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The ghost deer is supposedly a cryptid, that lives in the canyons of Mount Eddy in northern California.

According to legend, when shot at, bullets will fly right through the deer, or miss it. The “animal” also seems to appear and disappear with no traces of it. Attempts have been made to track its prints, only to find that they simply “end” at one point.

The ghost deer, according to legend, is a buck that looks something like a large elk with large antlers ending in 10-12 points, in contrast to the relatively small, normal Californian deer. Most hunters believe it weighs 240 to 250 pounds, though others believe it is actually a ghost.

The Changeling's Lament

Have you ever heard of the uncanny valley? 

It’s a human thing that I don’t really understand. If something looks like an animal, they’re okay with it; if something looks perfectly like a human, they’re okay with it, but if it's not quite right, they’re repulsed. They can’t even say why, it’s just inherently wrong to them. One of the bio majors suggested that it kept early humans from interacting with sick humans, but I’ve seen them go and help humans they know are sick anyway. It’s very strange.

The worst part about it, though, is that it means there’s so much to keep track of! My mouth must have exactly 32 teeth, but no matter how wide I smile I can’t show them all. My skin tone must be exactly the same every day. My hair has to be thousands of thousands of independent strands, and yes, they notice if it’s not. The “whites” of my eyes can’t be pure white, there’s red and even a touch of yellow in there, and the irises have strange shadings over the muscles that they use to dilate their pupils. Knucklebones must be the right length, the bones of the hand must flex under the skin and around veins, the face must crease when I smile or frown, it’s all so much to remember, and then there’s behavior! I cannot speak of beauty, except the most superficial, and then only to woo another or compliment one portraying themselves. I must know which questions are not truly to be answered, when the only aid requested is a listening ear rather than advice. I cannot speak truth when a human bores me, nor when they speak falsehood, unless it harms another or myself but even then it is sometimes rude! My attention can never wander from their face, but my body must shift to match my reactions! It is all impenetrably, ludicrously opaque, and I cannot but wonder if the lot of you apes made it up to spite us! And THAT is why I am so glad that your friend has returned, because it means that I no longer have to try to imitate him!

…what do you MEAN, you knew on the first day?!


always-a-bit-blue  asked:

After your post on the titan arum, I'm curious: what is the actual largest single flower in the world?

Rafflesia arnoldii, an indonesian corpse flower species that’s usually the size of a car tire! also its a parasitic plant, so it has no readily visible roots or leaves and just saps energy from its very specific host plant, which is a vine species related to grapes. (x) (x) (x) (x)

the little lumps next to the flower in this picture are flower buds!

here’s a helpful diagram of the flower itself:

Rafflesia has male and female flowers, and pollen must be carried from one to another to create a spore-spewing fruit structure when the seed ripens post-pollination:

this is a pretty useful diagram of the entire lifecycle, to give an idea of how much of a nightmare plant this would be if it could grow on humans (x):

we actually…didn’t know for sure if it was a plant or not until 2007??? 

so like, the question for a long time was “is this a fungus or a plant”. some suspicions supporting this:

-we didn’t know what it had evolved from or any of its relatives???????? 

-this plant only has a really small amount of a type of DNA that all other plants have, and what it does have of this is literally transferred from the host vine to the plant????

-the roots of this plant are there, but are super small and transparent filaments somewhat resembling fungi?????

-so the suspicion was, what if this was a fungus that just ended up having flower-like traits???

in 2007, we found out through DNA testing that it actually was, in fact, a plant! we now think that the evolutionary tree for this species looks something like this (now that we know its closest relatives):

(note that others in this tree have super tiny flowers. we think it has something to do with adapting for smell and resemblance to a dead rotting animal on the forest floor)

there are 13 species of Rafflesia known right now (all are parasitic plants that look and act kind of similar), but only Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest in the world! 

ok so like. a few months ago i saw a gif of this species blooming on reddit and i had to track it down for this answer because like. its so memorizing and amazing like. i have this gif saved on my phone

  • *Peter, Michelle, and Ned head to Hell's Kitchen in order to capture the Shocker*
  • Ned: Whoa, this is the first time I've ever been here! Pete, you wanna-
  • Peter (angsty): When I was ten, I saw my uncle Ben get gunned down right in front of me. When I became Spider-Man, I tracked the shooter down and beat him to the edge of his life. Before I could deliver the final blow, I could feel his fear of death through my spider-sense. It was the worst experience of my life-
  • Ned: Uh, Peter? You okay?
  • Peter (back to goofy self): Wait, what? Oh snap, sorry about that. Something about this location brings out my inner angsty, morally grey side.
  • MJ (reading her book): It's almost like the tone of the stories told in this area is different from your own.
  • Peter: *looks right at the camera*
Routine Part Three (Lin x Reader)

“I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this. Heck, I don’t know if I’m ready for it and I wrote it. 

Prompt List//Request Something//Mobile Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Four)


Summary: Reader and Lin are stuck, so they opt for a new place to write. Once in the new place, they tell each other stories in hopes of inspiration striking. 

Prompts used:

77) You talk way too much.

