looks like they turned out well


alex: sooo, you are gay? i mean i kind of suspected but I didn’t want to make myself look like an ass if i was wrong.

blaire: boy im queen of the gays ok. (‘:

alex: well do I get to meet your girlfriend sometime your highness?

blaire: yikes! sore subject alert.

alex: oh!! Im sorry, I just thought maybe-

blaire: nope! this queen is perpetually single. i was talking to this girl hazel for a while.. she kind of turned out straight?ish? i don’t know but I’m convinced dating is dumb and i’m never doing it ever again.

alex: yeahh.. i understand what you mean, it’s such a shitty feeling.

blaire: I KNOW RIGHT? ugh, but atleast I have a friend who get’s it now. im drowning in straight people here in windenburg.

alex: well (‘: im always here to listen.

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JUST REALIZED YOU SAID SEND TO INBOX. WRESTLING👏GHOULS👏 Fluffy cute shit that turns into a bloody tussle. /I'm sorry I'm garbage

Hehehe. It’s alright! :)

Anyway, here it is!

I made them actual Ghouls (horns, claws, etc.) just for fun since I love the idea and had never actually written something like that before. I hope it turned out well enough for you!

The two Ghouls sat curled up on the couch together watching TV, a large bowl of popcorn between them. Fire took a popped kernel and held it up between his thumb and index finger. He turned to look at Water.


Water giggled and opened his mouth, catching the popcorn kernel as Fire tossed it in his direction. 

Fire smiled at the smaller Ghoul, then turned to look back at the television. He was enjoying his time with Water, but the movie he had put on seemed… rather childish. It was starting to get a little boring, although Water seemed to be enjoying it immensely. 

A smile appeared on Fire’s face as an idea came to him. With his tail, he reached around and tapped Water’s shoulder twice. Startled, the smaller turned to look behind him. In that instant, Fire quickly snatched the remote and changed the channel.

When Water turned back towards the TV and saw that Fire had changed the channel, he turned to glare at the taller Ghoul. 

“Hey! Give that back!” he yelled, smiling as he tried to reach for the remote. 

But Fire backed away from him and held it up, keeping the remote out of his reach. Without warning, he reached out and tugged on one of the tiny horns on Water’s head, pulling him close. The smaller Ghoul yelped in surprise, but was quickly cut off when his lips slammed into Fire’s.

“You’ll have to fight me for it,” Fire said playfully, a twinkle in his eye.

Water smiled back at him. “Oh, it is on.” 

Sorry about how short it is. You probably were expecting more. I might add more to it later.

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Have you ever had feelings for a straight man?

LMFAO well it’s complicated. He was my best friend and we really understood each other. he told me he was bi. I then was like “oh okay this could work” turns out he had a crush on me and was too nervous to make things more outwardly official even though we did EVERYTHING together. He even massaged my muscles (that’s like major turn on tbh) and he always told me how good looking he thought I was. we used to hold hands, play guitar and like hang out all the time (every single day tbh). We used to practice capoeira a little together and I gave him a concussion during practice once. That was true romance for teenaged martial artist me tbh.

But he also grew up Christian so I can’t be too mad at him, we were what, 15? He wasn’t ready and I don’t think he ever will be, but if he ever were to allow himself to live his truth I’d be extremely happy for him.

Yo I legit fell for him. Lol I really wanted to be with him but it is what it is. He has hated every boyfriend I had ever since I told him I was moving on from him. I think he tried to threaten some boy who wanted to give me head in this highschool bathroom lololol good ol straight boy jealousy smh

He asked me on a date a few years after graduating highschool (which we performed a song together at along with my brother) and then he literally cancelled right as I was about to get ready to go.
-15/10 don’t fall for straight boys it’s not a good look at all.

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The thing i dont get about people shitting on taako interpretations is like... he's a transmutation wizard. taako can turn into a BIRD for fucks sake, im pretty sure he can look however he wants, whenever he wants


This person is trotting out the ‘WELL ACTUALLY IN CANON’ excuse and completely disregarding also that the McElroys have said FOR A WHILE NOW that they consider pretty much all fan designs as much canon as the ones they’ve come up with, because ‘the original creators don’t always have the best interests in mind’ (you know, despite hanging on to “canon” as an excuse to be virulently fatphobic).

Yuuri spends the first Eurovision after he arrives in Russia completely and utterly astounded by how fucking savage the Europeans all are to each other.

The entire Russian fam spends one glorious week in perfect harmony, camped out on Viktor’s couch. 

Russia gives Switzerland a bad score and Yuuri isn’t sure what Ich werde sie mit meinen blosen Händen erwürgen! means, but the fact that Chris is shouting that at Viktor over Skype doesn’t bode well. 

