s not too expensive, and it has 5 doors, which are my only qualifiers


Time for some Olympics!AU girls~

First we have Winry in her swimming suit. She is a butterfly style swimmer (dunno, It feels like it suits her) I mean, look at those powerfull arms (buff Winry ftw) and no, her breasts are not supposed to be that huge….I was just so damn lazy to change that…

Lastly we have Amestris Volleyball team members - Rose, Rebecca and Catherine (there are more members ofc, I just haven’t been in the mood to draw them yet) looking all fancy in their uniform and in cute/sexy poses.

The design of both uniforms is still undecided so I went for the most basic, so yeah.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!

I was looking up some fancy pancake recipes to make myself feel better and one of googles suggestions was “pancake recipe without vinegar” and I just want to know what the hell is going on

the-littlest-badger  asked:

Now can I have some headcanons of showering with James and/or Kit?

James is listed below :)

And Kit is posted here!

  • Showering in a pretty big and fancy looking shower
  • The two of you have matching robes for after showering
  • “After you, dearest”
  • Him soaping your whole body
  • And then soaping his
  • Him loving to watch you wash the soap off of yourself
  • You seducing him into having shower sex with you by touching yourself
  • Him not wanting to give in
  • You knowing that he will
  • Him running his hands down your back as he starts kissing you
  • You gently scratching his back when he pushes himself into you

I have finally reached 3.5k followers and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so happy to have such amazing followers and friends on here that sometimes I can’t believe this is real. You guys are the best I could ever ask for. I’m gonna do a little something different this time around. I’ll be doing my follow forever by my favorite fandoms! :D Yes, you heard that right. I’ve recently got into the Pokemon hype. I never thought I’d ever get into it like I have at this very moment, but wonders never cease. Bold urls are my favorites.

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