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Sleeping Beauty (Avengers Cast x Reader Drabble)

You didn’t know that the Avengers cast can also be called sneaky paparazzis. Also you love sleeping. Who doesn’t, right?

Word count: 779

Author: @chrixa

“Hi, uh, I’m Sarah and I want to ask is it true that Y/N can sleep everywhere?” A chorus of laughter followed her question. 

“That is indeed true,” you smile at her as you nodded. 

“Oh she can sleep literally any time as well,” Chris adds as another wave of laughter filled the convention hall. 

“The Russos would just call like a 5 minute break and when you look at her she’s already asleep in someone’s lap or shoulder,” Sebastian said.

“Are we really talking about this?” You shake your head at the cast’s excitement. 

“Her favorite spot is Sexy Seabass’ lap,” Anthony smirked at your direction as the crowd cheered. 

“Hey there’s no denying that those thighs are the comfiest pillows out there,” you challenged Mackie with your smirk as well. 

“Really, Y/N? You chose Sebastian over me?” Evans asked you with a fake pout. Sebastian was just shaking his head in his chair. He faced this bickering between the three of you everyday when you were on set. Even sometimes he’d join in, when you guys weren’t bickering over him. 

“Stop whining you big baby,” Scarlett lightly slapped his bicep. 

“There’s one thing she doesn’t know though,” Sebastian said and giving you his famous one-sided smirk. You know something’s ‘bout to go down. 

“Sorry, Y/N, I really did try to stop them,” Mark apologized to you from the other end of the table. 

“What?” You ask, dumbfounded while mentally preparing yourself of what’s gonna happen in approximately three seconds. 

“We all have a picture of you sleeping, sweetheart,” Robert answered while sipping a drink from his glass. Of course they do. 

“You do not." 

"Yes we do,” Evans smiled wickedly. “We even made it into like some sort of competition of who gets the most pictures of you sleeping.” 

“You guys are evil.”

“As if you didn’t know,” Robert’s voice made everyone laugh again. 

“I have one of you sleeping on Evans’ shoulder while he plays with his phone,” Lizzie said. 

“I have a selfie with you sleeping. Look your mouth’s open,” Mackie showed the crowd the picture. 

“Can we go to the next question please?” You cover your face with your hands. They are always either a) embarrassing you or b) babysit you, there’s no in between. 

“But this is the winning number,” Evans said while showing the crowd a picture of you sleeping, obviously, on a couch, on a sleeping Sebastian Stan, still in full make up and costume. Your head was on his lap with your mouth slightly open and his ‘metal’ hand was on your stomach. Evans slides the picture to the right and there you were still in the same position while the rest of the cast was behind you and Sebastian making silly faces. Lizzie even put up a heart sign with her hands. 

You looked over at Sebastian and as you correctly predicted, his face was as red as a tomato. He was shaking his head while his shoulders shake with laughter and covering his face with his hands. “Okay next question please guys,” he said while still laughing. 

“How many pictures of Y/N sleeping do you guys have?” The moderator asked. He’s getting into it too? Seriously? 

You glanced at the table and saw that they were all scrolling through their gallery. “Seriously guys?” 

“Are you guys done counting?” The moderator, Josh, you think, asked and the audience cheered, eager to find out who won the ‘competition’. “Okay hold up your hands on 3. 1, 2, 3!” 

You saw that Robert held up a 3, Mark held up 1 (bless him), Evans held up 7 (seven?!), Sebastian held up 4, Mackie had 5 of them, Lizzie had 2 and finally Scarlett had 4. 

“Yes!” Chris pumped his fist in the air while the audience cheered another wave of excitement. 

“Chris, dear, if you want to take a picture with me all you have to do is ask. No need to be my biggest paparazzi.” 

“You know what, Y/N? I’m gonna post these pictures on Twitter.” 

“And you’ll have to buy me coffee everyday on our next movie.”


“And ice cream.”


“And donuts.”

“Do you want a whole restaurant as well?” 

“Okay next question!” Josh finally said. What took him so long?

Do You Need A Hug?

Note: my 9 month old dog passed away and I needed this… I might end up deleting it, I’m not sure.. .c

Originally posted by heartfularry

“Do you need a hug?”

That question has been asked multiple times today, in light of recent events. You had a friend, a loyal companion, a trustworthy dog that never left your side. She was young and full of life; sadly, it ended much too soon. You tried to cry but you couldn’t, only left with an empty feeling in your chest that you couldn’t shake. You missed hearing her bark and the sight of her wagging tail was etched into your mind for good.

The world felt different-it felt strange and unbalanced; your entire being was thrown off, leaving you with a gaping hole in your chest that only your precious dog could fill. You stayed with her until her last breath, keeping your eyes on hers-whispering to her how much she changed your life during the short time she was here, and how much you love her.

Clint offered you a spot in his backyard; a peaceful place she could rest and you could return to as needed. You declined at first, but came to realize that New York was no place for such a full-of-life dog your precious baby had been. She always loved visiting Clint’s home, after all.

You stood in silence as you watched your friends slide her stiff body in a black bag, their silent tears falling onto the material. Your bottom lip quivered as tears returned into your eyes, but never once fell. They stung, but it was no match for the stinging you felt resonate deep within your bones. 

Her death was so sudden and Bruce tried so hard to help her. But it wasn’t how it was supposed to end. You cursed yourself for not doing more to help her, but you simply couldn’t. You were no match for death; it takes everyone. Everyone you’ve ever loved, and everyone you will love in time.

“Do you need a hug?” You heard a soft voice whisper by your side. You slowly turned your head away from the teams disappearing bodies as they left your room to get into the elevator. Wanda looked at you with a look of sorrow and an unsaid apology. You gently shook your head and swallowed dryly. You couldn’t remember the last time you had anything to drink, let alone sleep or food.

“Let me know if you need anything.” She said, running her hand up and down your back, soothing you in any way she thought she could. You nodded to her and she left, leaving you to stand in the middle of your room, alone, your eyes moving back towards the pool of still warm blood on your floor. The others were making their way to the jet and you soon made your way there, joining them.

The black bag was off to the side, your eyes glued to it, hoping to see it move up and down-the sign of life seeping back into your girls body. But nothing happened, no matter how strongly you willed it to. Nothing happened.

“Do you need a hug?” You heard Natasha ask, only just a few minutes after Sam and Steve asked you on separate occasions. You tried to speak, but your mouth only opened for a split second, closing soon after. She took your silence as a ‘no’ and left a lingering kiss on your head. Her body moved towards the middle of the jet, joining the others in hushed whispers.

As you exited the jet, having landed near Clint’s country home, you lingered behind everyone else. You felt drained and you were in no rush to lay your dog to rest in the ground. Your eyes scanned the beauty of Clint’s yard. If she were here right now, her tongue would be flapping in the wind, her paws carrying her across the large yard, happiness radiating from her.

You finally reached the others and they all turned to you, giving you wholehearted smiles. Bruce, Tony, and Sam were digging the hole, the rich red colored dirt being tossed aside into a pile with shovels. The motionless bag lay near the fence, right underneath the tree she always rested under after running herself crazy in the heat of the burning sun.

Laura brought out a tray of cups filled with her homemade lemonade for the team, her eyes landing on you lastly. She gently offered you a cup but you kindly declined with the raise of your hand. Laura nodded and set the tray down, sticking her hands in her back pockets.

“We enjoyed having her here. Especially the kids.” She said with a small smile. The wind blew just a bit, strands of her hair whistling about her face. Her hand raised to move them away and she sighed. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.” Laura whispered, reaching her hand to rub your arm.

You smiled at her and licked your dry lips, turning your eyes back to the almost deep hole. Everyone stood around, nursing their lemonade and thinking about their favorite memories with your dog. They all loved her, and she loved all of them. 

Time passed and she was finally buried, a wooden stake with her name carved into it was stuck in the ground near where her head lay beneath. The team slowly spread out, leaving you alone with her. Though one particular person stayed behind, off to the side, wanting to be here for you in case you needed them.

His blue eyes remained on the back of your head, his eyes watering as he heard a sob finally break through your parted mouth. He slowly approached you and he swore he could physically feel his heart break as you fell to your knees, your hands grasping at the green grass. 

You cried hard and you didn’t care. You missed your dog and you needed her. Bucky sat beside you on his knees, leaving his hand mere inches from your back. “Y/N…” He whispered softly, not wanting to startle you. All you could do was cry and shake your head, praying she would miraculously come back to life and lick the salty liquid from your cheeks like she had done many times before. 

You choked on your sobs and your chest heaved up and down. As you caught your breath and wiped at your cheeks, you took a deep breath. “Bucky?” Your voice cracked as you turned to look at him. His blue eyes were threatening to spill his own tears and he waited for you to speak again. 

“I need a hug.” You whimpered out, another strong sob racking through your body. Bucky instantly pulled you into his chest, his large arms holding you tightly against him. Your hands gripped onto him, your knuckles nearly white from the intense pressure. Bucky rocked you back and forth, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you cried out into his chest.

You lost track of time as the sun began to set and the temperature dropped just a tad. Bucky had his arms wrapped around your waist as you rested your back against his chest, your laughs mingling together as you talked about your sweet dog and the many moments you two shared with her. 

“Remember when she got into Sam’s room and took his running shoes?” Bucky asked, a breathy chuckle vibrating against your back. You let out a laugh and threw your head back against Bucky’s shoulder. “He was so mad! He couldn’t run for two days until Steve brought back a brand new pair.” Your laughter died down and you sighed with a small still on your face. 

“She was amazing.” Bucky sighed, his arms tightening around you. You nodded in agreement and sniffled. “Thank you, Bucky.” You said softly, turning in his hold to look up at him. He smiled down at you and brought his hand up to wipe at your tear stained cheeks. 

“Anytime, Doll. Anytime.”

Note: this helped me, a lot. please, hug your pets and treat them well. .c

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Five Times Tony Stark Was a Good Dad (And One Time He Wasn’t) Pt.2

Wow…I have no words, you guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for the amount of love this story has received! I really hope you guys like this chapter, it’s kind of long, I definitely had fun writing it and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please let me know if you guys have an suggestions! 

P.S. I glanced over this, so it’s technically considered un-edited, so forgive any mistakes!

Read Part 1 here


Peter tapped his pen against his Chemistry notebook rhythmically, eyeing the clock on the wall with keen interest as the seconds ticked by too slowly for his liking. He was ready to get out of here and back into Mr. Stark’s—Tony’s lab and work on some upgrades for his web-shooters. He had a few ideas he thought up last night and he was excited to run them Mr.—Tony. 

That one was still taking a while to get used to. 

Ned was scribbling down notes next to him, something Peter should be doing too, but instead he was sketching out a new formula for his web-fluid and he wondered if Ned would mind being a bro and letting him copy his notes after class. 

“—and I know everyone is anxious to get out of here, but if you could spare a few minutes of your time, I want to discuss the end of semester project with you guys—”

Peter fought back a groan. 

While admittedly, Chemistry was one of Peter’s favorite subjects and he had no problem knocking out the homework for this class, however, a project was something that was time consuming and time was something Peter was in short supply of these days. Ever since becoming Spider-Man, Peter’s attention to school and his work and his grades had started to waver. Luckily, May just blamed it on teenage rebellion and his commitment to his “internship” with Stark Industries. A few weeks ago, when Tony had shown up to his school completely out of the blue and offered him one on one time with him (and a rather starstruck Ned) and his lab, he held true to his promise of having Peter over again and now, Peter was over at the tower three or four times a week, working on upgrades for his suit or helping Tony with his suit (Peter wouldn’t admit it, but it still blew his mind that he got to actually touch the Iron Man suit, let alone help design new features for it) or Tony’s more recent project, developing new legs for a now paralyzed Rhodey. 

Tony was determined to make a set of robotic legs that would allow Rhodey to walk normally again and Peter was happy to help him. Besides Germany—and even then, after getting a plane dropped on him by Captain fucking America, Peter’s recollection of the events were hazy at best—he had yet to meet the iconic War Machine, but he could remember Tony’s agitation on the way back to his apartment, his fingers drumming on the leather seat, constantly checking his StarkPhone for news. Tony being Tony, he tried to hide it underneath jokes and sarcasm, but Peter could see the worry in his eyes, the tension in his jaw and he knew that Tony was afraid. Afraid of losing yet another person and he knew that his fear, his guilt at not being able to save Rhodey, pushed him to make him the best prosthetic legs that would best even human legs. 

And Peter knew, that if anyone could accomplish it, it would be Mr. Stark. 

Whoops, Tony.

The bell rang, bringing Peter out of his thoughts and he heard his chemistry teacher sigh, “Alright, I thought we had more time and I know you guys are ready to get out of here, so I’ve taken the liberty of typing up the project requirements, so please collect them on your way out and have a good weekend guys.”

Peter hastily shoved his notebook into his (new) backpack—he had a bad habit of misplacing his backpacks and was now on his fourth one—and walked up to the front of the classroom, where a small line had formed in front of Mr. Smith’s desk, students jockeying for a position at the front of the line in order to get an information packet and leave.

He ended up behind Flash, who glanced over his shoulder when he heard someone approach and visibly paled when he saw it was Peter, but tried covering it up with a dirty look before turning back around. 

