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All right. The wedding. Look, I know some swen are upset about this but there’s really no need to be - the ones who ought to be upset are CS shippers. Seriously. And I’m not saying that in a ‘make the best of a bad job’ sort of way. I honestly believe it.

It’s not just about how lackluster the wedding is and how awful the run-up has been - though it’s definitely that too. But even the best wedding in the world would be bad for CS fandom. Because now they’re stuck with it.

If they care about canon, if they want to write fic that’s canon compliant or meta about canon then that’s it, that’s the wedding they got, in all its uninspiring glory. Want to imagine Emma in a different (better) dress? Tough luck - that’s the one she wore. Hoping for a nicer venue filled with guests the bride and groom actually know? It ain’t happening. Different vows? Nope.

But Swan Queen still has it all - Emma and Regina will get married in a thousand different ways with a thousand different dresses and a thousand different vows. There’s nothing limiting our imagination. And imagination is what fandom is all about.

Because that’s the thing about fandom: it’s a verb, not a noun. Viewers watch but fans create. Fandom is all about ‘what if?’. And that wedding? That wedding forecloses all of CS’s ‘what ifs’ and replaces them with one rather dull, ‘Oh. That.’

And yes, in-canon SQ fic will have to deal with the wedding too, but I’m not complaining. Which would you rather read: an angst-filled slow-burn about a woman realising she’s married the wrong person, and accepting she’s in love with her best friend? Or a fic about a married couple… carrying on being married?

The truth is, CS fans won’t be writing those fics,or not very many of them - they’ll do what all fans do and create new stuff. They’ll write AUs or canon-divergence in which Hook and Emma get together in all sorts of different ways. In which case - what actual difference does it make that the couple got married on screen? None whatsoever. 

CS are getting married. She’s wearing a badly-made and out-of-character dress and he looks like a 1970s lounge singer. They got engaged twice: once when she didn’t notice the man she supposedly loved was drunk out of his mind and hiding a murderous secret and once as they stood over the comatose bodies of the parents she’d sacrificed for the engagement. And as far as CS’s epic romance goes, that’s all she wrote. It’s all been done, and done badly, and the only thing left up to fandom’s imagination now is the divorce.

When Swan Queen get married, it’s going to be so much better. And we’re going to have so much more fun imagining it.

So let CS fans have their wedding - and if it makes them happy, great. I really mean that. There isn’t enough happiness in the world, especially now. And their happiness doesn’t have to mean our unhappiness. Because we’ll always know we got the better end of the bargain.

Train-Spotted (Katlaska) - Puck

A/N Hey everyone! Long time no see. Things got a little crazy for me with both personal stuff and university, but now I’ve got a bit more free time. So here you go, a brand new fic. If you’d like this to turn into a chaptered fic please let me know, I have places for this to go. (And yes, the title is a play off of Trainspotting.) I’ve never written Katlaska before, but I figured I’d give it a go. Cheers!

Summary: A recently sober Katya enjoys taking long metro rides to nowhere. One morning she runs into a fellow queen that she’d had a one night stand with about a year ago, before she’d gotten sober. Drag Queens but not Ru Girls.

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Cas gets, like, weirdly into sweaters when he’s human for good. Dean sort of blames himself. He sent Cas out with a list of groceries one afternoon only Cas apparently wandered into a thrift store “out of curiosity” and came home with six sweaters and exactly none of the things he was actually supposed to buy. 

Some of them are okay. The plain blue one looks good on him. One of them is really soft which yeah, all right, Dean can get behind that even if it looks like it was knitted by a blind person. But the others are just varying degrees of awful. The purple sweatshirt with a glittery cartoon raincloud that’s probably been sitting in Goodwill since 1983. The yellow one spotted with bumblebees. The red and white striped chunky knit thing that makes Cas look like Waldo. The fuzzy grey one that makes him look like a koala bear. The slogan ones–oh god, the slogan ones. 

Cas loves them. He pulls the cuffs over his hands and rubs his cheek on the shoulder and bundles up in like three at once when the winter chill gets into the bunker. He says he’s “creating his own style”, whatever the hell that means, but to be honest Dean just worries what he’s going to do in the summer when long sleeves aren’t an option. (Sometimes Dean has nightmares about Cas going into a Hot Topic and coming out looking like a 1970s punk rock groupie.)

But whatever, Dean can live with it. If it makes Cas happy, who the hell is he to put the kibosh on that? But then. There’s this time. This one time that Cas comes into the kitchen one morning and he’s not wearing the sparkly cloud sweatshirt or the koala bear fuzz or the multicolored zigzag catastrophe–

–he’s wearing Dean’s hoodie. Dean’s yellow hoodie that he kinda secretly kept from a crazy case what feels like forever ago, and damn seeing Cas all bundled up and soft and warm and comfortable in something that belongs to him just flips this switch somewhere in Dean’s chest and he drops his spatula and strides across the kitchen and Cas is saying something about how he hopes it’s okay he went in Dean’s closet and Dean shuts him up by kissing the ever-loving fuck out of him. 

“Oh,” Cas says, breathless, as Dean pushes his hands underneath the layers of hoodie and shirt to run his palms over the hard muscles of Cas’s stomach and sides, “more than okay, then.” He smiles against Dean’s mouth. 

Dean laughs, delirious. “You and your fucking sweaters, man.”

