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Congrats to Norman and Diane! In a single day, they managed to turn an entire group of devoted fans who adored him and would defend him through thick and thin because they truly believed he was a good person into people who can barely look at him. Nice work, you two!


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Bae looked so yummy in Grey's anatomy. Nice to see him in different roles

So sick and smol ;( I still haven’t seen it omg (long story short: flea problem at my house). It is, isn’t it? Kinda wish it was for more than one episode, but at least Sleepy Hollow is today! Speaking of that: 

I’ll post streaming links for Sleepy Hollow around 3:30pm (GMT+10 time). I have work again today and will have to post after. 

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.

❀ Flowers + Maknae Line ❀

It’s been a while since I’ve painted anything but I’m pretty happy with how these have turned out c:

Update: you can now find these paintings in my Redbubble store!


“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”

Professor Lupin

Looking back, I can’t remember the truth. I blew everything out of proportion so I could feel the hurt and betrayal and write about it in vivid detail. It was my own method of torture. My own undoing; and I enjoyed every second of it.
—  c.j.n.