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Come On Closer [One-Shot // Roman Godfrey x Reader Imagine]

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Warnings: Adult Language, Minor Blood-Play, Tiny Hints of Domination / Submission Play, Sexual Themes / Smut. 

(Also, please ignore any and all spelling or grammar mistakes. I’ll probably spot most of them after I post as I usually do and fix them later.)

Author’s Note: Whoops… My hand slipped. *Shrugs innocently* It slipped and created way more than I had originally planned to create, to be honest. However, I’m hoping you’ll like this just as much as the original version I planned to create; since the premise is still the same regardless of the end result lol.

[This one-shot was inspired by this imagine scenario, which you can view here.]

Musical Inspiration: Come On Closer by: Jem [Side note: I’ve always loved this song for years – and now it has finally came in handy.]


I had been his friend for years, and while that never bothered me, I also wished a part of him would see me differently. Nothing he said or did, ever surprised me at this point in our lives. That is, until one night when we had been drinking and he confessed something to me that would cause me to accidentally alter the course of our friendship forever…

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something good to eat (I)

a little Jon x Daenerys modern AU in time for Halloween. part 1 of 2 because i need to finesse the smut a little more. apologies for how meta this probably is :x

The odds of Dany getting laid tonight weren’t looking good.

Either the men at this Halloween party were already paired off, or they represented the worst of the male species: dressed in culturally insensitive costumes and shotgunning beers while calling each other hyper-masculine nicknames like “broski” and “Broseph.” There wasn’t a promising prospect among them.

“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else,” Missandei had told her when she’d suggested going to the party at the last minute, but surely even Missandei had to be appalled by the selection.

Damn Missandei for bringing her here. But, mostly, damn her ex Daario for cheating on her with his coworker and making his infidelity out to be her fault, like she wasn’t “sexually adventurous” enough for him.

If being sexually adventurous meant letting him fuck other women on the side, no thanks. She was still plenty sexual. And down to fuck. And there were plenty of men willing to take her up on that offer, even at this party.

If only she didn’t find most of them repulsive.

Abandoning her mission, Dany poured herself a glass of Merlot and left behind the sexy cats and Spartan warriors to seek refuge in the living room. Thankfully, it was mostly empty save for the couple making out in the corner. The others were congregating in the kitchen around the food and alcohol or outside where they could smoke freely.

Eager to get off her feet and the towering high-heeled boots she’d stupidly worn as part of her ensemble, Dany plopped down on the couch.

And promptly screamed when a giant white beast leapt at her, startling her so badly she spilled her glass of wine on the couch. A very white couch, at that.

“Holy shit,” she gasped, aware there was a monster at her side but too afraid to look it in the eye.

Ghost. That wasn’t very nice.”

Spoken soft and low, the words were almost lost among the distant chatter and bass-heavy house music thumping through the speakers. Dany looked up at the voice–and was promptly distracted from her impending death-by-unknown-demon-creature. The man who’d spoken was dark-haired and of average height, yet…there was something oddly arresting about him.

Probably the leather armor he wore and the thick fur cloak draped over his shoulders.

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Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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The Hoet

Requested by Anon from this drabbles list!

25.“Drunk me is like regular me, except with more grammar errors and a deeper meaning to everything.” (I changed up this quote to work with the story better.)

26. “I’m glad to know you think of me when you’re drunk.”

A/N: I used Bukowski because I vaguely remember Harry talking about reading his work once. Enjoy! 

P.S. This has not been edited, only re read by me so sorry if there are any grammer/spelling mistakes!

Warnings: Angsty

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Ethereal (M) || Yoongi AU!Smut

gif not mine

Genre: Hella fucking Smut || Fluff (ish?) || Angst 

Word Count: 5.4k

Description: ethereal; extremely delicate and light, in a way that seems not to be of this world.
If there was a moment that Min Yoongi could beg to forget, it would be the moment he could feel pain from seeing such a pretty girl, like you, cryingIt was a terribly beautiful concept, but he wished he hadn’t lived through it…

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The signs as random things my chemistry teacher said
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> "Stop asking me dumb questions! *sighs* Please just Google that shit, okay?"<p/><b>Taurus:</b> "This cup of mango juice is better than your grades."<p/><b>Gemini:</b> "Shall I compare thee to a halogen? Cause you're very unstable, Karen."<p/><b>Cancer:</b> *steps inside the classroom with a MCR t-shirt* "WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY.."<p/><b>Leo:</b> "Your chance of passing this year is as high as my chance to get laid tonight."<p/><b>Virgo:</b> "It got my degree and now I'm stuck with you idiots! Haha no I'm just kidding." *coughs* "not."<p/><b>Libra:</b> *Walks over to a smooching couple* Seems like you two got chemistry.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> "You could compare the octet rule to humanity. We all need someone to be with us and keep us stable." *looks trough the window* "Why did you leave me Amanda?"<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> "I'm gonna dress up as the guy from Despicable Me for Halloween this year. I expect you all to dress as minions. If not, everyone in this class will be facing consequences."<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> *with a thick fake accent* "Bloody hell mate! That is one magnificent jumper you're wearing."<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> "Call me Gouda because boy I've been cheesy as fuck lately."<p/><b>Pisces:</b> "WATCH OUT THAT'S EXPLOSIVE!" *student runs away scared* "Just kidding bro. "<p/></p><p/></p>

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Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Fluff, Rebel!AU
Word Count: 5.1k

“When you look back at this moment, what are you going to remember? The time you sat alone at the bar while your friends partied, or when you were taken on an adventure?”

You were dragged into an club by your friends in hope to increase your social life. Instead you find yourself sitting at the bar drinking alone. But everything changes when a handsome stranger pulls you into rebellion for a night. 

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What A Feeling #11 - Something Just Like This

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*October 2017


You look through all of your clothes you had brought with you, but you groaned as you didn’t find anything appealing to wear later that night. 

“BLOODY HELL!” You shouted dropping the last item of clothing back into the suitcase. 

Harry walked into the room as he brushed his teeth and laughed. “I think you’ve been spending too much time with me,” he joked. “My Englishness is rubbing off on you.” 

You laughed laying back on the bed. 

“What’s wrong anyway?” He asked wiping toothpaste from his mouth. 

“I have nothing to wear tonight,” you groaned. “I mean technically I do, but nothing I want to wear.” 

“Babe, why are you so worried about what you wear for tonight?” He asked. “It’s just my sister.” 

“I know, I know, but we’re going out tonight and I want to look my best, but I also don’t want to look too revealing,” you said. “All the shit I brought to wear in case you took me out on dates is either short, low cut, tight, or all three.” 

He smirked. “And you looked fucking hot in all of them.” 

“That’s not the point!” you groaned. “I need to go shopping.” 

“But it’s raining. We were supposed to stay in today,” he groaned. “You don’t need clothes for that,” he pointed out. 

You rolled your eyes. “Maybe not, but I will need clothes for tonight.” 

“Just wear something of mine,” he said. “It’ll look better on you anyway.”

“It’ll look like I’m wearing a potato sack,” you laughed. “In case you forgot you’ve got a few inches of height on me.” 

“True, but still you can make it work,” he smiled. 

“You just wanna stay home and get laid,” you joked. 

“That’s not the only thing I wanna do,” he defended. “It’s just you’re going home in a few days and maybe I don’t want to share you all day.” 