78) You don’t talk enough.

120) Tell me a story.

Warnings: military family, mentions of bullying, mentions of death, mentions of miscarriages, swearing

Words: 2229

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“Nothing is making ANY SENSE!!” Lin screams as he slides further into your bean bag chair allowing it to swallow him whole.  “Also, just so you know, this chair is damn comfortable. I’m definitely stealing it when this thing is over.”

“Don’t you dare!” You chuckle and throw a pillow at his head, hitting him straight in the temple. “That is my favorite chair.”

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It’s About Time [Teaser]

Request:  Can you write something with Daryl? The reader is Rick’s younger sister, they met each other while she thought Rick had died in the hospital. Shane keeps trying to make moves on her of course she rejects him every time. Daryl sees Shane trying to hit on her when they’re all at the CDC and Daryl gets pissed, he kicks Shane out of the room. Then smut happens, making sure she knows she belongs to Daryl.

Summary: Daryl and Reader (Rick’s sister) have a thang for each other and the night before they leave for the CDC Daryl makes his feelings know for her and they spend the night together. Meanwhile, Daryl doesn’t know the reader and Shane have slept together in the past and begins to get jealous of all the attention Shane shows the reader. After you all reach the CDC Daryl finds the reader and Shane talking and Shane trying to make moves on you. Daryl gets pissed and in a jealous rage, him and Shane have it out. Only for Daryl to claim you once and for all as his and only his.

A/N: This request got a little long, shocking I know (lol). So, I am putting up a teaser to tide you over. Hopefully, should be done this weekend.


“Come on, Rick! We gotta go!” Shane shouted and tugged at Rick’s shoulder.

“You’re killing us! You’re killing us! Please! Let us in!” Rick shouted to the camera he was so sure had moved.

You worriedly looked over at Daryl who stood shoulder to shoulder with you. Daryl raised his crossbow and began to swing it around, eyeing the walkers that were emerging as the sun disappeared. He looked over at you and nodded to your hip. “Get your weapon out and get ready to run… I ain’t gonna let any one of these dead fuckers anywhere near you.”

You nodded, un-holstering your knife, drawing it and pivoting your heel until your back was against his as you both prepared for the oncoming storm. Suddenly, huge bright light came on and you two looked over to find the huge doors slowly opening.

You both winced into the bright light and followed Rick’s lead, running in side quickly. The doors shut immediately after everyone was inside, just in time, as you saw the hoard you were about to face down, disappear behind the huge metal doors.

You looked over at Daryl, fear running through your body and mind as you thought about how close that was.

Daryl nodded slightly and reached over, taking your hand in yours. He leaned over and whispered into your ear, “Don’t worry Y/N. I’m not gonna let anything happen to ya. Never.”

He sweetly kissed the side of your neck by your ear and then leaned over to stare back into your eyes. You melted and nearly forgot immediately about the threat and strange place you had found yourself. You nodded and smiled, looking down at his lips, leaning in.

Before you could reach them you heard a voice clear and your head and eyes snapped over to meet Shane’s. He was standing a few feet away from you, feet spread dominantly apart and his rippled arms crossed. He looked at you and huffed, before turning around and walking to the front of the group to find Rick. He found him talking to a man named Jenner, who ran this place.

“What’s that guy’s fucking problem?” Daryl growled lowly, looking at you in confusion.

Your eyes dropped from his, “We can talk later. He’s just… protective.”

You locked nervous eyes with Daryl’s, hoping he bought it, he seemed to. He looked into your eyes and bit his lip, nervously chewing on it before nodding to you in agreement.

“Okay.” He said softly.

Daryl looked over at Rick and Shane getting the lay of the land and looked back at you, puffing his chest out a little.

“Ya stay here with Lori and Carl. I’m gonna go see what’s goin’ on.” He dropped his hand from yours and you watched him strut through the crowd. You rolled your eyes and smiled a little as  you watched Daryl walk up and stand shoulder to shoulder with Shane, crossing his arms and parting his feet just like Shane’s. Shane looked over at Daryl and smirked, huffing again, before turning his attention back to the man who called himself Jenner.

You turned around and saw Lori holding Carl close to her as she leaned against the side wall. Lori locked eyes with yours and she smiled knowingly. You walked over to her and your nephew, you tussled his hair, and leaned back against the wall next to Lori.

“How long’s that been going on?” Lori asked, smiling wider, looking over at Daryl then back at you.

You looked over at Daryl and smiles brightly and then looked back at Lori, “It’s… new.”

Lori nodded knowingly and looked down at Carl, smiling to herself, “I remember a time Rick looked at me that way…”

Your heart sank a little, you knew things between Lori and Rick had been tense since he had been back.

You patted her shoulder reassuringly, “Things will get better. He’s just in protector mode right now. He isn’t thinking of anything but our safety.”

“And I do love him for that.” Lori said.

“He loves you too. He always has and he always will.” You said, reaching over and hugging her a moment.

You two turn and watch Rick walk over to the three of you, with curious, but happy eyes.

