looks waaaaaaay

Okay, let’s pull up the picture, zoomed in.

…Yeah, that looks a bit like a fish, although it makes absolutely zero sense for it to be shredded like that just to get a chip that large out.  For it to have been inserted in the first place, there would likely have been an incision made to begin with, which would mean no fish shredding would have been necessary.  Let’s mark it down as the-artist-didn’t-plan-this-one-through and confirm its fishiness.  That chip looks waaaaaaay to small to be readable unless it’s a microSD, but it doesn’t look much like a microSD either.  Looks like maybe a processor?  Except processors don’t contain data, they… process.

I have no idea what the fuck it is, to sum up.  If it’s a microSD after all, I’m going to side-eye the artist hard.  They’re supposed to look like this:

versus a cell microprocessor:

EDIT: oh my god.  oh my god. IT’S FISH N CHIPS

Hands up if “If You Don’t Know” is your all time favourite 5 seconds of summer song.


omg guys I managed to make my first gifs. I’ve tried before but it never really worked, something always went wrong, but this time I did something right?? Don’t reblog this lol it’s not supposed to be anything serious, Call Me Baby was just something I already had on my computer instead of downloading something new. But man! It look me waaaaaaay too long to make just these two. I have a newfound respect for those gif makers who can gif videos only minutes after their release. How in the world do you do it?!
Though it’s probably just me being a gif-making-noob and doing everything super slow lmao. But there! I made gifs. Just wanna show them off because I’m happy that it worked finally hehe~