Mila and Sara have broken up with each other four times today

Emil and Michele are sending each other thinly-veiled death threats over Twitter. 

Yuuri tells Viktor that he liked Australia’s entry and everyone in the room turns to look at him with such betrayal in their eyes that Yuuri has to re-translate the words into English just to make sure that he didn’t misspeak and insult someone’s mother. It’s the only context in which Viktor Nikiforov has ever uttered the words I want a divorce.

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That comment about u drawing victor not pretty 100% of the time, well the show is from Yuuri's perspective so of course Victor is gunna look like a model even when he sneezes. Yuuri practicly views victor as aphrodite.

huh well i guess that is true? (wonder how the show would have turned out if it was from viktors perspective?)

Yuuris perspective:

Everyone else’s perspective:

The boy is blinded by love 

How much alike Victor and Yuuri are (1/3)

So one thing I absolutely love is the fact that at the beginning of the anime it looks like Victor and Yuuri are complete opposites but then as the story goes and we learn more about them they turn out to have very similar ways of dealing with emotions and people. And I think this is one of the reasons why their relationship is so strong because they really are able to understand each other quite well.

Let me start with that “opposites attract” trope because I think that yoi creators play with that a lot at the beginning. It’s even in those obvious features like with the fact that Victor is taller and has light hair and blue eyes while Yuuri is smaller and dark-haired with brown eyes - it’s just so cliche? And there’s more of course, while Yuuri is shy Victor seems to be very open, Yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and Victor seems to be even over-confident, Yuuri gives up easily while Victor always pushed himself further, also Victor acts like he’d be very experienced with love while Yuuri never even thought about it and so on. Funny thing is that actually all of these things we think about both of them and especially about Victor turn out to be wrong at some point.

It’s so interesting to rewatch everything after ep 10 because it shows even more how unreliable Yuuri’s narration is. Yuuri learns very slowly that Victor is a human being too and I think that it’s not until ep 7 where he finally lets his idealised image of Victor go. But even then I think that most of the things we learn about Victor we know from the man himself in these rare moments of his narration and I love how much more Victor is willing to admit they’re alike. 

Like really willing to admit it. If he goes to Japan to find his inspiration it’s not because he lacks some technical or even presentation skills that Yuuri has. It’s because he sees in Yuuri someone who treats skating very similarly to Victor’s way, he sees that Yuuri puts his emotions into his routines and all his determination he puts in order to win and that’s something that Victor’s needs to get back as a skater. In other words, he sees in Yuuri his younger self, eager to win and challenge and brave enough to put all his soul into his performance. And that Victor knows from the very beginning (apart from the fact he probably thinks about them as soulmates since banquet).

And there’s another attitude they share as skaters – at some point, they both really gave up everything for skating. 

A lot of things, like including “life and love” maybe?

It not only gives us a hint of how much they’re both inexperienced with relationships and having fun they are also realising at the same moment that they are not satisfied with their lives and careers anymore. And this is so important because probably the most significant thing we learn about Victor in episode 10 is that he needed Yuuri as much or maybe even more than Yuuri needed him. The point is that they both lack exactly the same thing, they need their inspiration to skating back and they need someone to share their lives with and this is precisely what they find with each other.

So in firsts episodes, we are meant to think that Yuuri and Victor are very different but what we learn from Victor tells us a lot about how similar they are. And what they share as skaters is their determination to win and love for skating itself but also they way they sacrifice everything for skating to the point where it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is how many traits they share and how similar are ways in which they express their love but I just feel this post is long enough and I’m very tired. Anyway, this for #victuuriweek and also for a wonderful @blue-phoenix-tears who suggested this topic long, long time ago.

(De)Evolution of Dylan’s Hair

A snapshot spanning two years…  

From super short, clean cut and preppy to the turning point after the ‘January Incident’ with the progression of longer hair and a temporary romantically wavy look just for Senior photos and then finally scraggly, disheveled and ‘clown like’ sticking out from his ball cap mere weeks before the massacre.  (note: some are approximate guesses in lieu of dates.)

“To most people, I appear … well … almost scary, but that’s who I appear to be as people are afraid of what they don’t understand.  I denied who I was for a long time. Until high school…. “

“Something in this scene is just a little bit... off.”

Carl the Animator: “Uhh… that the random lady’s hair looks like a lightning bolt, or possibly a hedgehog?”

Ted the Animator: “No, that’s not it.”

Carl the Animator: “That Velma’s lei looks like it’s made out of salami?”

Ted the Animator: “…gross, but no.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, I c–”

Ted the Animator: “OH! Oh! Part of her nose disappears!”

Carl the Animator: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Ted the Animator: “I must’ve forgotten to re-align the lower bit when she turns her head. I’ll fix it in a sec, just need a coffee refill first.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”

Ted the Animator: “…hm?”

