looks like the happiest place in the world

art inspiration

ever needed inspiration for art? well look no further
• your otp in matching outfits
• bugs having a tea party
• what the alphabet/numbers would look like if they were human
• create a mythical creature
• think of the happiest thing and turn it demonic (& vice versa)
• draw your favourite characters meeting and what they would say/do
• google your mood and draw the 9th image that shows up
• flip to a random page in the dictionary and google the first word you see. draw the 3rd image
• your favourite place to be
• make inanimate objects human
• draw your pets if they were human ( and you and your friends as pets )
• your favourite animal dressed up to go to a fancy party or something
• the worlds perspective from small creatures
• a windy day
• work on your weaknesses in art
• draw you or someone you know genderbent
• draw your favourite thing in the world wearing a flower crown
hope that helped uwu

You look at me like I am the sunshine in the sky
But I am your moon and I reflect all the light of you
You are my happiest moments and my biggest pride
And all I want is to stand by your side
The way your dress hangs in all the right places
On the curves of your skin that all of mine traces
Has me mesmerised and longing for your thighs
In this moment there is nobody here but you
no one in the world but you and I
And even if we live to eighty three
There will never be another in this universe
more beautiful to me
I am dreaming of making you my forever | S.