looks like we're not the only ones excited

mewwile  asked:

i really appreciated in the episode how when amethyst was showing steven the kindergarten, she specifically said 'i was made here on earth, like you!' a lot of the series reinforces how amethyst and steven are similar, with amethyst acting more 'human' and feeling separated from the others. but its also super sweet how big sister-y she is towards him, and she showed him the kindergarten like 'look, we're both gems born on earth!!' (ps your discussions on su are my fave)

Oh yea, I loved that too! The show does such a great job with the big sister-little brother relationship between Amethyst and Steven (and the other Gems too, really, just in different ways). They have a connection and she feels she can open up to him and relate to him in ways. It must’ve been really exciting when Steven was born, although sad losing Rose, it meant there was finally another Gem from Earth who wasn’t ‘bad’. Before she was always the only one and sure Steven’s circumstances were different, but he was an Earth Gem too. And it was probably frustrating that the others wouldn’t let her tell Steven about it so she’d try to connect with him in other ways. Plus he would be the first Gem who was 'younger’ than her, which was probably nice too. She could have someone that she could try and teach and guide, even if she wasn’t great at it.

Steven and Amethyst have such an excellent sibling relationship, its really sweet.

(and thank you! :) )