“Aww isn’t someone just a little selfish,” you giggled. 

“Yep, not denying that,” he said pulling you over to him. 

You giggled. “We can go out for breakfast and just go to a few shops,” you said. “Then we can come back here and you can have me all to yourself before we have dinner with your family tonight.” 

“Hmm, sounds good,” he smiled. “But first… let’s have a little appetizer before breakfast.” 

“I don’t think that’s a thing,” you laughed. 

“Well, it is now,” he smirked pressing his lips up to yours. 


An hour later, you both were headed out for some real breakfast. You went to a nice little brunch place and sat down looking at the menu. After a bit, you decided on what you wanted and ordered. 

“So, have you talked with your brother recently?” He asked. 

“A little yeah,” you nodded. 

“He still doesn’t like us together does he?” He sighed. 

“He’s trying,” you sighed. “And it’s not that we’re together, he’s just still worried about all that shit from before.” 

“He doesn’t trust me,” he shook his head. 

“He doesn’t trust a lot of people,” you pointed out. 

“Well, I want to be someone he trusts,” he sighed. “I’m in this with you for the long haul Y/N, which means I want your family to like me. Hell, I haven’t even met your parents yet and what if Mitch is telling them all this bad shit about me or if they find out that he doesn’t like me with you, they’ll feel the same way.” 

“He wouldn’t do that,” you shook your head. “And they wouldn’t feel that way. Mitch has always been protective over me because we were always together when our parents couldn’t be there. They know sometimes he goes overboard with things.” 

You reached over for his hand. “We’ve talked about this. I know it’s hard for you because it’s hard for me too, but we have to just let him take all the time he needs and we’re not going to let that interfere with our relationship.”

“What if it’s not time he needs, what if he’s just waiting for us to break up and he can say I told you so,” he mumbled. 

“That’d only work if you see us breaking up anytime soon,” you said. “So, unless-” 

“No, I don’t,” he said. “Not anytime soon, not ever.” 

“Good because that was a different answer you wouldn’t have to worry about my brother kicking your ass, it’d be me,” you smirked. 

“Good thing I don’t have to worry about that,” he smirked leaning across the table and pressing his lips to yours. 


It was later that night and you were getting ready for your dinner with Harry’s family. Luckily you were able to find a new pair of jeans and a nice top that you’d wear under one of Harry’s button up shirts. You had finished your throwing your hair up in a bun and curling a few of the loose strands. You re-did your makeup while Harry got dressed in the bedroom. 

“What’s the name of the restaurant we’re going?” You asked applying your lipstick to your lips. 

“It’s a surprise,” he said zipping up his boot. 

“Interesting name for a restaurant,” you laughed. 

“You know what I meant,” he laughed leaning up against the doorway. “You look gorgeous.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. “Does this outfit suit the Surprise Restaurant?”

“Yes, it’s perfect,” he said. “And like I said that shirt looks better on you than me.” 

“If you play your cards right, it might look even better on your bedroom floor when we get back,” you smirked. 

“Everything looks better on my bedroom floor,” he smirked. 

You laughed leaning up to kiss him. “Come on, we better go before we’re late.” 

Harry moved out of the way and let you pass by before he grabbed your ass a little. 

“Hey!” you laughed. “Keep your hands to yourself.” 

“I could, but I don’t wanna,” he smirked. 

“You’re such a child sometimes,” you joked. 

“I take offense to that,” he said. 

‘Yeah, yeah, let’s go,” you said walking down the stairs. 

Harry drove to the restaurant and gave his keys to the Valet and grabbed your hand as you both walked inside. He laced his hand with yours and you walked to the table they had reserved for Harry. You sat down, putting your bag on the floor in between your feet, while Harry sat next to you. 

“Mum texted, they’re almost here,” Harry said. 

You nodded looking around the place. “This place looks nice,” you said. 

“So, I did a good job?” He smirked. 

“Yeah, you did an okay job,” you joked. 

“You’re just all about teasing me today aren’t you?” He said looking over at you. 

“I believe you’re the one who is always teasing me,” you cocked an eyebrow.

“True, but at least it’s something you enjoy,” he smirked. 

You laughed. “I wasn’t referring to that, but okay.” 

He laughed kissing your head just as his Mom and Sister walked up. 

“Aww, look at the two love birds,” Anne laughed. 

“Mum!” Harry smiled standing up and hugging her. “I’ve missed you.” 

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too,” she said hugging back before pulling away and hugging you. “Y/N!” She said. 

“Heeeey!” Harry groaned. 

“Oh shush,” Anne said. 

“Hello, I am here too,” Gemma rolled her eyes. 

“Hey, Gem,” he laughed. “Gem, this is Y/N, Y/N this is Gemma.” 

“Nice to finally meet the girl both my brother and mother won’t shut up about,” she laughed. 

“Yeah, I’m glad we were able to finally meet,” you smiled. 

You all sat down at the table while Harry ordered some wine. You looked at the menu and decided on a few things to order. 

“How long are you in town for?” Gemma asked. 

“Only a few more days,” you said. 

“Oh, that sucks,” she said. 

“Yes, it does,” Harry groaned. 

“Well, you’ll be on tour,” Gemma said. 

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded. 

“Will you be going on tour soon?” She asked you. 

“Uh, yeah, we have a few shows coming up in November and December, but our actual tour won’t start until the new year,” you said. 

“How long is that going to be?” She asked. 

“Most of the year, but each leg of the tour is split up over a few months and then we have a few weeks off in between,” you said. “I’d love for you all to come when we have our London and Manchester shows. I mean if you’d want to come.” 

“Of course,” Anne smiled. 

You smiled back and Harry grabbed your hand from under the table and laced your fingers together. You smiled over at him and he squeezed your hand. Just as everyone was finished up dinner, Gemma looked over at you. 

“Uh, I need to use the ladies’ room, would you like to come with me?” She asked you. 

“What is it with women having to go in packs?” He joked. 

“It just is,” you laughed. “Sure.” 

You both got up from the table and headed towards the restrooms in the restaurant. While you both were washing your hands, Gemma looked over at you. 

“Thank you,” she said. 

You looked at her confused. “What for?” 

“For loving my brother and making him happy. I was a little skeptical at first because of how past relationships he’s been in, but seeing you both tonight I know this is a real thing. I’ve always wanted him to find someone and I’m glad you’re that person,” she smiled. 

“That really means a lot coming from you. I know how close you and Harry are,” you said. 

“Yeah, the little bugger annoys me at times, but I still love him more than anything,” she laughed. 

“We both have that in common,” you giggled. 

“Then I think we’re going to get a long just fine, Y/N,” she smiled. 

“I can’t wait,” you smiled. 

You both headed back out to the table and Harry looked over at you. 

“Really?” Gemma asked. “Did you think I was gonna jump her in the loo?” 

“What?” He said innocently. 

“We had a chat and we’ve discovered we’re gonna be great friends,” she smirked. 

“Yay,” he mumbled taking a sip of wine. 

“Isn’t that what you want?” She laughed. 

“It is, but he’s just bitching because he’s afraid you’re going to tell me embarrassing stories about him.” 

“Of course I am,” she joked. “That’s my job.”

“Great, now all three of you are going to make fun of me,” he groaned. 

“You’ll live,” you joked kissing his cheek. “Besides we all do it out of love.” 

