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Prompt using this ask (in the Transcendence AU blog): (post/108182257623)?

Stan grumbled, sitting down at the tiny metal table in the Shack-being-turned-to-Library’s kitchen. The notebook sitting innocently in front of him on the table was covered in five kinds of glitter and about half a dozen stickers, not counting the five different alphabet styles of sticker that spelled out “Dealing With My Demon Brother: A Guide By Mabel Pines” across the cover.

Mabel had shoved the thing at him about a week after they’d come to stay the first summer after it all went down, and been updating it constantly since then from her own well-worn copy every time they came back.

He hadn’t bothered to do more than flip through it once since she’d pushed it on him, since it seemed mostly like regular Dipper things. And he knew how to deal with demons, somewhat. So why bother with a guide?

Besides, it was Dipper. Demon or not, corporeal or not, he was still the sweaty and awkward kid Stan knew, and if he got out of line Stan had a squirt bottle of diluted holy water on hand. (He wanted to discourage the kid, not hurt him. He was a conman and a liar but dammit he still loved those kids, so squirting Dipper? Sure, that was funny. Hurting Dipper, not so much. So, diluted. Not that he could tell always tell when he hit Dipper, apart from whatever Dipper was trying to move falling to the floor as he lost his grip. Still funny.)

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