Peter hadn’t heard much from Flash since Tony’s verbal annihilation of him in front of the whole school a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to be heeding Tony’s warning and keeping any unnecessary snide comments to himself. 

Peter overheard part of Ms. Potts’ rather…colorful phone call to Tony, his heightened senses picking up her ire with him until they got ten blocks away and her angry voice and Tony’s pleading had faded into the honking horns, the clanging of the trains and the thousands of voices in the restless Queens neighborhood. 

He wasn’t sure what became of that particular situation, anytime he’d ask, Tony would just distract him with a new idea for his suit or deflect his question with a sarcastic comment and finally, Peter just decided to give up. Whatever happened, though, seemed to work, because Flash hasn’t even bothered to even look in Peter’s direction and seemed to be going out of his way to not even be within ten feet of Peter, which was more than fine with Peter. 

When it was Peter’s turn, he grabbed two packets, one for him and another one for the slowly approaching Ned, who was still writing down notes in his notebook. 

Peter raised an eyebrow, “Dude, why are you still taking notes? The lecture ended like, ten minutes ago.”

Ned looked up, startled from his hasty note taking and for the first time since class had started, made eye contact with Peter. 

“Didn’t you hear Mr. Smith? Our final’s on Tuesday and I was finishing the review notes.”

At Peter’s horrified look, Ned paused, giving Peter a strange look, “Um, weren’t you paying attention at all?”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, giving a nervous laugh, “Uh, heh, see I was working on some new ideas for my,” he gave a quick glance around the classroom, and seeing a few lingering people, he lowered his voice, “you know, project.” He said, giving Ned a meaningful look. 

Ned just continued to look confused, “Uh, we just found out about the project, like, five seconds ago, how could you—oh,” he muttered, eyes widening in realization when Peter mimed his web-shooting, “—that project. Right, I knew that.”

“Uh huh,” Peter said, completely unconvinced, as he began walking out of the classroom and into the busy hallway, “so anyways, review notes—“

Ned, however, seemed completely oblivious to “Hey, do you think I can help you? You know, with your,” Ned took a surreptitious look around the hallway, “project? Like, I was thinking and you could use, like, an arsenal of your, stuff—“

A girl walking past them shot Ned a disgusted look and Peter flushed, “Look, Ned, I appreciate it, but Mr. Star—Tony, has it covered. I’ve seen the blue prints and he has like, five hundred different web combinations and they’re so awesome—“

“You’re on a first name basis with Iron Man?!”  Ned said loudly and the people still lingering in the hallway turned and glanced in their direction curiously. Peter laughed nervously, giving them an awkward wave before turning back to Ned, shooting him a glaring

Dude.” Peter hissed, annoyed. 

Ned gave him a weak smile, “Sorry.”

Peter sighed, shaking his head, “Look, right now, I need to worry about passing Chemistry and that starts with this project,” Peter said, staring down at the paper in his hands forlornly, “which sucks because I was supposed to help Mr. Stark with more Iron Man upgrades today and I had this totally awesome idea for my web shooters that I thought of in Chemistry that I was gonna run by him and now I have to cancel—“

“Cancel on who?” A familiar voice said from behind him. Ned squeaked in surprise, seeming to forget that he’d met the man before and even played with his robots, “and kid, what’d I tell you about the whole Mr. Stark thing? It makes me feel old and I’m clearly anything but old.”

Peter closed his eyes, wincing, before turning around and giving Tony a panicked look, “Uh, hi um, Tony, what are you doing here?”

Tony gave him an assessing look and Peter swore he could see a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes, but when he blinked it was gone, “I guess aside from a new phone, I also need to get you a calendar, you see it’s Friday and you usually come to the tower on Friday—“

“No, I know that, I just meant, well, usually Happy picks me up.” Peter said lamely, twisting his hands nervously. 

Tony raised his eyebrow, eyeing his hands, “Happy’s waiting in the car, I came to see what was taking you so long.”

Peter’s eyes widened, Oh, well, it’s just well, I uh, something’s come up so—“

Both eyebrows raised this time and Peter stuttered, “Uh, well, you see, um—“

“Peter’s flunking Chemistry,” Ned blurted out, “and we got assigned this ridiculous project today and it’s worth half of our final grade and we only have until Monday to do it—“

Ned.” Peter whispered harshly, shooting him a betrayed look over his shoulder. 

He at least had the decency to look sheepish. 

“I knew there was a reason I liked you, Ned,” Tony said approvingly and Ned preened at the praise. Turning to Peter, he nodded to the paper still clutched in Peter’s hand and held his hand out, “normally I have a thing with people handing me things, but c’mon, cough it up.” he said, wiggling his fingers and reluctantly, Peter handed it over and Tony read it over. 

“Chain reactions blah blah blah, build a model of a paper maché volcano and pick two chemical elements from below that can cause a chain reaction in the volcano and make it erupt, blah blah, science stuff, or if you can think any other natural disasters that can cause a chain reaction, blah and more science stuff, due Monday, worth half of you final grade—“

Tony blinked, “Huh, I didn’t know they were still making you do these things—seriously, a paper maché volcano? The education system needs a serious reboot.”

Tony folded the paper in half and then tucked it in to his suit jacket, “Right, well, this sounds important so we better get started—I’d say you could tag along, Ned, but the Audi only seats two, so.” He nodded at him and turned on his heel and began walking down the hallway. 

Ned was torn between staring after Tony’s retreating figure and staring at Peter with disbelieving eyes, “Dude, are you sure that spider that bit you is dead? Because honestly? I could go for a radio-active spider bite if it means I get to work on my school project with Tony Stark—“

“Underoos, you coming? We’ve got a few stops to make before we head back to the tower, so get a move on, a little pep in the step.” Tony said, stopping at the end of the hallway and gesturing to the door with a dramatic sweep of his arm.

“Good-bye, Ned.” Peter said with a roll of his eyes. 

“Well, fine—I’ll make my own radioactive Spider since you don’t want to share! An army of radioactive spiders, an army Peter—“

Ignoring the stares from the few students that were still at the school, Peter followed Tony out to the front of the school and to his illegally parked, sleek candy apple red Audi R8 Spyder. Peter practically salivated at the sight of the car—barely managing a half-hearted wave at Happy who was parked behind Tony in the town car—running his fingers reverently over the door handle, all but whimpering at the warm paint and fiberglass underneath his fingertips. 

He jumped when the wind rolled down with a barely audible hum, Tony’s body craning over the gear shift to stare at Peter impatiently, “Are you gonna stand there and drool all over my car or actually get in it?”

Peter flushed, hastily opening the door and situating himself in the plush leather seats, “Where are we going?” he asked as he closed the door gently.

Tony revved the engine, darting out into the late afternoon traffic, “My lab isn’t stocked with everything we need and I know just the place.”


Hobby Lobby to Tony, Peter was learning, was what most candy stores were to toddlers. 

He weaved in and out of the aisles with such ease that led Peter to believe that this wasn’t his first trip here and Peter followed him, for lack of any other options and watched in disbelief as Tony threw item after item into the cart, not even bothering to look at prices.

“Mr. Stark—there’s no way I can afford all this, May only gives me twenty dollars a week and this looks like it’s way more than twenty dollars—“

Peter looked down at all the supplies in the cart mournfully, his wallet physically aching at the amount of…stuff Mr. Stark had piled into the cart. This was supposed to be a little chemistry project and Mr. Stark was treating it like one of his projects. Expensive, flashy, but bound to impress, as usual. 

Tony seemed to be paying him no mind, however, holding up a box of plastic palm trees with an interest that would be amusing if dancing dollar signs weren’t obscuring Peter’s vision and making him vaguely nauseous. 

“Nonsense, kid,” Mr. Stark said dismissively, reading the back of the box with a quirked brow, “do you think twenty-five of these things would be enough? We don’t want it to be too tropical looking because Chile, believe it or not, has a nice balance between palm trees and regular trees—and hey, didn’t I tell you stop calling me that? It’s Tony or nothing.”

“Okay, Nothing,” Peter said cheekily and at Tony’s glare, his smirk faded, “s-sorry, uh, Tony.” 

Tony’s lip twitched into a smile, as he tossed two boxes of the plastic palm trees into their cart and continued down the aisle, giving Peter no choice but to follow.

“Seriously, Tony I can’t accept this—“

Tony stopped so suddenly that Peter narrowly missed hitting him with the cart, once again thankful for his quick reflexes, stopping the cart just shy of ramming him in the ankles. 

Tony turned to Peter, eyes unusually devoid of his signature sunglasses, giving Peter a rare opportunity to see the depth of emotions flash through his dark eyes.

“Kid,” Tony started, but stopped himself, letting out a sigh. He looked tired, like he was fighting an internal battle and losing and suddenly, Peter felt a surge of sympathy for the billionaire standing in front of him. 

“Look, my dad never…took an interest in this—stuff,” Tony said, gesturing to the cart full of merchandise, everything from a papier mâché kit, paint, fake grass to the plastic palm trees and those little foam building kit things Peter remembered making in kindergarten, “actually, I’ve never made one of these things before, can’t exactly turn one of these things in at MIT and expect to get an A in chem lab,” Tony continued with a snort, “anyway, my point is, I don’t really mind helping you with this, homework, projects, whatever.” He finished, waving a dismissive hand

Peter was taken aback, not expecting something that…vulnerable to come out of Tony’s mouth, especially in aisle eight of Hobby Lobby, but either way, Peter was touched. 

Uncle Ben always helped him with these projects and while he always said he was never as smart as his brother, Peter’s dad, he was still good at putting things together and as long as Peter did all the science-y stuff, as he liked to call it, he’d help him piece it together. 

Peter knew that Tony couldn’t ever take Uncle Ben’s place, no one could, and while he wasn’t sure why Tony went out of his way to help Peter, he knew Tony would never try to replace what Uncle Ben was to him. And Peter himself hadn’t quite figured out where Tony fit into his life, but he cared about Tony like he did Aunt May and Ned and possibly MJ, in her own little twisted way. 

And he knew that Tony cared about him, in his own way, because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dropping, what Peter was sure, well over three hundred dollars in Hobby Lobby for Peter’s dumb little science project that was soon becoming something to be featured at next years Stark Expo if Tony’s rough outline he’d drawn up in the car on the back of the project packet was actually brought to life. 

“Besides,” Tony continued off-handedly, “I already knew you were flunking Chemistry, your rather attractive Aunt called me and told me your grades were slipping because of the ‘internship’—which we’ll discuss later, by the way—so I thought that until they get back on level ground, we won’t be working on any upgrades anytime soon and focusing, instead, on getting you through the tenth grade.”

Peter opened his mouth to protest—his grades weren’t that bad, with all things considered. And while maybe they weren’t up to his usual standard (Peter had never gotten a grade lower than a B before in his life) they were still passing. Peter sometimes wished he had an average level of intellect, because if he hadn’t been such an overachiever with all the extra-curricular activities and maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the process, well, his grades dropping to B’s and C’s wouldn’t seem like the end of the world—but Tony was already off again, weaving through the aisles and tossing random things into the cart, that, at this point, Peter was sure had nothing to do with his actual project and were more so there because Tony thought they were cool.

“Do you think this place has food dye? A good volcano has to have red lava and no kid of mine is going to have a volcano with substandard lava. What do you think about actual fire coming out of the top of the volcano? Is that too much? Nothing crazy of course, just a few minor pyrotechnics to give it that extra pop—“

Peter rolled his eyes, but silently agreed that fire coming out of the top  would be pretty awesome, even if it was slight over-kill, and trailed after Tony, who was muttering something about color schemes and an earthquake involving batteries, and tried to ignore the smile that threatened at the corner of his lips at Tony calling him his kid. 


After their very expensive trip into Hobby Lobby—Peter still felt dizzy and vaguely nauseous at the memory of Tony, not even batting an eye at the grand total, whipping out a black Amex and swiping it without even a sign of hesitation that Peter may or may not have been searching for—they made their way back to the Tower, Tony gesturing to Happy to grab the bags as he took a call from Pepper about the newest StarkPhone release. 

Happy shot him a reproachful look, but it was replaced by something that resembled a smile, at least, by Happy’s standards, when Peter silently walked around to the trunk of the car and helped gather some of the bags. Peter, with his super spidey strength, managed to grab the majority of the bags, leaving Happy with two. 

“Show off.” Happy muttered grumpily, which Peter gracefully ignored and lead the way down to the lab, where Happy deposited his bags and made a quick escape before Peter could even blink. 

While he waited for Tony to get off the phone, Peter pulled up some ideas for his volcano on the internet and began scrolling through the websites google had offered up. 

He didn’t have much time to browse before Tony came down to the lab, trading his three piece suit that Peter was sure was worth more than six months worth of May’s rent, for his usual lab attire—an old band t-shirt and grease stained jeans, an outfit, Peter was sure, was still worth more than any meager possessions Peter had combined. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., please pull up the blue prints for Underoos school project,” Tony said, clapping his hands together and Peter was a bit taken a back by the amount of eagerness that gleamed in his eyes.

Following his request, the lights in the room dimmed and in the center of the lab, a hologram of a real life volcano appeared, scaled down to about an eight feet by ten feet measurement and glowing brightly in the dimness of the lab. Peter’s mouth dropped open in awe, his cracked phone lying forgotten on the lab table behind him as he made his way over to study the diagram more closely. 