He couldn’t hold back his smile and you took his hand back in yours. He squeezed it again and before ordering everyone dessert. When you all were finished, you walked out together and said goodnight before getting in the car with Harry and heading back to his house. 

For the rest of the night, you noticed the biggest smile on Harry’s face knowing that the two most important people in his life loved you and while you were grateful for that, you couldn’t help but wish your family felt the same way about him. 

Give me Love, 3

Throne Of Glass High School AU

The support you guys are giving me on this story is overwhelming! I’m so happy so many of you are enjoying it. Let me know if you’d like me to continue :)

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX


Dorian Havilliard basically lived in the school library.

Any free time Dorian had during the school day, he was normally in the library. Not because he wanted to be there (he loved books and libraries, just not school books), but because he needed to be there.

Dorian needed to spend all his time in the library. He needed to study and to work and be the best he could be. Because Dorian needed to get into the best college he could get into. That way, he could leave this god forsaken town behind him. That way, in just a year’s time, he’d finally be free of his family. Of his father.

“I knew I’d find you here.”

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Different for Girls

A/N: Take it easy on me, this is my first time writing Jensen lol

Request:  Can you do a fic where the reader sings it’s different for girls after a break up with Jensen when he shows up at the con with another girl already?!

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none.

Word count: 1,278

It was in between panels at the convention. You had stayed on stage to talk to wandering fans and to avoid the one person you’d give anything not to have to see right now. Jensen. You knew it was coming, hell you even half thought about ending it yourself. But it still hurt. He had broken things off between the two of you a week ago. Something about how you guys fought too much, when wasn’t much. So you weren’t sure what he was talking about; but he had been acting strange. The relationship wasn’t very serious, you two were only together for 6 weeks, not even long enough to go public. A few people on set knew, but that was about it.

As the few fans that were left behind shuffled out of the room, you were left alone. Your panel with Jensen was next, so getting away wasn’t really much of an option. It was your guys’ first convention together since the break up, and he had brought his new girlfriend, rebound, or whatever she was- Angela. After only a week; and he had already went public with the relationship. It was no shock that he told people already, you and Jensen were famous, and fans would have opinions, comments, and complaints.

Since you were alone, you thought it might make you feel better to sing. Singing always helped you feel better. Singing was what you did before acting. You were just, slightly better at acting.

You picked up the guitar that was left on stage and started singing.

She don’t throw any t-shirt on and walk to a bar

She don’t text her friends and say, ‘I gotta get laid tonight.’

She don’t say, ‘It’s okay, I never loved him anyway.’

She don’t scroll through her phone just looking for a Band-Aid

As you were singing you were double checking around the room to make sure that you were alone, and carried on. But what you couldn’t see was Angela hiding around the corner, she knew that you two had just broken up.

It’s different for girls when their hearts get broke

They can’t tape it back together with a whiskey and Coke

They don’t take someone home and act like it’s nothing….

Angela didn’t even know why she was there honestly, she didn’t know why she even agreed to go public with Jensen. She knew that he was only using her as a rebound. Even if he was famous, she knew it wasn’t right. What if fans found out that Jensen was with you first? It was obvious by the way you were singing that you were hurt.

She don’t sleep all day and leave the house a wreck

She don’t have the luxury to let herself go….

Jensen walked up and spotted angela. “What are you doing in here, babe?” he said, he was a bit buzzed. He had been drinking since he broke it off with you.

“I think you need to have a talk with Y/N”, was all she said as she walked away. Jensen didn’t even try to follow her. He knew what she meant. So he turned to walk towards you. Your eyes were closed as you were singing, tears streaming down your face as the song came to an end.

It’s different for girls

Nobody said it was fair

When love disappears, they can’t pretend it was never there….

You opened your eyes and saw Jensen standing just a few feet in front of you. “Your voice is beautiful even when you’re sad baby girl.” he said with deep voice. You could see the hurt in his eyes. Whatever reasons the two of you had to part ways, suddenly felt irrelevant.

“Thanks,” You got out between sobs. You couldn’t help it. This was the first time you had really let your pain come to the surface.

He took the guitar from your lap and set it off to the side. He came back to stand in front of you while you were still sitting on the stool. He wrapped his arms around you, and you sank into his chest and cried. “I’m sorry sweetheart, it was a mistake.” he said, his voice cracking.

“I started to fall in love with you, you know.” You choked out.

“I already loved you Y/N.”

“Then why did you end it?” you started to sound a little angry at this point.

“I..uh, the arguing, all we did was bicker and fight. It’s like our personalities didn’t match up or something.” He was stuttering a bit.

“We didn’t fight that much, Jensen.” you snapped.

“Uhh, I know. Um, I was just afraid of getting hurt.” You just looked at his waiting for him to continue, “Look, I love you. And I’ve loved you since you started working with us on the show,” your face was getting softer now that you could see where this was going. “I was worried that you weren’t going to feel the same way. So I started acting like a jerk and I’m sorry.”

That’s what you were waiting to here. You stood up from the stool and pulled Jensen’s face to yours and kissed him, you’d be stupid to let him go again.

The kiss continues until you heard someone clear their throat behind you. It was one of the volunteers at the convention. She was there to remind you that you needed to go get ready for the panel. 

As you and Jensen walked off of the stage you stopped and turned to him. “Don’t you ever do that to me again Jensen Ackles,” Using his last name for emphasis, obviously, “don’t you ever think that I don’t feel the same way about you. Because I do, and I always will.” He didn’t say anything back to you, he just leaned down to kiss you again; and that’s what he planned on doing all night, well, at least until your panel anyway. Where he would tell the world that you were his, and he was yours.

I’m Not Gay (No Matter WHAT the Books Say)

Round Three of the Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Charlie gasped, nearly toppling out of her chair. She’d been hanging out in the Bunker during her spare time, catching up on the new Supernatural books (Somehow, some way, Chuck was actually publishing new ones, to the dismay of the Winchesters.)

Dean looked up, very worried. “You okay?”

“Yeah, no, I’m great, I just…wow, this plot twist came out of nowhere.”

Dean frowned. Chuck’s books might have been ridiculous, but their content typically came true. And from the sounds of it, something bad had just occurred. “What happened?”

Charlie’s eyes widened and she coughed awkwardly, as though trying to avoid laughter. “Oh. You know. Nothing, uh, serious.”

“Charlie,” Dean said warningly, making a swipe from across the table for her tablet, which she fielded with ease. “I need to know.”

“Promise you won’t steal my tablet?”


Charlie sighed, taking a deep breath to try and settle her face into a neutral expression. “It’s about you…and Cas.”

“What about us?”

“Well, uh, it kinda comes out of nowhere, but there’s this one hunt where you two, um, kiss.”

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Date Night

Request: Could you do an imagine where your Izzy’s Parabati and best friend and in order to help Simon and Clary,you agree to go a date with Raphael since it’s what he wants out of the deal and after the date Izzy makes fun of you because she knows you secretly had a good time as much as you deny it?? 

Pairing: ReaderXRaphael // ReaderXIzzy 

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great time writing this for you and I hope its what you had in mind! Thank you so much for your request I loved the concept and overall idea! Hope you enjoy :D

Originally posted by audreyjensen

*GIF is not mine*

Y/n’s POV

“ I will only co-operate if Y/N….. will go on a date with me…” Raphael said confidently whilst holding Simon at the throat. Clary yelped when he tightened his grip round her best friends neck.

