Globo Livros on Twitter
“Uivadores, vejam só o que estamos preparando para o lançamento de 'Filho Dourado'! #RedRising”

saw this on bloodydamnredrising‘s twitter! (Sort of spoilers for the end of Red Rising so scroll past if you aren’t done)

Brazilian Red Rising bookmarks!! Interesting that they used the Jackal there (I screamed, look at his fancy-shmancy clothes)

Sevro is holding a knife, and not a hot dog, as some people previously thought :P


This is a bit random– but after a few interactions between muses, would anyone be cool if I made your muse a personal tag to use on my blog? You’re totally free to give input on what you think the tag should be, be it goofy, coolio, adorbs, etc etc! I wanna make em fancy looking!

If you’re fine with it, even if we haven’t rp’d too much yet (meaning you’re alright with it for future ref or what have you) can you please like this post ;0; ~?

An Appreciation of One of Chanyeol’s Talents

I have been working on this post for a week or two now, collecting gifs because of reasons. I wasn’t asked to do it, but I wanted to. Maybe this can be an addition to my trashcan posts? I don’t know. 


Have you seen Chanyeol play the drums? No?…

Honestly it is so attractive…

But maybe that’s because guys who play drums or guitars hurt my heart…

Have you seen that he likes to strip at his drums?…

It’s just the outer layer but it is so sexy when he throws it to the floor…

Sometimes he plays looking very fancy…

But then sometimes he loosens his tie o.o…

Or he wears the outfit from Love Me Right…

Have you seen him pour water all over his body? Cause that is pretty great…


No really, look again; I can’t unsee this…

Ugh, no Chanyer…stop it…

And I can’t even talk about this shit…

His facial expressions when playing are pretty great…

Hey, there is his tongue…

That hair flip…

I don’t even know what face that was at the end but I dig it…


Seriously, Chanyeol I don’t even bias you. Calm the fuck down, I don’t need this in my life. -_-

BONUS: Chanyer playing the guitar~…


So I guess for me this just adds to the many ways Chanyeol is talented. I don’t care what people say about his dancing or anything else they complain about; Chanyeol is talented and he deserves to be respected and supported for that. This is just another reason to love him out of many~

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Strega starter pack

Starting your Strega look wardrobe can be quite overwhelming: you are tempted to buy first the most appealing and over the top items first as it seems to be the most exciting part. BUT once you have recieved/find these items, you are often confronted to one major difficulty: nothing in your current wardrobe fits well with it. 
Here is a selection of 25 items you can gather in a short period of time for cheap if you follow my strega shopping guide . Here is the commented rundown from top left to bottom right:

a fancy vintage looking dress.
This should be your most expensive piece in your wardrobe. Prairie neo-victorian style 70′s dresses seems perfect to me. Hunt down your local thrift store, ebay and etsy and you should find something smoking hot for less than 40€

a basic midi/maxi dress.
A jersey dress will be perfect. This item should be used as a versatile item you can either wear by itself and look good and stylish with a few accessories, or as a layering base. You can find these for 10/15€ at mainstream stores, or even less on ebay auctions.  

a witchy tunic.
This is the kind of item that should be “typical”. Flared sleeves, peasant style, fringes, black lace, corset lacing anything would do. These designs can easily be find anywhere, but maybe you’ll need to do a little bit of customisation to a basic black tunic/minidress. I wouldn’t consider putting more than 20€ for this.

a distressed/tye dye tee-dress.
One of your cheapest piece. You just need a huge black t-shirt you can find for sure at your local thrift shop for 1€, or even in your boyfriend/bestfriend/dad/brother/cousin drawers. Then just follow your inspiration to make it look unique! 

a velvet dress/tunic.
Velvet gives you for sure that witchy look you’re striving for. This will be your typical cheap thrift store find. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it is very easy and cheap to make! (tutorial to come soon). Do not put more than 8 euros in that!

 a waterfall/assymetric cardi.
This is one easy find too. Mainstream stores during sales and ebay are your best chance to find it for less than 10€! This item will keep you warm and stylish and can be used as a top layer in a more elaborate look.

a victorian inspired blouse.
We all love the pretty frilly and lacey look of victorian clothes, and a black blouse in the style will give your outfit an instant mourning witch look. This is a fancy item you can find almost everywhere. If you ever grab a nice white 100% cotton blouse for cheap consider dying it! I wouldn’t pay more than 25€ for this item, but it can be cheaper or wayyy more expensive!

a black sweater.
A witchling also needs to be warm at times. You are free to choose any design you like. An oversized sweater will look cute and comfy, an offshoulders one more flirty, dangerous or romantic…   Mohair is a pretty choise in my opinion, but a rather thick wool can look more rustic and equally witchy! If you know how to knit maybe you can even do it yourself! But the cheapest option remains the thrift store where you can find some for less than 5€!

a strap top or leotard.
As I already stated I love dance clothes. but if you think you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a leotard then you can switch to a strap top. This is a base item for layering, but also something you can wear when it’s very hot, or very cold underneath your other clothes! strap top: 1€ in thrift stores,  leotard: 10€ on ebay.

a corset belt.
A corset belt is a stylish and typical item that instantly gives texture and shape to a basic outfit. I personally love the laced up look, but some of you may prefer anykind of large belt. You can be lucky and find something suitable at your thrift store, but otherwise ebay/amazon carry nice options for a rather cheap price (around 10€).

a floppy hat.
Exactly what you need to turn any outfit into magick witchery. They are in fashion nowadays so you can easily find them for around 15€ in mainstream stores.

a rose clip.
Another easyfind. A rose clip can be used as a brooch or to decorate an updo… cheap, useful, versatile and so romantic looking. You just need one!

a handkerchief chiffon skirt.
Once again a very typical item for the look. This one may be difficult to find at a cheap price, even more if you want it to be fluffy. I made mine from scratch for around 12€ (Tutorial to come) 

an assymetric jersey skirt.
You can easily make this one too, but it could be easier to find it in maintream stores. You can also customise a cheap generic jersey maxi. Just be imaginative! And expect to spend 10/15€ for this one.

a basic maxi skirt.
Here again a perfect DIY project! You’d want to prefer flowing fabrics such as lightweight cotton, crepe or chiffon, so it gives you the perfect ethereal look. You can find these kind of skirts almost everywhere though, but those in mainstream store aren’t full enough for my liking… again, expect to spend around 10€.

