looks like team rocket's blasting off again!

I get home from Pokemon hunting and check on my gym. “Again?!” I exclaim as I see that james465 has taken my gym for the fifth time.
It’s almost 11 pm but I decide whatever I’m sick of them taking my gym every time I turn around.
I get there and I see a guy standing next to my gym. “Are you James465?! Cause this is my gym.”
He turns and I gasp. He had purple hair which was way pointier then I thought possible. His white jacket matched mine with a big R in the middle. He also had a slack jaw staring at me. He was the splitting image of James from Team Rocket.
“You look just like James?”
“Are you Jessy?”
We said talking over each other.
I looked down at myself surprised. I had my red hair down though it curled under at the end and it was so long I could sit on it. To top it off I was wearing my team rocket jacket.
Both our phones buzzed looking down I saw a meowth appeared between us.

I grin. “I think Team Rocket’s blasting off again.”