You quickly glanced to the rest of our group, Izzy was smirking to herself obviously enjoying the fact her best friend had basically just been asked out.

“ No way! Just give us Simon!” Jace screamed . The vampire just rolled his eyes at him and carried on staring at me with his coal black eyes, and it was sort of intimidating.

“Look, I will do it” you say calmly, walking towards Simon and keeping eye contact with Raphael. You grabbed Simon’s arm and directed him towards the group and stood near the Downworlder.

“ I will catch you guys up” you say to the group. Eventually, after all of the worried looks the group, they all nodded and headed back to the Institute.

Finally turning to Raphael and give him a bored expression, crossing your arms over my chest.

“ So, what time does this ‘date’ start” you say sarcastically using air quotes on the word date.

He looked nervous, after what seemed like an eternity of looking at the ground he finally looked you in the eye.

“ Well, I was thinking maybe a dinner and a movie? At.. lets say 7 pm ” he says quietly, just loud enough for me to hear.

“ Sounds good, see you then” you smile genuinely. His face light up at your words, he was adorable. You eventually started to head back to the Institute when your phone beeped. Quickly you pull it out of your pocket and check who the text was from.

Izzy ;)

Heyyyy where are you????

You quickly tell her “I’m on my way”, but then realize you were actually here.

As soon as you walk into the hallway you see Clary running towards you, suddenly it was a struggle to breath in her tight hug.

“ Thank you so much for saving Simon! I owe you one!” She rambled at you so quick you almost didn’t understand.

“ Its fine…” You try to catch your breath “ Clary… Please… can you let go now..” You whisper, she suddenly let go and smiles weakly before returning to Simon. Who was currently laying down in the infirmary, poor kid.

Heading straight to Izzy’s room, you needed her expertise on fashion to get ready for this date.

Knocking gently as you open your Parabati’s door. You enter the room only to be greeted with Izzy smirking.

“ Well, well, well its about time you got here!” She states running to her closet, pulling out different items of clothing, which you knew you would never choose to wear.

“ What are you doing?” You ask sitting on her bed with your legs crossed.

“ I’m looking for an outfit for you to wear tonight silly” she giggles shaking her head. You just sigh and pull your phone out. It was 5:45 pm already! You jump up and run to your room. You needed to shower.

After showering you walked back to Izzy’s room in just a towel.

“ Right i have laid out you clothes, so go put them on. Then we can get started on your hair and make up!” She squealed like a child, someone was excited.

“ Thanks Mom ” you laugh, she was treating you like her child that was about to go on their first date.

“ You’re welcome, now go get dressed!” She whined, sitting on her bed.

You headed to her bathroom and pulled the clothes on. You could tell Izzy had really tried to find clothes you would wear and to be perfectly honest you loved the out fit.

When you finished you looked into her long mirror on the far wall of the bathroom. She had chose black skinny jeans, a cream over sized jumper and a pair of black lace up wedge boots. It looked really cute.

You walked back out into the bedroom and smiled at your best friend.

“ I love the outfit Iz!” You beamed.

She sighed with relief, and gestured for you to sit down on the bed too. She had all her make up out and her hair curlers were on the nightstand.

“ So what are you doing on the date then?” She asked curiously as she applied some liquid eyeliner, doing a cat eye.

You open one eye and look at her, concentration was plastered all over it. It took all your might not to giggle.

“ Dinner and a movie, I don’t even want to go” you sigh closing your eye again.

“ Of course you do! Raphael is hot” she states. She did have a point, Raphael was completely gorgeous. His dark hair and eyes added fear but mystery to his personality. You had bumped into him a couple of times when vampires were involved in missions. He seemed nice enough, even though he had just kidnapped Simon.

“ Y/N?!” Izzy shouts, snapping you out of your daydream. Opening your eyes, to see Izzy staring at you with an impatient look in her face.

“ Yeah?” You say quietly.

“ I said I’m finished” she sighs “ time to do your hair but first… Here put this on” she says handing you a necklace. You slipped it over your head before she started to do your hair.

15 minuets later and you were ready, and you still had 5 minuets left to spare. You pulled on your black Parka coat, it was freezing outside, and slipped on a cream bobble hat. You were finally ready. Clary, Jace and Alec all waved to you and Izzy as you passed the infirmary.

When you reached the doors of the Institute Izzy pulled you into a hug.

“If he tries any funny business that your not up for just kick him where the sun don’t shine” Izzy whispers

“ You do realize he’s a vampire and he doesn’t have a place on his body where the sun shines ” you giggle, pulling away from the hug.

“ Oh! I totally forgot! I sounded so mean!” She panicked. You just grinned at your best friend’s cuteness.

“ I will see you later” you smiled at her and walked out, only to be greeted with a handsome Raphael holding red roses.

“ Good evening” he says calmly with a slight smirk, handing you the flowers.

“ Good evening Raphael, thank you for the roses” you smiled taking the flowers. You glanced at him and saw he was wearing dark washed jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer.

“ Anything for you, Y/N” he grinned and held his hand out for you to hold. You smiled shyly and breathed “ one moment” and hurried back inside to place the flowers on the passageway table.

You hurry back outside and join Raphael, taking his hand. It was very cold and you internally cursed yourself for not wearing gloves.

“ What do you fancy having for dinner? Italian? Sushi?” He questions as you start to walk down the street hand in hand. Weirdly you were enjoying yourself even though the night had only just began.

“ Italian sounds great” you say giving him a sideways glance with a small smile.

“ I know just the place” he sounded really excited.

You eventually arrived at a small restaurant that was tucked away down a small side street. You and Raphael entered and were surprised by how cozy the place was. A tall gentleman, which was dressed in a suit showed you to a table.

After being handed a menu the waiter scurried off to serve other customers that were arriving.

“ So, what are you thinking about having” Raphael says and you glance over your menu at him, you noticed he didn’t have a menu in front of him, then it hit you what was he going to eat?

“ Emm… I’m not sure, what do you suggest?” You ask politely whilst smiling.

He returned your smile with a grin before telling you that the pepperoni pizza was to die for here.

“ Great, I will get that” you hesitated before asking “ What are you going to have?” You give him a worried glance.

“ Well, luckily this is a downworlder restaurant and they have a special menu for vampires, I’m going to get a pasta dish i think ” he says giving you a slight smile. Before you could reply, the waiter was back.

“ May i take your orders?” He says casually whilst looking at the wall.

“ Can I have the pepperoni pizza please with a diet coke?” You say politely looking at the waiter as he jots down your order.

“ And can I have the vampire pesto pasta please, with a glass of water” he says looking at you.

“ No problem, I will be over with your drinks in a minuet” as he hurried off again.

“ So, Y/N tell me about yourself” Raphael says kindly as he places his hands on the table.

You told him about your interests and hobbies and then he told you about him. You guys joked around and just talked about life, and what you planned to do in the future. Eventually your food arrived.

After you ate you guys headed to the movies. You never really went to the cinema so you had no idea what was showing. When you finally reached the entrance Raphael bought two tickets to Batman Vs Superman.

“ I love Batman” you say happily to Raphael.

“ I love Superman” he says with a smirk, which made you roll your eyes playfully. You had noticed back at the restaurant that Raphael was actually really funny and caring, he had told you about how much he missed his family but joked about how bad it was to be a vampire. You were having a great time with him.

