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Driver - Little Red Part 7

Driver - Little Red Part 7

Warning: Cussing. Smut

Chapter 12


I lay there, smiling as I watch my little red sleep. She seems to peaceful, so innocent. A course, I knew she was anything but innocent. Finally, after all these years of searching, I found someone, like me. 

She let out a soft sigh and rolled of my chest. I lean over, brushing her hair away from her face and kissing her cheek. I moved her off my arm and quietly got out of bed.

 I grabbed my pants and headed downstairs. I gather up the rest of my clothes and put them on. I looked at the bodies that were on the floor and shook my head. We got caught up with our need for each other, that we forgot about the bodies.

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Guys, think about it though. We all loved how emotional and intimate Yuuri and Victor were at their reunion at the end of the episode. And after going through post after post, I don’t think anyone could miss Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring finger and his “sounds like a proposal” comment when Yuuri asks him to ‘take care of him until he retires’. But I was just thinking of it today and I realized how neither country our boys come from (Japan or Russia) are very accepting of the LGBT community. Like I looked it up and saw…

And so I got to thinking that even for both of them to be so open with a proposal and whatnot, they couldn’t get married in either or their homelands. And even if they got married in another country where same-sex marriage is legal, they still wouldn’t be legally recognized as married when they went home.

And like, that made me really sad cause now we have these previews:

And in all ways they look like more of a date scene rather than any other speculation. And people are all commenting that the ‘gold and round’ item Yuuri wants to give Victor for Christmas is an engagement ring. And don’t get me wrong, I want them to be together just as much as the next YOI fan. But it just makes me so friggin sad thinking about how in love these two are and the circumstances surrounding them. I mean, Victor is pretty much stating that he’s done with competitive skating to be Yuuri’s coach until he retires. And Yuuri has already pointed out that he’s ‘the oldest in the senior men’s division, by a lot’. And now looking at the domestic side of their lives, it’ll be a really big challenge socially just for them to be happily together or even recognized as a couple let alone accepted as one. So when we get something like this:

Just know, that that’s about as much as we can get right now. And like now I’m a mess and crying cause wHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY LIKE ALL WE WANT IS TO KEEP THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN SAFE AND WARM AND HAPPY AND TOGETHER

Okay, but while we’re still on the topic, can we talk about how Laurel wrapped her arms around Michaela before they kissed?

Originally posted by brysontillergifs

Like, look at how smol Michaela looks just being held like that. And Laurel’s cute ass, being the teddy bear she is, is so fucking proud of her, and after everything the two of them been through (both murder nights, all of those damn cases, working overnight to get evidence, running around in their high-heeled shoes just to interrogate people, dealing with their own personal problems, etc.), they got this one little victory, and Laurel is so fucking proud of the both of them that she wants her happiness to radiate on Michaela. And Michaela is so fucking happy for the both of them as well, so she hugs Laurel back. Like, this is the happiest either one of them has been in a while, and they needed this A in the class. Now that they got it, a giant weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Like, do you guys realize how pure this one little moment is?

Oh, and Laurel’s hand on Michaela’s face? Don’t get me started.


‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

Ellen's with Tom ❤️

Hi hello this is a Tom Holland Imagine hope you like it. :)


You are on Ellen’s with Tom and he will tell the world about you two. ❤️❤️

Ugh I’m so nervous, I said to myself. As I watched Tom getting ready, today was the day Tom would officially say to the world that we are together!
After a lot of rumours Its time now!

“ You look handsome baby girl you! You ready to go in and give it all of got ”.

I smiled nervously and Tom noticed that and gave me a kiss on the cheek so I blushed a little. A little knock on the door and some words saying “ Tom you will be on in 2 minutes ” made my legs shake and sat down in our dressing room ready to see Tom go on.

“ Welcome to Ellen’s, today we a special guest. Tom holland everybody ”.
People were clapping and Tom sat down.
“ Hey Tom good to see you there! ” Ellen said!
“ Thanks for being here, I’m happy to see you and this fantastic crowd ” he smiled!
“ Okay Tom we have a lot to discuss today, we have a lot of rumours with you and special girl and of course the new Spider-Man movie is coming up soon ” Ellen said smiling at him!

