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I know I talk about fancasts a lot and normally I’d just add it to the masterpost and move on. But… this one is just… so… perfect, it’s getting its own post.

First of all, we know Kent is vaguely based on Tyler Seguin

And you know who looks like a blond Tyler Seguin?

and is a world class pro athlete in a winter sport?

Gus Kenworthy, that’s who.

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Responses to childhood trauma.

Our therapist mentioned a while back that there are common responses to childhood trauma.  The obvious ones being fight or flight. But she said three others were freeze, submit and attach.

I don’t think I understood at the time but looking at my system now I can see examples of all of these responses in system members.

They’re pretty self explanatory I guess but I just wanted to share this for reference if anyone finds it helpful, like I have.  I think these are even more relevant in dissociative disorders such as DID because there are often conflicting feelings towards abusers - we are often attached to them despite their abuse.  For us that has been one of the most grueling things to admit.

I know freeze is very common, in later trauma/abuse as well as child abuse. It often happens when fight/flight can’t happen and is when a child will become silent and still, anything to avoid drawing the attention of their abuser. It comes with a sense of powerlessness.

If the freeze response doesn’t work, the child can “submit” by going along with whatever the abuser is doing, in the hope that if they comply it will be over quicker/they won’t be punished. This can be seen in animals - they “play dead” and hope for the attacker to leave them. Submit parts often feel a great deal of shame and take on the blame/responsibility for what has happened.

It is apparently common to have alters who represent these trauma responses within the same system. I can now see all of the responses in our system, for example, fight presents in hypervigilant alters such as protectors, flight can be seen in those alters who distance themselves from external people to avoid being hurt, freeze is obvious in very scared/traumatised/often younger alters who can be stuck in the trauma, submit parts can feel shame or appear needy, whereas attached parts have a fear of being abandoned/always try to be better.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone but it helped us to figure out why certain alters act in a particular way/believe particular things.

Remnant Fashion

So lets talk about something I don’t usually, and have never before talked about: Fashion in fictional worlds, specifically the world of Remnant from RWBY. There’s one specific thing I want to point out here so i’ll just talk about that. One fashion trend that seems to prominent all throughout Remnant. Those freaking one finger sleeves. 

Look at those. Those things are apparently common in Remnant. Cinder wears them here, but she’s by far not alone.

Those are Ren’s new sleeves in Volume 4. Because you gotta look good while fighting monsters. Cinder’s not the only Villian, not even the only in Salem’s possy, to wear them.

Tyrion has him a pair too. But it’s not just there, it even spread to Menagerie. 

Here’s Blake’s mom, Kali Belladonna, wearing a similar pair. She’s not alone there either.

White Fang member Fennec has them, and his brother wears an identical pair. Emerald even wears an altered version.

Not really a sleeve, more of a glove. That brings me to another point. Fingerless gloves are common in Remnant too. At least those make some sort of sense as they cover the palm, which those sleeves don’t. 

Nora has a pair, but at least it makes sense for a huntress to wear something that allows dexterity while still protecting their hands. I mean look at all the fingerless gloves.






Cinder traded in her sleeves for them as a disguise.

Then Coco has one finger gloves, probably her trigger finger.

Tiayang wears one. Literally exactly one. not even a pair. Kind of similar to Nora’s on the hand though.

Sun has them, those his have an added bracer for defense. Smart move.

Raven did the same. Even Background characters get them.

In conclusion, one current Remnant fashion trend is to cover the back of your hand but leave your fingers exposed. Covering can extend up into the arm, or stop at the hand. it can be gloves or sleeves. Only rule, cover the back of the hand. 

bpd witch tip

if you’re ever feeling shitty about having frequent changes of personality it might help to think of yourself as the moon. The moon is still the moon no matter what phase it currently is in.

I know personally my personality phases even tend to have a bit of a lunar-esq cycle (though sadly they aren’t as predictable as a lunar phase lol) and the moon can not only be identified as the moon by the few characteristics that happen to be stable throughout all phases like that it is Earth’s companion (as in look for one or two traits that all your personalities have in common even if they’re small things like favorite foods or liking animals - not define yourself by your friends and family) but also by the changes itself and it’s potential to be any one of the personalities of its phases. 

