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Fake Date || A.A.

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Word Count: 1283

Pairing: Archie x reader

Summary: When your sister tries to set you up with everyone under the moon, you impulsively lie to her saying that you have a date when you really don’t. Archie saves the day and is your date to your sister’s wedding.

Warnings: like one cuss word, lying, weddings, kissing

Requested: Nope me just me being in my Archie feels

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So, this is a sequel to my one and only Sam GIF drabble, which is being written because I’m a slut and wanted to write some smut and I was originally gonna write smut in that gif drabble until my wrist bitched out. So now that I have no excuse, here we go.

And shout-out to the ever-wonderful @saxxxology and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for reading and beta-ing this when I became convinced that it was shit. They’re the best ladies in the entire world.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Detective!Sam x Secretary!Reader
Inspiration: A GIF drabble inspired by a GIF from @sgarrett49
Words: 2,759
Sam and the reader finally act on all that unresolved sexual tension, and his desk suffers for it
Warnings: Pure, unadulterated desk fucking. There’s no plot. Plot has died. Plot has no place here. Only porn.

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WestAllen Fic:

Title: her own finite time
Pairing/Characters: Iris/Barry
Rating: Explicit
Word Count:  2481  

Summary: God damnit the world is a so dark lately, if she can pry some small spark of joy out of it in half an hour with her amnesiac fiancé doing something a little unwise on her apartment floor, then she’s not turning down the opportunity. 

An extension of the scene in 3x21 when amnesiac!Barry rediscovers his powers, because he and Iris totally had sex right after that, guys.


“You kissed me and gave me super powers,” Barry is sitting on the floor looking at Iris like she just sprouted wings.

“No, that’s – no,” Iris gently grasps his shoulders, “you got your speed from a particle accelerator explosion. I… just set it off.”

Barry looks unconvinced. “What’s a particle accelerator?”

She has literally no idea how to explain that to him. “We should get you back to Star Labs – Cisco can take you through all this stuff, I’ll call him now – ”

She’s working on getting to her feet and remembering where she put her phone before he kissed her, when Barry is tugging at her wrist. “Do – do you have to?”

“Have to?”

“Call Cisco? I mean, right now – ?” his ears are colouring, his expression sheepish, “I just… I was kinda enjoying – ”

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‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

“Come Back With Me.”-(Negan)

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Characters- Rick, Michonne, Rosita, Negan and (Y/N)

Warnings- None?

Pairing- Negan x Reader

Word Count: 1397

Summary- You meet the mysterious Negan for the first time, however things quickly spiral in a different direction.

I wasn’t there when my people attacked the Saviour’s outposts. I wasn’t there when the group got ambushed by the Saviours. I wasn’t there when the first exchange happened between the communities. I wasn’t there because I was caring for the children of the community. I was caring for my own girl.

But I was there when the man Rick calls ‘Negan’ appeared early for his weekly collection. And so was my child. 

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(A/N): I’m sorry this is so short but I am sorta proud of it even with it’s small length so! 

Request:  ½ Ooh can I request a Charles x reader (technically x Moira but anyway) based on Lying To You by Keaton Henson?? This is complicated but like, the storyline would be that Charles knew Y/N since they were kids and she was really special to him, and they were even closer as teenagers. Y/N was basically the opposite of him (rebellious, daring, v energetic and funny etc) and yeah they had a..unspecified romantic relationship as teenagers(point is they were basically soulmates) but smth happened to  2/2 Y/N when she was like 19 and she died. Now the actual story takes place like after First Class when Charles is dating Moira (ignoring the thing where he erased her memories) and it’s about how he looks back on his memories w Y/N + how he thought he’d get over her when he got together w Moira but he still can’t?? This was soo long I’m sorry but hopefully you get what I mean? xx

Warnings: none

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As we lie in bed, I feel lonely
Though we’re young, I feel eighty years old
And your arms around me are keeping me warm
But baby, I’m still feeling cold
Baby, I’m still feeling cold

 "Charles,“ Moira whispers as she peppers kisses all along his bare chest. "Charles my dear, it’s time to wake up,” Charles groans softly, rubbing at his eyes as the sunlight streams through his windows. 

    “Moira?” Charles asks, hoping to keep his disappointed tone out of his question.

    “Who else would it be silly?”

    (Y/N). It should be (Y/N) sleeping beside him. 

    “No one love,” Charles forces a smile as he kisses Moira’s head gently. “I’m just a bit tired is all," 

     "Well, you were up all night in your study," 

   No, he was up all night looking at pictures of (Y/N).

     "Ahh yes, of course, that must be it,” Charles nods, biting his lip to keep his rather negative thoughts at bay. What are you doing? What would (Y/N) think if they saw you lying beside another- 

    “I could make you some coffee if you’d like?” Moira asks softly, pressing another kiss to Charles’ chest. 

    “Yes, coffee sounds splendid,” Charles hums as Moira gets up, wrapping a robe about her naked body. She gives Charles one last smile before sauntering off, the sound of her footsteps echoing through the mansion. 

   Charles sighs, rubbing his hands over his eyes as he attempts to clear the voice out of his head (Y/N)’s voice out of his head. But no matter how hard he willed that sweet, soft voice away it stayed, like a damn fly stuck to some honey. 

   He remembered the first time they met, (Y/N) had been thrown out on the streets after their parents had discovered the could talk to animals, a mutant, just like Him. He of course took them under his wing and from there a friendship had formed. 

    “I’m (Y/N),” they had whispered shyly, hanging their head in shame as they looked down upon their dirty clothes.

    “I’m Charles,” Charles squeaked, his voice still holding it’s childlike quality. “Say, what is such a young child like you doing out in the streets?” To this (Y/N) sniffled, wiping at their dirt stained nose. 

    “Well, I haven’t a place to live,” they had whispered, shuffling their dirty feet into the cobblestone road. Charles hummed, looking (Y/N) over once before deciding to take them home, he always had wanted a play friend. Little did Charles know that that day he would take in the kindest, most beautiful soul on the planet.

    It was years later, (Y/N) was sitting out On the green grass as a bird perched atop their finger, chirping merrily to the content mutant. (Y/N) chirped back, mimicking the birds noise as they did. The two were in a seemingly very deep conversation when Charles meandered up, hands stuffed in his pockets and a smile of amusement overtaking his expression as he does. 

    “What do you talk about with these birds?” Charles asks as he takes a seat beside (Y/N), placing his arms out behind him to steady himself.

   “Many things,” (Y/N) stated softly, twisting their head this way and that to get a good look at their feathered friend. “The weather, the other birds, what it’s like to fly,” 

  “Do you ever talk to other animals?” Charles asks, staring at (Y/N) with curiosity. 

  “I happen to like the squirrels nesting in your trees,” (Y/N) turns to look at Charles with a small smirk. “I suppose I like talking to you as well,” Charles laughs, taking a handful of grass and throwing it at the other mutant. 

   “Oh be quiet you,” He chided, his smile nearly infectious. “I’m far more civilized than any creature you know,” 

   “Is that so?” (Y/N) challenged, their tone holding a bit of a teasing tone to it. 

   “I’m much more civilized than you, look at you, sitting out here in the dirt talking to a rabies infested creature,” (Y/N) laughs, throwing their head back as beautiful little bubble of happiness rise in their throat. Charles wants to laugh as well but his eyes are stuck on (Y/N) and his mouth runs dry, his throat constricting as he does.