Leggings are easy, keep you warm in winter undre skirts, are light enough to be worn as pants in summer… I just love them! Jersey, velvet, mesh, matte pvc, your choice! And you know what is awesome about leggings? they usually cost around 5€.

A witchy woman needs fishnets. Around 4€ in any grocerystore!

pointy boots.
These are definitely a thrift store find or a ebay find. Pointier the better. Laces and heel at your discretion. Spend no more than 25€. If they’re more expensive, you can find something similar cheaper.

pointy flats.
You can find them almost everyhere, and even for less than 10€. Just go for it! They fit with everything and keep that pointy witchy look!

a kimono.
Kimonos are the big thing lately, so you can easily find them. I think they are usually too expensive, so this would go in the DIY basket! (Tutorial soon). I made mine in sultry velvet for less than 10€!

a warm shawl.
This is also a very cheap item. Chances are you’ll find one at the thrift store, and if not, an old plaid cut in half could totally do the work! Budget: Less than 8€!

a crochet shawl.
A bit of a granny touch is never too much! You only need two spools of yarn, basic crochet knowledge and a few evenings et voilà! If you really can’t make it yourself, maybe you could find one at a flea market, or a very vintage oriented thrift store. The DIY option will cost you about 5/7€ depends on the yarn you choose!

a tapestry bag.
Who would not want Mary Poppins’ bag? Thrift shops are full of these bags, just pick your favourite one! The price may vary, but it is usually around 10€.

a fancy purse.
Whether it is a DIY project or a thrift shop find this should be a rather cheap item. If you feel crafty, some spare velvet, tassels and beads to embroider with are just fine! So it can be free or less than 10€! (Tutorial soon ;) )

Here you go! To sum up, for less than 300€ (and even cheapier if you are lucky and find everything in charity/thrift shops or make everything yourself) you can have a fully functionning base wardrobe to start with. I didn’t include jewelry as I felt it is usually very personal. Of course this is my personal take on the style, so you might want to replace some items to make it more yourself!

Ace High School Resource Kits

An exciting announcement for all of you asexy folk out there!

Asexual Outreach is in the draft stage of its high school (secondary school) resource kit information guide, and we’re looking for your help in developing these. Specifically, this information guide aims to:

  • Help GSAs (Gender & Sexuality Alliances - ie. LGBTQ+ Clubs) include aces in their clubs and events
  • Help these GSAs run Asexual Awareness Weeks and other ace events
  • Encourage ace friendly school environments
  • Help educators include aces in their curriculum (and not alienate aces through their teaching)
  • Help school guidance counselors support struggling ace students
  • Help administrators understand ace students and better deal with ace related bullying
  • Help sex-ed (sexual education) teachers include aces in their curriculum

These information guides will be printed on half-letter booklets and will accompany Ace 101 informational flyers, ace friendly posters, and other useful materials.

To help us out on this project, we are fortunate to have a wonderful graphic design team (who will make sure the booklets look super fancy!) as well as a fabulous content editing team (who will ensure grammatical correctness and consistency)! These kits will be printed and shipped in the last weeks of August in time for the fall school term!

So how can you help?

For high school students:

You know best how schools can support you because you spend much of your time there! We would love to hear from you regarding how LGBTQ+ clubs at your school could better support you, how teachers, counselors, and administrators could create a more supportive environment for you, and how curriculum could be updated to better include and not alienate aces. We are available for text-based messaging (such as email or AVEN messages), Skype calls/Google Hangouts, and in-person meetings if you are located in Toronto. Additionally, you can help contribute directly to our resource kits through our kit wiki (info below).

If you would like us to send your school a resource kit of its own this September, feel free to let us know that as well!

Get in touch with us through a reply to this post, or through an email to contact@asexualoutreach.org.

For educators:

We’d love your input on how to bring ace education and inclusion into the classroom. Get in touch with us through email (contact@asexualoutreach.org) or through a reply to this post, and we’ll make sure to continue the conversation with you there! Additionally, you can help contribute directly to our resource kits through our kit wiki (info below).

If you would like us to send your school a resource kit of its own this September, feel free to let us know that as well!

 For content creators and activists: We’d love your help in developing ace activities that high school LGBTQ+ groups can run to educate about asexuality in their clubs and schools. Additionally, we’d love your contributions to our kits in general, so feel free to contribute directly on our kit wiki (info below). Get in touch with us through email (contact@asexualoutreach.org) or through a reply to this post, and we’ll make sure to continue the conversation with you there!   For everyone in general: Our information guides are being collaboratively written on our resource kit wiki. Much of our first draft is finished, but there’s always room for improvement, and we can always fit more content (we have quite a sizable budget, so there is no maximum length on these booklets). Keep in mind that the last day to make changes to this document before it is submitted for final editing is July 26th, 2015. We already have 35 schools who have requested these kits from us. However, we’re always looking to make a greater impact, and there are always more schools to connect with. If you know of a school who would like this resource, let us know!

You can contact us through email (contact@asexualoutreach.org) or through a reply to this post and we will certainly get back to you!    If you have any questions or concerns at all in this process, please get in touch with us and we will make sure to get back to you in a timely manner!