Jaspar Livestream Summary

- they did the livestream at that time so the US people can watch it

- “I saw UK! Go to bed!”

- everyone wants Joe for president (#Jaspar2016)

- Joe mentioned that banning zoos would be good (animal rights fuck I love him)

- “fudge cake” (”no swears!”)

- “imagine like really drunk elderly people just “BINGO!” I’d love that” “Love old people”

- “turnt and loose, great things to be”

- Joe wants to take the Buttercream boys to a bingo game for a video

- Joe hogs video ideas lol

- “this is like a really high tech live stream”

- “look how many different countries, and you’re all watching this because you have one thing in common and that’s watching our videos”


- “Joe you’re the funniest salesman in the whole world”

- “It’s better than Tinder. The new dating app, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road”

- Joe lies about smelly bathrooms after Caspar uses it to embarrass him in front of people

- they said Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA is a long title for a movie (obviously lol)


- Joe yelled at Caspar for talking with his mouth full

- Caspar kept trying to keep the stream on track and Joe kept distracting him


- “How do I end this? This is gonna take a while”

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archiveofourown. org/works/9450101, archiveofourown. org/works/8552617/chapters/19608514,

thank you for these recs!!!

the right kind of love

summary: It starts during their first fuck after “The Incident” as Magnus was calling it now. Alec had been hovering over him, effectively turning Magnus’ brain into mush when it happened. It wasn’t the sentence that Alec uttered out in the midst of the heat, but the way he looked at Magnus.Like he was something invaluable.Something worth saving.It scares Magnus because Alec looked like he sincerely meant that. And even more he fears that he might actually believe it himself.

addicted to you

summary: Magnus Bane’s the head of his own company. Alec Lightwood is in his last year of law school. They’ve never met but have one thing in common: neither does relationships. Just one night stands. That is until they find themselves matched on a hookup app and suddenly one night is not enough.Also known as the one where Magnus and Alec meet and think they can have no strings attached sex and not develop feelings.

I wonder if Shou, an only kid who had barely known anyone near his own age for who knows how long, is kind of…. confused when he sees Ritsu and Mob doing common Sibling Things together.

Like, Mob and Ritsu sometimes talk in just glances and looks. They have small inside jokes no one else gets. They will swap lunches all the time without even saying a word. Ritsu is constantly seen in the sweater Mob wore the other day and vice versa.

And shou just…. he doesnt get it? To him, its strange and different. He feels like he’s missing something.

Sheikah Writing/Culture Headcanon

(this brims on the idea that the writing on the walls in breath of the wild is Sheikah) 

The Sheikah alphabet looks like this

(taken from Zelda informer submitted to them by Dean F.)

I’ve been doing my best to become kinda… fluent I guess is the best word for it - and by far the first thing you need to know is it is crazy tedious to write in so I have a firm belief that people give each other symbols. You make a symbol for your friend, you make one for a common object of discussion - it’s extremely common to write in short hand for anything that isn’t super important.

the other head canon I have has to do with this symbol - 

In the sheikah language there aren’t spaces or periods, instead there’s a symbol between words and a symbol for a period, so I like to think that it becomes a symbol that also represents ‘end’. 

Warriors will find ways to incorporate it into their armor to intimidate enemies, a way of saying ‘to fight me means your end’ or ‘I will single handedly end this war, even if I have to go through you.’ It appears on killing weapons and on doors to prisons, to death chambers and dangerous areas. It’s on signs outside of monster ridden areas to ward people off

A single symbol that when it’s used on it’s own strikes fear into the hearts of men

How to Change a Fuqboi (Yoongi)

Word Count: 3,139

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet

Rated M (language and like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

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How to Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Know who (or what)* you’re dealing with

So far, we’ve attempted to conquer the “standard,” first-level fuck boy; a friend with hardly any benefits; and a #SorryNotSorry boyfriend. All of these stories have had one thing in common: some sort of ongoing relationship. But what happens when he flat out refuses to continue talking to you?

The distinct smells of the campus’s main food court float around you, baking bread, frying potatoes, boiling vegetables, salty broth, and sautéd chicken among other things.

It wasn’t the best idea, waiting until after your last class to eat. Was it.

No, I’m not poking fun at you. I’m simply calling into question your choices because I can CLEARLY hear your stomach rumbling.