    They looked so beautiful, the light hit their hair just right making it shine in the early spring morning, their lips were curved upwards in the most beautiful smile, but what truly enraptured Charles was (Y/N)’s eyes, gleaming with happiness as they talk and laugh with him, or chirp and sing along with the bird. Charles’ stomach drops when he comes to a sudden realization, it had taken many years for him to figure this out, nearly an entire decade but he loved (Y/N), he loved them with every beat of his mutant heart. 

   It was only a few months later, with the two teenage mutants perched happily upon a couch that Charles finally decided to act upon his feelings. 

   “(Y/N)?” Charles asks as she shifts his position, allowing his head to rest against (Y/N)’s thighs more comfortably. “Have you ever been in love?” (Y/N) hums as they reach down, running their gentle fingers through Charles’ hair. 

   “Yes, I suppose I have,” 

   “What does it feel like?”

   “Well, it feels like a lot of different things- it’s like knowing that every morning you’re going to wake up and see that beautiful smiling face and you know that your day is going to be so much brighter, it’s knowing that when you’re sitting out on the lawn that you’re not going to be alone whilst you talk to the fishes, it’s knowing that the love of your life is only sleeping just across the hall and that at any moment in the night you could sneak out and go talk to them but you don’t because you want them to sleep peacefully,” 

   “Well in that case,” Charles smiles as he closes his eyes, allowing (Y/N)’s fingers to glide through his hair. “I do believe I’m in love with you (Y/N),” 

Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause I found her, but now she is gone
Cause once I found her, but now she is gone

   God- Charles should have tried harder, he shouldn’t have let them run off like that. He shouldn’t have let them leave the mansion, not with all the rising contentions and all the wars and weapons and-

   “Charles,” (Y/N)’s lip quivered as they reached up to touch Charles’ cheek, their bloodstained hand painting his cheek an angry red. “Do not blame yourself for this, please,” 

   “(Y/N),” Charles sobbed, his hand pressed tightly to their stomach as blood oozed from the bullet wound there. “Oh god, this is all my fault, this is all my fault-” 

   “Remember how you asked me what I talk about with the birds?” (Y/N) asks, a completely irrelevant time to be asking said question considering they were dying in Charles’ arms. 

   “Of course (Y/N) but how-” 

   “I used to talk to them about how much I loved you, your smile, your sweet eyes, your amazing voice, I told them about how kind you are, how accepting, I told them that you’re going to change the world some day, they’d just have to wait and see-” 

   “(Y/N), please, you’re only going to waste your breath-” 

   “I want you to look in my head Charles,” (Y/N)’s voice quakes as they speak. “I know you promised me you never would but I want you to, it’s my dying wish,” Charles sobs at their words, the pain to much for him to bear. 

   “(Y/N) please don’t make me-” 

   “Charles, I want you to,” Charles looks at (Y/N), at their watering eyes and small smile, even now they still looked like an angel, even coated in blood and dust and dirt they still looked heavenly. With shaking hands Charles pressed his fingers against (Y/N)’s temple, delving inside their head for the first and last time. 

   There wasn’t much to see or hear, in fact there was only one thing and he couldn’t even see it but rather he could feel it. All he felt was an undying sense of love, a love (Y/N) had felt for him. It was so powerful that it nearly took Charles’ breath away but he clung to that feeling, to those last fleeting feelings of (Y/N), of warmth and security, of love and happiness, of everything he could possibly ever want in life-

   “Charles,” Moira’s gentle voice is what pulls Charles away from his thoughts. His thoughts clear and suddenly he’s no longer clutching a deceased mutant but rather a warm steaming mug of coffee, made by his very own girlfriend. “Are you okay?” A look of concern flashes her features but Charles doesn’t acknowledge it, too focused on the steaming black liquid before him to even spare her a glance. 

  “Yes,” Charles murmurs, even though he knew he was far from okay. “Yes, I’m quite well,” He gives Moira a fleeting smile before sipping away at his drink. “Thank you my love,” 

Philinda are going to get together in 5x08.

No, seriously, hear me out. AOS has a habit of getting couples together on episode eight of a season (especially if the ship spent most of the previous season dancing around each other):

1x08–no snogs, but we got the lead in to Mayward.
2x08–Huntingbird sexy times.
3x08–Fitzsimmons first kiss (!!!!)
4x08–Yoyomack’s first kiss.

Now as a Quakerider Shipper™ I would also like to point out that them having a kiss is likely, too, especially after all those Looks™ in the finale, but given the fact that Philinda spent all of S4 dancing around their feelings and “starting over” in the finale, I feel as if there is a pretty likely chance they will be getting it on by 5x08.


*Harry’s first kiss as seen by Lily and James*

James: She stayed back!

Lily: Calm down James

James: No.. but.. she.. she stayed back with Harry.

Lily: *nodding* I am aware, it may be nothing.

James: He has been swooning over her for months now, this is something.

Cedric: The- uh- I’m just gonna go check on my father. *leaves*

Lily: *scolding* You idiot.

James: Cedric come back, she’s talking about you.

Cedric: *stops on his tracks and listens* She was always a bit too emotional for her own good, it must be hard on her.

Lily: It is and if you don’t want to stay we understand. 

Cedric: It was never that serious with her you know dating and all, I liked her very much but it hadn’t been that long when I- you know. 

Lily: Still, it must be hard for you, too. Go check on your father dear.

Cedric: *smiling* Thanks, Lily.

James: *whispering* Lily!

Lily: What?!

James: *excited* Mistletoe!!

Lily: What the bloody hell is a nargle?

James: Do you remember that Scamander kid in Hufflepuff son of Newt Scamander the writer of–

Lily: *eye-roll* I know who Newt Scamander is Jamie

James: He talked about those th– THEY ARE KISSING OH MERLIN

Lily: The exact same reaction as Sirius honestly you two are incredible.

James: Shush Evans, my boy is having his first kiss

Lily: And we are watching, only if he knew.. He would probably hate us.

James: *grabby hands* Hands Harry haaands!

Lily: *teasing* Like you didn’t stand still when I first kissed you, I had to stand on my tiptoes because you wouldn’t even lean in!

*Harry’s back to common room as Lily and James have a discussion about their first kiss*

Lily: Why isn’t he speaking?

James: He just had his first kiss ever???

Lily: And?

James: He’s in a state of shock Lils.

Lily: I wouldn’t have shut up.

James: People are different, Sirius didn’t shut up for an hour after Remus kissed him.

Lily: *laughing* Ronald is you when they kissed though, look at him cheering.

James: Why is Hermione treating this like a Arithmancy essay?

Lily: She’s a highly logical girl, probably doesn’t think there’s much to it really.

James: If Cho can feel all of that at the same time and still stay alive, someone give this girl a medal.

*Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have* 

Lily: Yes Hermione! YES. I mean why doesn’t Harry fancy her?

James: Don’t be ridiculous Hermione likes Ron.

Lily: What?

James: Well now we know where Harry got his obliviousness. Don’t you remember the Yule Ball?

Lily: I do but they are so different.

James: *raises and eyebrow* Evans. Your argument is invalid because you married me.

Lily: You are right. I just hope he has the decency to ask her on a date.

James: He will, don’t worry. 

Lily: *skeptical* It took you months to ask me out.

James: *sarcastically* Could it be, I’m just gonna have a wild guess, because I was afraid you would hex me?

Lily: Shut up Potter.

James: You say that every time I am right.

Lily: *mortifying stares*

James: Alright, alright.