It was the same sketch that was on the back of the paper explaining the project, only this time, Peter could see the added details that Tony must’ve added on the car ride back to the tower. Everything from the layers of the volcano, down to the last of the fifty palm trees Tony had insisted on buying. 

“This is amazing,” Peter breathed, eyes wide, hungrily taking in every detail. 

Tony hummed in satisfaction, coming to stand beside Peter, eyeing the hologram with a sense of pride he didn’t even bother to hide, “It is, isn’t it? I took some artistic liberties, modeling it after the actual volcano but adding more aesthetically pleasing attributes, like if Mount Vesuvius was in Hawaii. If there’s anything on here that you don’t like, we can take it out, scrap it and start over—“

Peter wasn’t really sure what possessed him to do it—he knew how Tony felt about emotional displays of affection, let alone physical displays of affection, but he was just overwhelmed with all the time Tony had put into this little chemistry project and the lengths Tony had gone to help Peter with it. No one, no one, had ever gone to such trouble for Peter, especially for something that was so small and seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of all the things Tony Stark had to do that were far more important than Peter’s Chemistry grade—but he found himself pressed against Mr. Stark’s strong chest, his arms that were still bony even after the spider bite, wrapping around Tony’s waist and squeezing. 

“Thank you, Tony.” Peter whispered, his voice a few octaves higher thanks to well, not quite completing puberty and the amount of pure excitement flooding through his veins. 

Tony froze, clearly caught off guard, arms flailing awkwardly at his sides before he settled them on Peter’s shoulders, squeezing them quickly, his discomfort with the situation quite obvious, “Um, is this a hug, right? It’s just, I’m not quite sure, it looked like you were reaching out to touch the hologram so this would be a little awkward if that was the case—“

Peter huffed a laugh, stepping away from Tony’s stilted body, cheeks flaming in embarrassment, “Uh, sorry, Tony, heh, my bad.”

Tony couldn’t help but smile, rolling his eyes and clapping Peter on the shoulder, “C’mon, kid, we’ve only got the weekend to do this, we better get started.”

Peter bobbed his head in agreement, taking one last look at the holographic blue prints still floating in the middle of the lab before he began wandering back to the lab table, where all of their supplies were laid out and ready for use. 

Before he could wander too far, a hand reached out and grasped him on the shoulder. Tony gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze, smile slightly unsure, but his dark eyes were sincere, “Don’t mention it, kiddo.”


“Alright, so test one—DUM-E, don’t make me regret putting you on fire duty again, one wrong move and you get demoted—Peter, hit the button on my mark, F.R.I.D.A.Y, give me a little mood lighting please and three, two, one—“

Tony gestured for Peter to hit the button and with a small click as Peter complied, they waited for it and—


DUM-E chirped unhappily from his designated spot by the corner of the lab table and Peter shared his sentiment. 

Tony visibly deflated, sighing, “Well, that was anti-climatic. Alright, Underoos, strip it apart, we’ve got some requiring to do—and hey, DUM-E, don’t think I can’t see your little trigger happy fingers, no fire, no extinguishing, capiche?”

If a robot could sound contrite, DUM-E’s little defeated hoot would fall into that category and Peter couldn’t help but laugh.


“Alight, test two on my mark—DUM-E, look alive—and three, two, one—“


The volcano exploded, red dye going everywhere, splattering all over the table, a flabbergasted Peter and an equally as surprised Tony. Flames erupted from the top, like someone flipped on a blow torch and couldn’t shut it off and right on cue, DUM-E blasted the volcano with the fire extinguisher a little too enthusiastically and Peter coughed violently, his heightened senses going into overload at the overeager assault. 

“Okay, DUM-E—DUM-E,” Tony shouted, snapping his fingers to get the overzealous bot’s attention, “That’s enough—no, DUM-E,” Tony said warningly when the bot’s claw reached for the trigger again, “do you want to wear the Dunce hat again? Because I will, so help me.”

DUM-E gave a petulant chirp and Peter reached over to give him a consoling pat on the head, to which DUM-E hooted brightly. 

Tony gave Peter an exasperated look, “First rule of parenting: don’t reward bad behavior and look,” he said accusingly, gesturing between the two, “you’re encouraging it.”

Peter scowled, putting a protective hand on DUM-E, “He’s just trying to help, he’s just…committed, see? No more fire.” Peter said, nodding towards the rather thorough job DUM-E did, where the previously flamed-engulfed volcano that was threatening to set the lab on fire was now extinguished, smoke curling still curling in the air and only occasionally letting out an ominous hissing sound that Peter tried not to think too much on.

Tony rolled his eyes, but seem to let it go and focus on the now fulling hissing volcano, “Okay, that was too close to an actual volcanic eruption and while cool, that’s not safe for any classroom, we’re not trying to reenact Pompeii or anything.” 

Tony gave the volcano a gentle nudge, jumping back when a flame flared and DUM-E, still on standby, gave it another keen dousing from the fire extinguisher. 

“DUM-E, that’s—no, DUM-E no—“


It took them a few more tries and a few more explosions and Tony eventually revoking DUM-E’s fire safety privileges and threatening to turn him into a blender, for them to get a volcanic eruption that didn’t burst into flames or just trickle sadly out of the soda bottle that was serving as their prototype for the volcano. 

F.R.I.D.A.Y. interrupted them in the middle of building the platform to remind Tony that he still had yet to actually eat anything and as if on cue, Peter’s stomach growled loudly.

He gave Tony a sheepish smile, “I didn’t eat lunch today.”

Tony sighed, rubbing his eyes, “Alright, c’mon kid, I can’t have you passing out on the lab floor, U still isn’t that great with a broom yet, let alone picking up actual humans, so let’s get you some food—you like Thai, right?”

Peter nodded the affirmative and he let Tony lead him out of the lab up to the main floor of the tower to the kitchen, gesturing for him to take a seat at the counter. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., pull up some menus for the kid to look at and while you’re at it, go a head and put in my usual order.” 

“It’s already been done, sir.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. responded as she brought up local Thai menus for Peter to peruse.

“Have I told you lately that I love you?” Tony asked the dutiful A.I.

“As my memory serves me, sir, you’ve never actually used those particular words to express such outwards displays of affection before, so no, you have not.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. replied dryly 

Tony frowned and Peter snorted in amusement at the sass, but stifled it at Tony’s glare. 

“Uh, I’ll just have two orders of Larb with a side of white rice and sticky rice pudding for later,” Peter said hastily, tapping away the menus. 

“Got that, F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” Tony asked and the A.I. replied in the affirmative. 

“Yes, sir, ETA is twenty minutes.” She confirmed. 

When the food arrived, they sat at the counter and ate their respective dishes and chatted amicably about their day. Tony watched as Peter all but inhaled his food, much to Tony’s amusement and slight concern that went unnoticed by Peter, who was too absorbed in his sticky rice pudding and shouting trivia questions at F.R.I.D.A.Y. for his history homework. 

He wasn’t sure if it was just basic teenage growing pains—Tony could remember his mother chastising his eating habits at that age, comparing him to a garbage disposal with the amount of food he could pack away—or if his metabolism, along with everything else in the kid’s DNA, had been enhanced as well. Which, come to think of it, wasn’t that far fetched and Tony made a mental note to hack into Oscorp’s files to see if he could dig anything up on the spider that had given Peter his powers and compare it to the serum that was responsible for Captain Righteous and his abilities. 

Tony found it ironic how he could care less about his own eating habits, but yet, here he was, watching as Peter basically licked his plate clean and the worry just continued to gnaw away at his stomach and he had to wonder if it ever went away. 

This thought continued as they finished their meals and went back down into the lab and continued working on Peter’s project that was shaping up to be pretty awesome if Tony did say so himself. They worked well together, both of them focused and bouncing ideas off of each other that always seemed to be on the same wave length and Tony lived for it. The only other person who ever shared his love for science was Bruce and he hadn’t heard from him since Ultron and that familiar ache settled into his chest at memories of what used to be.

But that ache was soothed when he turned to see how Peter’s attempts at papier maché were going and a small, fond smile crossed his lips at the sight of Peter, passed out on the lab table, head cushioned by the pile of newspaper, shoulders rising and falling in soft snores. 

Glancing down at his StarkWatch, he noticed they’d been down here for over four hours and it was heading closer to ten o’clock and after taking another look at Peter’s face, seeing the dark shadows under his eyes and ever growing bags, he deiced against waking the kid to take him home. 

Instead, he told F.R.I.D.A.Y. to text May and let her know that Peter would be crashing at the tower tonight and then he scooped the kid up from the chair in a bridal carry, tucking his head underneath his chin and made his way out of the lab and into the elevator, murmuring to F.R.I.D.A.Y. to take him to the penthouse floor. 

When they arrived to Tony’s floor, he ambled down the hall way, stopping a few doors dow from his room, to what used to be a guest room, but had been re-decorated and personalized for the kid currently snuggling into his chest. After the kid’s first visit to tower, Tony had decided to give Peter his own room in case he ever wanted it or needed it, whatever the reason, he wanted the kid to know that he had a place to come to, that he was always welcome here. 

He pulled back the dark blue comforter and matching sheets, placing Peter gently down on the California king bed, untying his ratty Converse and tossing them to the foot of the bed so the kid wouldn’t trip over them in the morning.  

Peter murmured something in his sleep and for a moment, Tony was afraid that he’d woken him up, but Peter simply settled against the pillow, snuggling further into the blankets and seemed to relax against the soft sheets. 

Something warm and unfamiliar unfurled in his chest at the sight of kid snoozing away in the too big bed and not for the first time, Tony was struck with just how young the kid was. Peter carried himself with such maturity and a level headedness that Tony had never seen before in some adults, let alone teenagers, that sometimes, Tony forgot that he was in fact, a teenager, who still had school projects to do and had a weekly allowance and worried about pimples and zits and when puberty would finally end and if the pretty girl at school even knew he existed, let alone knew his name and it made Tony so angry, to think that this kid had been robbed of a normal childhood.

Tony learned at a young age that the world was a cruel bitch and he wished, more than anything, that Peter could’ve been spared that lesson for just a little bit longer. Peter was just so good and kind and he deserved so much better than the hand that he’d been dealt. He didn’t deserve to carry the weight of being a teenager and a superhero all at once and looking down at the dark shadows lurking underneath Peter’s closed eyes, Tony vowed to himself that he’d do anything he could to shoulder some of that weight. 

He brushed Peter’s dark hair off of his forehead, a small smile dancing on his lips when Peter leaned into his touch. 

“Goodnight, Peter.”


It took them the entire weekend, but they got Peter’s volcano finished and the end result was worth all the time they’d spent in the lab. Tony couldn’t remember the last time he threw himself into something so heavily, the last model of the Iron Man suit or the first prototype of Peter’s suit or Rhodey’s legs, maybe, but despite the exhaustion, it felt good to be of use to someone again. 

And the giant grin on Peter’s face as he stood back and admired their work was worth any re-painting he was going have to the lab after the many explosions they faced in the beginning of the project. Red dye was literally everywhere, but chose to put that thought out of his mind for now and enjoy the look on Peter’s face as he took in his school project. 

It was Peter’s idea to use the earthquake in Chile as a catalyst for the volcanic eruption that occurred three days later. Underneath the board, they’d built replicas of tectonic plates that visibly shifted, simulating a real earthquake when they pressed a button. After the ‘earthquake’ was over, the volcano rumbled and hissed, steam rising and Tony got his wish for small flames to burst from the volcano—even though Peter was pretty sure that there weren’t actual flames involved with a real volcanic eruption, but Tony looked so excited at the the prospect of flames in a classroom that Peter didn’t have the heart to say no—and rocks tumbled down into the small town with roads, a replica of the ocean and little foam towns with little G.I. Joe figures serving as the town’s occupants. 

Peter was definitely getting an A

“This is awesome,” he breathed, turning wide brown eyes to Tony, “thank you so much, seriously, this is…” he trailed off, shaking his head in disbelief, “so much more than what I imagined.” he finished softly, looking back up at Tony with so much admiration and gratitude that Tony shifted awkwardly, unsure what to do. 

“It’s no problem, kid, seriously,” Tony said finally, clearing his throat, “like I said the other day, my dad never did…anything like this with me,” Tony paused, “not to insinuate that you think of me as your dad or anything, heh, it’s probably best that you don’t, I’m not the greatest role model and why do you think I never had kids? It’s not something I’m meant for, you know, the whole soccer dad vibe isn’t really my style and with the whole superhero thing too, I mean—“

Tony was cut off by Peter wrapping his arms around him—seriously, this kid had a bad habit of catching Tony off guard with all the random displays of affection—and settling his head on his chest. 

Tony, despite his hesitation with such obvious displays, he wrapped his arms around the kid and gave him a squeeze. He hated to admit it, but the kid was growing on him, a lot more than he originally planned. 

Peter pulled away, cheeks beat red, but a small smile was playing on his lips, “For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a great dad,” Peter glanced down at his shoes, scuffing them against the white tiling, “I don’t really remember much about my dad and Ben was the closest thing I’ve ever had,” he faltered, biting his lip, “but, you’ve kind of filled that void? I mean, you didn’t really take his place, but, you remind me of him, in a lot of ways? Like, he used to help me with this stuff and it just means a lot to me, that you’re here for me and I—“ Peter coughed, glancing up at Tony with a sheepish smile, “So thank you, for well, being you.” he finished lamely, blushing. 

