looks like there is two of one girl

Beauty & the Beast 2017
  1. ‘It’s a quiet village, every day like the one before.’
  2. 'Good morning ___, have you lost something again?’
  3. 'It’s about two lovers in fair Verona.’
  4. 'No denying she’s a funny girl, that ___’
  5. 'That’s too expensive!’
  6. 'Ah, if it isn’t the only bookworm in town.’
  7. 'Your library makes a small corner of the world feel big.’
  8. 'Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him 'til Chapter Three.’
  9. 'Look at her, ___, my future wife.’
  10. 'You’re so….athletically inclined.’
  11. 'Here in town there’s only she who is beautiful as me.’
  12. 'He’s such a tall dark strong and handsome brute!’
  13. 'Can you imagine? Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless…. !’
  14. 'I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell.’
  15. 'For once it might be grand to have someone understand.’
  16. 'He was mean and he was coarse and unrefined, but now he’s dear and so unsure. I wonder why I didn’t see it there before.’
  17. 'No, it can’t be. I’ll just ignore…but then, she’s never looked at me that way before.’
  18. 'True that he’s no Prince Charming, but there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see.’
  19. 'Who’d have thought they’d come together on their own?’
  20. 'I’ll tell you when you’re older.’
  21. 'It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.’
  22. 'Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!’
  23. 'A dinner here is never second best.’
  24. 'If you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest.’
  25. 'Ah, those good old days when we were useful…’
  26. 'Heaven’s sakes, is that a spot?! Clean it up! We want the company impressed!’
  27. 'Gosh, it disturbs me to see you, ___, looking so down in the dumps.’
  28. 'There’s no man in town as admired by you, you’re everyone’s favourite guy!’
  29. 'As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating!’
  30. 'I needed encouragement, thank you ___.’
  31. 'I use antlers in all of my decorating!’
  32. 'Barely even friends, then somebody bends unexpectedly.’
  33. 'Both a little scared, neither one prepared.’
  34. 'Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.’
  35. 'We’re not safe until he’s dead!’
  36. 'It’s time to take some action, boys, it’s time to follow me!’
  37. 'Say a prayer then we’re there at the drawbridge of his castle, and there’s something truly terrible inside.’
  38. 'In times like this, they’ll do just what I say.’
  39. 'There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question; but I fear the wrong monster’s released.’
  40. 'We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it scares us.’

Bro some people are so fucking dumb and just stupid. These two kids in my French class were arguing with this girl and she’s friends with them but she said that the flash was gay and they got so triggered. They started spewing all this stuff like “no he’s not he’s my favorite super hero. I don’t want my favorite super hero to be gay” “I don’t have a problem with gay people it just always looks forced” like how fucking dumb and stupid are you… And one always asks me for help on shit in that class so I’m not doing shit for that motherfucksr anymore. They just make me so angry like I hope your life is a failure kids!

look, fandom as a whole certainly has its own built-in biases and problems that need to be addressed 

but like

every so often i think about all of the deep, nurturing lifelong friendships that only ever happened because one day two internet strangers were like ‘oh hey, we agree on which fictional characters should kiss!’

people who are right now helping each other survive via connections they initially forged by liking the same sailor moon girl or something

the internet is a goddamn garbage pit but it is also a goddamn miracle

Lance is attractive

Fucking fight me on this Barbara ok hERE WE GO

- being a girl, who talks to girls, I know that girls don’t giggle unless they like it and are more likely to shoot poisonous glares at strangers who flirt with them
- if a girl giggles at a stranger who flirts with them she’s likely interested
- if she’s interested in a stranger it’s probably because he’s good looking

- the fandom had a fucking carnival with this fact okay there is a scene both in season one and in season two where Lance is wearing a facemask so we all know he’s got flawless skin

- he just does
- everyone knows this
- even 80’s Lance dresses the best

- I don’t remember where I heard this, but apparently some social study drew the conclusion that when men wear blue they are generally received as more good looking

- um she knew him for like a day or two
- made some battle plans with him and then suddenly decided smooching him up was the best course of action
- listen man,, people don’t go kissing other strangers just so show their appreciation, she was definitely at least SOMEWHAT attracted to him

- yeah okay this is probably a stylistic thing but um
- I have more than one screenshot of Lance with a small sparkle on his teeth, usually when he smirks
- those things are pearly white and pretty af