Thankfully, the din of dozens of conversations drown out the sounds of your protesting stomach AND the sharp breath you inhale when you see him.

“Yoongi!” his name leaves your lips with an embarrassing amount of excitement and you forcibly restrain yourself from hurdling the tables, instead haphazardly snaking around them.

At first, he doesn’t seem to notice you, attention fixed on one of his numerous friends who keeps making pitiful attempts at catching a thrown candy in his mouth. But as you get closer and call his name again, Yoongi visibly stiffens.

“Sunbae,” you skid to a stop and dip in a polite bow, bouncing back up to search his expression, purposefully using THAT word, “I thought you said you were busy after class today.”

“I AM busy.” Yoongi’s curt tone causes a couple heads to turn in your direction.

“But you said we would hang out next time you’re free and you SEEM…”

“What? Free? Well I’m not,” his dark eyes glint with irritation.

Something ugly twists in your stomach as you search for words. Thankfully, you don’t get far, “I thought-”

“Can’t you take a hint, kid? It was ONE TIME. Stop calling me, stop texting me, I don’t WANT to talk to you,” Yoongi’s voice raises in volume until ALL of his friends have turned to ogle and snigger at the conversation, only adding to the sudden avalanche of humiliation. “Get LOST.”

“Okay,” the small squeak is the only thing that can leave your dry mouth. So with the fiery sensation of about a dozen eyes drilling into the back of your skull, you flee the food court as if they had literally burned you, hunger forgotten.

The harsh chill of early winter air immediately nips at your nose, stinging your cheeks, but does nothing to numb the emotional pain.

Feet on autopilot to the parking lot, your mind is free to either to replay Yoongi’s rejection and his friends’ derisive laughter like a cruel broken record OR, probably preferably, get lost in the pleasant memories of first meeting him.

One of your older friends, a graduate student, had invited you over for a “movie-night,” assuring you that there would only be a few people, lots of snacks, and “worst case scenario” you wouldn’t have to talk to anyone if you felt uncomfortable because there would be a film to watch.

The argument that ultimately won you over, however, was her desperate plea for assistance.

She actually got down on her knees, saying, “Jinyoung is coming and you can’t leave me alone with him! What if I do something stupid?”

At first you didn’t see how you could be helpful. At all. But after a few more scrambled appeals you finally pieced together her train of thought.

“So what you’re saying is because I’m younger and won’t know anyone, keeping me company will be a great excuse to back out of anything you don’t feel comfortable doing,” you rolled your eyes, irked at the implied inferiority due to your age, but for WHATEVER reason, you agreed anyway. Such a nice doormat.

Thankfully, she hadn’t lied. The moment you arrived, you were able to pile your plate high with junk food, ignore practically everyone, and curl up on the couch. Legs tucked underneath you, body pressed as far into the cushions as possible, you attempted to make yourself scarce. Not all grad students are intimidating, snobby, and rude, but these ones definitely were. Well, at least they were feeding you?

While your friend and some of the guests debated over the movie selection, you couldn’t help but idly scan their faces, looking futilely for familiarity or even friendliness. But they all seemed to want to avoid you like the plague.


Someone entered from the kitchen and immediately, in the most ridiculously cliched way possible, your attention was drawn to him like he had your gaze on a string.

Dyed blonde hair half hidden under a black beanie framed a pale complexion, a moody expression, and a perplexingly sharp gaze, considering he looked unmistakably bored. He was wearing a red and black flannel, sleeves rolled up to the elbow, front unbuttoned to reveal a v-neck black shirt that kissed the skin just under his collar bones, and a pair of ripped black jeans. Someone clearly has a favorite color. To top it all off, he’d donned faded red converse- and despite being the only color of cloth on him that’s NOT black, it wasn’t even the same red as the flannel.

But let’s be honest, even a blind person would admit he’s attractive and there was something about his presence… an aloof cockiness that naturally, violently pulled people’s attention (namely yours) to him like gravity.

His gruff voice broke through the haze like tapping on ice, “This seat taken?”

“N-no, it’s free,” cheeks blazing, you stuttered, shifting around awkwardly, as if you needed to make room for him on the otherwise empty couch that could comfortably fit five people.