You both found a seat next to each other, before siting down you took your coat off. And placed it on your lap. You were genuinely excited to see the film.

As the opening credits start you feel Raphael touch your hand which makes you quickly glance at him. And without thinking about it you grabbed , and held his hand. You glanced at him again only to see the biggest smile ever plastered across his face, smiling to yourself you put your focus back to the screen to enjoy the film.

As the rolling credits appeared on the screen, everyone started to head out of the large room. You stood up and grabbed your coat, your hand still intertwined with Raphael’s. You guys made it to the doorway, when you stopped to put you coat and hat on.

After a long, great walk back to Institute you finally made it back. You and Raphael had talk about the movie on the way and got into a heated debate on who was better Batman or Superman which just ended up in laughter.

“ I had an amazing time” you say shyly as you look to the ground and then back up to the boy stood in front of you.

“ I had an amazing time too” he says with a boyish smile.

“ We should do this again” you say with a smile “ Only if you want to” you rushed the last part, making him laugh.

“ Of course, I would love to. I totally forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight” he says looking at our intertwined hands.

“ Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself” you say jokingly. He grinned at your words, looking to the ground.

“ It was a pleasure Y/N” he says bringing your hand up to his mouth. His cool lips softly kiss your hand, which makes you blush but it was hidden under the rosiness of your cheeks from the bitterly cold weather.

You smile as you make your way up the steps of the Institute, turning and waving as you reach the door.

You sigh with a grin on your face as you lean against the door, after entering.

“ I’m guessing you had a good time?” Izzy said with a sly smirk on her face.

“ It was terrible” you lie.

“ Yeah, yeah so… When’s the wedding?” She teased.

“ What?! We’ve only been on one date!” You stutter out, taking your coat and hat off, as well as your shoes.

“ So there’s going to be a second date ?!” She squealed, clapping her hands happily.

“ No!” You say quickly.

“ You are lying to me, I can tell! You have totally fallen for him!” She says bringing you into a hug. Maybe she was right you had an amazing time with Raphael, he was sweet and charming but also really funny.

“ Okay…. Maybe there will be a second date…” You mutter just loud enough for your best friend to hear.

“ I cant wait… I gave him your number by the way ” she says, pulling out the hug saying she was going to bed, quickly running off before you could say anything. Shaking your your head at how strange your best friend was you head back to your own room and get ready for bed.

After putting your pajamas on and taking the make up Izzy had applied off, you headed over to your bed. Diving under the covers, and grabbing your phone. You unlock it to see you have a text message from an unknown number.

Unknown: Goodnight beautiful xx - Raphael

You smiled at the message and sent one saying goodnight. You lock your phone and placed it on the nightstand before turning your light off. You smiled yourself to sleep, dreaming of the perfect night you had just had.

Dirt on my boots- Happy Lowman

Been up since the crack of dawn
Just trying to paid
Been hotter than a hundred suns
I can’t find no shade
Just two more roads and I’m good to go
Yeah, I’m shutting this tractor down
Get me a half an hour for a shave and a shower
And I’ll be outside your house

Happys POV
Driving down the highway leaving Tacoma Washington you couldnt get your old lady off your mind. Been up since 3 am this morning the sun beating down on your back. You couldnt wait to get home. Pulling over for a quick stop to get gas you texted her.

Might have a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah, girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots

Arriving at the clubhouse alittle earlier than Happy you got ready there. You put on a tight little black corset dress that made your boobs POP. With fishnet and your spiked 8in heels. You looked sexy as hell.
The music started and people started gathering inside you looked around and didnt see Happy. Making your way outside you waited for him. The thing you didnt know was he was already there looking at your beautiful self with lust.

Hard as I worked all day
I’m gonna work harder loving on you
Spin you all over that dance floor
Right out of them high heel shoes
And when you’re ready to quit
Baby, we can slip right out of that bar room door
And when I take you home, don’t worry babe
I’m gonna kick them off on the porch
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots

Happys P.O.V
Y/N looked so fucking sexy I just want to walk over there and take her now on the picknic table. You couldnt take your eyes off her. Then you got an idea. You walked up behind her and put your hands over her eyes.
“Guess Who”.
“Hmm is it that cute little prospect that looks at my ass all the time”?
“What no, its your old man. Where the hell is this prospect at”. Happy said geting mad.
“I was just kidding Baby I knew it was you, that sexy voice gave you away”. Kissing him to calm him down did the trick.
“Can I say you look really fucking sexy , can we just go to the dorm room”?
“No sorry, I need some foreplay before we fuck. So get those hands on me and lets have a  drink”.
Happy couldnt keep his hands, mouth and hard on off of you, you loved it feeling your man tease you under your dress. You were getting a little tipsey so you new it was time to leave.
You grabbed Happys hand and lead him to the dorm room. Happy went in first you closing the door. Happy turned around you were just standing in your fisnets with your heels on.
“So is this my surprise”. He asked taking his shirt and boots off.
“Look closer Daddy”.
“You pierced your nipples. Who did”?
“Yes I hope you will enjoy them, it was a woman so calm down no need to be upset”. You pushed him on the bed ready to take control but Happy had other plans. He flipped you on your back taking a nipple in hes mouth. You couldnt help but moan.
With your nipple in his mouth and one hand playing with the other he ripped you fishnet down the center. Sticking two fingers in your wet juicy core, he pumped in and out. You through your head back.
Happy took that as a sign he lined himself up and pushed in. It had been a while for the both of you.
“SHIT Little Girl, your so tight FUCK”. Happy thrusted deeper.
“Yes Daddy dont stop Oh God”.

A little dirty dancing, blue collar romancing
I can get cleaned up if you ask me
But I can only get so fancy

You laid there panting after three intense orgasms. Happys head on your chest, feeling your heart beat slow down to normal. You ran your hand on his scalp leaving kisses to tattoos. You felt the glow of being with someone like you. Someone you loved.
“You looked really good tonight, I’m loving these pierced nipples”. Happy said still playing with them.
“I’m glad, I spent a long time thinking about doing it. It hurt like hell but as long as your enjoying them it was worth it”. He lifted his head to kiss you. You bit his lip and slipped in your tongue.
“Ready for round two Baby Girl”.
“I’m always ready Daddy”.

Got a little dirt on my boots
But I’m taking you uptown tonight
Might have a little mud on my wheels
But they’re gonna shine with you’re up inside
Gonna hit the club, gonna cut a rug
Burn it up like neon lights
Might have a little dirt on my boots
But we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight (yeah girl)
Got a little dirt on my boots
Got a little dirt on my boots
Got a little dirt on my boots

Dirt on my boots by Jon Pardi


Group: BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Pairing: Hoseok (J-Hope) x Reader

Genre: Smut (Word Count: 2,554)

You laughed along with Hoseok as the two of you continuously ducked and dodged through the streets, trying to avoid the heavy rain. “I don’t remember your place being this far away!” you yelled over the loud raindrops. Hoseok tugged his snapback on tighter and just smiled.

“We’ll be there soon enough” he said, grabbing your hand. He started running, pulling you through the rain to the next available shelter. The thunder cracked through the sky and you jumped, moving closer to Hoseok. He was surprised but threw his arm around you anyway, somehow protecting you from nature’s loud noises. “We should hurry up. It sounds like it’s about to get pretty bad out here” he said, rubbing your arm. The thunder crackled again and you wrapped your arms around his waist, staring up at the sky. 