“ Let is start up with the first thing! I saw a lot of rumours of you dating a special girl called y/n, you know she’s The Hemsworth brothers sister ” Ellen said * Some Instagram pictures of you and Tom in Paris and Copenhagen came up on the big screen *

Tom smiled down looking a little but flattered. “ Yeah y/n she’s my sweet girlfriend, I love her very much. She’s my best friend ”
Tom said.

Ellen smiled and asked “ How did you guys meet? ”

“ Actually it’s a funny story, On the set of *Civil war*. She came on set with Chris to see what was going on, and then we meet and yeah we kinda liked the same things and we started talking and yeah. Now we are in a relationship ” Tom answered.
Hearing those words made you blush a lot and you couldn’t help it, but feeling a little bit lucky to have Tom in your life.

** When the show is done **

Ellen came to dressing room.
“ So this is the y/n I heard so much about ” Ellen said hugging me, I hugged her back.
“ Yeah thank you for letting me in it’s such a honour to be here and I should say hi from Liam I talked to him yesterday ”. I answered.

Tom came in with a smile on his face. He came over to me and gave a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“ I will leave you guys alone, thank you a lot for coming. Have a good trip home ” Ellen said leaving the room.

“ I love you a lot do you know that ” Tom said hugging me tighter.

“ I love you too ” I answered. Looking in each other’s eyes and suddenly our lips connected and it got a little bit hot so we got our breathes and took our stuff and leaved.
Tom took him arm around me and he took me into him as we got into the car and our driver drove us home.
Leaving the rest to the fantasy.

Best Friends Pt. 2 [G-Eazy Imagine (requested)]

Your POV

Gerald put his head on my naked chest the only sound in the room was are heavy breathing.

He sat up and looked at me, “I missed fucking you.”
“I missed getting fucked by you.” I admitted.

Gerald and me had a complicated past. We have been best friends since we were in middle school. Then when we turned 16 we fucked a lot because we got drunk. And us being drunk decided that being fuck buddies would be a good idea. It worked. We were like that until we left for college. After college we didn’t fuck again until now.

G wrapped me in his arms, “I forgot how short you are.” He said kissing my neck.
“Not all of us are giants.” I replied, enjoying the feeling of lips on my neck. I sighed, “I’ve been fucked I think it’s time for the usual tradition. Let’s smoke.” I said sitting up.
He grinned at me, handing me a blunt. We just stayed like that until we were done smoking. Naked and not bothering to try and cover our selves.

Putting the blunt on the ashtray next to him, G turned to me. Pressing his lips against mine. Our lips moved together. With his back against the headboard I straddled him.

Sinking down onto his dick. He groaned at the feeling. “How are you so tight.” He thrusted up into me. I moaned at the feeling of him filling me again.

He pulled out of me. Flipping us so I was on my back. He put my leg over his shoulder to go deeper. He teased the both of us before slamming into me. As he pounded into me harder the bed started creaking almost like it was going to break.

I moaned, “G. Fuck. Harder.” I felt my climax near. He thrusted harder into me. He leaned down so his lips met mine. Capturing them in a kiss. His thrusts soon turned sloppy. I know he was close. His hand moved down to my clit. Rubbing it, bringing me closer to my orgasm.

“Fuck.” I moaned as I climaxed.

G thrusted a few more times before I felt him cum in me. He pulled out and laid down on his side facing me . Trying to get catch his breath.

“We really need condoms. If we are going to continue this.” I said, moving so I was also on my side.
He groaned, “don’t make me put on a condom please, baby girl.”
“Gerald it’s bad enough that I have to cover all of our hickeys” I said, looking at the ones on our necks and chest.
“No you don’t.” G said, looking at me in the eyes.
“Yes I do. Everyone would think that we fucked. And we would to clear up rumors. You hate lying to your fans. If I don’t you’ll have to lie.”
He pursed his lips, “Let them know I had you moaning my name, baby. It’s my life and if I want to fuck you and love you then they are going to have to deal with it.”

recap (3.06):

annalise has had enough of everybody’s shit and is as ruthless as ever. especially to bonnie.

but bonnie is trying to prove she is still annalise’s a1 since day 1.

connor is pissed. like really pissed. especially at wes.

oliver goes on a date… because why not.

nate tells annalise he’s dating the wannabe and she reacts pretty well.

michaela finally said the four words asher was waiting to hear.

laurel finally says what we’ve all been wondering.