- did you see him in the cryo pod
- muscles are portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- also portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- guys I only fall in love with attractive people, trust me,,


• bonus Keith is also in love with him so I mean how many people falling in love with him does it take for someone to realize that he is a good looking motherfucker

my favorite things from the Women’s March, D.C.
  • little girl holding a sign that says “dear theodosia we’ll fight for you”
  • people cheering when you got off the metro
  • someone was dressed as a middle finger
  • my 52 year old mother: “look at all the pussy hats!”
  • the not one, not two, but three mothers who were breatfeeding their children as they marched (the most metal thing i’ve ever seen)
  • “if you get arrested we aren’t bailing you out” “why are you only talking to me” “olivia, look at you”
  • the little girls (like 6 or 7), chanting “show me what democracy looks like!” and their father responding “you are what democracy looks like!”
  • the same little girls high fiving passing marchers
  • this exchange between my mom and brother, on how long it takes to move half a million people: mom, “this must be what moses felt like for 40 years” brother, “well he only had to deal with a gold calf, not a golden shower”
  • the fact that there were SO MANY women that we all decided to use the men’s bathrooms as well as the women’s bathrooms
  • starting a chant of “love trumps hate” as we marched past the trump hotel
  • really all of the chants though
  • “can’t build a wall / hands are too small”
  • (women) “my body my choice” / (men) “her body her choice”
  • passing a big portrait of obama and everyone shouting “thanks obama!”
  • some people were bouncing up and down (for warmth, idk?) and one guy said “think about it: if we get everyone to do this it’ll be the world record for most number of people doing this”
  • the number of old ladies in attendance
  • a man holding a sign with a downward arrow that read “angry feminist dad”
  • “we shall overcomb”
  • the federal mint has harriet tubman’s face on a big banner right next to washington, lincoln, and hamilton!
  • honestly there were so many moments i probably can’t list them all

reblog and add your own faves and the city you were in!!

8:52pm (Artemis)

Do you ever wonder about souls? Surely we too have them. How corrupt they must be, twisted and torn, riddled in pride and dishonesty. Unsent: We do have them. I feel mine, and how it’s twisted and bent into something unrecognizable

9:00pm (Apollo)

You think too much.

2:37 am (Artemis)

I passed someone today; his eyes looked like the moon in shades of blue. Unsent: It made me think of mistakes, and how mistakes become scars. I’d like one, maybe two cut, across my chest. It might help me separate what is real and what is not

2:43 am (Apollo)

I saw a girl who looked like Cassandra. I wished her dead and that she would remember me all in one breath.

2:45 am (Artemis)

I know. Me too.

4:05 am (Artemis)

Do you still fight the future?

2 seconds later (Apollo)

Every day. Every night. With every breath I have. Unsent: Because it terrifies me. The darkness. The death. We will be all that’s left, and we won’t be able to start over again.

4:06 am (Artemis)

I fight the past. Every expectation I failed to meet. Every decision I ever made in vain. All the vows I gave too easily. Youth. Youth makes gods foolish.

4:07 am (Apollo)

Unsent: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the part I played

10:59 pm (Artemis)

I wished it would end. I wanted the world to burn and to watch it out of spite. Unsent: Then I wanted to save it, quench the fire with the ocean. I wanted to prove I still could.

11:00 pm (Apollo)

I saw it.

11:01 pm (Apollo)

I had a vision today of a world that didn’t burn in fire. I had a vision of a world where we were happy.

5 seconds later (Artemis)

Do we even deserve it?

2 seconds after that (Apollo)

No. But it was nice. It was nice to have hope.

Excerpt from In the Light of the Stars - L.H.Z

I just want to talk about these two pictures real quick. In the top one, it’s a bit back in the day when liking boys and girls was not accepted AT ALL and as you can see Magnus is sitting with just women around him. And then look at the recent pic where you see men and women sitting with him. When I was looking at these two pictures it really hit me that this character has lived through these times where not only lgbtq+ people were not accepted at all but racism was at its very worst. You realize how much depth Magnus truly has as he’s lived through such horrific times not just in his own life but time period wise in both the shadow world and mundane world. I don’t really know exactly where I’m going with this but it just made me think a lot more about Magnus Bane’s life and how he became who he is, and I’m very interested to see how they portray that on the show.