“Alright, he has rooms for us all. Showers. Food. Shelter. This is the place we’ve been looking for.” You stood aside and smiled as you watched Rick hug Lori and kneel down to hug Carl.

You turned your attention away, letting them have their moment. You scanned everyone’s faces, so relieved, so happy they had finally found what looked like refuge from the undead, finally.

You were so busy getting lost in the sight of everyone’s happy reactions, hugging each other, that you didn’t notice Daryl walk up beside you. He rubbed his shoulder up against yours and you looked over startled, until you saw who it was. You leaned your head on his shoulder and smiled, returning your gaze to the group.

“We finally did, Daryl. We finally found a place we can call home again.” You sighed happily.

Daryl looked around in disbelief, side eyeing the man called Jenner, but he let you have your moment. He wouldn’t have spoiled this moment of happiness for you in a million years.

He reached down and grabbed your hand again, swinging it playfully, he looked over at you and smiled sweetly.

“Come on. Let’s go find a room.” He wiggled his eyebrow and you giggled, leaning your head back to his shoulder a minute, before letting him pull you through the crowd and inside.

“What’s going on there?” Rick asked, looking to Lori.

Lori looked at you two and then back at Rick with her knowing smile, “Oh, come on Rick. Isn’t it obvious?”

Lori began to walk forward with Carl’s hand in hers, whispering into Rick’s ear as she did, “She’s in love.”

Rick’s jaw tightened and he looked at Lori again with question. She just laughed and walked ahead, stopping to turn around and reach her hand out to Rick, “Come on. Let’s see what this place has to offer baby.”

Rick’s eyes went to hers and softened at her behest, he smiled and nodded, taking her hand and walking forward with her.

Jenner walked you all around the building, showing you the rooms and eventually the lab where he explained about the virus.




You wrapped Daryl’s arms around you tighter as he continued to tell you all of the bleak world that had now been created thanks to this viral outbreak.

Daryl kissed your neck when he saw how upset you were and whispered reassuringly into your ear, “Hey. What’d I say before?”

You smiled and leaned back into him nuzzling your head back onto his shoulder, “That you weren’t going to let anything happen to me.”

A smile emerged on your lips as you stared up at him and he smiled a small smile, looking around to make sure no one was watching him. When he was sure they weren’t he leaned down and gave your lips a long, slow, kiss, before nudging his nose into yours, playfully.

“It’s gonna be alright, Y/N. We’ll find a way to make it alright…” He stared at you his eyes hardening as he showed you his resolve.

You relaxed and nodded again, “Okay. Then, we will.” You locked eyes with his and smiled, determined to survive – if for no other reason than to spend at least one more night with this man who held onto you so tight.

You swayed happily in his arms and Daryl rested his chin on your shoulder as you too continued to listen to Jenner’s monologue. You scanned the room and recognized the familiar somber expression was back in the group’s eyes. Your eyes hit Shane’s at the far end of the room, removed from everyone else. He had his hands on his hips and his eyes were locked on you and Daryl. He looked at you with pained, hard eyes, nodding his head and bowing it when he saw you saw him. You stomach flipped and your body tensed, stopping in its tracks. Shit. You felt so damn awkward, but you didn’t want to hide what you had with Daryl, it felt so right to you. Still. Shane was obviously hurting because of it, something you hated to see. At the end of the day, Shane was still like family to you and you hated hurting him with your truth.

Daryl noticed your body’s reaction, he followed your eyes to Shane and watched as Shane walked off, obviously upset. He peered down at your reaction. You bit your lip and looked sadly to the ground. Daryl looked back over at where Shane used to be standing and wondered what they hell it was with the two of you. He couldn’t help but feel a rush of jealousy every time you looked at Shane, he just didn’t know why. Did you want to be with him? Daryl wondered, his heart dropping at the thought.

His arms tightened around your body and he re-positioned himself so that his feet were on the outsides of yours and his body pressed firmly against yours. He dominantly guarded you as he would something precious; to him, you were.

You sighed happily when you felt Daryl scooping your body even further into his and holding onto you like he would never let go. You wrapped your arms around his and gave him a big hug, looking up and smiling at him, in a haze yet again because of him.

Daryl smirked, relaxing a little as he saw you respond to him. Maybe this whole thing with Shane was in his mind. Because, all he saw when you looked back at him was pure need.

“Y/N… I -” Daryl was interrupted by Jenner, before he could tell you what he wanted, what he needed to tell you.

“Alright, despite the world being in the toilet. We have just about everything at our disposal. I’d suggest everyone go find a room and wash up. Each room is equip with a shower, clean towels, and clean sheets. I’ll prepare something for dinner. Welcome to the CDC.” Jenner forced a smile and watched the group’s faces light up again at the idea of a shower and food.

You smiled happily at Daryl, “A shower?!” Your eyes lit up at the thought.

Daryl smirked and kept his locked on yours, suddenly turning dark at the suggestion, “Do I get to watch?”

You giggled, feeling your body heat up for him again. 

You lower your eyes and your voice, cocking your head to the side, “You don’t want to shower with me?”