“We could probably take a shortcut through that alley” he said, pointing across the street. There was a flash of lightning and your eyes widened. “Yeah, yeah, yeah let’s go” you rushed out. Hoseok smiled and quickly pulled you in the direction of the alley. 

The rain was coming down like bullets but thanks to the shortcut it only took you about 3 minutes to get to his building. Hoseok pried the door open for you and you rushed in. “I knew that we should have brought an umbrella” he said, staring at you.

“The weather girl said that it would be a light rain!” you defended yourself. Hoseok just shook his head as he led you to the elevator. Your clothes, like his, were dripping wet and you were starting to feel just how cold it was.You hugged your arms around yourself and shivered. Hoseok watched you from the corner of his eye and smiled. You’ve always been stubborn. This morning he’d told you to wear a heavier jacket; you refused. He’d said that it was going to rain hard; you insisted that it would be fine. Now you were standing in the world’s slowest elevator, your teeth chattering away. 

As soon as he’d gotten you into the dorm, Hoseok stripped off his over-sized hoodie revealing his white tank top. He threw his jacket in the clothes bin and then walked to his drawer. He pulled out a pair of shorts and a shirt and tossed it to you. “Hurry and change before you catch a cold” he said, searching through his drawer once again. You assumed that he must be looking for some shorts for himself. Dragging your bare feet along the soft carpet, you went into the bathroom to change out of your wet clothes. You absolutely hated the feeling as you peeled off your shirt and pants. Your body was so cold that your goosebumps had goosebumps. “Hoseok, are you washing our clothes?” you asked through the door. He made an affirmative noise and you nodded to yourself looking down at your panties and bra. They were soaked and you had to take them off but you didn’t want to just walk around the dorm with nothing underneath Hoseok’s loose clothes.
‘As soon as they dry, I’ll just put them back on’ you reasoned with yourself.

You unhooked your bra and slid your panties off, securely wrapping them in your pants and shirt. Your nipples stuck out in response to the cold temperature and you sighed. This would have been so much easier if you two had been closer to your house when the storm hit. You pulled the T-shirt over your head and felt relieved to see that you could hardly see your hardened nipples. You slid on the shorts next and felt extremely weird knowing that you weren’t wearing any panties. Nevertheless, you gathered your things and opened the bathroom door. Walking out, you could see that Hoseok wasn’t in his room any more. You tossed your wet clothes in the clothes bin along with his and walked out of his room. “Hoseok!” you yelled out, walking into the living room. 

You called his name again and he walked out from one of the other bedrooms. “It doesn’t look like anybody else is home” he said. The thunder boomed and the lights flickered in the house. You literally jumped into Hoseok’s arms and wrapped your arms around his neck. Your face was buried into his skin and your heart was racing. Your breasts pressed into him and you were so terrified that you didn’t care. Why was the thunder so aggressive tonight? Hoseok just held you to him and carried you to his room. He sat you down on his bed and sat next to you with a smile. “I’m sorry about the whole jumping-”

“Don’t mention it. We’ve been friends for two years and you never told me that you were afraid of storms” he commented. He didn’t mention your breasts so you assumed that he hadn’t noticed. 

“I’m not afraid of storms” you said unconvincingly. The window lit up from the flash of lightning and you scooted closer to him. Hoseok smiled to contain his laughter.

“Of course you aren’t” he said, sarcastically. You frowned and he laughed again before standing up. He walked to the clothes bin and lifted it up. “You’re going to be okay for a minute?” he asked, looking toward the window.

“Y-yeah. I’m not a baby” you said, looking out the window. Hoseok smiled again and walked out of the room, making his way to the washing machine. The phone rang and you heard him answer it.

“Hello?…ah… okay. Well __ is here with me. Okay” he said from the other room. Who was that? Hoseok came in a minute later and pointed to the bed. “Manager-hyung said that most of the streets are blocked off so he’s just going to get a hotel for the guys. You can stay here tonight” he said. He walked to the bed and peeled the covers back. 

“You can stay in my bed and I’ll just take someone else’s” he offered. You looked at the bed, the window, and then back at him.

“Could you stay here until I fall asleep?” you asked in a small voice. You felt like a little girl. Hoseok mumbled about you being cute before hopping in the bed. He laid down on his back and stretched his arm open for you. You got in the bed next to him and rested against him. You wanted to lie on his chest but was suddenly reminded of your lack of clothes underneath his baggy shirt and shorts. He noticed your hesitation and grabbed your arm, wrapping it around him. This left you no choice but to place your head against him. “Don’t worry about it” he said easily. 

You didn’t say anything and he rubbed your arm. “You were worried about not having a bra, right?” he said. This is embarrassing. You nodded wordlessly and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it. If it makes you feel better, I’m not wearing a bra either” he said. You laughed and lightly slapped his side. 

“I hope you don’t ever wear bras” you said. Hoseok just smiled and rubbed your arm. The thunder boomed again and you pressed yourself closer to him. He didn’t comment but instead started humming. It was very soothing; his chest vibrating slightly as he hummed through song after song, his fingers massaging your arm. 

You fell asleep at some point and Hoseok found himself falling asleep as well.

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Anon Asked: Okay so I know I may be late to the party but welcome! As another similar transformers blog it makes me happy to see someone new appear. I hope you have lots of fun with this blog! And if you’re looking for requests, what about any kind of random relationship headcanons with my favourite cybertronians, TFA Blitzwing and Bayverse Optimus Prime with a bot s/o? Even if you’re not looking for requests, welcome anyway!!

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I Wanna Be James’s Girl

can u do one where everyone is kinda mean to james including the merch girls and he has no luck and when danny finds out you like he teases you and sam sticks up for you and you guys make out on the beach?? all cute please

You and Carrie had been Asking Alexandria’s Merch Girls since they had first started to get big in America. You were all like one big family, you had your ups and downs, you’re little bickers but at the end of the day you’d always stuck together.
“James are you becoming frigid or something you haven’t brought a girl back in weeks” Danny stated as he plopped down beside James on the sofa.
“Nah I just, I kinda have my eye on someone” James said, his gaze wandering over to you for a second.
“And who is this ‘someone’ then James? Someone we know?” Ben teased before he wandered up the tour bus to grab his mac book.
“Might be” He mumbled, glancing down.
“Oh Oh, I know why he hasn’t brought a girl back in quite a while is because he’s probably turned gay for one of you guys” Carrie blurted out before bursting out into fits of laughed.
“Hey what’s your opinion on this Y/N” Danny questioned. You wasn’t really paying attention to what anyone was saying, you didn’t really like to get involved when people started being mean to James. The problem was you liked him but if anyone found out you’d probably end up in the same position as James.
“Erm.. probably what Carrie said” You nodded slightly, glances over at James mouthing a quick ‘sorry’ hoping nobody had seen you.
Before Danny had a chance to respond Sam came bursting through the door of the tour bus. “Any of you guys fancy going out? All drinks are half price at the club just around the block” Sam said.