after years of anticipation and endless longing looks, they kiss. 

and then our prayers were answered and laurel and wes FINALLY have sex.

oh, and it turns out frank really is just trying to come home.

okay so basically, i was 100% here for this episode because wes and laurel finally got to prosper. and even though i still don’t like the baby storyline, i’ll let it go as long as the htgawm writers don’t ruin this ship. waurel needs to rise and be protected at all costs. thank you and goodnight. 

leave us your thoughts, opinions, or theories in our ask box! :)  


“The first question I always get is, “Are these people ever gonna kiss?” And I’m like, “I don’t know if you remember, but my first season, we did kiss.” They’re like, “No, no, no. We mean, like, a real kiss.” And I’m like, “I think that was pretty real.”

Michael and I talked about all of those scenes right before we did them. We had a totally different way of looking at it. In our minds, we thought the characters weren’t faking anything. They just got carried away. Then all of the sudden after that, they saw each other in a different light. That’s how Michael and I wanted to play it: If something really happened during that, it was okay. Tony was willing to go there, and Ziva certainly didn’t mind. She doesn’t care about that stuff. We’ll leave it to anyone’s interpretation….I think that was the beginning of something, and at a certain point, it will have to be addressed.” – Cote (x)

Cheesy Pick Up Line Post
  • If a star fell every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty.
  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you…. I’d take my last breath to say “I Love You”
  • I was going to say something sweet about you, but when I saw you, I became speechless.
  • If I walked a milometer for every time I thought of you, I would have walked across the Earth a million times
  • If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.
  • You look like the stunning morning sun after a long night of darkness.
  • Wouldn’t we look great on a wedding cake together??
  • Were you arrested earlier? It has got to be illegal to look that good.
  • Can you recommend a bank where I can make a deposit? Because I’m planning to save all my love for you.
  • Somebody better call God because he’s missing an angel.
  • Hey, I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend. (datemate/boyfriend)
  • If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing you.
  • You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • I was blinded by your beauty, so I’m going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.
  • Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you fall for anyone else.
  • Are you Google? Because I’ve just found what I’ve been searching for.
  • I need some answers for my math homework. Quick. What’s your number?
  • Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I would still fall for you!
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • Let’s commit the perfect crime: I’ll steal you’re heart, and you’ll steal mine.
  • I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!
  • If you were a potato, you’d be a sweet one.
  • Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u.
  • I want our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.
  • If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have five cents.
  • I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I am going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
  • Your eyes are like a sunset, They’re Beautiful, inspiring, and hard to turn away from.
  • What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you.
  • See my friend over there? They wants to know if you think I’m cute.
  • Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!

You can replace beautiful with good looking and handsome if you’d like!

"I think I'm In Love With You"- a Tate Langdon imagine

reqυeѕт- #32 wιтн тaтe

It was Halloween night. Tate and I’s favourite holiday because he could get out of the Murderhouse. It was our little tradition that every Halloween we would go to the beach.

After a short walk we finally got there. I grabbed his hand and plopped down on the sand near the loud ocean. The stars shined brightly with the moon, everything was perfect, it made me forgot about all of the shit going on at home.

Tate looked into my eyes and leaned in softly kissing me while stroking my hair, I pulled away.

“ Tate, I think I’m in love with you and I am terrified”

“ Maybe you should be” he said then tickling me like mad.

Authors Note- I loved the request so I had to write it as soon as possible! Sorry I made it so short though :( I’ll re-write it a bit longer soon :)

Seventeen React To: Getting Caught Under The Mistletoe With You

Request: Svt reaction to you wearing their favourite clothes?

A/N: Aaaa thanks for this super cute request. <3

Would have planned the whole thing out and when he finally got you underneath it after trying all day, he’d be like ‘Oh my-! Well would you look at that, mistletoe! I guess we have to now…’, before leaning in. - Mingyu, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Jun

Wouldn’t be too embarrassed about it and would give you a quick peck, laughing it off when all of the other members erupted into squeals. - S.Coups, Joshua, Wonwoo

Would be a little shy, blushing as he leaned into you and pressed a gentle kiss on your lips. - The8, DK, Vernon

Would be literally dying of embarrassment. They’d have sweaty hands, a red face, an awkward smile and would probably clank teeth with you when they eventually planted a kiss on you. Woozi, Seungkwan, Dino