You twirled out of his arms, grabbing one of his hands and dragging him back to the corridor which housed the rooms…



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But guys! Imagine this!

Pidge is just chilling in the castle, typing away on her computer and doing whatever it is she does during downtime, and she’s so focused on the stuff in front of her that she doesn’t hear Green come in and all of a sudden there’s this huge freaking piece of tech that gets dropped in front of her and she’s like “hOLY SHOOT-” and just about has a heart attack right there. But once she gets her heart rate back to normal, she realizes that it’s something she could use to help track down her family or help in their fight against Zarkon  and she looks up and sees Green staring down at her, tail twitching and eyes bright. Because it found its paladin something it wanted and it is Very Proud of Itself! Take the gift, small human! 

And Pidge just smiles and tells Green what a good kitty it is.

This happens with the rest of the paladins; each lion somehow finds something to bring back to its paladin that they wanted. Eventually, no one is surprised anymore when the lions bring stuff into the ship.

Jumping to Conclusions (FFXV Kinkmeme Fill!)

Gunshots burst forth in rapid succession, exploding with overlapping precision and deafening roars through the steady onslaught of rain that beat down on them. But it was the sound that followed that made Ignis’ heart clench.


Prompto’s bloodcurdling scream stole his very breath as it echoed across the marsh, setting the sodden hair at the back of Ignis’ neck to rise. Cold sweat trickled between his shoulder blades, just barely noticed in the relentless downpour. Beside him, with teeth bared and dripping, godlike build well past the edge, Gladio leaped forward at the sound.

To Ignis’ credit, he managed to finish the job before the sudden distraction made any more trouble in an already trying day. The gigantoad they’d been battling gave a final, rumbling groan, limping instead of hopping as it teetered around. Finally, it fell with a spatter of unpleasant warmth against Ignis’ cheek as he withdrew his blades from its sagging throat. Disgusting creature that it was. He dragged his already stained sleeve across his face as he spun quickly around.

Across the muddy field, Prompto was kneeling, head bent as though in desperate prayer. Gladio was upon him in an instant, massive blade recommitted to the twinkling blue ether with a cursory swat of his hand. His expression was as grim as Ignis could ever recall having seen on the man’s scarred and battle-hardened visage.

Ignis could barely think, couldn’t bring himself to even speak for the moment as he tread closer through the squelching mud beneath his feet. Beside the others, the second gigantoad lay dead, a veritable spray of bullet wounds centered between its grotesquely bulging eyes.  He tore his gaze from it at last, schooling his expression to at least resemble detached calculation, ready to assist, as he finally looked down between Prompto’s bent frame and Gladio’s imposing presence. What he saw, however, soon dismantled all efforts to appear anything but horrified.

There in Prompto’s lap, cradled lovingly between his dirtied hands, lay a small, green frog. Except…

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Remind Me Why We’re Doing This

My first time writing Sansaery! Requested by @tyrxll . And I know it’s so late and I’m so sorry-the new season has been absolutely crazy for me fic wise. 

Also I just want to say to anyone who’s in the path of Hurricane Irma, please stay safe. I have some friends who live in Florida and in Miami and Tampa and I’m hoping for the best for all of you! 

The baby was all red. Sansa wasn’t sure it was supposed to be that color. 

“Poor thing.” She wondered how Margaery could sound so calm, when someone had left a baby in a basket, without a note or anything else, on their front porch. It wasn’t something that was supposed to happen outside of movies and children’s books. And if it did, it should have happened to Jon and Dany or Robb and Talisa, who already had children of their own and would have known what to do in this situation. 

She and Margaery were barely married, for heaven’s sake. 

She couldn’t even tell if it was a boy or a girl; its eyes were closed, its mouth open in a wail, feet kicking under the light yellow blanket that kept it carefully secured in the basket. Its fists were tiny, smaller than her pinky, but they were still flailing around in the air as if already determined to fight. And yet Margaery picked it up easily, bouncing it gently in the crook of her arm until its fussing subsided and it looked up at the two of them with soft green eyes. 

“Ssh darling, you’re all right now.” She lifted up the blanket carefully before she let it flutter back into place. “It’s a little girl.”

Not it, then. She. 

“Where did she come from?” She felt like a detective scanning the yard for clues-a few broken strands of grass here or tire tracks there-but nothing seemed out of place. Arya might have been able to find something, but she certainly couldn’t. “What do we do?”

“I don’t know, but she’s hungry.”

“How could you possibly know that?” 

Margaery rolled her eyes. “I come from a very big family. I practically grew up around babies.” And indeed, she set the baby on her hip with a practiced ease and dropped a kiss on the baby’s forehead. “Come on. We have to call Jon and Dany.”


“Their kid is still young enough to take baby formula. I’m sure they’ll have some to spare. And Robb and Talisa are still in Monaco. ” She tossed her phone to Sansa, who punched in the number almost on reflex. 

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?”

“The worst thing we can do now is not do anything.” 

The phone rang or twice before Jon picked up, his voice thick with sleep as if he’d just woken up. “Sansa? What’s…what’s going on?” 