“Good,” he practically grunted, plopping down approximately in the middle of the sofa. If it had been any closer, you might have suspected he was interested in you. If it had been any further, social cues would have dictated he was definitely not. And yet there he sat. Right in the fucking middle.

Okay, yes, that last statement is me just being irritated on your behalf, but it’s not like YOU were about to set him straight.

He began to pick at the snacks on his plate absentmindedly, paying zero attention to you.

The following question flitted around in your mind like an annoying fly. If he didn’t want to talk, why ask to sit here when there were obviously other spaces available?

A greeting balanced on the edge of your tongue, but truth be told you already knew who he was. The friend who had invited you was polite enough to provide a brief description of the other prospective guests.

The last on her list had been a “Min Yoongi.”

When you asked if there was anything noteworthy about him, her only reply was, “He’s a walking trope. You’ll know him when you see him.”

If Mr. Cold Shoulder over here wasn’t the definition of “angsty young adult semi-hipster,” you would’ve just stayed quiet and minded your own business. Then again, maybe that would have been the better option because for some reason, he pulled off the stereotype perfectly and you were as vulnerable as a moth to an open flame. A bonfire sized open flame.

*Clarification: there are many types of people and obviously, some are easier to get along with or understand than others.

Step 2) Communication** is key

Talking is easy, effectively communicating is much more difficult. To get any message across, there are three components. One, you must know what you want to say. This one is relatively simple, but don’t make the mistake of being at a “loss for words.” Two, know what you want the other person to hear. Basically, what message do you want them to take away?

And lastly, but most importantly, make sure you are speaking the same “language.” I don’t mean this literally, just that it must be possible to UNDERSTAND one another.

Today, he’s decided to be gentle, probably in retribution for being so rude earlier.

Yoongi’s fingers dance at an achingly slow pace across your skin, a ballroom floor on which the couples are too caught up in the presence of each other to be attentive to the beat of the music.

You fight to keep control of your breathing, ears acutely listening for any sign that your parents have stopped watching their movie to randomly check up on you, but of course your attention falters slightly as soon as he begin toying with the hem of your skirt.

His cold digits push the material so it gathers at your hips, finger tips leaving goosebumps in their wake. You’re not entirely sure whether it’s this or the thought of his dark, licentious gaze that sends a shiver down your spine as you’re too scared to actually open your eyes and meet it directly.

Battling your own body is a difficult thing to do, but you manage to pull a shaky inhale through your nose and let it out softly between parted lips as his fingers slip past the soft cloth of your underwear.

A shudder runs through your frame as he begins an aggressively slow waltz, circling at tantalizingly delicious pace, building you higher and higher until all you can think is “fuck why isn’t he using his tongue?” before tipping over the edge, every muscle in your body clenching, falling, trembling.

Your eyelids flutter open to the emptiness of your room as you ease your ragged breathing, extracting your hand from your underwear.

I guess this takes the phrase “dancing with myself” to a whole new level, huh? Sorry, the joke was there and I just- okay back to the story.

It’s not half as pleasant as when Yoongi was ACTUALLY with you, but at this point, it’s not like you can help it.

Waddling to the bathroom due to the sensitivity, you drown the last of the evidence of your little imaginary adventure in a warm cascade of water. Once your bedroom door is safely between you and your parents again, you decide to check your phone.

Still nothing, but do you really expect more? After humiliating you earlier this afternoon, maybe you DO expect an apology, but Yoongi has NEVER been the type to text back. Ever. It’s unfair, really, that he seems so detached from what you thought was a strong connection- but maybe that’s just you being oblivious and far too trusting.

As your friend finished setting up the movie and continued mingling, you sat in relatively close (yet also far) proximity to Yoongi, physically unable to tear your gaze away from him, and a grand total of seven minutes passed before he said another word to you. These came in the form of an absolutely worth waiting for, mind blowing question, “Are you going to finish those?”

He loosely gestured to the pile of sweet cakes on your plate, which you WERE fully intending on finishing, but how could you say no to a cute guy?

“No! Do you want some?”

Well, I mean I GUESS that works.

Yoongi said nothing as he relieved you of the snacks, but he did give you an excuse to start talking to him, “So… Yoongi, right?”


Pulse thundering, you waited for a few seconds, unsure whether or not he would ask for your name. Of course, he didn’t, so you tried again, “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you, sunbae.”