I want the “really good artist lance” au where one day they get to go to the markets and they have this super rare money so they can get a bunch of stuff so Lance just buys 1000000 things of paper and like- 12 sketchbooks. Watercolors. Color pencils (or stuff that is v close to it) some markers, charcoal- all of the stuff he uses for his pieces and stuff so the lady giving it to him helps him carry the stuff to his lion and he draws what’s on his mind so he can think about it and stuff and he doesn’t wanna tell the others about it because he’s afraid they’ll think he’s bad so he draws and paints in private and sometimes he hangs them on blues walls and she’s super happy when he draws the two of them and so one day he’s hanging out by the kitchen and shiro comes up to him along with the rest of the crew and they’re like "So we haven’t been seeing you lately, and we’re worried. You’ve been cooped up in your lion more than ever. I get that hanging with our lions is important, but it’s important to hang with us too.“ 

And Keith is like "you’re ruining the bond throughout the paladins” which earns him a hard elbow to the ribs from Pidge.

And he’s like “Yea dude just me and blue have been getting along more than ever” and like- that’s not really a lie they’ve been doing a lot better recently especially when he painted her and the other lions and hung it up. 

And Hunk is like “but a couple days ago I saw you bring something in there?” And everyone just looks at Lance and they’re like “well lets just go check it out then" 


..and then Lance books it he is flying out of there to blue so fast it’s like they don’t notice what’s going on before he’s already close to her opening and they start running too and just as Keith is about to make it to her jaw she shuts it and they’re all like "LANCE I SWEAR TO GOD YOU GET YOU ASS OUT OF THERE OR ELSE YOU LION WONT BE THE ONLY THING THATS BLUE AROUND HERE.” And hes like- trying to hide all of the art work of them and he’s just like “blue they’re gonna think I’m a weirdo” and blues like “child ily but everyone already thinks that.  But we all love you very much I’m sure it pains them you hide this.” And so he just silently starts crying and then he’s just wailing on blues controls trying to give her a hug or something and he can feel her hugging back

And so he puts all of the paintings and drawings back and says “you can open up if you want I’ll be finishing up this painting” and he just picks up his paints and turns back to the big sketch of the seven of them he was already painting and then she opens her jaw and they walk in ready to beat the shit out of him for running away but then

they see his art

And they are so breathtaken and it’s so beautiful shiro wants to SOB his eyes out because L a n C e did this Lance his amazing partner his paladin his teammate did all of this and pidge is so happy about the drawing of her with short braids in her hair and Keith is just blushing slightly at the drawing of him with his hair cut and lance just says “I think it would look better if you got it cut.” And hes like “..me too.” And Lance S m i l e s and Shiro wants to take this cute boy into his arms and kiss the life out of him. 

Shiro settles on picking him up and hugging him as he holds a picture of the five of them all laughing together in one of the restaurants on earth and Lance hugs him back and he was like “I drew that when my homesickness was acting it’s worse. Maybe after we’re done being paladins we can all go and eat together on earth. That would be cool.”

hope you liked this is basically me I’m always scared to show people what i draw cause its not as good as the other people’s stuff 

British Invasion | 5

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks.] Riley’s world is slowly starting to fall to pieces the more her heart gets broken. In the words of Stefan Salvatore ‘how many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?’ Well, plenty. The next chapter will revolve around whats been happening to Lucas since Riley left. As it turns out, she’s not the only one who’s changed.
Chapter Five: “Sound of my heart breaking.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Word Count: 4,374


“Just go – your new life is waiting for you.”

After abruptly ending their video call Maya sat there, staring at the empty screen before her. She couldn’t wrap her head around what had just happened. She hardly ever got into it with Riley, they were always so good at talking through their feelings but maybe that was the problem. She didn’t know how to talk through what she was feeling because she didn’t know how to describe what she was feeling in the first place. How do you tell your best friend that you hate that they’re happy without you? It didn’t make sense to her. She loved Riley and would do anything for her but the thought of Riley thriving without her, the thought of her living her life without her seemed unfair. They were supposed to take on the world together and Riley was getting a head start.

Her phone screen lights up, notifying her that she had a text.

Riles: I don’t want to fight with you, Peaches.

She types out a long message, apologizing, admitting to being in the wrong and just as she’s about to press ‘send’ she gets an Instagram notification telling her Riley had been tagged in a photo. Closing her iMessage she opens the app, curious to see who had tagged her and what the picture was of.

It was a picture of Allison and Riley, sitting on her bed eating take out and the caption read: Reunited with my best friend.

Feeling angry and forgotten, Maya did what Maya does best and she shuts down.

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maegonstorm  asked:

Did you say... prompts? Fenhawke wedding! Fenhawke wedding! Fenhawke wedding! Pretty please? I have a strong preference for it to be happy (and for you to be happy)

I realized this could be an entire fic in and of itself, so I tried something a little different here. Hope it’s not too off-putting.

From an addendum to The Tales of the Champion, by Varric Tethras, found only in more recent copies of the tome –

Dear readers, as it comes time to update my novel for posterity, I would like to take the opportunity to describe for you a wedding – a wedding of lavish excess unlike anything has ever known, paid in full by the joint efforts of the citizens of a city grateful for all the years of sacrifice, dedication, and service their Champion invested in it.

I would like to describe for you the excitement and the fanfare. I would like to tell you how the Divine herself came down to oversee the ceremony, which was held in Kirkwall’s recently rebuilt Chantry. The aisles were strewn with fresh fragrant rose petals, and the air was bright with sweet music. The Champion and his elf, clad in exquisite Orlesian silk suites, said their vows in the light of the setting sun, and as they shared their first kiss of marital bliss – a miracle! Andraste’s statue, watching over the union, shed three pure, glistening tears of joy!

I would like to describe all this for you – but we all know it’s a load of nug shit.

Kirkwall did not remember its gratitude for its Champion for long, and Fenris and Hawke were forced to flee the city one dark and moonless night. They travelled for a time, fighting slavers, never staying in one place for too long. When Fenris at long last agreed to marry the Champion, they went to Lothering, and wrote for their friends to come and join them there.

The intentions were good. The planning? Terrible.

Lothering, for all its rustic charm, is a bit of a backwoods shithole. Even rebuilt and a full eight years into its recovery from the Blight, it remains one of those provincial little Fereldan towns that refuses to recognize the legality of the union between a human and an elf.

A few of the Chantry sisters knew Hawke from before, but the Mother did not – and no amount of Hawke’s dark scowls and strongly-worded pleas could convince her to allow any of the sisters to perform the service. They were not even permitted to hold their “unnatural farce of a wedding” within the Chantry’s walls.

The Mother was, dear readers, a bitch.

This unfortunate news was not discovered until after I had arrived with the others, and it could have ruined everything – but our brave heroes were not daunted. Hawke would not be deterred in his quest. It was an old man named Barlin who suggested they have the ceremony on the hill where Malcolm Hawke’s ashes were buried. Hawke had recently brought Bethany and Leandra’s remains to rest there as well, so it was almost like having Hawke’s family present, even if Carver had sent word that he had no intention of attending, himself.

As to the services, Sebastian and Merrill offered to help.

“I know you aren’t Dalish, Fenris, but I thought it could be nice,” Merrill said. “I was my clan’s First, so I do have the authority – and anyway, it couldn’t hurt anything, could it? Really, it’s a lovely ceremony – and, oh, I’m babbling, but wouldn’t you at least consider it? I would really like to help, if you would let me.”

Fenris surprised me. He looked at Hawke, and was quiet for a long time before he said, “A generous offer. Thank you,” and it was settled.

Attire was the next hurdle. Hawke and Fenris had been away from Kirkwall for well over a year, and neither one of them owned anything suitable for a wedding. Barlin offered to lend them something, but his suites, aside from being moth eaten and thirty years out of style, didn’t fit.

“If you make me trying one more on, I’m setting it on fire,” Hawke warned.

