looks like this might turn into the angela bassett show

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Recap: Ladies of the Nightmares

To love American Horror Story is to live like you’re constantly defending it. Even when nobody’s saying anything, we’re still reflexively shutting down haters. “American Horror Story isn’t messy, it’s unconventional!” we shout at pigeons. “It’s a celebration of horror in a world that rarely shows it any critical respect!” we scold a nearby hedge. “There has never been a better assemblage of actresses at the tops of their game than on this show every season!” we shout at our shoes as we walk on the side of a freeway. But it’s that last notion that critics distressingly overlook all too often. No one in good conscience can claim that actresses of a certain age are rich with job opportunity, so why are high-minded dullards so eager to write off a series that has become nothing less than a celebration of actresses of all stripes? If someone wants to tell me that AHS is irredeemable trash, then they’ll have to look me in the eye and tell me they don’t want to see Angela Bassett holding a shotgun on their TV every week. Try again, liars.

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