Yes, you tacked on the honorific, hoping it would get his attention. It did.

“That’s nice,” Yoongi finally looked at you again, one of his eyebrows popping in curiosity, the corners of his lips quirking almost imperceptibly upward, and was it just me or did he get slightly closer? “Like what? There aren’t a lot of good things to say.”

For some reason, his words caused a small, pleasant tightening in your stomach.

“Well she was right. You’re kind of attractive,” you shrugged as nonchalantly as possible, lying with ease in a desperate attempt to keep his attention, because your friend had said absolutely nothing of the sort.

“Kind of?” Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in challenge, but this time I’m SURE he DID get the tiniest bit closer.

“Kind of,” you agreed, toying coyly with a lock of your hair, letting out a giggle.

He let out a displeasured hum, turning his attention back to his plate. The loss hit you squarely in the chest like Yoongi had actually punched you, and you couldn’t help but scramble to maintain the conversation.

Desperately, you reached back for the thing that originally got a reaction from him, the honorific, “Does that mean you disagree, sunbae?”

You’re still not exactly sure how, but less than fifteen minutes later, you found yourself with your back pressed against the bathroom’s cold tile floor, being pounded into sweet oblivion. The two of you spent more time going at it than you did talking, but I’m not here to judge you.

His subtle charismatic gravity must have blinded you to the usual red flags: the relatively short time since you met, the place in which he chose to do the deed, and let’s not forget the fact that he didn’t even know your name. (He probably still doesn’t).

But you KNEW what kind of silent agreement you had made when he let his hand rest casually yet suggestively on your knee. You KNEW that you were as inconsequential to him as the room in which he fucked you.

And you knew how terribly infatuated you were, but who cares about consequences, right?

**Definition: COMMUNICATION (noun)- the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings

Step 3) Know when to cut your losses***

Sometimes, people ARE lost causes. By this volume, you’ve no doubt figured that out. And as a friend of mine once said, “You can’t fix a fuckboy, you can only hope that they heal from whatever wound they have in their hearts.”

You had been…unfortunate enough to receive his contact information from the friend who invited you to the movie night.

So two missed calls and fifteen unanswered, left on “read” texts later, you’re humiliated to say the least. It’s only been five days since meeting him, not even a full WEEK, and you’re already a mess.

Couldn’t he at least have the decency to let you down in person? Oh wait, he DID do that.

A sad tingle runs from your heart to your fingertips- well less of a tingle and more of a numbness and your feet seem heavier than normal as you traverse the length of the campus, emotionally exhausted and simply ready to go home. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to avoid-

Your eyes lock on his familiar figure instantly.

Life can’t even keep its foot out of your ass for a single DAY?

Yoongi is sitting with his friends again, crowded around a table outside of the Natural Sciences Hall, but this time you’ve learned your lesson. There’s NO way you would ever even THINK of approaching-

“Hey Yoongi, isn’t that the girl from yesterday?” with an outburst of obnoxious laughter, the boy who had been trying to catch candy in his mouth points at you.

Aaaaaand now you’re approaching.


“Yeah, that’s her alright,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, an action that pierces you right through the core.

Your determined march skids to a rather ungraceful halt as you fight your own body to stand tall instead of tremble before him. His friends watch you with various levels of disinterest, but your attention is solely on Yoongi in his all-black, homeless hipster getup, this time only accented by those faded red converse.

He picks idly at invisible lint on his overcoat, avoiding eye contact, but of course this does not deter you from saying, “I get it. You think I’m just some desperate little girl who can’t take a hint.”

Did you REALLY just quote him?What is this? A kdrama? Are you now going to get up on your soap box and tell him all about how “wrong” he is-? Sorry! Sorry. I’ll stop. This is about you, not me.

After a few, excruciatingly long seconds tick by, Yoongi gives the DEEPEST, most fed up, award winning sigh you’ve ever heard before slowly coming to the realization that you AREN’T leaving. He rolls his gaze to you, “Am I wrong in thinking that?”

Your cheeks immediately flush in indignation, the intoxicating nature of his presence making it difficult to speak- not to mention think of a good comeback.

The answer that comes out of your mouth is a shaky, “Yes.”