Everyone got up apart from you and James. “Y/N, James you coming?” Ben asked.
“Yeah I will in a second, I’ve got something to do first” You stood up, biting your lip.
“Er.. I don’t really feel like going.” He shook his head and looked up at Ben.
Everyone quickly exited the tour bur, you could hear Ben shouting from a far “Seems like someone is not getting laid again tonight”.
You sat back down on your seat, shuffling closer to James.
“Hey, sorry about the other guys and for joining in kinda” You said nervously, forcing a tiny smile.
“Oh it’s okay Y/N, I’m used to it..” He chuckled, shrugging it off as if it was nothing.
“No no I really am sorry because..” You paused. “Because I like you” You whispered, glancing up at him.
“I like you too..” A huge smile stretched across his face as he said those four words.
“Really?” You beamed.
“Yes really” He chuckled.
Suddenly you heard the sound of wolf whistles coming from the other end of the tour bus as Danny walked up into the lounge area. “How cute, Y/N has a little crush on James” He chuckled as a smirk slowly spread across his lips.
“So..” You sighed.
“Oh oh no reason, It’s just the fact nobody likes James usually, why crush on him when you can there are people like me or Ben?” He winked.
“Well maybe I like him because he isn’t an egotistical bastard all the time like you” You responded, instantly feeling bad for what you’d just said.
“Danny!” You heard Sam call from the doorway of the tour bus.
“Oh Sam did you hear, Y/N’s got a lil crush on James” He said mockingly, squeezing your cheeks. You knock Danny’s hands away getting extremely frustrated now.
“Danny, Just leave her alone okay? So what if she likes him? He’s a nice guy and I’m sure if they did get together he’d treat her with all the respect she wants. Although he can be a bit rough in the bedroom” Sam said defensively.
“And you know that Sam?” You said playfully, laughing.
“Oh totally” He winked back. “Now come on Danny, there’s drinking to be doing” He said walking of the tour bus. Danny groaned and followed Sam off the tour bus.

You watched them as they went and turned back towards James. “So I was wondering, I don’t really wanna go out Drinking tonight..” You shook your head and pouted.
“Then what would you like to do?” James raised his eyebrow.
“Well we could go to the beach, watch the sunset.. Think of It as a first date..” You nudged him playfully, laughing quietly.
“Yeah I like the sound of that” James nodded, offering you his hand as he arose to his feet. You gently took his hand and began the small trek to the beach.

When you arrived you both collapsed onto the sand, just sitting at the edge of the sea. You inhaled a deep breath, taking in the scent of the sea air. You glanced up at the sky a huge smile stretching across your face. Suddenly James pushed you back into the sand, carefully moving ontop of you.
“Hey you’re blocking my view” You whined, poking his chest gently.
“So..” He whispered back, as he placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“So the view..” You whined again, rolling you both over and pinning him to the sand. You leant down your lips hovering above his.
“What I’m looking at right now is a better view and any silly old sunset..” James grinned, slamming his lips into yours. He rolled you over again, not breaking the kiss. The kiss both of you had been yearning for. The kiss suddenly got more heated both of you fighting for dominance, you wasn’t gonna let him win this one, you’d wanted it for so long.
He slowly pulled away and cleared his throat “So Y/N, I was wondering if you’d be my..” You cut him off before he could finish the sentence by shouting an overly enthusiastic ‘Yes’.
“And how do you know what I was gonna ask? You could be agreeing to anything” He smirked.
“Oh..” You sighed.
“Joking, we both know what I was asking and what you was agreeing too. Happy you’re mine finally” He grinned.  
You rolled him over again looking down at him. “This is definitely a sunset I’m gonna remember for a life time” You mumbled as you placed another kiss on his lips, smiles stretching across both of your faces.

Shadow Kiss AU - You’re Drunk - Dimitri POV

I twirled my stake in my hand and sighed, making my second lap of the academy grounds. I glanced around and sighed, leaning against the wall. I ran a hand through my hair and glanced up at the sun which was beginning to rise. I felt a smile tugging at my lips as I remembered the look the sunrise had brought to Rose’s face. Then, shaking my head, I forced the smile off my face. I couldn’t be thinking about her now I still had – I glanced at my watch and exhaled – two minutes. I rounded the corner and ran into Stan.

“Ready for a break, Belikov?” he asked. I nodded and passed over the main set of keys. I decided to take the scenic route back to my room. I was making my way along the outskirts of the Moroi building when I heard an all too familiar cursing. My body tensed and I turned to face the source of the noise.

“Fuck,” Rose muttered, rubbing her arm and staring up at the window of the second floor accusingly. I raised my eyebrows and glanced up at the windows above us.

“Tell me you didn’t just jump out of the window,” I said, stretching out my hand to help her up. Rose looked at me in surprise and scrambled to her feet.

“I didn’t just jump out the window…I climbed down the drain and slipped,” she muttered, brushing down her trousers. I laughed and grabbed her arms, tugging her towards me.

“Let me see,” I said softly, checking the scrapes on her arms. “You’ve only grazed the skin,” I said softly, my eyes scanning hers. Rose shook her head and grabbed her arms.

“Stop fussing,” she said, grabbing my chin and squeezing my cheeks. I laughed, pulling her hands to her sides.

“Are you drunk?” I asked. Rose scoffed and leaned against me.

“I can’t tell you if I’m drunk. Then you’ll know my headache tomorrow is actually a hangover,” she said in a massive stage whisper. I laughed and shook my head.

“Let’s get you back to your dorm Roza,” I said softly, putting my arm on hers to steady her. She held her hand up to her forehead and swayed. She was extremely drunk.  I spotted Stan and cursed, pushing Rose into the shadows of the woods. I couldn’t let her get caught by Stan. Being out after hours…drunk? I didn’t think it would go down very well. Rose giggled and shook her head.

“Now, now, Comrade…trying to get me alone?” she asked, trying to arch her eyebrow and failing miserably. I let out a laugh and shook my head. Rose’s face lit up and she looked up at me. “I like hearing your laugh. You seem more laid back tonight,” she murmured. I shook my head.

“It’s hard not to laugh when someone throws themselves out of a window to escape being caught outside curfew instead of just staying at your friend’s dorm. Your logic never ceases to amaze me,” I said, leading her through the woods in the hopes we could outmatch Stan. Rose made mimicking noises, making faces behind my back as she followed after me. That girl will be the death of me. Rose tripped and banged into me and let out a little laugh.

“Oops, I think I sprained my ankle. Don’t make me run tomorrow, okay? Kay,” she muttered, bending over to hold her ankle. I sighed, scooping her up bridal style and carrying towards the cabin. I had to get her to sober up before I let her go home. Rose smirked and looked at me.

“Your arms are tensing,” she said, running her eyes over me and stopping when she got to my arms. She licked her lower lip and I had to avert my eyes.

“You’re drunk, Roza,” I said sternly. Rose laughed and shook her head, when I sat her down on the couch.

“And you are sober. That is an issue,” she said, giving me a pointed look. I shook my head and ran a hand through my hair.

“I’m going to make you some coffee to wake you up,” I said, raising my eyebrows and watching her. She shook her head and climbed onto the bed.

“I’m going to sleep now,” she decided. I shook my head and tucked her in and headed for the door. Rose sat up and pouted at me.

“Stay,” she pleaded. I glanced at the door and furrowed my eyebrows. I couldn’t stay it was…inappropriate. Yet a voice in my head taunted me. She could choke on her own vomit. I glanced back out at the door and then back at Rose weighing my options. I focused on the couch and nodded.