“We found a baby.”

There was a long pause, as if he was still debating whether or not he was really awake. “Found a baby?”

“Yes, out on the porch. Margaery says she’s hungry. Do you have extra formula?”

Jon murmured something unintelligibly and then Sansa heard a rustling in the background and the soft murmur of Dany’s voice. There was a bit of phone shuffling and Dany spoke, sounding slightly more awake. “Jon’s waking up. Tell me again what’s going on?”

Sansa explained the story, always keeping an eye on Margaery. Now she was sitting on the couch, rocking the baby back and forth and singing “Blackbird” softly. When she was done Dany said “We’ll be right over,” and hung up abruptly. 

She sat down next to Margaery, reaching out a hand to touch the baby tentatively. The baby had stopped fussing now and seemed to be trying to suck her fist, looking at her curiously as Sansa brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face. “She’s sweet. But where do you think she came from?”

Margaery’s face hardened. “Who knows. There are lots of reasons parents abandon their babies. They might not have wanted to. We’ll call the police in the morning; maybe they’ll know more.”

“And we’re not calling them now because…?”

“She’s had too much of an ordeal for one night. She needs some food and rest and she’ll be much better in the morning.”

“We’ll be much better in the morning, do you know what time it is?”

“If this is how we’re feeling, imagine how she’s feeling.” Margaery shifted towards her, so those green eyes were looking right up at Sansa again. “Would you like to hold her?”

“Oh, I shouldn’t.” It had been a long time since she’d held a baby; she’d held all of her younger siblings of course, but even her youngest brother had long since become a teenager. But Margaery didn’t let her; she carefully placed the baby in Sansa’s arms. She was soft and small, her mouth opening and closing softly as she tried to play with some of Sansa’s hair. 

Sansa couldn’t help laughing, even though there should have been nothing particularly funny about the situation. 

They sat on the couch in silence, playing with the baby. And even though it was overwhelming feeling so much responsibility for such a small creature, Sansa found that she didn’t mind so much. She had Margaery and everything would be all right. Everything was always all right, where Margaery was concerned. 

Dany and Jon arrived twenty minutes later, with Arya and Gendry close on their heels. It was one of the perks of being such a close knit family-although they practically lived on top of each other, there was always someone around to ask for help. Of course, it also meant that nothing stayed secret. 

But tonight Sansa was just happy to get all the help they could get.

The baby cried whenever someone other than Margaery and Sansa were holding her; they took turns feeding her formula while the others fussed over her. The more Sansa looked at her, the more adorable she was-she had a tousled mop of dark hair and what almost looked like a crooked smile. Sometimes she would try to talk, babbling incoherently and laughing all the while-but she liked it best when Sansa or Margaery held her, snuggling into their arms and eventually falling asleep just before dawn. 

They lay her down in a pack and play Jon and Dany had brought over and finally turned to the issue of what exactly they were going to do with her. 

“You’re sure there weren’t any notes?” Gendry asked for what must have been the third time at least. “They could have at least told you her name.”

“If there were notes, don’t you think we would have told you? This is exactly how we found her.” Sansa sighed. “Does the hospital take abandoned babies?”

“I’m not quite sure that’s how it works…” Arya replied. “But it would be as good a place as any to start. Maybe she has a terminal illness.”

Margaery shot a look as sharp as daggers at her. “Of course she doesn’t have a terminal illness.” 

“Still. You should check, if you’re planning on keeping her.” 

Sansa and Margaery exchanged a glance. “What?”

Now she looked confused. “You’re keeping her, aren’t you? Isn’t that why you called us over?”

Sansa shook her head. “Oh no. We’re not…we don’t…” They’d talked about having children of course, but they’d always just assumed it would happen naturally. At least to Sansa, it felt like it was too much too soon, suddenly considering adopting. “We needed baby formula.” 

There was an awkward beat of silence, quickly passed over when Jon said “And I suppose you’ll need diapers too?”

“If you tell me you brought those along too-”

“They’re in the car. I’ll get them.” 

Needless to say, none of them got much sleep that night. Eventually Margaery and Sansa were shooed off to rest because they’d been up all night-but for a while they weren’t able to sleep, staring up at the ceiling and listening to the murmur of people outside. 

“So what do we do now?” Margaery’s voice was thick with exhaustion and Sansa supposed she must have sounded the same. 

“I don’t know. Arya’s already searching it right now.” 

There was a long silence for a moment, both lost in their own thoughts. “You know, we…could adopt, if you wanted to. We have the resources and it seems like the perfect time-”

Sansa propped herself up on one elbow, swiveling to face her in the darkness. “You’re serious? You want this?”

“Only if you do. And don’t make any decisions right away. We’ll talk to some people, make some plans, get to know the girl…we’ll think about it. But if you don’t want it right now, then just say so.”

She thought about it-thought about Dany and Jon’s child and her shock of blonde hair and how their house seemed to be permanently littered with toys and discarded pieces of clothing. About cribs and parenting books and diaper changes and all the ways that their lives would change, both big and small. 

She thought about being a mother. 