Jongdae would always remember the first snow you saw together, the way that you wanted to stay out just a little longer, even though you were shivering under your coat. He pressed you close to his chest, hands gently rubbing up and down your arms and kissing your cheek softly. “Your nose is starting to make you look like Rudolph.” He got a smack on the arm for his comment, but he laughed it away as he kissed the hollow under your ear. “Alright, just kidding. You look beautiful and very cold. We can come back out for sledding or to collect the top layer for snow ice cream later, after you can barely move for all the scarves I’m going to wrap you up in.” His lips twitched up into a smirk behind your head as he quickly whacked a branch above you, showering over your hair and shoulders as you screeched and ran after him to tackle him down into a snowbank.

- Admin J

Sibling Love

I opened the room door and looked around. Niall is a mess without me. The hotel bed wasn’t made and his clothes were scattered around his suit case. I decided to clean up a little to pass the time until he got back to the hotel.

‘Babe I made it. I’m just waiting on you.’ I sent the text and watched tv until he walked through the door an hour later.

“Damn I missed you!” He said smiling then laying on top of me burying his face in my neck.

“Stop that tickles.” I laugh. He looked up at me and smiled. “I miss you too.” I kissed his nose.

“We’re going out for dinner with the boys so I hope you’re ready?”

“Why can’t we just lay here and order room service?”

“As much as I like that I’m going to say no.” I groaned at his answer and got up after him.

We all went to a local spot in the city they were performing in. Niall and I took a separate car showing up kinda late. When we made it to the table the boys were surprised to see me. I made my rounds around the table with my hugs making sure I kissed my little brother Harry on his forehead.

“Y/N I didn’t know you were coming?” Harry said confused.

I looked at Niall. “I thought you told him?” I asked.

“I thought you told him??” Niall said then shrugged.

“No one told me.” Louis said with a cheesy smile breaking the awkward stares. I smiled and sat down next to Niall as he put his arm around my shoulder.

Niall and I exchanged whispers, kisses, and smiles all night at the table. Occasionally I’d look up and Harry would give me a fake smile. I know his fake smiles better than anyone at this table and that bothered me. When Harry got up to use the restroom I followed him but grabbed him just before he walked into the restroom.

“What’s the deal with you?”

“Nothing. I just have to use the toilet.” He said shrugging it off.

“Don’t do that. Tell me. Obviously something is wrong.” I said crossing my arms. He leaned his back against the wall and looked at his shoes. “So tell me.”

“Does it matter? You’re just going to pull my feelings in your back pocket (Y/N), like you always do, and just spend the rest of your trip with Niall.”

“That’s what this is about? Me and Niall?”

“No it’s about us. I didn’t even know you were coming. You never tell me that you’re coming to visit. Never mind you do. Only to the person you plan on seeing.”

What Harry said really made me realize how I pushed him aside and how hurt he felt.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way.” I really didn’t know what to say or how to make up for it.

“It’s fine, but I really do have to use the toilet.” I left him and walked back to the table.

The rest of the night I thought about every little thing that I probably did with Niall when I should’ve spent that time with Harry. My list was very long and I felt ashamed.

“Hey (Y/N) do you mind if the boys come in our room to play the game. I know you wanted it to just be us-” I cut Niall off before he could finish.

“No that’s fine.” The three of them walked in with Harry’s mood not getting better.

I was snuggled under Niall’s arm on the bed, while Louis and Liam were on the floor playing the game, and Harry sat in the choirboy the window watching. I looked over at Harry and I added this to the list.

“Niall get up?”

“Huh?” He asked confused.

“Get up. Switch with Harry.” I pushed Niall out of his own bed and grabbed Harry pulling his on the bed and snuggling with him. “I miss my widdoe brother.” I said to Harry like he was a baby and started kissing him all over his face.

“(Y/N) stop. Please stop that.” He laughed trying to get away from my kisses as I held on to him.

“Awwwe sibling love.” Liam said laughing.

“Awwe Niall’s in the corning.” Louis joked while still looking at the tv screen.

I had the sweetest SwanQueen dream the other day.  