Tony was taken aback by the kid’s confession, but his heart warmed, “Kid,” he began gently, putting a hand on Peter’s shoulder, “I hope you know that it’s not my goal to take your Uncle’s place or replace him in any sort of way,” he paused, considering his next words, “I just want you to know that I’m here for you, whenever you need me.”

Peter smiled and Tony clapped him on the back, “Now, c’mon kid, let’s get you home. Your hot Aunt probably thinks I’ve kidnapped you or something, I’ll have Happy drop your project off at school tomorrow.”


Peter did get his A, but there was a…slight mishap with the flames and Flash’s eyebrows (or lack thereof) and that was how he found himself, along with Tony, in the principal’s office, facing a very unimpressed Mr. Morita. 

“Mr. Stark, while it’s an honor to meet you, I wish it was under different circumstances. We encourage ingenuity here at Mid-Town and we wish for our students to get creative with their projects, but flames, in a classroom—“

“In my defense, that kid was standing way too close to Peter’s project to begin with—“

“And that kid, Mr. Stark, happens to be the kid you verbally assaulted out on the front lawn a few weeks ago—“

“Okay, have you met that kid? He was asking for it, what kind of name is Flash anyway? And besides, that kid was picking on my kid—“

Peter shrunk down in his chair, but he couldn’t hide the grin on his face. Peter could admit that the flames were too much,but he got an A and was no longer flunking Chemistry, Flash no longer had eyebrows and Tony called him his kid again. Whatever repercussions he was facing was totally worth it.


Thank you guys for reading! Let me know what you think or if you have an more suggestions for more stories or where you’d like to see this one go!

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The Perfect Night Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader, Tony x daughter!reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warnings: Language, a very pissed Tony (yes this is absolutely a warning), insecurities

Genre: Lil bit of angst, then some fluff

A/N: Woah, tons of people requested a part two, and I somehow found a little bit of time to write, so of course I jumped at the chance to write this one. Many people requested many different things for the part two, so I tried to fit them all in the best I could. Love you all! Also, if you have a request, please send it to the blog I made for writing @nerdywrites from now on. Thank you!

Part 1

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Chris Evans Fic: The Hinting Game

Anonymous request coming to you all the way from Greece!

Have fun on vacay!!! Can you do a cute Chris Evans one of him hinting that hes ready for kids! Thanks 💙


In hindsight, you realised the hints had been coming for a while but it had just taken you some time to realise it. Thinking back, the first time, you were both at a Patriots game. Chris had dragged you to the merchandise shop at the stadium and while he spent the obligatory amount of time fawning over sweatshirts and deciding which one he should buy this time, his attention eventually turned to the kids section, his eye caught by an infant-sized romper type garment. ‘No. 2 Patriots Fan’ was in big writing taking up most of the space on the front but in brackets underneath: ’(but only because my dad is No. 1)’.

He held it up on its little hanger and looked at you which an open-mouthed expression of excited surprise.

‘Babe… how adorable and perfect is this?’

You just raised an eyebrow in a ‘my boyfriend’s such a dork’ kind of way and replied nonchalantly, ‘Yeah it’s cute. It’s a bit small for you though. Shame there’s no really little ones in our circle at the moment.’

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Cigarettes, Whiskey, Love

Note: thanks for the request! I hope you enjoy! also, I tried to make it an angst fic at 3:40am, yikes! .c

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could make a Bucky one-shot where he’s mega stubborn and refuses to quit a bad habit and include something like “I don’t care anymore cause either way I’m gonna lose you” thank you so much I love your work 

Originally posted by livvy1800

Smoke filled his lungs, the burning sensation sending a shiver down his spine along with the cold temperatures outside. He blows it out into the night, his eyes searching for someone he was positive he’d never see again. All he could think about was where he went wrong. How could he let this happen? Why couldn’t he just be with you and let himself be happy? That’s all he wanted. So why didn’t he let himself accept love? Your love.

His eyes were lifeless, his lungs full of another large inhale of smoke that clawed at his insides. Every puff he took, the orange butt lit up brightly as he held it between the lips he kissed you with just weeks before tonight. It was a bad habit that he didn’t care to quit. He was stubborn that way. But he’d take up every bad habit to numb the pain.

He didn’t care about anything anymore. Alcohol was his third bad habit, one he could drown himself in-desperately trying to drown out his mistakes and past, and his chance at a future. He wasn’t sure how it happened. Everything was fine and then one day he woke up next to the love of his life and felt like he didn’t deserve someone so beautiful and caring. 

Everything about him was destruction, he thought. How could anyone believe otherwise? You tried to make him see that he wasn’t a bad person, no matter what happened in his past. You accepted him for who he is. No more, no less. You didn’t expect him to be completely fine right off the bat, but you thought you’d at least be able to help him through his struggles and walk beside him through the long journey ahead of him. But things don’t work out how you wish them to.

Bucky dropped his nearly finished cigarette on the sidewalk, using the toe of his boot to stomp out the light. He opened the door to the bar he calls a second home as of late, the bell above ringing as he entered. It was mostly empty, given it was 10pm and it closes at midnight. Though most people preferred the club not too far down the block instead of a run-down bar.

The older man behind the counter gave Bucky a warm smile, wiping his hands on the white towel draped over his shoulder. “How ya doin’? The usual?” He asks, pulling out a bottle of whiskey and a glass. Bucky simply nodded and sat on the bar stool at the counter, watching Bernard fill his glass halfway, leaving the bottle beside it.

His eyes remained on the liquid, a deep sigh falling from his nostrils as he let his hand grasp the cup. Taking it to his lips that still had the lingering smell of smoke, he downed it in one gulp. He knew he couldn’t get drunk, but he could still feel the burn as he swallowed. That was enough for him to continue drinking.

Losing track of time, Bucky heard the bell ring on the door, signaling a customer. He didn’t dare look behind him. The gust of wind that followed the person inside let him know who was in here. Your perfume filled his nose and he forgot about everything at once. All except you. 

Bucky visibly tensed as he saw you take a seat on the bar stool next to him from the corner of his eye. It was silent for a few moments, your fingers tapping against the wood counter. Bernard walked over with a smile, greeting you. “Hello, Miss. What can I get you?” Bucky prepared himself for this moment. The moment he would hear your voice again. 

“I don’t drink.” You spoke softly, offering a small albeit forced smile. Oh how he remembers your voice so well. It jolted his heart in his chest, his blood pumping faster than ever before. Bernard nodded with the same smile and went back to cleaning up the far end of the counter, drying some glasses. 

Bucky could hear your intake of breath as you slowly tucked your hair behind your ear, a nervous tick he picked up on a few days after you two met. It feels so ancient now, thinking back to those days. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey, Bucky poured himself some more. “That’s bad for you, you know.” You stated quietly, hoping you wouldn’t disturb the silence too much. 

He set the bottle back down and thought of something to say; anything. He grabbed the glass gently, swirling the liquid around inside before taking a sip. He relished the burn in his throat. “I don’t care anymore, ‘cause either way I’m gonna lose you.” His voice was rough and raspy, almost monotone.

Your heart sank in your chest, the pain was still there. Even seeing him made it hurt worse, when you thought it would help at least a little. You felt that in a way it did, but seeing him partake in bad habit making, you felt partially responsible. The evident smell of smoke let you know that alcohol consumption was not the only bad habit Bucky had picked up on.

“Why do you say that?” You asked, turning in the stool to face Bucky.  Because I already did, he thought to himself. He gulped down the rest of his drink and poured himself another glass. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked like he was having an internal battle with himself. Taking a chance and pulling courage out of thin air, you moved your hand towards Bucky and let it rest on his forearm. 

Bucky’s arm flexed under your hold, your touch sending electricity through his body. It made him feel again, something he’d lost the ability to do ever since that horrible day. He needed to get out of here, he needed to leave, to run away, flee, leave the country. But your soft whispers held him here. 

“Bucky,” His heart jolted again, catching him off guard and he felt his throat burning with emotions, “Can we talk about this?” You asked, feeling your eyes burn with tears. You missed having Bucky around. All the while you were helping him, he was helping you. You fell in love with him and you knew you’d spend the rest of your life with him if you could.

He broke your heart but you’d go through it all again if it meant you’d both share the same love for each other and those happy moments you held onto so dearly. Bucky was silent, opting to take another drink instead of answering your question. He wanted to talk about things; things that hurt him, things that bothered him, things that kept him awake at night, but he couldn’t.

Bucky slid off the bar stool and reached for his lighter in his coat pocket as he made his way to the door. You quickly followed after him, the rush of cool air hitting your face as you got outside, goosebumps biting at your skin. You watched as he pulled out a white box and your lip quivered. “Please, don’t do it.” You pleaded, your hands shook and your heart raced in your chest, the pain increasing by a tenfold.

He pulled out a cigarette and shoved the crinkled, almost empty box back in his pocket. The lighter flicked to life and he raised it to the cigarette held by those lips you loved to kiss so much, the flame lighting the butt. Bucky inhaled immediately and huffed out the smoke. Your eyes watched as a thin cloud disappeared in the wind and you held back a sob. 

“Bucky.” You tried to gain his attention, but it was no use. He stood there, taking inhale after inhale as he stared at the concrete. You took a deep breath and let your tears fall down your cheeks. “I just need to know if you love me.” You whispered, your voice sounding desperate and broken. 

A few moments passed and you thought you’d never hear his answer. Until he lifted his head and looked at the empty streets that were lit up by numerous lampposts. “I do love you, Y/N.” He breathed out, the smoke dancing around in front of him.

He willed his eyes to look over at you, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t bare to see those eyes of yours that he loved looking into any chance he got. He thought about all the different ways he loved your eyes. The way they wrinkled at the corners when you’d laugh at a stupid joke he told you. The way they held such intense feelings when you two made love. The way they calmed him down during the night, soothing him from those damned nightmares. The way they watered the day he left you.

It was silent-all but the low, soft classical piano music that sounded through the bar speakers outside the door. It reminded him of when you’d play him songs you learned throughout the years. Your small fingers dancing so gracefully across the beautiful instrument; he loved it. He loved everything about you. So why couldn’t he quit you? His number one habit.

Note: I truly hope you enjoyed this. feedback is always, always welcome! .c

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Requested By: Anonymous

Can I request one where the reader is Happy Hogans daughter and he brings her to the tower cause she’s been suspended from school? Tells her to stay put in the office but she wanders anyway and finds ‘uncle tony’ in the lab working so he shows her all kinds of fun stuff and happy gets annoyed cause tony influences her rebellious behavior but tony calls it encouraging her to be creative? She then meets peter and happy just looses it. Lol 😆

Like usual I recommend you listen to the song Blue By: Troye Sivan

The song also influenced the title, once again, like usual.

I’m also still taking prompt requests, so if you’d like to request one, you may!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You were Happy Hogans daughter, also one of the biggest trouble makers at your school. Well was, you might have gotten suspended and was now being forced to stay in your dad’s office. But knowing you, you decided to wander off to find your Uncle Tony, who was busy working in the lab. He decided to show you around and let you experiment with things he probably shouldn’t have. This made your dad get extremely annoyed, not only because you disobeyed his orders but Tony was basically encouraging your rebellious behavior. Tony didn’t see any harm in letting you have fun, he thought it helped make you creative. Your dad blew off Tony, but couldn’t take it anymore once you met Peter.

Warnings: Nothing really, it’s just really cute and awkward and I love it.

Word Count: 3,331

A/N: So this is imagine is super cheesy, I think it’s also super cute and adorable and aw. I wish Peter could be my boyfriend ahah. Also, sorry it’s really wordy, I got really into it oops. Anyways I hope you enjoy. :)

Side Note: I’m also starting a tag list for my imagines, so if you want me to tag you in upcoming imagines, comment below so I know to tag you!

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Originally posted by stallingdemons

People knew you, mainly because of your dad, who worked for Tony Stark, also someone you considered your Uncle since you basically saw him everyday.

Now being known wasn’t always a good thing for you, you caused a bit of trouble with a few people.

Getting into fights when you knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t help it.

And that is why your dad was now picking you up from school, his face red with frustration.

You had gotten suspended.

“They deserved it.” You muttered, throwing your backpack over your shoulder angrily.

“I told you no fighting in school, do you not listen to me at all?” Your dad scolded, making you shrug slightly.

“Whenever you tell me things I can’t do, I zone out because where’s the fun in that?” You answered honestly, making your dad groan angrily.

He drove you back to his work, telling you to stay in his office and not to move at all.

“What if I get hungry? Or have to go to the bathroom?” You objected, making your dad squint at you.

You replied by giving a sarcastic smile, before your dad closed the door and left you to your lonesome.

You sat there for what felt like hours, bored out of your mind, there was no way you were going to do homework.

So, you decided to venture out of your dad’s office, even though you were told not to.

But then again, where’s the fun in listening right?

You wandered around the building, before stumbling along the lab, which had Tony in it.

He was focused on something, so you took this as your opportunity.

You quietly entered the room, trying to not make a single sound to signal you were in there.

You slowly creeped up behind him, before standing beside him.

“Hi Uncle Tony!” You smiled, making him jump.

“Good lord Y/N, don’t do that to me!” He laughed, before pulling you into a hug.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at school?” He questioned, making you smile innocently.