“What ever happened to that sick girl? That seemed like a hell of a stressful night for her. The way she was carrying on, she was married to number two, right? … Widows? Especially ones that look like that? Whew. They are special. I love ‘em. Right after their husband’s gone they are just empty inside. But usually not for long. Ahh, where is she? I would love to see her.”

parvati & lavender become pros at fortune telling like those two can read your future with cards, your tea, a book, by doing your nails, and just by looking at you tbh

and they make it this fun thing amongst all the gryffindor girls!! like they’ll invite them up to their rooms & they’ll all get into circles and they’ll go around asking questions and drinking tea it’s really cute

lavender will braid parvati’s hair while parvati reads tarot cards

parvati paints lavender’s nails while lavender tells ginny to start reading the quibbler to find love in the future (she might just be playing matchmaker but no one needs to know)

parvati & lavender being cute
"We were all wondering what an 18 charisma looks like"

So my friend and I are playing a very small game with just me and him and the GM. So my friend and I are both playing two characters. He is playing a tough female cleric and a crazy male alchemist, and I am playing a blood thirsty female barbarian and suave male swashbuckler.(with a charisma of 18) So in the beginning of the game our characters wake up in two separate prison cells in nothing but our underwear. The girls in one cell and the guys in another. Outside the prison cell is a crazy lady dressed in a nurse’s outfit torturing a man strapped to the table in front of her. To the other side of the table, is a tray of improvised torture weapons, a rusty fork, a shard of glass, ect. (It’s worth noting that most of these implants lack handles) Anyway, the crazy lady makes the mistake of stepping too close to one of the cells allowing my barbarian to grapple her against the metal bars whilst the cleric collects the prison keys from her and frees the boys. The swashbuckler swings into immediate action, gliding past the table and towards the tray. He then proceeds to ignore the weapons with pre-existing handles, rip off his underwear, rap it around the shard of glass, and defends the poor defenseless victim, who happens to be at waist level.
GM: Well I guess we were all wondering what an eighteen charisma looks like bellow the belt.

I'm rlly so upset I let these two girls in to my town and they stole all of my pink and purple roses and I just??? I didn't expect it at all like that's really fucked up bc I just restarted my town and things are just starting to pull together and look nice?? I went to the international island and two German girls asked to visit me so I let them, one was super nice and distracted me while the other stole my things?? Idk its just really fucked up. Here are their friend codes in case you see them on the international island and they ask to visit you !

Their names are Laura and Maria (:
Reblog this as much as possible if you’re an acnl blog just so people know who they are and to not let them visit their towns!!

dan & phil playlist03: two is better than one ft. taylor swift - boys like girls

“so maybe it’s true that i can’t live without you, and maybe two is better than one. but there’s so much time to figure out the rest of my life, and you’ve already got me coming undone.”

(send me song recs!)

I hope in Season 4 we get background glimpses of Isak and Even. Like:

• People know now of Even and Isak as an official couple, so they start to get to know Even and find out what a cool guy he is.

• Others never forgeting to invite Even alongside Isak now to the parties.

• When they get comfortable with public affection, we see them holding hands.

• Hot making out action going on in parties.

• The boy/girl squad mentioning them, like ‘Ugh, those two are inseperable now’, or one of the girls going 'the way those two look at each other it’s so sickeningly sweet. I want that.’

• Isak, now being the side character, talking with the main character and mentioning Even and not being able to control his fond smile.

•Whenever there’s a pre-game or something being hosted, Isak and Even are somewhere in the corner together being sweet and cute and sometimes borderline-hot-sexy-action and mostly oblivious to anyone around them.

•The honeymoon phase ♡

• The boy squad appearing sometimes and somehow mentioning those two, because yes, they are the biggest Evak shippers ever. Like, 'Yeah, those two, now that they’re officially together, they’re like always, like, linked physically or something, it’s disgusting’ with fond smiles and teasing.

• Isak blushing in the background and Even smiling his adoring only-for-Isak smile at him.

• So yeah, I hope we get some Evak background sweetness.