Aveline met him glare for glare. “You can’t very well get married in that ratty old flannel!”

“Nude wedding?” Isabela perked.

“Hawke can wear whatever he wants,” Fenris announced. “I don’t care. I just want to marry him.”

“You all heard that?” Hawke asked. “I have witnesses?”

“At least mend the holes in the shirt,” Aveline frowned.

The morning of the ceremony dawned dark and gloomy.

“Rain on your wedding is a good omen,” I tried to tell them. We gathered in the common room of Lothering’s inn and we ate the wedding cake and we drank the champagne and we watched the storm roll in across the farm fields. Merrill wove flowers into a circlet that the Big Guy actually let her put on his head, and the moment the rain let up we were up and out the door, rushing across the tiny town to what remained of the old Hawke family farm.

Maybe it was the champagne, but I’ll swear to you, reader, that the clouds parted and the sun poured down on them like pure gold. I’ve never seen Hawke smile the way he did that morning, with flowers in his hair and Fenris’s hands in his hands.  The elf looked pretty damned happy, too.

You’ve all seen weddings, readers, though maybe not weddings like this one. Choir Boy said his prayers, and Daisy sang to her gods. The Champion and his elf vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives. Aveline and I stood up with Hawke, Donnic and Isabela with Fenris. Old Barlin cried.

It started raining again, right there at the end. Hawke laughed, and pulled Fenris close, and as the skies opened up once more, they kissed, again and again and again, smiling between their kisses.

If you want to see love, you only have to watch the way they look at each other.

We all stayed in Lothering for a few days after, but it was bittersweet. Hard to feel like old times when loss is like a scar on reality. But it was good – I’m glad I got to be there.

I wish I knew what the future held. I wish we could all to back to what came before – fix some things, right some wrongs.

But at least I can end this confident in one thing.

The Champion of Kirkwall is going to be just fine.

-          V. Tethras

Never Let a Wound Ruin Me

this was a request but the ask posted weird so i’m posting it here but anyway this is a fluffly jamilton oneshot based on @midnigtartist battle buddies au in which Alex and Thomas discuss Alex’s scars

word count: 1.5k 

“Are you ever gonna tell me how you got all those scars?”

Alex paused buttoning up his shirt to look at Thomas in consideration. He was used to his lovers asking about his scars. Generally during a one night stand there is a moment in which his shirt comes off and whoever he’s with sees the scars and it’s a second in which they take it in and decide to comment on it. Some people ignore it. Some people are into it.

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And the winner is...:Tom Holland x Black Actress

Requested:  Can u do one where the reader and Tom are going to the Oscars and the reader is nominated for la laland and wins and Viola says she’s like her daughter :’) and Tom is like super proud and cheers really loud when she wins and she thanks him in her speech and makes a joke about Tom and Ryan. And can u include the after party where they’re like the hawttest thank u boo

AU: The actress is an African American actress who stars in La La Land (honestly that would’ve been a bit more touching to see the struggle of an African American actress in the industry but I ain’t write the script…anyways)

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“I am so nervous!” You whispered in Tom’s ear during the commercial break. You were nominated for Best Actress in a leading role for La La Land. You had won every possible award there was but this was the big one. Your category was up next and you could feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. 

“You’re going to win love. Trust me.” He kissed you on the cheek. The show was back and your category being announced. “And here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Lead role.”

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Could you do a poly scenario with Jicheol?

“What should we do for Seungcheol’s birthday?” Jihoon asked absentmindedly while flipping through the newspaper, scanning the news articles and whatever advertisements had been put into it. It was the last week of July, meaning the big day he had just mentioned was a mere two weeks away.

You put your phone down and let out a thoughtful hum. “What’s our budget?”

Jihoon chuckled and turned to look at you. “Not very high? We both only have part-time jobs.”

“Right,” you sighed and got your feet off Jihoon’s lap, where they had been resting for a while, and sat up next to him. “Should we buy something? Make something? Take him somewhere?”

He shrugged, and remained silent for a while, before speaking up again, this time sounding hopeful. “How about all three? We could buy something, make him a card or a cake, and then take him out for dinner? I think he’ll appreciate the fact that he’s not the one paying.”

Grinning, you nudged Jihoon lightly. “Look at you, coming up with a master plan like that.”

His cheeks gained a slight hue of pink as he pursed his lips, muttering, “Don’t sound so surprised, you’re both important people to me.”

“I know,” you giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, one of your hands cupping his other cheek. “Let’s go shopping later this week, shall we?”

All you got was a nod, and once you had already returned to your phone, a quick kiss on your lips, after which you smiled widely and leaned your head against Jihoon’s shoulder. He rested his head lightly against yours and continued reading the news with a small smile on his lips.

It was Saturday morning, and you and Jihoon were just about to dress up and leave the apartment you three shared when Seungcheol came out of the bedroom, his smile wide and bright as he stretched out his bare upper body.

“What gets you so happy?” you asked with a giggle while putting your shoes on, and even Jihoon smiled at your boyfriend.

“I turn 22 in one and a half weeks,” Seungcheol said simply, and remained smiley when he looked at the two of you, now done stretching. “Where are you guys going?”

“We have some errands to do,” you hummed, and Jihoon nodded along.

Seungcheol squinted with a playful grin spreading to his lips. “Are you buying me a birthday present? You are, aren’t you!”

“You wish,” Jihoon said with a roll of his eyes and opened the door out of the apartment; despite his words, as soon as his back was facing Seungcheol, his lips curved into a smile.

Seungcheol pouted, and you laughed while grabbing your bag, mouthing the shirtless, pouty boyfriend of yours “He loves you” before giving him a kiss and leaving with Jihoon.

The dark-haired male shrugged, and as he moved to the kitchen to get some breakfast, continued humming about how his birthday was coming up and how you were definitely buying him something.

Meanwhile, you and Jihoon walked to the nearby shopping center, looking around curiously when you arrived.

“Where should we start?” you asked in wonder while scanning all the stores, spotting jewelry, books, clothes, music… just about everything. While Jihoon worried his lower lip between his teeth, deep in thought, you caught his hand in yours and interlaced your fingers.

Squeezing your hand in his, Jihoon finally spoke. “Do you think he’d like a watch? His current one’s a bit… worn out, I’d say.”

“A bit,” you said with a laugh, and began leading your boyfriend to the nearest jewelry store. “I think he’d love a watch.”

Jihoon smiled, and once you were in the store, began looking at the watches. You tried not to focus too much on everything else they had to offer, and laughed every time Jihoon pulled you back when you were about to wander off to look at necklaces and rings.

Grinning, he looked at you warmly. “Try to focus, we need to find him a watch that looks good and is affordable.”

“Sorry,” you sing-sang and looked at the collection of watches. None of them really struck you as something that Seungcheol would wear, so some minutes later you were pouting a little. “I think we should try another store.”

“Yeah,” Jihoon said with a sigh, just as disappointed as you were.

You walked to another store, and were delighted to find a watch just like Seungcheol as soon as you walked in. The price, however, was a bit out of your range, which made you pout - at least until Jihoon pulled out a coupon from his pocket.

“I actually have a discount,” he said with a small smile that only widened when you turned to look at him like he had just saved the day, which he pretty much had.

“I love discounts,” you said as you hugged Jihoon, and grinned when you pulled back, looking at his slightly embarrassed expression.

He chuckled and shook his head, after which you proceeded to move to the cashier, and a moment later you left the store with the watch in a neat box that was in a gift wrap.

With the present bought, everything else seemed a lot easier, and you stopped for some coffee before moving on to the nearest store selling stationery and the like, from where you bought some materials for the birthday card (and bought a ready one just in case something went wrong).