“I may have.. You know.. Gotten suspended?” You spoke the last word quietly, looking at everything except him.

“Suspended! Y/N, what did you do?” Tony questioned, making you laugh to yourself.

“I’d rather not say.” You admitted, not wanting to get into the whole dilemma.

“Anyways, what are you doing? It looks a lot more fun than sitting in a boring office.” You smiled, looking at all the electronics Tony was currently working with.

“Well, Y/N, I’m actually in the process of building some new technology to help my suit.” He smiled happily, you could tell he was proud of himself.

You weren’t going to lie, you looked up to Tony, you found him a great role model, he was successful, had a great job, had super hero friends.

You wanted that.

Or something at least similar to that.

“That’s awesome, is there anything I can do to help?” You offered eagerly, making Tony’s eyes light up.

“Actually yes, see that table over there?” He pointed to a table with loads of pieces on it.

You nodded your head, observing the table, before looking back at him.

“I want you to go find pieces you think could be used to help create new equipment for my suit design.” He smiled, making you squeal with excitement.

You ran over to the table, beginning to sort pieces out, putting them into piles.

You must’ve been with Tony for about an hour an a half, you were having way more fun with him, rather than being stuck in an office.

You had eventually told Tony why you had gotten suspended, Tony could see both points of the situation.

Even though your dad was disappointed in you, Tony wasn’t, and that’s why you loved being around him.

You were busy putting pieces into different piles when you heard your dad enter the room.

“Mr. Stark, my daughter Y/N, she’s disappeared from my office and I can’t find her have you seen-” He stopped mid-sentence, seeing you over at a table, messing with objects he wished you hadn’t touched.

“Tony what did I say about letting her mess with things she shouldn’t?” Happy spoke sternly, making Tony’s eyebrows scrunch in confusion.

“She’s helping design my new suit Happy, I think she’s okay.” Tony defended you, patting Happy’s shoulder.

“Mr. Stark, I know you think what you’re doing is okay, but it’s not. You’re influencing her rebellious behavior even more by letting her do things she’s not allowed.” Happy ran his hands over his face, annoyed and tired.

“Happy, she’s having fun, let her be creative for once. Did you ever think she was doing all of this because she wanted you to see her other side? Her creative side?” Tony questioned your dad, making him think for a second.

He never saw it like that before, maybe you were trying to tell him something, but you didn’t know how, so you showed it in a rebellious way.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m just overreacting.” Happy spoke aloud, making Tony smirk slightly.

But the more your dad thought about it, the more he realize how wrong Tony was.

“Tony, I know you think creativity is best for young kids, and I get that, but what Y/N has done and is doing now isn’t what you call creative, it’s rebellious and it needs to be dealt with responsibly.” Happy looked at you, who was sorting out parts, while Tony looked at Happy with annoyance.

“Just give her a chance.” Tony looked at you, a smile on his face, before he turned around to work on his suit design.

Your dad walked over to you, making you look up.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, not in the mood to deal with what scolding was going to come this time.

“I thought I told you to stay in my office? And then when I return and don’t see you there I get worried, I looked everywhere for you Y/N, you can’t just go running off like that anymore.” Happy chastised you, making you sigh.

“I also don’t want you working with this, these could be dangerous and I don’t want you getting hurt.” He sighed, making you leave the lab with him.

But before you could leave you heard Tony shout, “I want you to meet someone later Y/N!” Which only made you even more curious.

Who could he want you to meet?

Actually the bigger question was would your dad even let you meet them?

You were forced to stay in the office the rest of the day, your dad made you do your homework which bored the life out of you.

What felt like eternity, you were finally released out of his office, his work hours were finally over.

You were walking with your dad, he told you Tony was with the person he wanted you to meet.

“Do you know who it is?” You asked your dad, who shook his head ‘no’ in response.

You were nervous, you weren’t going to lie, you were terrible with first impressions.

You continued down the hallway until you could hear talking, it was Tony and another male voice.

You then became face to face with a young boy, he looked about your age.

“Y/N! This is Peter, Peter Parker, he’s our newest member.” Tony smiled, grabbing Peter’s shoulder.

You looked at Peter, as he looked back at you.

You gave a shy smile, which he instantly returned.

“Hey.” You simply stated, making him smile even more.

“Hey.” He replied, not once taking his eyes off you.

Happy kept looking between the two of you, his eyes widening.

“No! No I can’t have anymore problems.” He shook his finger at Peter, who stifled a laugh.

“Stark, I see what you’re trying to do, and I won’t allow it!” Happy shook his finger again, but this time at Tony who only smirked.

“Happy, they’re young, let them have fun.” Tony grinned, wrapping his arm around your dad’s shoulder, pulling him away from you and Peter.

You stood there awkwardly, as did Peter.

“Sooo..” You spoke up, looking at the floor.

“Soooooo…” He replied, a smile on his face.

“You’re the newest member, huh?” You looked at him, seeing he was already looking at you.

“Apparently so.” He chuckled, making you smile.

His laugh was adorable.

You walked over to him, and soon enough you two were walking side by side around the building.

Talking about everyone and everything.

He told you how he was Spider-Man, and how his best friend found out he was Spider-Man.

You told him how you got suspended, and why you did, which only made Peter laugh.

You found out that you both actually went to the same high school.

“How have I never seen you there before?” You asked, stopping to look at him.

“Honestly I don’t know, maybe it’s because we never really knew each other before?” He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I guess so.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

You two talked for hours, just getting to know each other.

Hours passed and it was time for you to get home, you honestly didn’t want to, you wanted to stay and talk to Peter.

But being your dad, he pulled you away, giving Peter a 'look’ which only made him chuckle.

Once you got home, your dad gave you a talk about boys, and why you shouldn’t talk to them or date them, that way it will save him the trouble of having to worry.

You only rolled your eyes, your dad was being the ridiculous over protective dad, while Tony basically threw Peter at you saying 'date him now.’

Later that night you sat in your room, listening to music, while doodling in your sketchbook.

You were focused on your drawing, when you heard a knock at your window.

You didn’t know what to do, nobody ever knocked on your window this late at night.

You hesitantly walked over to your window, only to reveal the one and only Spider-Man.

You let out a laugh, letting him into your room.

“What are you doing here?” You laughed, as Peter took off his mask.

“I wanted to see you.” He smiled, setting his mask down on your desk.

You felt yourself start to blush, you couldn’t control it.

“I don’t know what to say, nobody has ever said that to me before.” You admitted, sitting down on your bead.

He pulled a chair over, sitting down across from you.

He could tell you were insecure about being vulnerable, it was the first thing he noticed when he met you.

The way you’d close yourself off and put on a cold front so people would leave you alone.

Or the way you acted around people to get them to be afraid of you.

He knew you just needed someone to be there for you, and he took that opportunity to put himself in that place.

Love is hard, I know,

All your lights are red, but I’m green to go,

Used to see you high, now you’re only low,

All your lights are red, but I’m green to go.

Peter moved the chair closer to you, grabbing your hand gently and placing it in his.

Your eyes widened, not used to this kind of affection, but you weren’t going to lie, you loved it.

“Why are you doing this?” You whispered, looking at Peter who was deep in thought.

You could tell he wasn’t listening, so you squeezed his hand, getting his attention.

“Peter, what’s the real reason you’re doing all of this?” You whispered, looking in his eyes.

Peter swallowed nervously, he didn’t know how to say it without scaring you.

“Honestly Y/N, I fell for you, hard, and I want to be there for you on your good days and your bad days, I want to take you on cute dates, make you breakfast in the morning, I just want to be with you, because I love you, Y/N.” He gushed out, making your eyes water.

Peter loved you.


You were speechless, nobody had ever confessed their feelings to you before, you didn’t know how to react.

A tear slipped down your cheek, but Peter was quick to wipe it away with his thumb.

“I-I..” You stuttered, trying to come up with words.

Peter watched you in amusement, he loved seeing you get nervous around him.

You glanced up to see a small smirk on his face, making you smile.

I want you,

I’ll color me blue,

Anything it takes to make you stay,

Only seeing myself,

When I’m looking up at you,

I want you.

“Don’t do that.” You blushed, making him laugh.

“Do what?” He challenged, making you glare at him playfully.

Peter got up off the chair, sitting down beside you.

“You know what.” You smiled, making him pretend to think.

“Nope I don’t think I do.” He smiled, turning to face you.

It was in that moment you realized how close the two of you were.

Your foreheads were basically touching, making your heart race.

Then I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow.

You both locked eyes, and then it happened, your lips connected.

It was soft, short, but full of passion.

You both pulled away, cheeks red.

“I love you too, Peter.” You whispered, looking over at the brunette boy, who wasn’t expecting you to say it back so soon.

His eyes lit up, a small on his face.

You knew he’d always be there for you, and you’d always be there for him, no matter what.

I know you’re seeing black and white,

So I’ll paint you a clear-blue sky,

Without you I am color blind,

It’s raining every time I open my eyes,

I want you.

That night you spent talking to Peter, laying on your bed, cuddled into his side, his arm wrapped around you.

He stayed the entire night, and that was the first night in while you felt genuinely happy.

Later that afternoon you broke the news to your dad, who wasn’t thrilled and said he’d kill Peter if he ever broke your heart.

Tony also told Peter he’d kill him if he hurt you, after all, Tony was someone who always looked after you.

You couldn’t have been happier, and neither could Peter, he had the girl of his dreams, and she had the guy of her dreams.

Even though you two had just met, it felt like you had known each other for years, something not a lot of people get to experience.

You were just lucky enough to be able to.

I want you,

I’ll color me blue,

Anything it takes to make you stay,

Only seeing myself,

When I’m looking up at you,

I want you.

Peter Parker - New Girl

hey!! this is my first imagine on this account and i hope you like it:))

my requests are open and im always ready to talk!! i do peter parker, tom holland, teen wolf, shawn mendes, and if you request a different tv show or celebrity ill try my best to do them!!

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“honey you’ll do great i promise!” my mom gave me a bright smile but i didn’t return it. i was angry i had to move away from my old life, now i was here in new york. my mom and i lived in some small apartment, school was a short bus ride away. a bus ride i was dreading.

mom practically pushed me out of the house, i had school and she had work. the elevator was broken so i had to walk down twelve flights of stairs. to put it in nice words our place was a dump but it still put a roof over my head so it was better than nothing.

the walk to the bus stop was quick, i had my headphones in slightly bobbing my head to the music as my y/h/c hair swayed with the movement. a bus quickly drove by stopping at my stop and picking me and the others around up. this bus ride was horrible, someone sneezed on me, coughed. it was horrid.

the bus came to a halt and i ran off as fast as i could. when my y/e/c eyes looked up i saw a large brick building crawling with teens. nervous was an understatement i took a long, deep breath and began taking nervous steps forward.

when i was met with the large double doors that are the entrance to the school i pushed them open. what a surprise. the inside is just a packed as the outside. i had no idea where i was supposed to go, i grabbed my backpack tightly and made a sharp turn to go right back out of the school and run, run because that’s all i ever knew to do.

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Chocolate Delicacy

Pairings/Characters: Tony Stark X Reader,

Words: 925

Requested By: @palaiasaurus64

Warnings: Fluff

Request/Summary: So I have a request if you are not too busy. The reader and Tony are together and the reader’s period starts and he takes care of her. I just need some Tony fluff! Also I just found your blog! Could I please be tagged in all of your future work? Please and thank you! Xoxo


“Urgh!” You groaned as you arched your back in a very awkward way,standing next to the kitchen counter.

“You okay honey?” Tony entered the room,noticing your position.

“Just dandy.” You mumbled and straightened up.

“You don’t seem okay.” He stated as he walked over to fridge for something to eat.

“Not really. Why do we have so such uncomfortable chairs?”

“Babe, all our chairs are worth more than tens of thousands of dollars. They least they are,are very comfortable.”

“My back hurts like hell.”

“Is that from two nights ago?” He smirked

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oh shit (peter parker x stark!reader)


okay, so basically i wanted to do a stark!reader imagine because they’re just really adorable. so, i hope you guys enjoy! hopefully it isn’t trash, like me. 

warnings: light smut, fluff


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

i moaned lightly as Peter and i were on my bed in the Avengers tower. i was sitting in his lap as we made out, quiet music playing in the background. his lips attached to my neck as my hands found his brown hair. i pulled at it gently, making him let out a throaty groan. his hands were on my waist as i straddled his lap.

he sucked at the skin on my neck, leaving love bites. i bit my lip to hold my moan back as he found my sweet spot, biting at it and then slowly grazing at it with his tongue. he soon met my lips again for a passionate kiss. i threw my head back as he kissed at the front of my neck. i soon attached my lips to his neck, my tongue grazing over his Adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down slowly, him trying to contain his moans. 

soon, i had tugged his sweater off, tossing it onto the floor of my bedroom carelessly. he soon was also pulling at my own clothes, wanting them off. i stripped of my shirt, leaving me in my bra as Peter gawked at me, still not understanding how i’m a real person.

i slowly grinded my hips onto his and he moaned into the kiss. he soon started playing with the strings on my sweatpants. i held the back of his neck as he started kissing down the valley of my breasts, leaving a few wet kisses. just as he was about to take them off, there was a knock at the door.