Ted the Animator: “…this was not the fix I had in mind.”

Carl the Animator: “Perhaps… but it was the fix the world needed.”

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


So we see a lot of Drarry scenes take place in potions class, but how about a Pansmione potions scene. Just imagine:

  • Snape puts students in Slytherin/Gryffindor partnerships to piss everyone off (cuz really, what else would you expect from Snape)
  • Pansy and Hermione get partnered together and complain like crazy
  • “Merlin, don’t put me with Granger. Her hair’s so big I won’t even be able to see the cauldron.”
  • (But secretly Pansy loves the way Hermione’s hair gets frizzy from the heat)
  • “I can’t be with Parkinson! She probably spent so much time doing her makeup that she didn’t even do the reading!”
  • (But secretly Hermione finally understands the appeal of makeup because if it can make Pansy look that good…well…)
  • Turns out Hermione was right and Pansy hasn’t done the reading
  • Not because she was doing her makeup but because Snape wouldn’t take points from Slytherin even if she blew up the classroom. It’s about priorities, honestly
  • “Stop bossing me around, Granger. I don’t take orders from Gryffindors.”
  • “Well, maybe if you knew what you were doing I wouldn’t have to.”
  • “Sod off. I know what I’m doing.”
  • “Whatever, Parkinson.”
  • They fall into a simple rhythm, with Hermione reading off the next step and Pansy completing it
  • Their hands brush when they reach for an ingredient at the same time and both gasp and jerk apart
  • When class ends, Hermione opens her mouth to say something, but Pansy’s already left
  • When Snape pairs his students with their own houses the next class, Pansy and Hermione exhale in relief like the rest of the students, but their eyes stray towards each other
  • In that moment of eye contact, they see their own desire reflected back at them
  • Suddenly Pansy raises her hand and asks to be excused to use the restroom
  • (To which Snape easily agrees)
  • Hermione raises her hand a minute later and asks if she can go see Madam Pomfrey
  • (To which Snape only reluctantly acquiesces) 
  • Pansy is waiting for her when she gets outside
  • “Granger, I’m surprised you’re so willing to miss class. Aren’t you worried you’ll miss something important?”
  • “That’s why I came. I was worried I’d miss something important.”
  • Hermione presses her lips to Pansy’s before the other girl can reply
  • “Granger…that was…brilliant.”
  • “My hair wasn’t in the way?” Hermione teases with a smile
  • Pansy grins back “Actually, it was incredibly sexy. I can’t imagine how I didn’t see it before”
  • This time Pansy’s the one to go in for the kiss
  • Neither girl goes back to class for a long while

Guys have you seen the new YOI art??? Because it’s great, but there’s just one thing I’d like to point out…

Victor’s got his hand on Yuuri’s shoulder there, but hey, Yurio’s got his entire elbow on Yuuri, and… well, is that really the most comfortable position? I mean he has to turn his whole head around to look at the camera. 

But then all I could think of was… *ahem*


“All right. I know I’m a prince, so we can’t be friends. But if I wasn’t a prince… […] Well, then… we’d probably get on.” 

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andreil: here

this was inspired by something @key-called-home said, but i don’t remember what. i dont know if it makes any sense bc i just kinda put everything out there and it made me cry but oh well enjoy

Here he is. With his back against the wall, face turned towards Neil, here he is. There’s a cat in between them, and one at Andrew’s feet, the window must not be closed all the way because cold, biting wisps of air hit Andrew’s face, but here he is. Neil’s eyes are closed, and it’s a rare occasion when Andrew gets to see him like this. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like he shouldn’t be here. Fast asleep he looks a lot less like the smart mouth Andrew knows and a lot more like someone who should never have been with The Foxes to start with, but here he is.

He is here.

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Kara’s body language when speaking about Cat

Cat has her cute looking up thing, but Kara has this habit of hugging a pillow when she is distressed and worried about losing Cat.

“I have to see Miss Grant tomorrow and, between what happened with Adam and missing work, ugh, it’s bad, it’s really bad.

“I do not do well with change. Gosh, Miss Grant, I really can’t imagine being here without you.

“Turns out, I’m not a reporter. And Cat is leaving, Clark is leaving, everything is changing.”

It’s like she needs to hold to something in order to focus, to be able to talk about it and express her fears without losing it completely.
And, at the same time, hugging something is an instinctive way to seek comfort and warmth, to protect herself from her own feelings and from how terribly scared she is of seeing Cat leaving or of seeing their relationship somewhat ruined. Because Kara can’t lose Cat.

Started playing Skyrim again. Wanted to practice around with some characters so I borrowed @vanusgalerions vampire-bard Caladurin and @pimsri altmer-mage Moor alongside my own breton-werewolf Angeles