Yoongi scoffs, voice raspy and tone demeaning, “Is that so?”

***Elaboration: Sometimes, losses can also be classified as gains. It simply depends on how you frame it in your mind. Mistakes can be learned from. The only true failure is the self-denial of growth.

Step 4) Give up**** and realize he’ll never change

“Yes,” you affirm with more surety than you knew you were capable of possessing at the moment. “Because I realized something.”

You have no idea where these words are coming from, but as he quirks an eyebrow at you, they seem to bubble up from a place of rising confidence, a place of a heightened sense self worth.

Maybe you finally understand that you have more value than that plate of shit he’s been offering. Maybe you have a single moment of clarity in which your head surfaces from above the murky waters of his gravitational pull.

Or maybe… you’ve just finally decided to start listening to me?

“We wouldn’t work out anyway,” you tell him with a small smile, “You’re clearly out of my league but honestly, I’m glad you’re comfortable enough with your self image to lower your standards. That takes some REAL character… but also some desperation, no? Maybe you should try and hide it a bit better just so other girls and your friends don’t find out about your LITTLE problem- oops, sorry, SUNBAE. See you around!”


You did NOT just use that dominance kink against him. SLAY, GURL, SLAY.

Yes, it had taken a moment of self deprecation, but to you, it was worth the fatal plummet of Yoongi’s ego from smug agreement to humiliated despair.

With a quick bow, you scurry away to the invigorating soundtrack of his friends’ mocking laughter and the beginnings of a heated interrogation as to the meaning of your “little problem” comment.

Ultimately, he fended off your advances like a pro fuckboy, earning his “no strings attached” and “heart breaker” badge, but damn it will take him a while to smooth that one over.

So he may have “won,” but in my book, YOU are the WINNER.

****Correction: sometimes, persistence DOES pay off.


A/N: I KNOW I KNOW THIS TOOK FOREVER. I just hated the first couple of drafts that came out and was so uninspired that it took the precious bb @roseok to finally get things in gear again. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoyed! 

NOW! Some questions regarding the next one:

(feedback is appreciated)

-I have their plots planned…a little. Would we want to see Hobi, Namjoon, or Seokjin first?

-did you like the interaction with the narrator? Or should I go back to the standard, objective “how to” manual format?

-aaaand hows the series doing overall? People seem to like it, but is there any way you think I can improve it?

If you could just take a hot second to answer those via a reply here, ask box, or direct message, it would be much appreciated. Thanks my loves xx

muffet’s motivations

it’s very common in the fandom to think of muffet as someone with very one-dimensional goal; she just wants money, right? and it’s funny, and i don’t have any particular problem with people who like to play around with that idea, but examining her character and her fight more closely, i don’t think that holds up very well?

i mean, it’s fair enough. her encounter is deliberately set up to be a fearful thing. just look at her lair:

it’s quietly intimidating, dark, cobwebs everywhere, super spoopy

and then she shows up and all she’s talking about is money. it’s a literal part of her fight where you can pay her to get her to back off a little bit. before this, she sells pastries at a ridiculous price, and there’s even a nearby monster who claims to be too intimidated to not buy.

but the thing is, she isn’t attacking you for want of money. this is what she says pre-fight:

  • Ahuhuhuhu …
  • Did you hear what they just said?
  • They said a human wearing a striped shirt will come through.
  • I heard that they hate spiders.
  • I heard that they love to stomp on them.
  • I heard that they like to tear their legs off.
  • I heard …
  • … that they’re awfully stingy with their money.

it’s after that, after making clear why she seems to hate you, that she starts attacking.

look at those bolded lines. she isn’t just trying to kill frisk for a bounty, she’s under the sincere impression that frisk has literally been killing and torturing spiders in the ruins.

it’s clearly not just about money, but the end of the fight is what convinces me that it isn’t about money at all. so, after a certain number of turns, the telegram from the RUINS appears.