“y/n, honey, do you have a minute? i want to talk to you about something.” said my father and i quickly moved off of Peter.

“oh shit.” i mumbled as the both of us were frantically putting our clothes back into our hands. trying to get them back on as fast as they came off.

“what do we say?” he whispered, pulling apart his shirt.

“say we were studying.” i whispered back and he nodded before there was another knock.


“just a second.” i said and tugged my hair out of my shirt before the door opened. my father stood there as Peter had just finished tugging on his shirt.

“what are you two doing in here?” he asked.

“oh, uhmm, we were just-uh-studying.” i said and my father’s eyebrows raised.

“for what subject?” he asked. i looked over at Peter.

“History.” we said at the same time. i smiled lightly at the fact that he didn’t say something different.

“really? cause i swore it looked like you guys were studying for sex ed when i opened the door.” he said.

my eyes widened slightly and Peter stood there, looking down at the ground as his cheeks turned a soft pink color.

“no sir.” Peter said, looking up,”just boring History.”

“good.” my father nodded,”i don’t want all this coupley stuff around the tower.” he waved his finger in the air, motioning to the both of us. i smiled lightly, nodding my head.

“you got that spider-ling?” he asked and i smiled over at Peter, containing my giggles from the nickname my father had picked out. Peter nodded before my dad walked out of the room, cracking the door behind him.

i sighed, looking over at Peter. he still looked a little frightened.

“we’re good, he didn’t figure it out.” i said walking over to him and pulling him into an embrace. he smiled down at me.

“i know.” he smiled stroking my hair as he held me close to his body, i took in his amazing scent. he kissed the top of my hair.

“i love you y/n.” he smiled as he pulled away slightly to look at me in the eyes.

i smiled,”i love you too, spider-ling.” i laughed and he shook his head as he laughed.

“that’s it. you’re getting tickled.” he said and i smiled before he picked me up and brought me back over to the bed. 

“no, no, no!” i said,”Peter-” 

i cut myself off as i giggled, he tickled my sides. he smiled down at me as i laughed. 

Liar- Tony Stark x Reader(f)

Authors notes: I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, now. And praise the Lord, I finally had a moment of peace to get it all out. So here it is. My song fic for Tony. Also, Because I have so little time, I didn’t review this as heavily as I usually do, so please excuse any discrepancies.

 Here is the link to Youtube for the song. Its called Liar by The Arcadian Wild and it’s amazing. You can also find it on Spotify.

 Lyrics are in italics. 

Notes/Warnings: None really. Maybe some self doubt and lack of sleep. mostly just tension and stress. And because it comes with reading things I write, angst.

Originally posted by thealextheshipper

I sense there’s trouble ahead.

It’s clear by the signs and warnings

that should tell where all blame is due.

So why are they pointing at my head?

 He can fix this. He’ll fix it before its a real problem. That’s why he’s on the team, right? He’s a problem solver.

 Hydra had made themselves public yesterday. They released a video saying that they had spread all over the globe and had infiltrated thousands of governments. They claimed to have the ability to hack into anyone’s life and ruin them if they opposed Hydra or whatever future plan they unleashed. They threatened everyone’s lives and the lives of those they cared about.

 It scared Tony to his core. He was worried about his friends, sure, but mostly, he wanted to keep you safe. He was Iron Man. Surely, hydra was coming for him soon and he knew the best way to get at him was through you.

 If they got to you, he’d never survive it.

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My Favorite Performances of 2016

These are the 15 movie roles this year I most felt deserved highlighting. Man, there were some great roles this year, introduction, introduction, introduction, how many words does this have to be? You don’t care and I certainly don’t. On to the list!(Note: except for the top two, this list is in no particular order).

Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some!!)
The entire cast of Richard Linklater’s spiritual follow-up to “Dazed and Confused” is one riotous bundle of joy (and a cure for the usually cliche portrayal of college kids), but Glen Powell’s Finnegan is by far the standout. The scene that makes his character comes at a party for the “artsy fartsy” crowd when, after encouraging a freewheeling spirit of sex, booze, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll throughout the film, he actually gets for real hurt when his proteges crash his chances with a girl he happens to like. Finnegan is on the cusp of adulthood and leadership heading into one of the most tumultuous decades of American history, but he’s not quite there yet…and it’s the leftover, subtle vulnerabilities of the kid during his last days of youth that make him so unbelievably endearing. If there’s any justice in the world, EWS!! will do for him what Dazed and Confused did for…well, most of the cast.

Tilda Swinton (A Bigger Splash)
The (in my opinion, overblown) controversy over Swinton’s Doctor Strange role sadly overshadowed her performance in this Fellini-esque story of beautiful people behaving in decidedly un-beautiful ways. Playing a major, David Bowie-esque popstar who has gone near-mute from the stress of living in public, Swinton has few lines but somehow manages to steal the show from a simmering Matthias Schoenaerts and a manic Ralph Fiennes. Being mostly robbed of the ability to speak, Swinton has to convey a massive range of emotions largely with body language—a task she accomplishes with all the skill you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest actresses.

Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Frail and tough, honest and veiled, open and censoring—Portman’s portrayal of the most famous First Lady in American history is riddled with contradictions that, in her hands, become a coherent character. She can sink to the depths of unbearable anguish at a moment’s notice, and five minutes later it is as if nothing very bad had happened. Yet, there’s always something boiling under the surface…perhaps an understanding that history will forever place “JFK’s wife” next to her name, whatever else she may do with her life. At times, Portman seems to barely hold it all in, yet when we leave the theater she is still a mystery. Maybe that’s how it should be.

Joel Edgerton (Loving)
Rarely does more go unsaid or understood than passes behind the face of Joel Egderton as Richard Loving, one half of the married couple whose simple wish to live in their home state of Virginia dealt a death blow to laws banning interracial marriage in the United States. Edgerton says little, and when he does it is in as few words as possible…every one of which speaks his entire mind. Key to the performance, though, are scenes of him simply sharing intimate moments with wife Mildred. At a time when the stereotype of the traditonal American husband and father of yesteryear is often held up for all the wrong reasons, Edgerton’s performance is crucial.

Emma Stone (La La Land)
Until near the end, the music is the driving force of La La Land. Then someone asks the character of Mia to “tell a story”, and Emma Stone delivers one of the best scenes of her career. The strength of the “Audition” number redefines what has come before for the character, and solidifies her as both someone we can really root for, and the personification of dreamers, however hopeless they might be. The final look she gives Ryan Reynolds in the film speaks more than a page of dialogue ever could.

Viola Davis (Fences)
Before the era of feminism, there was an unspoken agreement between married couples in the U.S.: a wife was to put up with her husband’s shit, even when he was full to bursting with it. It was hard to pick one of the two main performances in “Fences” to single out, but ultimately Davis’s simmering cauldron is the heart of the story, enabling her to both survive and love life with her deeply, deeply flawed husband. Unlike Denzel Washington, who gets to vomit forth an endless stream of anger throughout the film, Davis is tasked with saving her one great outburst for when it is most needed and has the most impact, creating a scene the trailers should not have featured; it should have been allowed to burst on audiences like water from a broken dam, rolling over everything in its path. Five minutes later, she’s calm again, but she’s also a different woman…or maybe just another woman who was hiding behind the first all along.

Sunny Pawar (Lion)
The trailers all emphasize the adult Saroo’s search for his home, but the bulk of the movie is taken up with a young Saroo getting lost in the first place, and Dev Patel is overshadowed by 8-year-old Sunny Pawar…not an easy feat. Like Quvenzhane Wallis and Jacob Tremblay, Pawar takes a role that could easily have been phoned in (since we have natural sympathy for kids) and makes little Saroo into an enormously relatable character, a lost boy whose stomping ground is no Neverland. It isn’t any wonder the filmmakers keep coming back to him in flashbacks after his character is grown. He’s the heart of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen)
I swear, my generation moons over the era of John Hughes High School comedies so much they seem to forget that being awkward, out-of-place and unable to wait for the day after graduation day isn’t unique to them. Every year we get a handful of largely unheralded comedies about that very topic, and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as a morbid, confused and, yes, aggressive (bad female! bad!) teen who openly discusses her sex life, alcohol habits and dark, dark, dark humor elevates “Edge of Seventeen” to the top of the pack. With acerbic wit, pinpoint aim, and unflinching pessimism, Nadine Franklin manages to skewer not just every aspect of High School life but many of life in general. The only target she routinely misses? Herself.

Kate Beckinsale (Love & Friendship)
It is exceedingly rare that a woman in the movies can be aggressive and acidic at the same time. Kate Beckinsale’s Lady Susan is such a character. It is impossible for all but the most ardent feminists to actually like her, and you’d never want to be drawn into her poisonous circle of rumor, manipulation, innuendo and life-destroying gossip, but you have to admire her for taking charge of her own life at a time when women were tasked with hosting guests, looking pretty and shutting up. These days, she’d almost certainly be described as a sociopath, wrecking lives for her whim and amusement, yet you can’t look away. She’s the year’s best villain…or is she?

Ben Foster (Hell or High Water)
Chris Pine’s well-meaning father is our anchor to this story of two desperate brothers in hard times, but Ben Foster is the anarchic, destructive force that keeps our eyes glued to the screen. Whereas Pine’s dad doesn’t think of himself as criminal and Jeff Bridges’s sheriff has spent far too much time watching old westerns, Foster knows exactly what he is: a violent criminal whose psycopathy he might be able to turn to his brother’s aid in one last blaze of glory. There’s never really a question of him surviving the story; he’s not a man, he’s a storm, and he’s here to rage harder than he ever has before blowing himself out.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight)
Talk about embodying multiple people in one role. Harris plays mother to a young, gay black man at three different stages of his life, but she’s not the kind of perfect mom the movies prefer. She’s a drug addict at a time when the War on Drugs refused to treat such people with any sort of humanity, and she’s got a temper to match the times; when she screams hurtful words at her own son, the decision to remove the audio from the scene makes her come off as near-demonic. Simplicity, though, isn’t really what Moonlight deals in, and there are layers and regrets to her revealed as the film goes on. Her final scene asks a rather important question: should any time be too late to be forgiven?

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch)
For the most part, horror will forever be considered beneath the notice of those who hand out accolades, which means even if you turn in one of the most startling performances of the year, it doesn’t really count if it’s in this genre. That’s a shame, because unless you count a tiny, uncredited role from 2014, Taylor-Joy makes the most impressive film debut of any actress this year. Called upon to do things involving animal blood and demonic possession that a more image-concerned person might spurn, she handles the role of a teenage girl whose family is being assailed by the forces of hell by taking it all absolutely seriously, which is essential; any hint that she thinks anything she’s doing is silly, and the film falls apart. There’s reason to question whether anything supernatural is really happening in the New England wilderness of the late 1600’s, but no reason to doubt the strength of Taylor-Joy’s performance.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Not everything has to be so serious, something Deadpool would probably remind you of right before delivering a kick straight to your kibbles and bits. As the star, producer and driving force behind the hilariously raunchy R-rated superhero flick, Reynolds is the most eminently watchable and entertaining a comic hero has been outside the suit since Robert Downey Jr. swaggered into the Iron Man armor. Mel Brooks once famously described his films as rising below vulgarity, and whether Reynolds is taking time out to break the fourth wall or making incredibly lewd comments at his blind, elderly, female roommate, he’s bringing the spirit of “Blazing Saddles” to a genre that sometimes really needs to get over itself. In a year where “Batman vs. Superman” took itself more seriously than a second heart attack, Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth is the filthy, over-the-top cure the doctor ordered.

And my top two performances, starting with my choice for Best Actress:

Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

In arguably the most challenging role this year, which comes in certainly the most challenging film, Huppert plays a woman who, after being raped, plays a cat-and-mouse game with the rapist. Whether she is trying to catch him or get caught again is another question. The role was turned down by multiple more well-known actresses, before being taken by Huppert, who deserves to be more well-known outside her native France. Key to her performance is that her character is not altogether very likable, and if she were not a victim of a heinous crime, you’d have a real difficult time feeling empathy for her. That takes far more guts, I think, than playing out brutal scenes of assault, since we tend to demand our heroines be pure as the driven snow.

Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

He’s been turning in the best work he possibly can in every role he’s had, big or small, for two decades, always overshadowed in fame by his older brother, but this year is Casey’s. Angry, violent, adrift and bereft, Lee Chandler is a man with no purpose in a world that demands every man have one, not that he grasps himself on that level: he’s simply a man who has been struck over and over until nothing but armor remains. Forced to deal with the issue of custody for his nephew after his brother dies, he portrays a truth no man wants to face: not all of us are cut out for responsibility. Despite this, Affleck walks a fine line, making Lee simultaneously a jerk and someone you’d really like to see come out on top. Unfortunately, as Lee well knows, the world just isn’t that simple.

Honorable mentions: I limited my list to 15, and even after expanding from ten it was still difficult. There are lots of great roles that didn’t make the cut, and here are the ten that really gave the winners a run for their money, in one big list. If you don’t see your favorite, remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t good, just that I can’t possibly list them all.

Kristen Stewart (Cafe Society)
The Cast of Don’t Think Twice
Royalty Hightower (The Fits)
Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins)
Lou de Laage (The Innocents)
Ruth Negga (Loving)
Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea)
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)
Pretty much everybody in Moonlight (Moonlight)
Katie Holmes (Touched With Fire)

My World

Pairing: Robert Downey Jr x Reader
Words:  1037

This is my first RDJ one shot. And it’s just one I wanted to write.

