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TVLINE | Cas has been in Heaven for a little while now. How will he re-enter the action? And is he any different?

ANDREW DABB: When Cas comes back [in this Thursday’s episode], we’re going to get a lot of clarity in terms of not only why he’s been in Heaven for so long, but his own point of view on why he went. Some people are looking at it like, “He went to Heaven because he’s choosing angels over Sam and Dean,” and things like that. What’s going to come out very strongly when he comes back is that what he’s doing, he views as doing for our guys. That’s been a big part of the season overall: Sam and Dean have proven themselves as heroes, certainly to everyone around them. So whether it’s Cas or Crowley or Mary or Mick until his unfortunate demise or anyone else in our story, these are people who realize Sam and Dean’s importance. Sam and Dean have always been willing to sacrifice for each other. Now we’re seeing a lot of people around them that are willing to sacrifice for Sam and Dean, and it’s really about building a sense of community.

So from Cas’ point of view, everything he’s been doing has been for Sam and Dean. When he comes back in, that will be made pretty clear, and then the question is: Where does he go from there? Once he comes back in, he’s going after Kelly. Once he comes into contact with her [and] her kid, a lot of his misconceptions may fall away. A big part of his time in Heaven has been gathering information, but not reorienting his thinking to the point where he’s against Sam and Dean or anything like that. It’s more like having moments of clarity in terms of why he’s doing this and the price he, personally, is willing to pay to keep Sam and Dean alive or to keep them from experiencing pain.

shadowhunterstv Here’s another first look: even angels have their demons. 
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Thank you so much. There’s so many people I want to thank- Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis who wrote the book that Secret City was based on. Thank you for your generosity and also for allowing Harry to become Harriet so that I could play her.”


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I just???? Love her so much?? I’m gonna cry she’s my sweet baby angel and I must protect her. I would die for this cat. Her name is Midnight and she means everything to me. I’m gonna cry I love her

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Why I Love Shin Hoseok (x)

He’s Special

  1. looks kinky… (x)
  2. fluff ball (x)
  3. still a cutie (x)
  4. i don’t know anymore… (x)
  5. sleepy baby (x)
  6. fluffy marshmallow (x)
  7. angel sent from heaven (x)
  8. proof he’s an angel (x)
  9. pure baby (x)
  10. perfection (x)
  11. fluffy angel (x)

His Hair

  1. be looking like a sexy vampire (x)


  1. puffy cheeks (x)
  2. puffy cheeks! (x)


  1. it’s just so precious (x)
  2. wasted thirty minutes (x)
  3. wasted fifteen minutes (x)


  1. so plump… (x)
  2. his kisses (x)
  3. pouty lips (x)


  1. makes you wanna smile too (x)
  2. beautiful smile (x)
  3. beautiful smile pt.2 (x)
  4. beautiful smile pt.3 (x)
  5. eyes disappears into crescent moons (x)


  1. so big… (x)


  1. that little tiny mole (x)


  1. it jiggles (x)
  2. that ass (x)
  3. it’s perfect (x)
  4. booty in motion (x)
  5. minnie agrees (x)


  1. a tiny piece of his thigh (x)
  2. them thighs (x)
  3. who doesn’t like thick thighs? (x)


  1. gotta love a man in a suit (x)
  2. you just gotta (x)
  3. “oh, daddy” (x)
  4. this is not okay (x)

Dress Shirts

  1. so god damn good (x)
  2. fucked me up (x)

I Just Love Him (x)

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After spending almost half of year in the Avengers compound, it was time to finally go on a mission with the team. You trained a lot with Natasha or Steve and they both agreed you were ready. Bruce helped you with your ability and together with Tony, they made you a suit that perfectly reflected your character and the abilities. 

You came to the jet where the rest of the team was. For the first time, you showed yourself to everybody. When Natasha realized you were there, she nudged Steve’s shoulder and made him turn to you. He stopped breathing and his blue eyes widened. Even when you wore a suit, you looked like an angel - like a warrior angel. A smile crooked into his face. Natasha noticed the way he was looking at you. 

“Will you finally ask her on a date?” she asked him when you boarded. “I can see the way you are looking at her.”

“Oh, come on Natasha, she doesn’t like me,” he rolled his eyes and checked if everyone was ready. They were the last one who got into the jet. 

She laughed. “What if I tell you she does like you?” and with a wink, she went to you, only to make him move his tight ass and come talk to you. 

Shh (NSFW) (Drabble)

Summary: Castiel drops in your room by surprise. 
Pairing: Castiel x Winchester!Reader
Word Counting: 600 and something words
Warnings: Fingering, oral sex, smut, cussing, Drabble

This is part of the “Do it like Team Free Will” Challenge

Gif prompt is under the line.

“Cas.” You whispered.

The angel looked down at you, his eyes drinking from your figure with a dark tone you’ve never seen before.

It was all an accident. Ever after years, Castiel was still one to pop in and out of places without warning and you knew it would start an embarrassing situation soon. Of course, it had to be with you out of all Winchesters.

You were lied on your bed, panties and t-shirt being the only pieces of fabric covering your body, and ready to take matters in hands. You were on the edge of arousal for hours, daydreaming about Castiel in the library of the bunker while researching for a case with your brothers and the said angel.

What you never imagined was that he would undress his coat and lay by your side the moment he saw you.


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