“Fine. But, I’m taking the couch,” I said. Rose laughed and shook her head.

“Like I expected anything else,” she teased. “Thank you though, for taking care of me,” she whispered, curling against the pillow and closing her eyes. I found myself smiling and I pulled the quilt over me and closed my eyes getting ready to fall asleep.

“Dimitri?” Rose said softly. I sat up and smiled, glancing over at her.

“Yes, Roza?” I asked. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

“I wish we met differently,” she mumbled sleepily. I sighed and turned to face her.

“Yeah, me too,” I whispered, watching her. She coughed and I sat up, realising that I probably shouldn’t be trying to sleep… what if she choked on her own vomit? Or had Alcohol poisoning? I forced myself to stand up and walk around so that I didn’t fall asleep. Rose laughed and shook her head.

“You look so nervous,” she said smiling at me. I scoffed and turned to face her.

“You think you make me nervous?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. Rose smirked and stared up at the ceiling.

“I know I do. You’re nervous that you’ll lose control around me,” She said smugly. The corners of my lips twitched and I threw the cushion at her.

“Go to sleep,” I demanded. Rose smirked and opened her eye to look at me.

“So how is this going to work?” she asked expectantly. I arched my eyebrows and looked at her as if to say what the hell are you talking about. She sat up and smirked at me.

“When we move in together to protect Lissa. No rules, no boundaries. How are you going to manage with nothing holding you back?” she teased. I opened my mouth to retort and was suddenly hit me; how would I handle the relentless flirting when I had no rules holding me back. I met Rose’s eyes.

“They come first…” I said softly. We both knew that Lissa would always have to come first…and if I loved Rose I couldn’t guarantee that Lissa would come first. I ran my eyes over her and chewed my lip. I wasn’t sure I could even guarantee it now. Rose looked up at me and smiled.

“If you loved me we both know you would still save Lissa. It would be what I wanted,” she said softly. I met her eyes and I had to instantly look away. Even drunk she didn’t waiver at the thought of dying for Lisa. I thought about when I found her over Mason’s body and my heart clenched. She was right. I would never be able to live with myself if I had the means to save Lissa and didn’t… Rose would never forgive me. I would just have to rely on Rose handling herself. I cleared my throat trying to clear the lump in my throat.

“Go to sleep,” I demanded. Rose laughed and lay back down. I shook my head and muttered to myself in my native tongue. I’m in too deep already. 

Rose let out a small noise of approval “Hmmm, say something again. I love hearing you talk,” she murmured.

“Roza, go to sleep,” I said, and finally she listened. I stood up, pressing my hand to her forehead to check her temperature. I sighed; it was going to be a long night.

anonymous asked:

Can you make a head cannon were Tony is being annoying and so Steve and Bucky decide to just make out in front of him when ever they see him just to get him to quit talking.

I kinda just wrote a thing? I regret nothing. 

Bucky had just about had enough of Tony Stark.

Oh it wasn’t just the nicknames. Robo-cop, one armed bandit, frosty, winter psycho. Yeah no. Those didn’t bother him as much as the jabs.

It wasn’t even the remarks he made about him and about what he’d done, as if he had any idea what Bucky had been through.

No. It was what he said about Steve.

About him not being good enough. About how he wasn’t special. All the old virgin jokes and how he wasn’t good with people. About how he was only pretending to be a good man.

Yeah those really got to Bucky.

But when Tony Stark decided it was a good idea to start teasing Steve about never getting a date, well that was the last straw.

Steve and Bucky had been together since they were 16 years old. Sure it had gotten complicated what with the war and hydra and 80 years apart but what they hell, they figured it out.

And they were together again.

Tony Stark wasn’t privy to that information because they liked having something to themselves. Something that wasn’t all over the media to be debated. Something they didn’t have to defend.

But Bucky decided screw that, because for once in his life he was going to make Tony Stark speechless.

So the next time he said something Bucky muttered a quick “Fuck you” in Tony’s direction before slipping into Steve’s lap and kissing him senseless.

Steve had always been a sucker for his lips so he knew three seconds into it he would cave and kiss him back.

The fact that he always caved in made Bucky very smug.

After kissing him for a little more time than necessary Bucky pulled away and looked at Stark who was standing there wide eyed, mouth open but no words coming out.

Bucky smirked at him and then turned to look at Steve who was blushing and clearing his throat.

“Thought we talked about not doing that yet Buck…” Steve whispered to him, no anger in his voice, just a question as to why he’d do it now of all times.

“Stark needed to shut up and the only way to get him to was to shock him into silence. What better way to shock him than to show him not only do you have a date tonight, but for the rest of your life, and that you’re getting laid regularly.” Bucky says loud enough for Tony to hear him.

Tony just starts making small sounds of protest, but no coherent words come out of his mouth. Just the oddest sounds and he kept pointing at Steve and Bucky and then looked at someone else in the room like they were supposed to be surprised with him.

Natasha, Sam and Clint all looked bored. Making comments like “Already knew,” and “About damn time,” and “Can we get Pizza for lunch?”

Rhodey was covering his eyes with his hand like he was done dealing with children. And Bruce wasn’t even paying attention.

Steve let out a long suffering sigh and shook his head.

“Really Buck? That’s how you’re getting him to…” Steve couldn’t finish because Bucky was kissing him again. And he just kept kissing him. Steve made a sound of protest, but after thirty seconds he gave into kisses and held onto him softly.

Steve would give Bucky anything and everything he wanted, and if he wanted to make-out in front of their friends, well. He was going to do it and not feel bad about it. They’d been apart too long for him to care anymore. It was a plus that it was messing with Tony’s head.

Tony eventually started talking again, trying to annoy them into paying attention to him, but Bucky figured out very quickly that kissing Steve was enough of a distraction he didn’t really care anymore.

“Really? Making out on my couch? Why isn’t anyone else as surprised by this revelation as I am? Am I the last one to find out? Seriously?” Tony’s voice eventually broke their little bubble of happy kissing and Bucky pulled back to glare at him.

“Shut it Stark I’m kissin my fella and your voice is a total turn off.” Bucky spat at him and then turned around to kiss Steve again.

Tony didn’t know what to do or say about that.

From then on out whenever Bucky wanted to shut Tony up all he had to do was to kiss Steve. Didn’t matter if it was a peck or a make-out session. It always made Tony falter and made Bucky smirk.

If it ever wore off Bucky wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but for now it was the only way to shut him up for a minute and he’d take it.

Steve didn’t seem to mind all that much.

Just Stay Here Tonight

For: Natalie stylesprimes 

By: Emma ninetyfovr 

There were many things Zoe McPherson loved - her incredible style, the ability to make any man swoon, and the way heads would turn as soon as she’d enter a room. That was until Harry Styles came into the picture. 

 Word Count: 9,539 

 Warnings: language, mild sexual content 

 Main Pairing: Harry/OFC

Tonight was a special night for Zoe. She and Carter were attending a party hosted by Daisy Lowe and for months, they’ve been trying to get their names out there. Daisy’s cousin Tim, who was an absolute peach, just happened to be mates with Carter and got them invited. It was their first time, well Carter’s, being surrounded by celebrities and today’s fashion icons and she wanted it to be a night to remember. The only way to do that was by dressing the part. Finding the perfect outfit wouldn’t be hard though, Zoe had tons of clothes, especially ones from next season.

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