When you got back home, you were met with an empty apartment, since Seungcheol had a football game. Jihoon sighed in relief. “This makes hiding the present a lot easier.”

“This makes a lot of things easier,” you laughed while unloading the card materials onto the kitchen table, which you more often than not also used as a desk. “Should we do the card now?”

Jihoon took a look at the time, and concluding that you had enough time, nodded and went to hide the box the watch was in. “Sure, let’s get to it.”

Making the card proved out to be a lot more fun than the two of you had initially anticipated, and you were happy to notice that you wouldn’t need the backup card, after all. What was a bit less fun was when Seungcheol came home and you realized that time had passed a lot faster than you thought, and had to scramble as you had to hide the card and the materials used on it, and threw whatever waste was left to the trash.

“Were you working on something?” Seungcheol asked with a grin when he had locked the door behind himself, dropping his training bag to the floor. “You look so panicked.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” you laughed nervously, looking at Jihoon from the corner of your eye as he speed walked to your bedroom to hide the card. A relieved sigh left your lips. “How was the game?”

“Guess,” Seungcheol smirked smugly and walked up to you, placing his hand on your lower back and slowly leaning down. “We won.”

You placed your hands on his shoulders, trying to steady yourself at least a little as he kissed you in a way that took your breath away. At that point you didn’t even mind the fact that he was sweaty - with his lips so demanding on yours and his hand pulling you flush against him, you didn’t even register it.

When he pulled away, he smiled at you. “You’re cute.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled dazedly, blinking slowly while Seungcheol started moving to the bedroom.

“Jihoonie!” he called out while disappearing into the dark room, where Jihoon had yet to come out of. You laughed as you listened to the exchange in the bedroom.

“You’re sweaty, stay awa–” Jihoon’s stern words were cut short, and you knew that the reason was that Seungcheol was giving him a kiss similar to the one you had just gotten. Soon Jihoon continued, his voice much softer. “…y from me.”

Much to your relief, Seungcheol didn’t bring up his birthday again that evening, and instead glowed about the fact that his team had won the soccer game while showing you and Jihoon affection every chance he got.

The closer you had gotten to Seungcheol’s birthday, the more excited he was about it, and the more you and Jihoon shared excited grins, although you were both still a bit nervous about whether he’d actually like the watch or not.

When the evening of Seungcheol’s birthday finally came, all three of you went out for dinner. The restaurant wasn’t the fanciest, but it also wasn’t the shabbiest - just the right amount of fanciness for the birthday, but not enough to make any of you uncomfortable.

You ate with happy chatter passing around, and when your plates had been taken away and you were waiting for dessert, Jihoon finally turned to Seungcheol with his lips curving into a smile.

“We got a present for you,” he said, his voice steady and warm as he looked into the excited, dark brown eyes of his boyfriend.

“Yeah,” you said with a smile of your own, immensely pleased to see the birthday boy so happy. Seungcheol could barely keep his bottom on the chair as he grinned, the gummy grin that had both your and Jihoon’s hearts melting.

“What is it?” he asked, excited, and moved his gaze from you to Jihoon and back to you.

Jihoon turned to look at you expectantly, and you threw him a look just as expectant. A moment passed, and slowly the smile on Jihoon’s face died out as he frowned a little. “…Didn’t you bring it?”

Your eyes widened. “Weren’t you supposed to?”

“No,” Jihoon said curtly, his voice rising a little in pitch, and sighed while rubbing his temples a little. You pouted, unsure of what to say.

“…From what I’m getting, I assume I’ll get my present when we get back home?” Seungcheol asked, still smiling brightly as he laughed at you and Jihoon.

The two of you threw him apologetic looks, and spoke in unison. “We’re sorry.”

Seungcheol shook his head and placed his hands on top of yours and Jihoon’s. “It’s fine. I can’t wait to get those tickets to see Taeyang.”

You and Jihoon looked at him with wide eyes, at which Seungcheol couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“I’m kidding, I’ll love whatever you’ve gotten me,” he said while snickering, and only calmed down a little when the waiter brought you your dessert.

“You better…” you muttered with a pout, and got an assuring squeeze on your thigh from Jihoon.

Seungcheol nodded, and with a straight face, said what you considered to be one of the cheesiest things he had ever said, which was a lot. “I mean, I love you two, so I’m bound to love what you’ve bought for me, too.”

Jihoon grimaced but smiled anyway, and you snorted. Seungcheol grinned cheekily while digging into his piece of cheesecake, feeling incredibly self-satisfied.

In the end you and Jihoon were happy to see that Seungcheol really loved the watch, and immediately replaced his old one with it. Neither of you really minded the kisses you got from him that night, although you did both give him quite a few, too.

“It’s been a great birthday,” Seungcheol said with a happy sigh when you were all lying in bed, having one of your usual talk sessions before sleeping.

“We tried,” Jihoon grinned and shared a warm look with you, and you smiled at him. 

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Good Girl Ch 23: Night Out With Jihyo

“No,” Yoongi deadpans, answering Jihyo on my behalf.

“I’m not asking you,” She glares at our oppa.

“I’m just giving you the answer that you are going to receive from all twelve men. They would rather saw off their own foots before they hand Joo-ya over to you.”

She huffs cutely, looking to me for help, “Joojoo, you want to go out right?”

I sigh, debating on whether or not lying would do anything for me, knowing Jihyo she would twist it around so that it was my idea in the first place. I nod, “I want to go.”

“Great you convinced Joo noona, now you have all our hyungs,” Kookie teases.

“Why are those bastards so strict, you guys get to see her outside of school but god forbid me to see her at school half the time?”

“Maybe because the last time you guys went out, you ended up in a club that had to close because of a shoot out,” Hoseok reminds her.

“Because of that night they got to meet her, they should be grateful,” She snaps back.

“Please tell them that,” Namjoon laughs.

“Fine.” She stands up from her seat, a determined look on her face, that never ends with something good.

“Fine what?” I question, standing up with her.

“I’m going to go tell them that they owe me one night out with you. It has been two months since you’ve lived those bastards and I want my Joo back.” She huffs as she charges away from the table towards the hall. I wave to our oppas and dongseangs before following her out of the lounge. She is quietly plotting in her head, I feel kind of terrified for whoever she is in search of, Jihyo is not someone I would want to be on the wrong side of. But as she heads to Suho’s office I begin to fear for myself at the battle that could happen. I block the doors with my body, being dramatic as possible hoping to crack the bitch face she is wearing, but no luck.

“Ji-ya please don’t start a fight with our headmaster,” I beg.

“No Joo, I’m tired of them getting all of your time and attention, I get you for three hours five days out of the week and we are in class at the time so it doesn’t count,” I want to laugh at how she argued the same as I do with my daddies.

The door behind me busts open to reveal six of my daddies; five are wearing the uniform while Suho is looking wonderful in a three-piece suit. They beam at me at first, that is until they see Jihyo glaring at them behind me.

“What is going on?” Chanyeol questions as he comes over to kiss the top of my head.

“I’m here to speak with the headmaster,” Jihyo walks past Chanyeol, she grabs my hand to drag me away from the, now angry, giant. She makes me sit in one of the two chairs in front of Suho’s desk while she sits in the other, completely ignoring the six men glaring at her.

“Is everything okay Joo-ya?” Kyungsoo questions coming to my side to give me a once over. I nod, giving him a small smile, my anxiety begins rising as the others gather around the desk, Suho is in his seat scanning me as well.

“I’m here to talk about Jooyoung getting out for a night. Since you are her guardian while she’s in school I wanted to ask you to please approve my request,” Her politeness towards Suho calms me slightly.