          You were sitting cross-legged on the hotel bed, watching the late night show with a smile on your face. You knew, as soon as the commercial was over, that your boyfriend would soon be making his appearance on the show. You loved watching him do interviews. You loved watching him do anything. But interviews were always fun. He enjoyed getting to talk to the hosts and answering questions.

           “Ladies and gentleman, Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.” the host announced and your heart beat just a little faster as he walked out, waving to the crowd with a large smile on his face.

           Robert sat down in the chair by the desk, “Hey,” he smiled.

           “Nice to see you,” the host said, “Thanks for joining us.”

           “I’m happy to be here.”

           The host went through the usual questions about Robert’s current and upcoming projects, trying to get details out of him. But Robert was good at not giving too much away. It made you laugh because the host really wanted information.

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Can’t Have That

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

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Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader x Robert Downey Jr.

Summary: There’s only one thing preventing Tony Stark from giving Robert Downey his stamp of approval.

A/N: Apologies for the short piece, I’m not going to lie and say that I’m the best at writing Tony because I’m not. I need to work on my Tony writing ugh. 


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Turn Back - Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by anamarieswift2194

“I don’t know if I want to do this Pete,I’m scared” I sobbed into his chest “shh it’s okay Princess” Peter soothed “you don’t have to go if you don’t want to” Peter spoke calmly but I pulled away eyes most likely bloodshot “but I do. The teams counting one me,my aunts,uncles,my dad” I paused “you.”

Peter frowned “i’m sure they’ll understand-” I interrupted him “No I cant let you go alone” I wiped my tears “tomorrow we’ll face Thanos together” I held his hand in mine giving him a weak smile “ok” Peter breathed out.

“just promise me one thing” I spoke timidly “anything” he smiled “promise you won’t leave me at any point in the battle” I told him “I promise” he held me close kissing my temple.

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Are You Okay? (2) - Tom Holland x (f)Reader

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

Words: 1920
Pairing: Tom Holland x (f)Reader
Featuring: HAZ BRUH, and RDJ
Warnings: Swearing, lil bit of angst, getting hurt a bit, kinda hate
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: THIS WAS FUN YES

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“So, do I need to get you the run down on our little Tommy before you attend the premiere?” Haz teased you as you two were sitting at breakfast in a random little diner, waiting for Tom to get back from the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes, “I think it will be fine, I’ve been working with him for a while.”

He chuckled, “I guess you aren’t wrong.”

“Can I get that on recording?” You laughed. The press tour was still going on and after the event at the hotel, not much had changed. You and Tom still acted as you were before, which led you to realize why so many people asked if you were dating. You two were already affectionate around each other; you just didn’t realize it.

The premiere was coming up in just a week, and you were starting to get nervous. Would anyone actually care that you two went together? Would you have to kiss? Would it end up being more awkward than being just friends?

“You look worried,” Harrison caught you attention, bringing you back into reality.

“What? No…”

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meet me in the hallway •peter parker• ch3

meet me in the hallway

peter parker imagine part 3

pairing - female reader x peter parker

warnings - probably mild swearing

overview - the two youngest avengers, peter and y/n, fall in love and attempt to keep it secret from some of the nosiest people in our society, the Avengers.


“Peter is in the kitchen, Miss y/l/n, with Mr Stark and Mr Rogers.”

“Thank you,” you uttered, whilst making your way to the bathroom. It was safe to say, you looked like shit. You y/h/c hair was matted against your head, your y/s/c skin was covered in blood and dirt. Your eyes were bloodshot, and the dark circles beneath them were more prominent than ever. You couldn’t possibly get a shower, the IV in your arm and the bandages that adorned your left side wouldn’t allow it. Instead, you sprayed a ridiculous amount of dry shampoo in the know of hair on the top of your head, and merely washed yourself down with a wet washcloth. A pair of grey joggers (sorry, what do Americans call them? Sweatpants? I don’t know 😩😂) and a long sleeved shirt was on the table by the side, likely put there by Wanda or Nat.

You stepped out, and entered the long hallway to see if Bruce was in the lab; he was, stood behind a long line of test tubes.

“Ah, she lives.”

You turned in a circle slowly, showing, in a very sarcastic manner, that you were indeed alive and well, “Yep, not a ghost.”

“How are you feeling?” He walked closer, hand on your head to check for a temperature, and took your wrist to feel your pulse, “you seem ok to me.”

“I am, do I need this?” You asked bluntly, gesturing towards the needle in your arm.

“No, it was just there because you weren’t drinking,” Bruce walked closer and removed the metal, causing a hiss to escape your lips, “there you are, good to go.”

“Thanks, Doc.” You winked, causing Bruce to laugh on his return to the back of the table. The hallway was bare and cold, though the cold tiles did feel good on you bare feet, a different sensation from what you’d felt for the last few days. You walked slowly down the corridor, your legs stiff from the lack of walking for the past few days. The silence was deafening; you wanted nothing more than to see another familiar face to return you to some kind of normality.

“Damn it, I owe Clint 20 bucks,” Tony groaned, stood 2 feet in front of you, “or are you a ghost? Please say you’re a ghost!”

“Wow Tony, you bet that I’d die? That’s low,” you punched his arm, the man flinching back, “and what’s 20 bucks to you anyway? You’re literally a billionaire!”

“Still hurts,” He laughed, and pulled you in, “and honestly, it’s good to see you alive and walking.”

“Thanks Tony. Have you seen Peter?”

“Kitchen. With Steve. Be careful, he’s fragile.” Tony whispered the last part, laughing under his breath. You laughed also, nodding a thanks.

The rest of the floor was empty, so you presumed that everyone else besides Peter, Tony and Steve were on the same mission Wanda was talking about earlier.

“Hey, y/n, how are you feeling? Better, I presume,” Steve walked towards you, coffee mug grasped tightly in his hand. He put it down on the countertop, and pulled you in for a tight hug.

“Much better, thanks Steve,” you said, but your concentration couldn’t be further from the embrace of the super soldier.

There he was; Peter, sat at a chair at the Island in the centre of the kitchen. He looked like utter crap; he wore a blue school jumper, the cuffs of it tightly held in his hands, his eyes looked as if they had sunken back into his head, and the way he looked evidenced Wanda’s claim he hadn’t eaten in days. Steve let you go, knowing full well you were here to talk to the boy. He whispered,

“Go easy on him.” You smiled, and the man left the room, leaving you and Peter alone.




Still, nothing.

“Look at me!”

He looked up, the teenager looking even worse than he had from the side. You stood for a few seconds in complete and utter silence.

“I missed you.”

“I’m sorry, I-I wasn’t able to come and see you.”

“Why,” you pondered, “Couldn’t be bothered? Don’t blame missions, everyone else took time out of their busy schedules to come see me.

Don’t you like me?”

“Please, stop it, y/n.”

“Give me a fucking reason, Peter.” You genuinely didn’t believe what Wanda had said, and if it was the truth, you wouldn’t believe it till the words came from Peter himself. He looked you in the eyes and sighed, grasping his coffee cup harder in his hands.

“I don’t have one.”

You scoffed, “What, so your best friend gets shot and you don’t visit them just, because?”

“But when you put it like that-”

“It doesn’t matter how I fucking say it, Peter, you sound like a dick either way.”

“Ok, calm down. He stared into your eyes, and gestured for you to sit down, “I-I, didn’t come to see you, because I couldn’t bare too see you lying there like that, I couldn’t watch someone I love close to death on a bed when it was my fault that you were there.”

There it was.

He really thought it was his fault.

“You fucking idiot.

It was not your fault. We are Avengers, we essentially put a target on our backs when we sign up.”

He smiled gratefully at you.

“I love you too, by the way.”

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LOVE TRIANGLE (Steve, Tony x Reader)

Request: Hi can I have an iron man and Captain America imagine about jealousy? I love when they bicker and argue! Please and thank you 😘😘 - @keepcalm-and-beyou

A/N: Hey) I’m sorry, it turned into some another thing😅 it was really hard for me to imagine it, but I think it’s a good one)
There is a jealousy moment and argue moment too! Hope you’ll love it! And I’m sorry if there is some mistakes, cause I write really fast 😅! ❤️✌️ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

On the way to Avengers Tower…
“It’s so big” you think while looking at Avengers Tower. It’s almost 2 month since you want to take an interview from Tony Stark, Iron Man himself! And finally after this long time you have a little time to talk to him… it’s 3 months since Airport Battle and everyone wants to know a little bit more about it! Of course up don’t work on some famous newspapers, you just have your blog on Internet… but it’s only beginning!

You are inside. You are on a lift .
You saw Vision playing chess and Natasha looking at the city through the window with a really pensive face, they didn’t notice you at first but then you said “Hey”
They looked at you surprisingly.
“Hey, what happened?” Said Vision with a smile on his face. Natasha is still looking at you.
“Hello, I’m (Y/N), I’m reporter… kind of… I have a meeting with Mr. Stark” you a little shame ‘cause you talk to an android tho…
“Oh, he is…” started Vision
“I’m right here” said Tony. He turn around and see him, he doesn’t wear t-shirt he has a towel on his shoulder - he just came out from a shower.
“Who sent us this beautiful rose?” He tried to joke, you smiled even if it sos took funny…
“We have a meeting, I wanted to take an interview, my name is (Y/N)” you stretch your hand to him. He takes it, but doesn’t shake, he kisses it and looks into your eyes.
“So… where will we talk?” It’s a little awkward moment, you take your hand back…
“Just wait for me in my office, I’ll be back in next 15 minutes! Romanov, show her where to go!” Said Tony and went to another room.
“I’m not your secretary, Stark” said Natasha with a strict stern look. “Come on (Y/N), this way” said Natasha with a tired smile.

20 minutes later…
You sit on a chair waiting for Mr. Stark and reading a questions.
He opens the door and comes in.
“So, let’s start, I’m ready” said he, sat right in from of you! “Coffee maybe, ha?”
“No thanks!” Said you, “I’m don’t have a lot of time so…”
“Okay” says Tony, stands up and takes a bottle of red wine and two wineglasses. “Then this will help” he said with a smile.
You decided just don’t pay attention…
“So, first question, Mr. Stark.
What was the reason of all that happened? This battle is just horrible, especially for friends that saved the world, like, 3 times…?” You asked, you looked at him, his smile is gone, he drunk a little Ana started:
“All of this happened because of stupidity of one person! We all could avoid this… but we didn’t. We did a lot of things together, yes, but now it all seems like nothing important. Next question please” he said, he started look nice again and tried to smile.
“Okay” you wrote everything on you notebook and recorded to your phone. “So, Mr. Stark…” he interrupted you:
“Just Tony please, cause I can call you with you name, (y/n), so do you!”
“Okay, I’m sorry.” It’s really surprisingly, he always knew that Stark is very mean person…
“So next question:
We all know that there was Spider-Mn himself, he often appears in Queens and suddenly he appears in Berlin with completely new suit, as we can see on videos that surveillance cameras took. He question is: do you connect with him now? Where is he now? And do you know who is behind the mask?” You asked and you’re looking at him now.
“Oh yeah, he helped us a lot. Very nice kid. You are right, a made a new suit for him! And i can say it’s amazing! Not as good as mine of course but still, I’m Stark or not!? I don’t think I can tell you where he is now, but I do connect with him, a lot! Of course I know who is behind the mask, I know everything about everything! I assure you, it’s not his last “big adventure”, you will hear about him a lot soon.” He drunk a little bit more. You didn’t yet.
“Okay. Next one:
Do you know where Steve Rogers is right now? Rumors say that he and his team, Vanda Maximoff, Ant-Man, Falcon and others escaped from prison, is it true? And what will happen to Avengers now? Literally half of the team is kind of criminal now, how can people trust you now?” He looked very thoughtful! After a little pause he started:
“I don’t CARE where Rogers is. I don’t even want to know it, I have a lot of another things to think about! About prisoners, yeas it’s true, but I assure you they will not appear for a long time! We are still Avengers! Team that will help you people still exist. You can trust us, we are not guilty because of other’s mistakes…” he was really serious!
Suddenly, your phone ringed, you got a message…
“Who is texting us, honey?” Asked Tony
“Excuse me, what? At first not “us”, second please don’t call me like this anymore. I have to go to another interview, thank you for your time.” You sand up and left.
“We will continue later, bye!”

Next morning…
Your home.
You woke up, took your phone and saw 3 notifications.
from “S”: “I will be there at 8 p.m!”
From unknown number: “Yesterday I was a little drunk, I’m sorry, let’s continue our interview today in “SEVDA” restaurant. Tony Stark.”
And a notification from your blog: “your last interview post got 1 million 749 thousand views! It’s the most successful post, and it’s on the Top of recommended posts! Congratulations, (Y/N)! Administration!
“I have a thing to do, but I think i can combine it all! I will be there at 7.30 p.m! mr. stark but it’s only an interview!” You answered to the first message.

“I’m really thankful for your message. I looked for you for a long time! Let’s meet today in “SEVDA” restaurant at 8 p.m?” You sent this to the second message!