Fake Girlfriend 4 || Dan Howell

A/N: The response to part 3 was just overwhelming! thanky ou so much 💕


Word Count: 1.5K 

POV: Dan


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“I wasn’t acting.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She actually wanted to kiss me? My eyes widened as I intensively looked at her. My heart was suddenly racing. Y/N stopped staring at her feet and our gazes met. Her eyes spoke of surprise just like mine did. We just stood there in the middle of the woods, our faces cold and hands sweating. The girl in front of me with the cute red nose was the same one I used to fight with whenever we met. I used to despise her and my hate was returned. So, what happened to us?  Because right at that moment I longed to kiss her sweet pink lips even if it were the last thing that I did.

I swallowed hard. I should’ve probably said something but all I could think about was kissing her. I moved closer to her, leaving footprints in the snow with every step I took. Since she was shorter than me she lifted her head to look up as soon as I stood right in front of her, our chests almost touching. I could feel my body already prickling. She was so damn beautiful. Y/N got on her tiptoes. There were only inches between us. I could feel her warm breath on my cold skin. The spark was almost there. I leaned in to close the distance between us and then?  Shouts.

“Daniel, Y/N! Where are you?” Aunt Sarah’s voice echoed through the forest.

We had fallen behind a while ago and had last seen my relatives more than ten minutes ago. They probably thought we were lost somewhere around here since there were a lot of different paths.

I groaned in annoyance, seeing my aunt and her soon to be husband. ‘We were about to kiss god damn it.’ I wanted to angrily shout in their faces. Maybe I groaned a bit too loud because Y/n started giggling at my exasperation. Just the sound of her little laugh made me calm down.

“We are here!” I shouted back.

After less than 5 minutes we had caught up to my relatives.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to worry you. We just.. uhm needed a minute to ourselves.” I apologized, scratching the back of my head.

“You both know that the fertility luck of that squirrel you saw lasts longer than just a few minutes, right?” my grandma asked, winking again.

Oh my god. Here she goes again. Why does she always have to do this? I mentally facepalmed myself and just laughed it off while Y/N stayed silent in embarrassment.

“I hope you didn’t search for us too long?” I asked with a slight feeling of guilt. Unfortunately, Harry was the first one to answer.

“Well Dan, Auntie Sarah was actually quite worried about you. You must know Y/N, that when Dan and I were 12 we used to play hide and seek here in the woods and Dan got lost for a whole afternoon. When we found him in the evening he was crying his eyes out and since then we weren’t allowed to play here anymore.” Harry ended his anecdote with a bitter laugh and I wondered how many stories that make me seem like the biggest loser on Earth there were.

Much to my liking though Y/N was on my side and not his. Her way of killing was kindness. She just laughed at my 12 year old self and took my hand in hers. Her small fingers felt cold under her knitted gloves so I tried to rub some warmth into her hands.

“Is that why you are scared of trees and the dark?” she wanted to know with a grin and I was surprised that she knew that about me.

Since it was way past midday we soon returned to my aunt’s mansion. Sarah made hot chocolates for all of us to warm up. Later today most of my other relatives would arrive since the wedding was tomorrow. Me and Y/N walked up to our room in silence. My thoughts were racing though. We weren’t even friends when we got here, she was just my fake girlfriend and now? What were we now?

Instead of talking about what happened during our little walk we just talked. About how we both met Phil, what are favourite movies were, what we were scared of as children and topics like that. The only thing we didn’t talk about was our first kiss, our second kiss and our almost kiss. I think we were both unsure of what the other would say and we just didn’t know how to address it. At five in the afternoon there was a knock on our door, making me stop talking mid-sentence.

“Hey, lovebirds. Most of your aunts, uncles and cousins have arrived, Dan. Why don’t you two come downstairs to have dinner with all of us?”

“Sure, auntie.” I said while Y/N sweetly smiled at Sarah.

We got up from the armchairs near the big window that we were sitting on. Y/N checked her hair in the mirror on the wall before she approached the door.

“I can’t believe that out of all girls in the world, it’s you who is my fake girlfriend.” I uttered with astonishment.

My words made Y/N stop in the middle of her tracks. She turned around to look at me and when I saw her face I realized that she had completely misunderstood what I had said. I was trying to compliment her. I was simply expressing my amazement because the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world agreed to act like she is my girlfriend. She had interpreted what I said differently, in a negative way.  