“May I ask what you would be doing during this night out?” Suho asks as he mindlessly plays with a pen, his eyes are focused on an unwavering Jihyo. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy Jihyo’s ice princess mood, where even six glaring gangsters can’t make her face falter.

“I want to celebrate her upcoming birthday, but since I’ve been told a dozen times by my friends that she would be busy that day I want to do it next weekend. We are going to get dressed up and go to dinner.” I try no to laugh at the bullshit coming out of her mouth.

“She already has plans next weekend,” Suho tells us. I raise a brow at him, I was not aware of this. He notices my confusion, “Since your normal appointment with Mr. Jiyong happens to fall on your birthday we discussed it so that we get you on your birthday and he gets you the whole weekend,” I can tell he’s annoyed with the last put but I can’t help but laugh, making every face in the room soften.

“Suho oppa, please, how about just for tonight. You guys can drop me off at her house and pick me up in the morning, no big deal,” I give him my best aegyo that always makes the cute man cave.

“Can you bring Kai and Sehun along at least?” Suho bargains.

“No,” Jihyo and I say together, earning frowns from the men.


“Because we can’t be ourselves with those two creeping over Joo’s shoulder,” Ji glares at the two boys on my right.

“I’m actually going to agree with Jihyo on this guys, I’m sorry,” I give them an apologetic smile.

“What about Jin and his boys?” Tao suggests.

Jihyo crosses her arms over her chest, “They are sitting at a different table.”

“Are you guys seriously letting me go?” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised.

“Are you really that surprised?” Kyungsoo chuckles at the sight of my wide eyes.

“You go out every Tuesday with Mr. Kwon, Miss. Jihyo is a much safer option. Plus you’ve been doing really well in school, and you have been really well behaved. You deserve it,” Suho’s smile warms me.

“I don’t thing the other hyungs are going to agree,” Sehun looks somewhat apologetic.

“How about you go home with Miss. Jihyo and we will deal with the others, okay?” Suho’s kindness is starting to throw me off, something is up but I can’t talk about it now with Jihyo beaming at me.

“You and the others made it sound like they keep locked in there like a prison,” Jihyo laughs.

The men raise their brow at me, I glare at the stupid girl, “I do not, they’re strict. At least they usually are.” I scan each man, noticing how tense they are I decide it’s none of my business, especially since it probably has to do with their business. “Thank you guys, I guess I’ll be borrowing Jihyo’s clothes tonight.”

“I have an outfit picked out for you anyway,” Jihyo jumps to her feet, already excited about tonight. “And it’s not like we wear pajamas to sleep anyway, too hot.”

Again I feel all eyes on me, “Okay, Jihyo since we got what we wanted we should go before the boys start to worry.” I jump to my feet and begin pulling the smiling girl behind me, I shove her out first before looking over my shoulder to blow a kiss to my daddies and mouth I love you. They catch my kiss, Jihyo pulls me out of the room right after, not giving me the chance to hear it back from them.

“That was a lot easier than expected,” I think out loud to myself.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I chuckle as we stand outside the restaurant that has become my weekly regular.

“What, have you been here before?” Jihyo hands her keys off to the valet who bows deeply to me, Jihyo is obviously confused at the sudden movement. I quickly pull her along, entering the lobby with our arms hooked. It feels weird being there with the hushed conversations of strangers and the hustle and bustle of more than one server. There are women in beautiful dresses and men in neat suits, I’m grateful Jihyo had picked out a simple black dress to match the jewelry I refused to take off. We walk up to the pretty young hostess who is staring down at her reservation list, glancing at the line of fancy customers I can’t imagine it’s easy to get a reservation here.

“Table for Song Jihyo,” My friend says with the utmost confidence in her name.

Without looking up the woman says, “We had issues with reservations so please take a seat, we will call you when a table is ready.” Jihyo has never looked so offended, I could see the fire burning in her eyes as she prepares to snap back.

I step in, “How about a table for Kim Jooyoung?” The girl’s head snaps up to stare at me in aw and horror.

“I’m so sorry Miss. Kim, please come this way.” She automatically scoops up two menus and leads a dumbstruck Jihyo and I into the main dining room. I’m happy to be set at my usual table that is the only open table in the whole restaurant. Jihyo sits across from me, still confused, the pretty girl sets down the menus before bowing deeply and scampering away.

“What the hell?” She breathes after a few minutes.

“You know the Mr. Kwon I have appointments with every Tuesday?”

She nods.

“He owns the place. We come here every week for dinner.”

“How the hell?” She huffs cutely. “Is that the reasons the boys said they would meet us after dinner?”

I shrug, “Probably, they are close with my oppas and my oppas are not a fan of Mr. Kwon.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting Miss. Jooyoung,” Junhoe, the waiter from my first night here, beams at me. He has been here every time Jiyong and I have come and has become somewhat of an acquaintance. In his hands is my favorite bottle of whine from Jiyong’s stash in the back just for us, two-glass limit for me.

“Oh no Junhoe, that’s not for us, Oppa wouldn’t want me to drink it without him. Could we have something else?” I feel bad turning it down but I feel worse doing it without Jiyong.

“Are you sure?”

I nod, “Some other kind would be great.”

“I’ll be back.” The blonde giant rushes off to find something else.

“Does he know how old we are?” Jihyo watches the man go.

I shrug, “They never asked so I think it’s kind of a don’t ask questions thing. Since my oppa doesn’t mind, they shouldn’t.”

“You have all the connections now, I’m jealous,” She teases.

“It’s fun to be the top dog for once,” We laugh, but our joking is cut short by my phone buzzing on the table. Looking down I see a text from Jiyong.

Take the wine.

Love, Oppa

P.S. Happy early birthday!

P.P.S. You look so beautiful

I chuckle at the message but pause for a minute before scanning the restaurant, only to come up empty. Junhoe returns with the same bottle in hand, horror on the poor man’s face.

“I must insist on the wine,” He basically begs.

“We will take the wine, sorry for troubling you,” I hold out my glass that he happily accepts. Jihyo watches him with predator like eyes as he fills her glass, setting it down in front of her once he is done.

“And for dinner?” He smiles at us.

“I haven’t had the chance to look,” I watch Jihyo as she does her little flirty thing as I scan the menu myself.

“I’m your personal server so if you need any suggestions I’m here to help.”

“Oh my, who are you screwing to get such amazing treatment?” Jihyo whispers as Junhoe goes back to the kitchen.

“Jiyong oppa is a really good friend, he reminds me of you,” I swat at her.

She grins, “Me? Oh my, please jump on that, if not, let me do it. I doubt he would go for me. Every single one of your oppas avoids me like the plague, it’s very insulting. But what makes you think of me when you see him?”

I laugh at the thought, “He likes to buy me things no matter how many times I tell him no. He likes making my oppas jealous. A constant flirt. You both love the fabulous things in life. There are no secrets between us, Jiyong answers any question I ask him. Your personalities are just so a like it freaks me out some times.”

“Has he offered to runaway with you to Paris? If so, I will fight him on it.”

“I stopped that idea before he could even think about it.”

She laughs, “I’m happy you have been able to become such a social butterfly. To think you used to only talk to me and the boys, now you have a line of suitors fighting to get your attention.”

“They aren’t really fighting.” I laugh awkwardly.

“What are you getting?” She mindlessly changes the subject as she scans the menu.

“I don’t know, I usually get the steak but I’m feeling daring.”

“Should we just let them pick?”

I nod, waving Junhoe over when the nervous boy sticks his head out of the kitchen doors. “We decided to let the chef pick.”