  • Huh? A telegram from the spiders in the RUINS?
  • What? They’re saying that they saw you, and …

there’s a number of different things she’ll say depending on how many items you bought, but in particular, the one where if you bought nothing at all is rather interesting:

  • … even if you are stingy, you never hurt a single spider!

here she is, this woman who supposedly only cares about money, who supposedly attacks you only because someone put a bounty on your head…and literally being told that she had been given bad info, you never hurt any spiders at all, is enough for her to let you go.

keep in mind muffet is missing out on a big bounty here. she claims that this person offered her so much money that she could easily afford a heated limousine, which is the entire goal of the bakesale.

that’s another thing; she’s not trying to get money just for herself, she wants to reunite the two tribes of spiders. as things are, they’ve been separated for generations.

but even then, even then, she’s unwilling to kill someone who was innocent. (in her mind, at least; she doesn’t care about people who aren’t spiders, so if you didn’t hurt a spider, it’s all good.)

What I, an ENFP, want to say to the other MBTI types:

Keep in mind that all this is based on my personal experience with each type. The types I’ve left out are the types I don’t feel like I know well enough to talk about.

ISTP: We don’t have a lot in common, but the one thing we have makes up for all the things we don’t have: We’re ultimate free spirits. My wanting to explore new things Ne mixed with your wanting to try new things Se makes you great adventure companions. You could be a little bit less scared of deep displays of emotions and be a little less private and guarded - I’m not looking for a way to backstab you. You can be savage in your comments and you don’t wanna sit down and have a nice talk around a table. You always gotta do something. But I don’t mind, it makes hanging out with you more exciting.

ISTJ: Loosen up a bit. I get that you have to study for that test, but I don’t think you’re gonna drop out of your education if you attend that one movie night with the girls. Thank you for always knowing where everything is and all the exam dates.

ISFJ: I don’t know why, maybe it’s your very calm body language and lack of sudden, abrupt movements, but you have a really calm vibe. Sometimes it is a melancholical one. You’re often very emotionally deep. You are shy. Yes, I know you don’t like planes that are planned one hour before they happen, therefore I try to plan early with you guys. I feel like we complement each other well. You’re very warm and helpful, I’m very fond of you ISFJs.

INTP: A little consideration towards others emotions won’t hurt. You don’t have to win every argument. Other than that you’re perfect partners in crime and always bring out the worst in me. You’ve got so much potential, do you know that? Sometimes you’re lazy and don’t bother to study, but the times you do bother, your brain can be like a sponge. You can also be very creative, you always seem to either be drawing or listening to a lot of music and so on. Also your fangirling shines through from time to time. Somehow every INTP I’ve met is into gay porn, preferably anime style. Dunno what’s up with that.

INTJ: You can make me feel so stupid. I’m not stupid, I’m just not as consisent as you are. Ask me about non-rocket-science stuff and I’ll blow your mind with all the things I know. I know you’ve got tert Fi, but sometimes the tert Fi feels almost inferior. You can appear a bit private like the ISTPs. Luckily I know how to open you up, unlike ISTPs who doesn’t seem to open up at all. You observe a lot, whenever we play games based on how well you know the other people in the room, you’re one of the winners.

INFP: Being around you makes me understand what other people mean when they say I can be a bit too sensitive. I think you’re the only people who are more sensitive than I am. This is not criticism. I like how emotional you are, how creative and full of dreams you are. You make me feel really understood, we are so similar. Yes, I totally wanna talk about emotions and common favourite books for hours and hours. You’re so good at giving words of confirmation. You make me feel very appreciated, and I appreciate you guys too. Sometimes I think you can be a bit too judgy towards people, but since I like you, I won’t tell unless you are being unreasonable.

INFJ: Just like the INFP you are good at fangirling and I don’t mind talking fandoms all day. Keep recommending good books and games please, I’m running out of them. I know it’s a classical stereotype, but this might be most accurate stereotype of them all: Your ability to read other people like open books have and will never stop making me amazed at you guys. Drama always seem to be following you, and sometimes you’re creating it (sorry).

ESTJ: What your 16personalities profile says about you is very accurate, but reading it makes me sad because it only describes you as hard working people. Don’t get me wrong, you’re very hard working. I don’t know how you manage to keep on track with everything, do all those things and never get tired. But your profile mentions nothing of how much fun you can be. I have some ESTJ friends, but I’ve also got an ESTJ mom. As the daughter of an ESTJ I would say that you could try and give a bit more affirmative feedback. Your kid sees all the things you do for them, so they will grow up knowing that you love them. But letting them know that you’re proud of them and telling them that they are doing ok in life would be nice, especially if you’ve got a Feeler kid.