“Y/N I didn’t mean it like-“ I defended myself trying to make this, whatever this was, okay again.

“Let’s just go meet your family.” She snapped and walked out of the door.

 Smooth Dan Howell. Real smooth.

I headed after her, wanting to apologize, but it was already too late.

“Daniel dear!” various relatives exclaimed with glee when they saw me and I shook a lot of hands instead of kissing Y/N.

What I soon learned was that Y/N was indeed a really good actress. She acted like the perfect girlfriend and made us seem like we were the happiest couple on Earth. Only I knew that she was actually mad at me. What was I even thinking when I said that? Why didn’t I ask her to be my girlfriend already?

The horror that I might have ruined whatever we could have had made my heart want to explode. We sat at the table talking and chatting with everybody, eating dinner and answering questions about our fake relationship.

“Looking at you two makes me want to be young again.” My grandma said with a smile.

Y/N blushed and squeezed my hand underneath the table.  It was just an act but I wanted it to be real so badly.

So I plunged in at the deep end.  I moved closer to her, my palms sweaty.

“I’m  I am – uh.. falling for you, Y/N.” I whispered into her ear, my heartbeat almost louder than my words.

I watched her face lose colour at my words. Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to say something but then closed it again.

I could tell that she was shouting “Dan?!” inside of her head right now.

Dessert couldn’t be served soon enough and we nearly jumped up from our seats when we were finished. We took two stairs at the same time, nearly sprinting to our room. When I shut the door behind me, there was nothing and nobody holding us back anymore.

“CAN WE FINALLY TALK ABOUT THIS?!” Y/N screamed, but just as those words had left that pretty mouth of hers I had stumbled forward to where she stood and crashed my lips onto hers. I was finally kissing her, no acting just real feelings. She immediately kissed back and there was that famous spark again. My whole body was on fire as I wrapped my arms around her waist and she tangled her fingers in my hair. There was no space between our bodies left as we moved our lips in perfect rhythm.  

We broke apart staring at each other in sheer amazement.

I was still out of breath but she was right, we had to talk about his. So I swallowed hard and talked.

“Okay so, first of all I just want you to know I am not acting right now. It’s all real and I never should have lied.

The second thing I want you to know is that what I said before dinner was supposed to be a compliment, but it looks like I am just freaking dumb.

The third confession is that I have fallen so hard for you and every time I kiss you it feels like I am actually on fire.”

Y/N and I had the biggest smiles on our faces as I finally spoke my mind.

“Oh and fourth, I’m tired of this fake girlfriend thing. The ‘fake’ part just doesn’t work out for me.”

what I really love about Fran Fine as a character is that in any other show she would be the comic relief, a two-dimensional bit character who makes occasional appearances and has zero character growth or plot relevance (kinda like Janice from Friends tbh).

But in The Nanny, she is the heroine! A brassy, bold, Jewish girl with a loud voice, working-class accent, and “tacky” clothes. And she always stays true to her roots, never abandoning her family or toning down her look to be more accepted with the uppercrust. Maxwell is the one who lets her into his life and changes his staid, buttoned-up traditional ways after falling in love with the nanny. She is not an MPDG either, the show focuses on her journey and her growth. 

That is really beautiful to me.

So last night...

So I was cosplay as Sans last night on Omegle, enjoying myself and playing around with different Undertale fans. I saw like, two dicks. Neither were impressive or wanted. 

But one thing really got me in the heart, and that was a little girl. She didn’t look more then 7…8 years old, right? Real small, braided hair, big eyes and everything.

At first, I started up on the chat with her like I would, making a peace sign and waving, and she literally flipped her shit. She started screaming and giggling and waving at me like, “SANS!! SANS!! Hi!! I didn’t know you were real!!” And all I could literally do was laugh and smile like a dumbass under this hot rubber mask.

So right when I say hi and all the casual Sans things, she jumps up, telling me to wait just a sec and that, “I have something that makes me part skeleton just like you!” She bolts off and I just wait, cause I’m not gonna click off randomly while she’s so excited. She comes back like, five minutes later with a big bottle of ketchup. I start giggling and giving her thumbs up and just- reacting to everything she says!