She wasn’t sure at all-how could she be? And yet, she kept hearing the baby’s laugh and seeing those bright eyes looking at her…and the happiness in Margaery’s eyes, the grace with which she carried her. 

“All right,” she said, leaning over and pressing a kiss to her mouth. “We’ll think about it.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel pressured-”

“You said it yourself. When these things happen…it’s worth a second thought.” 

“…we could call her Iris.”

“You can’t name everything after a flower, Margaery. I don’t care how much your family loves it.”

“But she looks like an Iris, doesn’t she?”

Sansa tried not to yawn and rolled over, feeling suddenly secure even though by all rights nothing was certain yet. “Yes she does. Maybe a little bit.” 

I’m always nervous about writing for new pairings so it takes me a bit to get started on them. Next I’m planning on writing a Gendrya story to introduce their child :) 


anonymous asked:

how would the daddy-o's react to their s/o being a witch? (not a steriotypical horror movie one, the current-day ones)

(Hey! I hope this is the kind you were talking about :00 I actually had some fun with this one tbh.)
🔪Really taken back actually, on guard.
🔪He’s interested but thinks too much into it, thinking its more harmful than anything
🔪When s/o shows them what it’s actually about, though, he chills out, seeing a lot of it is more natural and meaning in everything. Different ways to look
🔪might try some of the remedies s/o has to offer.
⚰interested indeed yes sir curious bloodmarch is here to see.
⚰He listens to what s/o has to offer with this. He may even try it himself.
⚰Loves the ideas behind it. Although he keeps the “Victorian age aspects” of a witch to himself, knowing its not now.
⚰Anything with Teas and he is there to try it with 100% willingness.


💦He is that person who would Smile and nod, and end up getting “Craig do you understand what that means?” And he would reply with a simple No.

💦He wants to learn more about it. Super open to s/o wants to teach him about witchcraft (of that’s the right term?? I think?)

💦He’s happy to see s/o being on a new track from high school. It’s cool to see the change.

💦Supports his s/o fully! If that’s what makes them happy, go for it!


📿Kind of taken back. Hasn’t really heard of a modern aged witch. Knowing him he probably thinks it’s like magic and something along fictional fantasy.

📿once its explained he has an “oh” moment and looks into it.

📿He grows interested in what exactly s/o does with it. Like what does the stones mean, what does this mean, what does it do? Mostly things like that.

📿Lets them continue as they wish to. If it makes them happy then so be it.


☕Confused by it. Literally just confused.

☕Gives the respect to listen and try to learn, but it all just confuses him.

☕He tries his best to learn it and does what he can, fully supporting.

☕He’s so sweet tho really he tried his best and that’s what matters. He wants to learn so bad.


📚this nerd automatically looks for books asap to learn what it is before assuming.

📚I feel like he would end up going to s/o for help and/or advise more often.

📚probably goes out of his way to tag along with s/o when they want to buy some stuff for their practices.

📚happy to listen to his s/o for hours while they explain everything.


🐶honestly. Kind of shrugs it off at first, but once he sees the pasison, he grows more open to it.

🐶Probably helps grow what herbs or plants you need/want to use.

🐶Finds it fascinating that there is a way of benefit and meaning in so much He has overlooked.

🐶Happy to help s/o with what’s needed :>

anonymous asked:

i love your aesthetic, but does there happen to be a name for it? "dark" is pretty vague, but with other themes like pastel and vaporwave and vintage i was wondering if there was a name for the aesthetic of blood and claws and teeth. it's just super neat

I’m not sure if it has one single name, but I track the tags #monsterkin, #demonkin, #beastkin, #malevolentlydivine, if you’re looking for something outside of otherkin-culture, I usually follow individual tags such as #vultureculture and #bhargest, #canines, #teeth, #werewolf

It really should have one collective name! You know what, let’s make one right now. What do you guys think? 

I personally like the word “beastcore”, but if you all have better suggestions feel free to let me know.

