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I think the reaction to the recent classification of the mesentery as its own organ has made me really appreciate how people outside the scientific community view the process of biological classification as a process totally exempt from being socially constructed.

For example, this is how the Huffington Post chose to report on the topic

Like, we didn’t just ascribe significance to a tissue we previously thought was largely specialized- it has just been found, and every human in the world has gained a new organ while they weren’t looking.

Anyways, the reason I’m making this post is as a shoutout to all my followers to enjoy their new organ.


best of greys - winning a battle, losing the war
     I’ve been wondering to myself, why are you so hell bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you’re my boss, you know it’s against the rules, you know I keep saying no. It’s the chase.


The Only Thing Worth Remembering About From 2015: the rebirth of “Larry Stylinson” & watching them rise.

Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly "damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)“ - Rolling Stone Magazine (2015)

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Lol why is your tag for Jamie Benn "beautiful Canadian cow"? 🐄🐮🐄

Well. A long while back (when I was very new to the fandom), my friend sent me a link to a tumblr post, which I sadly didn’t reblog and have hunted for but can’t find. The post was a screencap of a tweet which read something along the lines of: ‘idk how to explain it, but Jamie Benn looks like a beautiful baby cow’, and an illustrative gif of his big dumb cow eyes.

Happy Cow:

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Concentrating Cow:

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Sad Cow:

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Bored Cow? Cow chewing the cud?

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I got super distracted in my search by his face, but basically if you squint he looks precisely like the most beautiful of baby cows.

In a different world, we watch the same stars
The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3


🙏  deuces, 2016~

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