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favorite met gala look?

i have never watched the met gala and my knowledge of it begins and ends with tumblr and taylor swift. so honestly the only met gala outfit ive ever gone “WOAH THAT’S COOL I LOVE THAT” is:

BECAUSE LIKE GODDAMN THAT’S SO FREAKING COOL?!?!? AND IS ACTUALLY CREATIVE ABOUT THE THEME?!?!? like everyone was deadass in like some strange variation of “i look like a 1970s silver robot” but this girl was actually creative about, oh idk, actual technology?????

How many kids you have - The outsiders preferences

2 kids. 1 girl and 1 boy

Isabella Curtis is born first on Saturday May 11, 1969. She was a month pre mature and she was the spitting imagine of both you and soda.

Elliot Curtis is born second on Tuesday, February 15, 1972. He was almost identical to soda and was almost always happy like him to

3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl

Darryl Curtis lll was born on Friday, March 20, 1968. He looked a lot like you but he had Darrys eyes and facial features. Since he was a bigger baby, he was born through a C-section

Jackson Curtis was born on Saturday, September 23, 1972. He had your eye color and your facial features, but he seemed to cling toward Darry.

Alana Curtis was born on Sunday, June 27, 1971. When she was born, he had Darrys blue green eyes and dark hair but she was small like you.

4 kids. 3 girls (triplets) and 1 boy

Gemma, Roxanne, and Corrina Curtis wear born a on Tuesday, March 2, 1971 right after Johnnys birthday. The girls were fraternal twins so one looked almost identical to Pony while the other two closely resembled you.
(This was not my original idea, someone else made a post like this and I liked it but I can not remember who, so I have to give credit)

Martin Curtis was born on Sunday, January 3, 1974 And once again, your child grew up to be the identical twin to Pony.

1 kid. A boy

Lewis Randle was born on Friday, December 18, 1970. He had grown up to look just like you but he took on A LOT of Steve’s personality.
Like father like son

Two bit:
5 kids: twins (two boys), another boy and 2 girls
I think two bit would want a bigger family, is it just me?

Justin and Noah Mathews were born on Saturday, October 26, 1969. They were born identical twins and looked like both you and two.

Caleb Mathews was born on Tuesday, may 13, 1970. He grew up to look like two bit and to be just as goofy as him to.

Payton Mathews was born on Tuesday, April 15, 1972. She was born looking exactly like you but as she got older she looked more like her father.

Julianne Mathews was born Tuesday, April 11, 1974. She was the youngest of the five but seemed to be the most mature. She grew up to look more like you than two bit, but she did pick up his jokes.

2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl

Austin Winston was born on Thursday, December 3, 1970. His bame was one of two bits jokes because he said since Dallas is named after a city in Texas, you should do the same with your son. You did just that.

Lillian Winston was born on Thursday, Obtober 30, 1972. She grew up looking a lot like dallas but was a sweet, and quiet little nerd

3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl

Carter Cade was born on Friday, April 4, 1969. He looked just like Johnny except he didn’t have thr scared and nervous look to him since Johnny showed him the love a child deserved

Dallas Micheal Cade was born on Saturday, April 17, 1971 And was named after Johnnys two best friends Dallas and pony. He grew up to be very creative and loved to hang out with his dad and uncle pony.

Cosette Cade was born on Friday, June 8, 1973. she was born a month and a half pre maturely and was in and out the hospital for the first five months of life

Naga: the Queen City of Bicol

Both my parents are from Bicol, but I haven’t explored the whole province yet. I’ve been to many parts of it, but I know there is sooo much more I haven’t seen yet. Believe it or not, to think that I am “gala”, it’s just this year I had a chance to roam around Naga City.

Uhm. Note: this is not a travel guide.

Naga is one of the famous cities of Bicol. Aside from the title “Queen City of Bicol”, it is also known as the Pilgrim City of the Philippines, as it is the home of beautiful heritage churches and the largest Marian pilgrimage in Asia. Yea, I am planning to visit them again on the Penafrancia Festival.

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I saw a movie last night starring Sonny Chiba called 'Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope' and I was wondering if you had seen it? It's interesting and deals with Chiba's character (Akira Inugami) who is the last lycanthrope in Japan after his tribe was wiped out. He has to deal with a former singer who was sexually assaulted for political reasons and her rage has become a physical thing, a savage tiger that mutilates her attackers. 1970s Toei Action-Horror goodness.

No, I haven’t! I can’t wait for the Arrow Blu to come out.

I love horror, but what I enjoy most are pinky violence, yakuza, and some of the harder edged samurai movies that came out of the 1970s. Wolf Guy looks like it combines the two, so I’m excited to see it.

open || to females and non-binary
possible connections: best friend, girlfriend. fwb, anything really i’m not picky

“Seriously, if I could just die within the next twenty minutes, that would be fine with me,” Jillian said as she emerged from her bedroom, wearing the short, shiny gold monstrosity that was her bridesmaid’s dress for her cousin’s wedding. “I look like I’m going to a disco in the fucking 1970′s,” she went on, hands on her hips, “Let’s get tonight over with. The one upside is that my date’s much hotter than her husband-to-be.” Finally, a little grin came to the blonde’s red lips, “As much as I don’t want to go, the reception kind of needs us. We are the life of the party, after all.”