But then, a wave of protective instinct starts washing over me- Like, even while she’s talking to me, I cant stop listening even when my own girlfriend is calling! ((I’m super sorry about that @strife-kind!)) I start telling myself, “You know, there are a bunch of nasty, horrible people on here who would take advantage of this little girl. Fuck that noise, I’m gonna stay on here till she falls asleep.”

I literally stayed up till 3am talking and chatting with this little girl, and she starts yawning and mumbling and I’m like “Hey, kiddo. It was awesome talking to you- youre such an awesome human kid! But uh- maybe you should head to bed. Kids like you need lots of rest to kill monsters like me.” And she just smiles dopily and nods, before blowing me a kiss and I catch it. She ends the chat, and I go one round around the bend to make sure she’s in bed and not still chatting. She’s not, and I’m happy.

The next person I talk to literally was the cutest kid, looked about 12 years old. He started implying I was in love with Toriel and I, playing along, started blushing and pulled my hood over my head and crossed my arms, the whole thing. He makes me PROPOSE to her and I did! I drew a paper board in bone letters asking if she will marry me, and when “Toriel” said yes, he literally flipped out and started giggling madly. Cutest kid ever. Sorry to say he had to get off before I could wish him a good night, but man…

Protective Sans syndrome just….WOOSH.

macdennis lesbian concepts

  • girl!dennis dennis-systeming a bunch of dudes
  • girl!mac compulsively cutting all the sleeves off all her t-shirts
  • dee and dennis hypercompetitive twin sisters
  • “can a femme be a top, or is that reserved for butches?” “well, i’m sure there’s a great deal of switching back and forth, but i think more often than not butches are tops, unless they happen to be soft butches”
  • this but come to my window by melissa etheridge
  • that one episode where mac and dennis fall asleep in a u-haul and dennis wakes up with a hand slung over mac’s chest takes on new meaning
  • girl!dennis dresses the exact same way w the button-downs and flannels 
  • “three cool girls looking for other cool girls who want to hang out in their party mansion. nothing sexual.”
  • the nightwoman cometh
  • “fast times at ridgmont high?” “look, i know you wanted to see american pie again, but i feel like we’ve seen that 30 times in the last two months, and i thought that we could mix things up, plus the video store clerk girl said this movie’s awesome, so…” “the video store… clerk… girl… i feel like you won’t stop talking about her… also, fast times at ridgmont high? phoebe cates’ physique is nothing like the lineup in american pie” “okay, stop, i don’t want to have any more conversations about girls’ physiques” “girl!dennis, in cup size alone…” “that’s what i was trying to avoid! a conversation about cup sizes!

This actually fucking happened today

I was shopping with some family friends and there was me, my mom, two other kids, and their parents. I was wearing casual clothes. Jeans, a shirt and my hair was tied up in a messy bun. I was bored, hands in my pockets and shit. Only, i was wearing  A RAINBOW SHIRT BC IM BI IN HIDING AND ONE KID SAID “why are you wearig a shirt like that haha you’re not gay” and I just looked at him dead straight in the eyes and asked “how would you know?” and his dad is a pastor and he gave me a startled look. i screamed internally. IT GOT WORSE. A CUTE GIRLS WALKED BY AND WAS WEARING A LGBT SHIRT AND SHE WAS CUTE SO I MADE A BIG SHOW BY WINKING AT HER AND SHE GOT SO FLUSTERED IT WAS CUTE AS FUCK AND SUDDENLY I REMEMBERED. I WHIRLED AROUND TO LOOK AT THE OTHERS AND THEY ALL LOOKED MORTIFIED WHILE MY MOM WAS LIKE “GOD DAMMINT DIMITRA”

Protection (Gaston Imagine)

Request:  Could you do a Gaston one where the reader is being teased and every time it happens he comes to her rescue until he finally admits he loves her?- @lunarwolfspn

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Something weird was going on. Every time something bad was happening to you Gaston would suddenly appear and ‘save’ you. It has happened a couple of times now and it was starting to get old.

First Time

The first time wasn’t to bad just a couple of girls being rude like always.

“Look at her dress. It looks so hideous.” One of the bimbettes laughed and pointed at your (f/c) dress. The other two looked at you and started laughing as well.

“It looks like it was made by a child.” The shortest one elbowed the tallest one as she giggled. “Can you believe she left the house wearing that?” The last cackled.

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