It was like I was watching a movie.  Emma and Regina were sitting on a swing hanging from the porch, reading each other a story from a book.  Regina was reading, while Emma was eating some kind of junk food.  I then noticed the book looked exactly like Henry’s book, but it was not the same one. Regina was twirling a pen in her hand while reading and she stopped mid-sentence.  She got a puzzled look on her face and turned to Emma. Emma grabbed the book and the pen and wrote the rest of the sentence (can’t quite remember the sentence).  After she wrote the sentence, she read it out load to Regina.  She turned to Regina with a smirk,  Regina smiled, gave her that look we all know and love, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Emma smiled and continued to write and read aloud.

They were writing a story.  Their story.  

I woke up crying.  


So I walk in and he’s smiling at me and I’m like “hi! so you took a selfie on my phone in Boston a couple months ago” and he got this look of genuine happiness and I started to get nervous and he goes “Aw!!” and I go “is it okay if I take a selfie?” and his body guard yelled at me and said no and G was like “I’m sorry, hun. I wish I could” and then yelled at his body guard for yelling at me. So we took our pic and I was so nervous I barely spoke and last minute I asked if he could sign my chest and he looked at me and goes “How old are you sweetie?” and I’m like “I’m 18!!!!” and he got all excited and signed my chest and I cried a little bit after. And then I got front row and he was blowing me kisses during the concert and I have never been happier.

Happily Ever After || Devan

Demetri had all his things packed, for both the few days in France, the night in Italy, and then the mysterious honeymoon Evan packed for. He rubbed his eyes as it was 4am, leaning on the door frame while Evan got the last of the things in the car. He walked over to him (probably looking like a sleepy drunk man) and wrapped arms around him, kissing him softly. “Soon.” He nuzzled into him, wanting to go back to bed after being on the phone all day yesterday with his mother and Carol. “Why do we have to fly so early. I don’t care if they’re like 7 hours ahead and a 12 hour flight, I’m tired. You’re not in charge of flight times anymore,” he pouted, walking out to the car with him after making sure the house was locked up.


Prompt: But what would’ve happened if Maryse and Robert hadn’t interrupted them after Magnus says “you certainly know how to make a statement”? Because it totally looked like they were about to kiss again - @malecgaskarth

“I’m glad we got away from that crowd and all those people.” Magnus saw Alec coming around him in his peripheral vision, and he couldn’t help the smile that rose at the sound of the shadowhunter’s voice. He was still in shock over the earlier events of the day. Had Alec really kissed him? “So intense.” Alec continued talking, coming to stand in front of Magnus, wringing his hands nervously.

“I have to hand it to you, Alexander.” Magnus raised his gaze to Alec’s bright blue eyes. “You certainly know how to make a statement.” Magnus watched as the tension began to drain away from Alec’s shoulders as he gave the widest smile Magnus had ever seen on the shadowhunter’s face. Magnus’ heart thumped in his chest. He just knew that he would spend the rest of his (Alec’s) life trying to make Alec smile like that.

Alec took a small step towards him, and Magnus’ breath caught. He could see the tension in Alec’s body, and realised just how brave he’d been earlier in standing up in front of all those people, people who meant everything to Alec. He was so proud of Alec.

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It was our 17th summer. 3 girls who didn’t know what to do with our young hearts, broken in ways we would never say, pouring vodka down our throats from water bottles because it made us feel alive for once, it made us feel real.
It was their 18th summer. 7 boys with the world at the tip of their toes, they never knew heartbreak because they never stayed long enough to love, they laughed like they’d never look back.
We kissed them all with the smirnoff on our lips. We made love in basements, we kissed in baseball dugouts, we damaged our ear drums playing country music, we crashed our cars and we never spoke about it.
It was the summer we all fell in love with each other.
Strangers at first and best friends by the end.
We said goodbye when the nights got longer
And we promised it wouldn’t be forever
But every one of us crossed our fingers.
—  What happened after that summer? -(weshallprevail)
Saudade // chapter three

All mistakes are mine! Enjoy! :)


“How was the visit?” Larissa asked the moment Val and Luka stepped in to the house.

“It was great grandma.” Luka said immediately the biggest of grins spreading on his face.

Val looked at his mother and he could see the tears of joy in them. It was probably because she has been called that for the first time in her life.

He stepped closer to his mother and kissed her temple.

“I am actually really tired. I  would like to go and lie down.”

“Can I stay and watch tv.” Luka asked his father?

“Your grandfather is actually watching some comedy right now, go and join him I am sure he will be happy.”

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