Your phone rings twice again…
“of course! So deal then, at 7.30 p.m in SEVDA restaurant! I will send you limousine to your home… be ready at 7.00 p.m!” From Tony Stark
“Oh really? Okay) I will be there!” From “S”

You are shocked because of Tony’s message. Limousine? No, no, it’s just an interview…
“I can get there on my own. I don’t need limousine, it’s not a date, just an interview!” You sent to Tony.
“Of course, of course)” you got the answer…

Restaurant “SEVDA”
7.28 P.M
You don’t wear something special, but it’s a restaurant at least, you have to look good so you took on your best dress…
You came in, surprisingly nobody was there, “but why” you think, it’s Friday’s evening.
You saw Tony right in front of you, as soon as he sees you, he stands up and goes to you.
“Good evening, (Y/N), lets sit?” Said Tony, he took your hand like it’s a date… you took it away and said “what is going on Mr. Stark? Where is everyone?”
“I rented all restaurant for this evening, so no one can interrupt your interview.” He said with a smile. You’re sitting now, there is a wine on the table, candles and you can hear some romantic music…
“Mr. Stark, I already told you, it’s just an interview. It’s not a date and it will never be! Now please stop it all! If you think that every girl loves you are wrong! I don’t, it’s just my job!” You are really disappointed by all this situation!

“Mr. Stark, I’m sorry, but we couldn’t stop this person, he says he has a meeting here with a girl who’s name is (Y/N)” said a security guy after a little awkward silence…
“And who is this person?” Asked Tony
“It’s, *khm* Captain America… Mr. Stark” said a security guys, with a little scary…
“What? Oh really (Y/N)? You don’t want to be with me on a date, and also you invited HIM? How long do you know each other? How long are you together? You know he is criminal!” Tony just freaked out when he heard his name, he looks at you with some mad and disappointed look.
“Mr. Stark, at first, who are you to talk with me like this? I know my place so you better know yours!!!” You stand up: “Second, I just wanted to take an interview from both of you together! And we are not dating and it’s none of your business!” You looked at security guy and said “I’ve been waiting for this moment to take an interview from him for a long time! And now when it’s almost done I don’t want anything to spoil this moment! Now immediately let Him in!” You are so mad and you can’t control yourself, you just can’t be calm anymore… the security guy didn’t move, he just looked at Mr. Stark with a questionable face.
“Mr. Stark, tell him to let Steve in right now, or I’m leaving!” You still didn’t sit, You are waiting for his reaction. After a minute of thinking he said to security guy let Steve in!
“You know, I can just call the police and they will come here in a minute! And next time you see him is in a prison! But I will not do it now!” Whispered Tony to you!
You said something kind if “thank you”…

Steve comes in! He wears black traditional suit, he has bouquet of flowers in his arm… he sees you and smiles, then he sees Tony and his face changes a little.
“Ahaha what the hell you wear?” Tony laugh
“What the hell are YOU doing here? Ha?” Said Steve with really serious face!
“I’m giving some interview, don’t you see fool? What are you doing here?”
“I’m on a date with (Y/N)” said Steve, he put the flowers on the table and looked at you
“What?” Asked you and Tony at the same time, you are shocked!
“What the hell is going on with both of you? Of a girl invites you somewhere it doesn’t mean she loves you!” You freaked out.
“Definitely it does, I know you like me (Y/N)” said Tony with a smug smile.
“She doesn’t like you! She invited me to this restaurant! For a date!” Said Steve, he looks at Tony now.
“Oh God! It’s just an interview what the hell is on your minds???” You asked.
“Why did you invite him? Do you know he is virgin? And he is 95 years old, he didn’t even kiss a girl, ever!” Said Tony.
“Oh really? But I know for sure that I done need to take some pills.” Said Steve.
“Shut up!” Said Tony with a scary look.
“Oh why?” Said Steve, then he looked at you: “he takes some pills I think you know for what! I know it since a year ago!”
“But it’s not… you know what? I’m still better then you at this case!” Said Tony with a smile!
“Take you suit ON and let’s find out!” Said Steve, he is serious.
“Oh I thought we on the contrary should take our suit off for this case” Said Tony with a smile on his face!
Steve opened his mouth trying to say something, but you interrupted them:
“Stop it! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! How did you live with each other before? I don’t like both of you guys, and finally I have a boyfriend and we will get married soon! Bye, I hope you won’t kill each other now!” You took your stuff and left the restaurant!

1 hour later

Steve and Tony eats some shaurma in a local cafe!
“I know for sure, if she didn’t have a boyfriend, she would prefer me , not you!” Said Tony…
“You really want to start it again Stark?” Asked Steve..
“Just kidding… relax!” Said Tony…
“But she is beautiful isn’t she?” Asked Tony with a smile on his face.
Steve nods and smiles too….


Manhattan Mistress part 1


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: It’s election season and things are about to get heated. Y/N Rogers, previously Y/N Stark, is the daughter of the late mob boss of Brooklyn. She took over when her father died and runs the streets with a firm hand, although no one knows it’s her pulling the strings. Money must roll, especially when it comes from her ex-husband Tony Stark. Tony secretly endorses Steve Rogers’ campaign, currently running for alderman and seemingly oblivious to what happens behind the scenes of his so-called happy marriage. But then Bucky, Y/N’s oldest friend, shows up to win her back and decides to stir things up a little.

Word count: 3.236

Warnings: the reader doesn’t shy away from foul language and talk of sex, murder and infidelity.

A/N: my fingers have been itching to write this story! It’s much, so much darker than what I usually write. Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Congratulations on the 1.3k followers! Enjoy sweetie!

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How you dare coming back? Part 1

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff

Words: 1765

Warning: none I think

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek

Request: requested by @ethereal-quiescent-meek:

“Hi could I get #16 with Tony please :)”

Note: none

Originally posted by luvindowney

PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4

It had been almost three years since that happened. Six months since that big, huge fight that destroyed everything. Six months since Anthony Stark told you all those horrible things, making you leave the Tower where he lived. That day you thought your life was over, that there was nothing else for you, no love, no friends…nothing.

But you were wrong: two weeks after leaving you found out you were pregnant with Tony’s baby. What were you supposed to do at that moment? Going back to him wasn’t an option. It was too painful to see him again after all the things he said and also the things you said. So you decided to take care of the baby by yourself, raise the little one alone without telling anyone. The only person on earth that knew about Lizzie was Natasha.

One day, a year after your breakup with Tony, you ran into her at the grocery store when you were with your baby buying diapers. It wasn’t too hard to find out that she was your daughter and she looked too much like Tony to deny that they were related, so you just told her. But you made her promise not to tell anyone, not even Steve or Clint.

Ever since, every Sunday, as long as they weren’t away on a mission, Natasha came to your apartment in Queens to visit her “niece”. According to her, since she was the only one who knew your secret, she had every right to be her auntie.

“She’s so big!” Natasha said as soon as you opened the door.

They had been away on a mission during a month so it had been a long time since the last time Nat saw Lizzie. She was a bit bruised after the mission but she immediately picked the three-years-old girl up and hugged her.

“Why weren’t you here for my birthday?” The girl asked when you closed the door of the apartment.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I had to go to Los Angeles for work, do you forgive me?” She asked. “I bought you a present”, she added when the girl frowned.

“I forgive you, auntie Nat”, Lizzie said hugging her tight.

“Are you bribing my daughter, Romanoff?” You asked crossing your arms.

Natasha laughed and put the girl down to hug you as well. She was already a really close friend when you left the tower but she had become your biggest support during these last years. You honestly didn’t know what you would have done without her and her help.

“How was the mission?” You asked while you went to the kitchen to make some coffee.

“It was alright. Not easy, but everything turned out fine. Bucky got injured the last day and To-“ she cleared her throat but the omission was too obvious. “Everyone else is ok”, she quickly said.

“Nat, it’s been three years. You can say his name. He’s not Voldemort”, you chuckled.

“I know but…” she sighed. “He still remembers you” she suddenly said.

“Of course he does, we were together for seven years”, you shrugged.

“No. What I mean is…he still misses you”, she said quietly.

Confused, you looked at her. You would be lying if you said you never missed Tony but it wasn’t the same way as before. You now could live with that perfectly. He was part of your past now as much as Lizzie reminded you to him.

“I don’t believe you”, you sighed shaking your head as you poured the coffee in two mugs.

“Well, he does, and I think he deserves to know about Lizzie”, she said.

“No!” You quickly said almost dropping the milk bottle. “I…just no”, you repeated.

“What are you going to tell your daughter when she starts asking about her father? Because you know she will ask at some point”, she asked.

“I know but…” you bite your lip and looked at Lizzie playing with her dolls. “I can’t. If he knows about her, he will want to come back into my life and I just can’t deal with that”

“That doesn’t sound like you’re over him” Natasha pointed out.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Natasha. Really”, you finally said giving her one of the mugs.

“Fine, but you know you can’t avoid him forever”, she said.

And you knew that.

After that visit from Natasha you just couldn’t take what she told you off your head. You suddenly felt guilty for hiding Lizzie from Tony. It didn’t mind how bad you two ended, he deserved to know that he had a daughter. But you also knew Tony. The moment he found out, he would want to be completely active in his daughter’s life, which was comprehensive, but that would mean being back into your life and you knew you weren’t ready for that. You didn’t know what you would feel if you saw him again, you definitely had enough seeing him in the papers and magazines.

Maybe someday you would tell him, maybe when Lizzie started asking about his father. But that day hadn’t arrived yet. Or that’s what you thought.

It was just Wednesday and you were getting ready to go with Lizzie on your morning walk through the park. You did that every day since she would get bored if she spent the morning at home. Lucky for you, you didn’t have to hire a nanny since you worked from home, from your computer, so you didn’t need to go to any office every day.

“You look so pretty today, honey”, you smiled at Lizzie when you finished brushing her hair.

“You too, mummy” she smiled at you. You smiled and kissed her head for a moment before standing up.

“Go and get your coat, sweaty, I think it’s chilly today”, you told her while you finished getting ready by putting your boots on.

“Can I use the new beanie you bought me?” She asked smiling widely.

“I’ve just made your hair…” you said but sighed not being able to resist her puppy eyes. She was just like her father. “Ok, fine. Go” you gave in.

Just when you got up to get your coat and bag from the closet you heard a knock on the door. Probably it was your neighbour, May, who came to talk for a while or to join you in your walk. Quickly, you took your coat and bag and went to the door, opening with a big smile that faded the moment you saw Tony Stark himself standing at the doorway. Damn Nat. You were going to kill her.

“Tony” you mumbled after looking at him for a few moments.

“Himself” he said.

What you felt when you saw him was exactly what you were afraid of. Your heart started to race, you felt tickles in your belly and immediately all those memories you tried to keep at the back of your mind came back. You had always said that this man was the love of your life so you shouldn’t be so surprised to feel that but somehow you were.

“What are you doing here?” You asked still in shock.

“Mummy, I’m ready!”                                                      

You gulped when you heard your daughter’s voice. Damn. You turned around to see her coming from her room. As soon as she saw Tony she stopped and looked at him silently, like she always did what she saw a stranger. Biting your lip, you looked at Tony who was looking at her in disbelief. Now that he was there, in front of you, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t the father of the child. They were too alike. He looked at you and walked in slowly, closing the door behind him.

“This is what Natasha was talking about?” He asked. Before saying anything else you walked towards your daughter and bended down in front of her.

“Lizzie, go to your room for a moment, ok? Mummy has to talk to Mr Stark” you told her with a small smile.

“Okay…” she said still looking at Tony before running to her room. With a sigh you stood up and faced him.

“What did Nat told you?” You asked.

“First, she told she has been in contact with you during all these years. And second, she told me you had something to tell me”, he replied. “And now that I’m here I only have one question”, he added.

“And…what is that?” You asked even when it was necessary.

“Is that my daughter?” He asked.

The answer to that question was obvious but you still didn’t want to confirm it. Not to him, even when he was her father.

“Answer me, (Y/N). Is that little girl my daughter?” He asked again. You knew you had no choice.

“Yes. She is”, you finally said looking down.

You heard him perfectly taking a deep breath and then letting the air out slowly. You knew he always did that when he was calming himself down.

“When did you find out you were pregnant?” He asked quietly.

“Two weeks after we broke up”, you replied.

“What? And you didn’t tell me?” He said in disbelief.

“Are you really asking me that? After all the things you said I couldn’t even bring myself to walk near the tower, do you think I could go up there and face you to tell you I was pregnant?”

“Well, it happens I put that child in there so I kinda had some right to know, don’t you think?” He said crossing his arms.

“Yes, maybe you did. But I wasn’t ready and…you hated me. You said it yourself” you said remembering that last fight. “I didn’t think you would be interested in a kid”, you added.

“Gosh…you see? This is why we broke up! You always made all the decisions by yourself, not telling me or asking me!” He exclaimed.

“As I have always told you…it’s my life!” You exclaimed back but trying to keep it quiet for Lizzie.

“Your life? It was our life and another third life was coming and you decided not to tell me! And it looks like you weren’t even planning on doing it anytime soon, what were you planning to tell her when she asked about your dad?” He asked.

“I don’t know, ok? I have no idea what I was going to do” you replied with a sigh as you rubbed your hand against your forehead.

“Mummy?” You turned around when you heard your daughter’s voice.

“Yes, sweetie?” You asked with a smile.

“Is he my dad?”