Grimm nonsense
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, angrily shuffling through papers: Mmmmm....
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, opening up the doors to the Headmistress's office, walking quickly to the desk: Weiss, we have an issue.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, sighs and rubs her eyes: Let me guess, VILT? ORNJ? Or CNMN?
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, looking shocked: Ah...uhh...VILT...it appears....h-how did you know? We have hundreds of teams in the school...
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, narrowing her eyes, resting her chin on her folded hands: It's just....those three seem to be the ONLY teams that do anything of actual interest. Remember when we were younger? It was RWBY. JNPR. CRDL. And CFVY.
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, nodding slowly: Well...yeah but-
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, cutting Blake off: Did you know of ANY other Beacon team? Know them by name?
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, stuttering in shock, not entirely sure how to grasp the situation: I...well...no...
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss: It's almost like...there's only as many interesting teams as people are able to keep proper track of.
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, looking up, bewildered: I see your point...that's...that's something else....
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, almost scowling, going through her papers: We need to incentivize the other teams.
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, nods: Mhhm...sounds like a proper pl-
  • Grimmfuture!Blake, stopping as a roar sounds out from the school entrance below the Headmistress's office: Ah...right, the issue regarding team VILT.
  • Grimmfuture!Weiss, sighs into her hands as Iccarus hits the window: Oh my lord...
  • Iccarus, squished against the glass, and slowly falls off: Hello Professor! Goodbye Professor!
The Haunted Mansion Sentence Meme
  • “Its love, isn’t it?”
  • “Every home we look at, you find something to pick at.”
  • “Would you like a divorce? ‘Cause I’ll bring you.”
  • “Your husband told me to tell you he loves you very much but sometimes he loses track of time.”
  • “It’s time I teach you how to kill a spider the right way.”
  • “What I’m trying to say is you should never be afraid. People know, they use that against you.”
  • “The master usually does not like visitors.”
  • “You got to be more patient.”
  • “Some people have pools. Some people have private cemetaries.”
  • “My grandfather spared no expense when he built this mansion.”
  • “This house is my inheritance. My birthright.”
  • “Do you believe in ghosts?”
  • “I’m afraid there will be no leaving the mansion tonight.”
  • “The only thing you seem to care about anymore is work.”
  • “You don’t believe in ghosts?”
  • “This house, it’s been in your family for generations. It’s your home. Why do you want to sell it?”
  • “These walls are filled with so many memories. Some of them painful.”
  • “Although it might be a bit worn and faded from its original grandeur, this home was once filled with so many things. So much life.”
  • “Hers is the story that haunts these walls.”
  • “Trespassers don’t get cookies!”
  • “If I had to listen to another word from that insufferable fool, I think I would have burst.”
  • “Is it really too much to ask for a little cooperation? A little order?”
  • “The final arrangements have been made.”
  • “I just had myself a little freak show back there.”
  • “Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween, awaken the spirits with your tambourine.”
  • “I am seer of all, voice to the spirits.”
  • “There is great evil in this house. A devil’s curse. It seeks to destroy you.”
  • “Why would something seek to destroy me?”
  • “Dark spirits from the grave, come forth. Lift us from the black and show us. Show us the way back.”
  • “Dark spirits? Hey, no dark spirits!”
  • “Evil and darkness have fallen this night, but now to survive you must gain new sight.”
  • “Only the light will lead the way.”
  • “You can’t help the dead, honey. They’re beyond help.”
  • “We have to help them break the curse.”
  • “She was in love with the heir to the mansion and he loved her more than life itself.”
  • “Without hope, without love, without her, he hung himself.”
  • “His soul wanders these halls, waiting for her to return.”
  • “If you listen carefully, you can still hear the beating of his broken heart.”
  • “Do not be deceived. All things are not as they appear.”
  • “For the curse to be lifted, the truth must be known.”
  • “When they died, they couldn’t find the light.”
  • “This was to have been her wedding dress.”
  • “To love someone so much and then lose them so suddenly, I can’t imagine how awful that must be.”
  • “If you truly love someone they never leave you. They remain in your heart forever.”
  • “I studied Latin for three years. You thought it was dumb, remember?”
  • “Beware all who enter. Here lies the passage to the dead.”
  • “It’s okay to get scared. Everybody gets scared nod and then. You just can’t let it stop you.”
  • “Find the thing that must be read lest your heart be filled with dread.”
  • “She didn’t kill herself. She wanted to be with him.”
  • “I must say, I’m impressed. You are more persistent than I would have ever imagined.”
  • “The butler did it? You got to be kidding me.”
  • “He had everything in the world and yet he was willing to throw it all away for love.”
  • “Running away with that girl would have destroyed this house. It would have destroyed everything.”
  • “Life, I’m afraid, is such a delicate state.”
  • “The house has waited so long to have its shroud of darkness lifted.”
  • “Do you believe that love is about second chances? About forgiveness?”
  • “Now you’ve returned to me and at long last, we can be together.”
  • “You were my world, my life! And I have loved you in death as I did in life.”
  • “Search your heart. I am your one true love.”
  • “He’s expecting you. He’s always been expecting you.”
  • “You don’t really think I’m going through with this madness?”
  • “There are worse things than purgatory, I can assure you.”
  • “The only true failure is when you stop trying.”
  • “Was love my mistake?”
  • “I have waited so long for this moment and now only Heaven awaits.”
  • “Angels in Heaven, together at last.”
  • “Love endures all, no reason, no rhyme. It lasts forever and forever all time.”
  • “Be sure to bring your death certificates.”
  • “If you decide to join us, make your final arrangements now.”
  • “We’ve been dying to have you.”

okay so this was just a joke post by @sleepybuckybarnes and it’s funny but as usual i take things Way Too Seriously^TM, and now I’m thinking about Patater, and just-

Imagine you’re Kent Parson, secretly dating this player on another team, and you’ve both got a game at the same time, or theres an overlap, or something- whatever times they’re playing at, they can’t watch the other’s game, and they aren’t playing each other.

