looks so freaking cool!!!

i spent like the last 2 or 3 days redrawing this

this really needs to be fullscreened.. and i feel like it’s off-center on gohan’s side???????? ahh well, i tried, and i think ive improved a bunch since i drew the first one so im super happy (*´▽`*)

When a Cancer meet a Taurus
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Taurus :</b> HEAR THIS<p/><b>Cancer :</b> OMG SO COOL ! LOOK AT THIS<p/><b>Taurus :</b> SO FREAKING FUNNY<p/><b>Capricorn :</b> ... What are you three ?<p/><b>Taurus & Cancer :</b> AND A HALF !<p/></p>


  I love to draw Reinhart, and his Coldhart skin is challenging to draw. But then I came up with the idea { also for my “Giant” concept practice for my drawing class } : is Halloween, why not make him like a Giant ghost knight ? [aw man please don’t nag me about this matter, is big too no ? ] And the battle between the creature hunter McHelsing and HanzOni ( Demon Hanzo) :DDD. YES !! NAIL THAT IDEA AND DONE THIS CONCEPT !! 

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Well I have really blonde hair, it looks almost white sometimes. I'm pretty tan and kinda tall. I took up fencing for a while so I kinda know my way around a sword. Let's see...I like walking around the forest near my town a lot, though there's a bit of a deer problem. Ah, but my right arm got kinda fucked up in a freak accident but it's not so bad, looks kinda cool tbh

Marry me fafnir

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Idk who those fancy red-clad people are that you drew earlier but it looks so freaking cool?? like I saw the original photo, sure, bUt your ARt?? Trust me when I tell ya that it made them look 2357853246887533456 times cooler my buddo

they’re Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas, they’re part from my favorite band: Miranda! (also known as M! ), their music is on spanish but i highly recommend it, because they’re able to make happy stuff like this n the most depressing thing ever like this too ,they’re a huge inspiration n kinda motivates me to draw, recently i saw these outfits n….well i decided to draw ‘em

n someone on fb (where i post more often) suggested that i should post it on twitter so maybe they might see it…i did it just for the lulz,last night

but i woke up n i see this


Consider: Sheith AU

Keith works in a dying industry, video rentals. He’s barely hanging on with the mundanity of it until one day Shiro walks in, smiling kindly but looking really nervous. Keith is confused until the man returns to drop a bunch of adult video content, refusing to look him in the eye.

Or: Keith works at a video rental shop. Shiro comes in the same time every week to rent porn and not look Keith in the eye. Until one day, you know, he does.

Spock’s face when he becomes captain of the Enterprise. 

I don’t think he ever wanted command, especially in this horribly tense situation with his planet in danger and Pike attempting what might be a suicide mission.