ENTP: All the messages I get from you are memes. No kidding, it’s either a meme or “yo, wanna hang out?” I like hanging with you and you are the most fun type when drunk. I enjoy your Ne. You can be spontaneous, we always end up on some kind of adventure. Even if we’re doing something normal, like bathing in the ocean or grilling in your back yard, you make it feel like an adventure.

Also very tired of the double standards, like any time an ace or aro or someone who’s neither but on the “inclusion” side of “the discourse” says or does something shitty, it reflects on all of us and “look at how terrible ‘ace tumblr’ is” (not to mention the times troll blogs/posts were held up as “evidence” or things that like one or two ppl did were presented as being a common and accepted thing in the ace and aro communities [such as with ”ala”])

But all the crap ppl on the other side have pulled, all the erasure of the most marginalized of us, all the shitty and often dehumanizing treatment of us, all the ppl who’ve declared talking about our orientation “TMI”, all the white ppl who’ve talked over PoC and made vile racism comparisons and tried to erase us from our own communities bc it’d be more convenient if we were all white… that’s hardly worth mentioning or even acknowledging. Even when it barely if ever seems to get called out, it’s not a reflection of a big problem on the other side at all nope. Totally individual cases or us being dramatic.

Only “ace tumblr” has to take responsibility for shit apparently

More things about T’Pring and Pon farr.

Ok, some people like to insult her and say things like “how she dare?” “she’s a *insert all kind of slurs here*”

Let’s look at this from another perspective. You are forced to be betrothed since you were a kid, you have nothing in common with the boy that will be your husband, you two barely know each other, you two follow different paths… but one day you know you’ll have to submit to him in his Pon farr. We are talking about violent sex, no more, no less. Having sex with someone who is like a stranger to you. How it sounds to you?

Ugh, yeah, T’Pring is horrible for not wanting to mate with Spock, right?
She saw the opportunity to use Kirk as her champion because in case he won he wouldn’t want her as her wife and if Spock won he would free her because she had dared to challenge (in case he wouldn’t free her, it would be the same because he would be gone to face the consequences to have killed his captain). This was the only way to get the divorce by vulcan laws.
So, if you want to blame someone, blame vulcan traditions, not T’Pring for wanting to be free and for not wanting to submit herself to Spock.

Years later T’Ping decided to divorce Stonn because she wanted to be a vulcan priestess (sorry, I can’t find the comic in which they talk about this). So  T’Pring is a woman who should be admired for defend her principles and not insulted for something she did to be free.

But seriously...

Look at that face.  

Who else do we know who looks at his male bro-pal that way?

Like, literally exactly that way? 

With the same cheeky smile and everything?

Complete with eye-crinkles?

*Hint:  these pictures all have one thing in common.*

Similarly, which other couple (of best buds), one of whom is fond of wearing plaid, do we know who expresses affection through shoulder touches?

Seriously, WHO?

It’s even the same shoulder and everything.  Jesus Christ. 

But hey, just bros bein’ bros.  Nothing to see here.

Dear trans stereotypes.

Not all trans people are self hating!

Not all trans people are on the binary!

Not all trans people are gay! 

Not all trans people medically transition!

Not all trans people like sex!

Not all trans people hate there gentiles!

Not all trans people come from a broken home!

Not all trans people are activists!

Not all trans people are trans women!

Not all trans people “look trans”!

Not all trans people have a mental illness!

Not all trans people are young kids!

Not all trans people are disowned!

Not all trans people knew seance thay were 5! 

But one thing we all have in common is we deserve to express our trans identities with out ridicule and fear. We don’t deserve to be the click bate to your TV program, or in you top 10 sick freaks list, were not some hot topic or trend, were not a sick bunch of creepers that want to pray on you, we want to be ourselves and deserve to be treated just like any one else. Our trans identities don’t define who we are, it’s just one tinny bit to a whole person.

This whole chapter is really just proof of the density of Mr. Collins character. For one, he truly believes Elizabeth, of ALL the Bennet girls, would be most willing to say yes to his proposal of marriage. And two, he sincerely believes Catherine De Bourgh would love Lizzie, when we all know she basically despises her for her lively spirit and open mouth. Like yikes dude, have some common sense