I don’t know why but this seems to make him nervous, “Are you sure? I can suggest something, maybe narrow down your options.”

“Are you afraid we won’t like it and complain to your boss?” Jihyo can automatically tell what is wrong with him.

The boy stares at the ground nervously, “Yes.”

I sigh, pulling out my phone I dial Jiyong’s number, he picks up on the second ring, “Who do I need to kill?”

I laugh, “I didn’t know I needed to prepare that list, give me a couple days to get back to you with that.”

“What can I do for my beautiful Joo?”

“I was wondering what suggestions you have.”

“Is Junhoe giving you bad service?”

“No, no, of course not, he is very wonderful and patient, I just feel bad making the poor man nervous.” I give Junhoe an apologetic smile. “And since I don’t want anyone else being blamed for bad food I figured I would call the boss.”

“Option 7.”

“I’ll trust you.”

“Have fun on your night out. I really like that dress, you should bring it along next week.”

“How do you know what I look like?” I scan the restaurant again.

“Look up and to your left.” Following his directions I see a camera hooked to the ceiling. “Wave.”

I laugh waving to the camera, “Thank you for the suggestion, now get back to work. I’ll see you next week.” I hang up before looking back at a dumbstruck Junhoe.

“No matter how many times I see you talking to him it is always so strange,” He says without thinking.

“Is he really that cold normally?” Jihyo barely understands what’s going on.

Junhoe and I both nod, “Mr. Kwon is a scary man. Unless he’s talking to Miss. Jooyoung, then he becomes a completely different person.”

“I tend to do that to people. Jiyong oppa said option 7.” Junhoe nods before returning to the kitchen.

“I wonder if he’s single,” Jihyo wonders.

“I can ask Junhoe when he comes back if you are that interested.”

She shakes her head, “I mean Jiyong. He does all this stuff for you, you guys talk so casually, is he your boyfriend?”

“No, just a friend. Like I said, a male version of you.”

She doesn’t seem to buy it, “You love me, so how could you not want to date the male version of me?”

I sip my wine as I try my best to ignore her question. Jiyong is not part of that group, at least I don’t think he is. As I try to figure out whether or not I should consider him an actual suitor or just a friendly flirt our food arrives. But even with a subject change and delicious food in front of me I can’t seem to get my mind off the gangster.


“This wasn’t part of the plan Ji,” I groan as I’m dragged into the mansion that belongs to one of our classmates. The tall beauty looks back at me and beams.

“You didn’t expect me to tell them we were going to a party, did you?” With her hand still latched to mine I have no choice but to follow her threw the crowd of drunken teenagers. God I hate parties, filled with nothing buy snotty rich kids I feel out of place. “We’ll get a few drinks in you and things will be fine.”

“I’m already buzzed, I don’t think I need anymore. How about you go have fun and dance, I’m going to call the boys to come find us?” I try to shake her hand away with no luck.

“We are partying together, we are going to drink, dance, possibly make out, who knows, anything is possible.”

We find the drinks table that is filled with all kinds of expensive liquor that kids probably stole from the their careless parents or had an employee buy for them. I stupidly let Jihyo mix my drink while I stare at the beautiful house that is getting destroyed. It feels like a club with the flashing lights and the crazy bass that makes me tremble, there is a massive amount of bodies that are grinding together on the dance floor. I’m reminded of the last time I went out with Jihyo two months ago where we got shot at and I found my daddies. And as much as I love the situation I’m in with them, I would prefer not to add another guys to my list of mafia related friends or I guess boyfriends when I comes to my daddies.

She hands me the red cup filled with some blue horrible smelling liquid and I already want to throw up after one sip. Again, she grabs my hand and leads me away towards the dance floor. Thankfully we stopped at her house to change into something less formal, I found myself in a familiar leather skirt and crop top. My eyes scan the mansion for any sign of my daddies, figuring they could send Kai or Sehun to follow me but I would definitely know if they were here. There would be screaming or fainting girls at the sight of them outside of school which is apparently the rarest thing imaginable that this school. But once I think about it, it makes sense since they spend all of their free time at home with their brothers and me.

“Ya!” Jihyo yells bringing me out of my mind. “Dance, stop standing there like a deer in headlights.” She grabs my hips and begins moving them for me, making me realize she has already downed her toxic drink and is most likely feeling it. Great, guess we’re stuck here since I already know I can’t drive. She gives me her puppy dog eyes that give me no choice but to move my hips to the music. Of course she constantly encourages me to drink, not wanting to be alone in her drunkenness, and leave me alone in my sobriety. After about an hour my drink has been emptied and refilled three times, my feet hurt in my heels, Jihyo is a giggling mess, and I think we’re ready to go home.

“Oppa, oppa, oppa,” I sing to myself as I pull out my phone to call someone.

“Joo-ya, where are you?” Yoongi demands right when he picks up.

“Oppa! Why don’t you sound happy to hear from me?” I whine.

There is a brief pause before Jin comes on to the phone, “Joojoo, where are you?” He coos cutely.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, I asked Jihyo and she didn’t know, she just knew where the party was.”

“Okay, give us one second,” Again there is a pause of shushed talking and buttons being pressed. A few minutes pass of Jihyo and I mindlessly swaying to the music, beginning to feel tired. “We found you, now just go to the front door to wait for us.”

“Okay,” I sing before hanging up. “Come on my love,” I begin dragging Jihyo threw the party of already incredibly drunk teens, though I have no room to judge. I’m proud of myself for being able to stand at the point, especially with how sleepy I am.  We sit down in the foyer on the last few steps of the grand stair case since it’s still pretty cold out. Her head is on my shoulder, our hands our locked together as we wait. Even with the booming bass coming from behind us, I feel extremely peaceful right now, happy that Jihyo didn’t abandon me for once at one of these things.

“I’m sorry I dragged you here,” She slurs half asleep.

“I had fun actually, you are a lot more fun at these when you don’t wander away,” I tease.

“Ugh, I’m such a bad friend. I’m sorry I’ve been such a shitty friend.”

“You aren’t a shitty friend.”

She scoffs, “I have a bad habit of picking fuck boys over you, I have abandoned you at so many parties, I’m rude, and mean.”

“And you always come when I need you. You can tell the second I’m upset and try to fix it. You protect me from all the bitches at school who are jealous that Kai and Sehun are always around me. You can be a bitch sometimes, yes, but when it comes down to it, if I need you to drop what you’re doing and come rushing to me, you will. If I need an organ you would give me yours or find someone who matches me and make them do it.”

She busts out laughing at that, “I love you Joo.”

“I love you too Ji.” We sit there for a little longer, just enjoying each other’s presence, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time, when some guy comes over to us, setting my alarms off the moment he gives me a drunken smile.

“Hey there ladies, you look like you need someplace to crash, there are plenty of bedrooms upstairs. I could show you,” His drunken flirtation only annoys my little side.

“No thank you, we’re waiting for our friend,” I do my best to sound polite.

“Come on, I can show you a good time,” He purrs leaning on the stairs railing.

My tone is firmer this time, “We are waiting to go home with our friends, no thank you.”

He huffs, “This bitch is supposed to be easy, if you don’t wanna go, I’m at least taking her.” He reaches for Jihyo but I slap his hand away.

“Ya! You leave her alone!”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” He snaps.

Before I snap back with a bitchy response alarms begin screaming, not the ones in my head but actual police sirens. I don’t have time to fully understand what is going on when people start scrambling to leave or hide. The bastard who was hitting on us scatters as well. Jihyo is too out of it to even sit up fully as police officers begin flooding the mansion in their full gear. I just groan, not even caring enough at this point to get up until two officers stopped to help us up. That wakes Jihyo up, once she realizes we have been detached from each other she gets a little crazy.