So tater is big, but you know what they say: the bigger you are, the harder you fall. And so tater gets checked into the boards, and it’s not dirty- but something goes wrong, and as he’s falling, he knows he’s not going to be able to stand up from this fall. maybe it’s that the other player falls with him onto his leg, maybe something else, I’m not an expert in hockey injuries. But he doesn’t just have to be helped off the ice, he has to be carried off the ice. And all the while, kent is playing, and he’s healthy, and he’s thinking tater is having a great game, and he’s on cloud nine because tomorrow he flies to providence, and they’re going to see each other for the first time in two months.

But Says, one of the social media managers for the aces, (austin Simon, get it, simon says? aka the only one who knows kent is dating tater, because kent isn’t an idiot, he knows if this gets out the could have a serious PR problem,) he gets an ESPN update. “Mashkov carried off the ice, status unknown.” And at the next line change, he hands kent his phone. because it could cost them the game, and he knows it- but Kent needs to know. If it was one of the WaGs, he wouldn’t even think about it before letting the player know. And kent trusted him with this for a reason.

And kent reads that line over and over, his heart beating faster and faster. The phone falls out of his hands, and his stick clatters to the ground. The other guys on the bench are looking at him, and one of the announcers notices and draws attention to it, for a moment. Then Kent is ripping his glove off, he’s bending down, he’s picking up the phone and staring at the message again, and he looks up at says, and his voice cracks.

“I need my phone. Please, Says, I need my phone. I need to make sure he’s okay.”

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  • Clint: What can I do for you?
  • Loki: I was just wondering if you could tell me whose number this is?
  • Clint: There's an automated directory right over there.
  • Loki: Okay, but even though it’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. number, it's actually unlisted. I know, right?
  • Clint: If it's unlisted, I don't have it, either. I can't help you.
  • Loki: You can't or you won't? Look, man, I totally get it, okay? You shall not pass. The thing is, it's really important. So, please?
  • Clint: For all I know, that number doesn't even exist anymore.
  • Loki: It totally exists. I just need to know where.
  • Clint: Why?
  • Loki: It's personal.
  • Clint: You trying to track down an old girlfriend or something?
  • Loki: What? No. Why would you even think that?
  • Clint: I know guys like you. You got the crazy eyes.
  • Loki: They're not that crazy.
  • Clint: Crazy enough.
Need You Now

Title: Need You Now

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 2,218

Theme Song: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

Request:  Can you write a Dean imagine where he shows up at the readers hotel room (she is a hunter too) drunk, missing her and almost crying? they were together but he left because it was to dangerous for her? I love your writing!! Sorry if it’s to specific!

Request: Wanted to let you know that you are my favorite imagines blog ever :D! Could you please write a Dean imagine based on the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum?

A/N: Do you guys know each other or something? Seriously, how perfectly do these two requests go together? :~*


Your name: submit What is this?


Your eyelids flew open, the dark ceiling of your motel room greeting your dry, tired eyes. You sighed and flipped over on your side, checking the bedside clock glowing a sinister green. A little after one, great. You’d hoped it was closer to morning and the forgiving daylight but you had hours to go. A lone semi blasted by on the two lane blacktop outside your window, headlights casting long shadows on the wall, before leaving you in silence once more. Defeated and resigned, you clicked on the lamp and gave up trying to sleep for now. Maybe a nightcap would do the trick. 

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may your eyes filled with rainbows

[sol.angelo | soulmate au]




Until he met Will, Nico didn’t know what color was.

Yes, he was familiar with the rigid black mass that was the ground; the white blobs of clouds in the sky stealing spotlight from the vast grey space behind. But his mother told him color was something so–



The trees aregreen,

Fire flamingred,

The earth is darkbrownlike your eyes.

It sounded like an odd children’s song, those names. Like distant strange words in his biology text book about deep sea creatures he’d never see, the mathematic knowledge he knew but would never directly use except for achieving grades. It was hard to imagine something without reference. For him, green was just another shade of grey, slightly lighter than the trunk. Fire was just a hot flicking white thing. He spent time in front of the mirror and tried to find another meaning of brown, one that wasn’t dark like hole to peek into his brain.

When he was young he toyed with the thought of meeting his soulmate. Well, who wouldn’t? To brush shoulder with a stranger when you took an evening walk in the park and saw the world burst in colors all at once. To know that the stranger wasn’t a stranger at all, that they were created by the dust of universe only for you—a guaranteed love life, a match made in heaven. Those kinds of stories were what kept little children brave.

The dream never left his soul completely—as it was, in fact, an integral part of it—and sometimes when he lied in bed without anything to do, his mind would produce tons of meeting scenarios in his limitless fantasy. Yet, most of the time, it was pushed behind by more important matters; by reality that demanded more attention than whimsical hope. After all, you got a bigger chance of striking a piroshky than meeting your destined one—his parents were legendary, but their luck wasn’t heritable.

He learnt to appreciate the world as it is for most people: a grayscale existence, with sharper shapes and designs to accommodate the lack of differentiating colors. He enjoyed sculpture. He doodled inked pictures. Bianca was married although she and Thalia still see things in black and white; and they were happy anyway.

If he could find contentment in this kind of world, what did he need a soulmate for?

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