“Where are you taking us?” She growls.

“The station until your parents can come get you,” The woman officer responds. We are placed in the back of a police car with some other girl before being driven away from the house.

“Joo,” Jihyo attempts at whispering, “My parents are out of town this week. Can you call yours?”

“Mine are off moving my sister.”

“What about your hot roommates? They can do it right? Call them!”


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6. Yep, you’re definitely drunk.”

She hadn’t remembered the last time she drank a lot but her head was rushing. “I won!” her legs staggered from underneath as she jumped for joy but only to find herself back on the floor with a thud. “I don’t care who won, I feel like my head will fall off any second now,” Umeko groaned as she crawled against the wooden floor.

She tried her best to get up again, this time steadying her legs as she stood. A tap on her shoulder, she swung herself around. “Saizo!” The excitement in her voice came much high pitched than she had meant it to be. Her arms flew around him just as she was about to fall again but Saizo caught her firmly in place. “Wow! Your chest is so broad Saizo!”

“And what are we doing exactly?” the irritation in his tone showed how much he just wanted to go back to rest in peace but he couldn’t just leave her like this in the night.

“Nothing! We were having fun. Wanna join?” Her eyes lit up as she thought of the idea but Saizo immediately refuses.

“Let’s get you to bed.”

“But I’m not sleepy!”

“You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk at all! Look, I can walk straight. Watch me,” she tells him and walked herself straight to the wall, hitting her head. “I could’ve sworn the door was there. That’s weird,” her head tilts in confusion.

“Yep, you’re definitely drunk,” Saizo comments before sweeping her up in bridal form to walk out the door and to her chamber.

“Hmm? What are we doing here?” She asks as Saizo laid her down on her futon. Finally getting the meaning, she immediately grabs his hand to stop him from leaving. “No, don’t leave me! I’m not sleepy.”

“Go to bed,” Saizo forces her hand from him and push her softly back to lay down.

“Stay with me, I need you.” The words to her voice made him froze. She had always kept her true feelings inside and Saizo smirks, deciding to stay after all, giving him a reason to tease her later on. Besides, he couldn’t miss this side of her, she had rarely ever gotten drunk and in front of him.

“Got something else to say?” he presses for her to say more of her true feelings but all she does in return is lick her lips seductively. Saizo smiles to himself with amusement. “And what are we thinking now?”

“You’re sexy.”

Saizo cough suddenly, not expecting to hear her say such words. His cheeks flushes with a slight hint of pink. “*sigh* Go on, say some more. It looks like you’ve got more to say.”

“Hold me, and don’t ever let me go. It’s hot though, so strip me,” she continues to speak without getting embarrassed.

“I don’t think we should be doing that tonight. You are drunk after all,” he tells her as his fingers glides through her hair, tangling them around.


“No buts,” he hushes her with a gentle kiss on her forehead. “I’ll remain here so go on and rest.” The night had been quite interesting but Saizo knows that she needed to sleep with the tone of her voice and drowsy eyes. She then gives out a big yawn and decides to rest her head on his legs and hugging his waist to keep him from leaving. Saizo softly chuckles to not wake her. Her face was still pink from the alcohol but she looked cute in his eyes no matter the situation.

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Everyone just take a moment to let EVERYTHING JTS GAVE US sink in
  • Japril Kissed Harriet Goodbye.
  • Japril Went To Montana With A Private Plane (Which DIDN’T Fall).
  • Japril Mentioned Samuel.
  • April Used A Breast Pump.
  • Jackson Met His Long-Lost Father.
  • April Met Jackson’s Long-Lost Father.
  • Jackson Got Drunk.
  • April Got Pissed.
  • Jackson Woke April Up.
  • April Run To The Door Basically Half-Naked.
  • Jackson Stared At April Being Basically Half-Naked.
  • Japril Said Goodnight To Harriet Via Skype And Were Just So Precious.
  • Jackson Opened Up To April About His Dad.
  • April Was A Rock For Jackson And Urged Him To Talk To His Dad.
  • Jackson Brought April An Apology-And-Make-Up-Coffee.
  • Jackson Opened Up to April again.
  • April Knew Exactly What To Do And Say To Jackson.
  • Japril Super-Cutely Argued Over An Expression.
  • Japril Worked Together And Figured Out The Perfect Solution.
  • Japril Presented Their Solution Adorably With So Much Excitement.
  • “I see it.”
  • Japril Operated Together And It Was Just So Awesome.
  • The Looks Japril Exchanged During Surgery Were Everything.
  • Japril Saved A Child’s Life.
  • Japril Walked Down The Hotel Hallway Just Like They Had In 8x21.
  • Japril Begun Coming Closer.
  • Jackson Gave April The Love Look.
  • “Just Thinking About Our Track Record In Hotels”.
  • Jackson Kissed April.
  • April Kissed Jackson.
  • Jackson Lifted April Up.
  • April Wrapped Her Legs Around Jackson’s Waist.
  • Jackson Carried April To His Room.
  • Japril Had Sex.
  • The Morning After Japril Were Cuddled In Bed, All Naked And Glowing.
  • Japril Couldn’t Keep Their Hands Off Each Other.
  • Jackson Finally Confronted His Dad.
  • Patient Spoke & Japril Exchanged Looks Too Precious To Put In Words.
  • Japril Got Back And Reunited With Harriet.
  • Jackson Watched April Walk Away With Harriet In Her Arms.
  • Jackson Thanked His Mother For Everything.

Let those sink in for a second. We are so blessed. Thank you Shonda for listening to us, THANK YOU.

h would so do this!! could you do a harry talk on it about p? x

Ahhh! This is so adorable. It’s very Harry! Indeed, oh my goodness. 

Exclude the bit that says “Dad is excited to see you tomorrow.” and change it to “Daddy’s excited to see you later today!” because maybe he’s been called into an early morning meeting that could take hours from his day; a day that had been planned to stay inside, cuddling on the sofa with his little girl and spending time as just the three of them because he’s been so busy with his work that he hasn’t had time to spend with them.

Through the night, Persephone would climb into bed with them, snuggling in between them with her face in line with Harry’s on his pillow, her long eyelashes resting on her pink cheeks as she laid flat on her back. And, as much as he loves to cuddle with her and snuggle down under the covers with his two favourite girls, he knows he needs to be up in a few hours and can’t risk being sleepy for his meeting.

When he exits the bathroom after his shower, towel around his waist and another being ran through his hair, he sees his little girl completely nuzzled into the missus’ side with the duvet tucked up beneath her chin, her hair messy and poking from beneath the comforter. Head on her shoulder, arm thrown across the missus’ stomach, legs curled up to her chest. A smile on his face as he disappeared into the walk-in wardrobe and closed the door behind him, flicking on the light and grabbing a sweater and some jeans. 

Dressed up at 7am, he scribes a soft night to leave on his pillow, in reach for the missus to grab and away from causing discomfort to his daughter if she rolled over. 

Good morning, babe and baby! Hope you two slept great together last night. Had a snuggle through the night without me. Daddy’s excited to see you later today! Management called me in for a meetingMake sure mummy eats a healthy breakfast today. We’ve got to look after the new baby now, haven’t we? I love you both, SO much. Love, H. xx

He’d give their foreheads soft kisses before he’d reach for his shoes and quietly walk down the stairs. A heavy weight on his shoulders because he knows that they’ll be saddened at him having to go for a meeting that could last all day and not spending time with them like he’d promised to do. Making a mental note to check in when he had a break to apologise properly and make plans to take them both out for dinner that night. xx