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Dating series; Park Woojin

N/A: I originally intended not to accept asks for the series I do but hey why not! Im gonna start doing more series so you can ask for a bunch more series! Anyway, here we go!

also p.s Im so so so so so sorry this took a few days to get to! I was camping then when I got back, I was moving houses and everything was just stressful and then my whole life had a brain fart and I couldn’t think of any good scenarios for this aaaaAAA. I hope you like this!


-You were chilling on the beach with you boyfriend just enjoying the nice summer sun

-Until someone fell onto your legs

-You instantly ripped off your sunglasses and glared at the person

-He was a cute boy, looked around your age

-”Excuse m-”

-You couldn’t even finished saying excuse me before he picked up the football next to him and ran off

-You rolled your every and laid back down, trying to forget the rudeness of that guy

-Times passed and you and your boyfriend got up to leave the beach and go home

-As you’re leaving you feel a poke on your back

-It was the same guy from earlier

-You told your boyfriend to go ahead to change so he didn’t have to see you get angry at this guy

-Just as you were about to scold him, he started talking

-”I meant to apologize for falling on you but I was too embarrassed. Im so sorry”

-You felt a little connection to him, like you could relate and understand him

-You let out a big sigh

-”Its ok, I forgive you. Just be more careful”

-He nodded before smiling

-Your heart dropped

-His smile was so adorable, you couldn’t control your face from turning red

-”Hey, I work at a local coffee shop down the street from the beach, wanna go tomorrow, I’ll hook you up with some free coffee?”

-You happily nodded and the two of you parted ways

-”I forgot to ask his name, crap!”


-The next day, you opened the doors to the shop and looked around

-The guy was sitting at a table with his face in his phone

-You walked up to him and gave a little wave

-His face jolted up and he gave that sweet smile again

-You sat down and he instantly started talking

-”I should’ve introduced myself yesterday. I’m Park Woojin. Im guessing that guy with you was your boyfriend right?”

-”I’m Y/N, and… how did you know that?”

-”I’m not surprised a pretty girl like you has a boyfriend”

-You thanked him and he went to sneak you guys coffees from the back

-While he was gone, you had the urge to look at his phone

-He had a selfie of what must’ve been him and a few friends

-”Hmm, cute”

-Once Woojin came back, he handed over a coffee and sat down

-”Well, since you have a boyfriend, being best-friends works for us!”

-Your heart began to flutter again


-You sat alone in your room; crying

-Your friend texted you a picture of your boyfriend out in town with another girl, his arm around her, being all lovey to eachother


-It was about a year since you met Woojin and the two of you texted and called back and forth everyday

-Of course he’d be worried when you suddenly didn’t answer his call, espically at the scheduled time you guys have always called eachother at

-And of course you gave him the key to your apartment because you trust him with your life

-You heard a loud knock at your door before hearing it unlock and open

-”Y/N! Please tell me your okay! Please please please!”

-You heard another knock, on your bedroom door this time

-”Y/N, you’re in here right. I’m coming in

-The door opened slowly and Woojin walked in

-You looked up at him, tears streaming down your face

-He didn’t say a word, just walked over to you and hugged you

-You eventually bursted into tears and told him everything that was on your mind

-”I always knew he was a jerk. Ugh he can go suck it”

-You laughed at how caring he was

-”So… I can’t just let a single girl who looks like you walk freely can I?”

-You tiled your head in confusion

-He booped your nose

-”Of course now, we have to date!”

-His once again iconic smile came out

-The second his smile went away and he went flat faced, you pulled him into a kiss

-”You don’t know how long I waited to do that Woojin”

-”Same goes for me, Y/N”

sarcasmic-toast  asked:

Idk if someone has commented on it yet, but I really enjoy the recurring theme/statement of "Look no one needs my permission to be together you're your own people, but if you need it you got it". I really like this for reasons I can't quite identify


I mean, no, no one has commented on it, and frankly I’m sort of surprised?? I got lots of questions near the beginning of whether or not Thor would be jealous? And I always said no.

And every time Loki OR Tony is unsure or asks Thor for permission he always says yes, before saying something like “you don’t need my permission.”
And in this chapter he even says, “it is Anthony’s heart and body to give, but you have my blessing.”

And I thought FOR SURE someone would pick up on that?? I mean, that’s huge. For Thor, who has probably been told his whole life that if he wants something/someone it will be his whether someone else agrees or not?? And he tells loki it’s TONYS BODY AND HEART. Like he has no business saying yes or no, so he isn’t giving consent for Loki to be with Tony, he is giving his BLESSING and the difference in that is huge.

So glad you picked up on that theme/ like it!!!

meganjones99  asked:

could I have an imagine with jack please where me and him hate each other but Fionn and everyone locks us in a room and we end up making out and admit we have feelings for each other, if that's not too much! Thankyou x

There is not one person you hate on this planet more than Jack Lowden. Ever since your first day on the set of Dunkirk, he had loathed you. The other lads were easy enough to make friends with and you enjoyed filming scenes with them, but Jack always seemed annoyed by anything you did. 

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I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

yes yes people, you see correctly, this is ink back after so long i cant believe i made those dwo dorks wait for their date so long

its the longest chapter so far, i think, and maybe it will help you forgive me (or like it will help me forgive myself this)

i hope you like it and enjoy

all chapters before

“There’s this legend telling about beginning of the universe, when everything was created. It says that atoms were createt and spread around entire universe missing those atoms they were created with. Since then these atoms are wandering aroung the universe looking for their close ones, hoping they will find one day and some of them are hidden in people. So it means people are unconsciously looking for someone in entire universe, hoping that their atoms find each other one day.”

“Is that all, or is there something more?”

“Now matter how far they are, they always find a way.”

Chapter 7 /or/ about stress, fries and soulmates

“Mom, I need help.” Luna mumbles with small blush on her face entering the kitchen in Benson manor. Her mom smiles at her softly from over making dinner, but puts down the knife she was using seconds before to focus on Luna, who suddenly feels warmer.

“What is it, sweetie?”

Luna bites on her lower lip looking around, everywhere but not at her mom. “I am going out today.”

She receives small nod as reply and Monica goes back to the vegetables. “With Simón? Or again some study afternoon with Nina?” she asks casually humming some melody and Luna sits by the counter in front of her not sure how to start. “I’m going out for a date, mom.”

Monica drops the knife surprised, looking at brunette with shocked yet happy grin. “With who then?”

That’s the hardest part of telling her mother about this. Luna clears her throat wondering how not to become a mess while saying out loud the s word and probably there’s no way out of this.

“With my soulmate.”

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avaquetv2  asked:

I've been stalking your writing advice because I'm always seeking to better my writing. I hope it's okay to ask for some tips for first person point of view because that's what I mainly write in and enjoy the most. Fictional (right now fanfiction) of course. And sorry to bother you .-.

Oh you’re never bothering! Tbh I’m super flattered and honored someone takes those posts seriously T.T Thank you for reading and hearing me out!

Anyway, imo you chose a hard one. I don’t touch first person with a 10-foot pole not because it sucks or anything. It’s just like… super difficult to pull off. When I read successful fiction, I look for certain things in the writing. If the author does them well, I consider it a well done masterpiece. If not, I move on. Let me name this one (out of others) thing I look for in good writing.

A degree of separation

I think the best kind of character development is one that is able to challenge or put pressure on the protagonist’s world view. The trick is to be able to do it in a way that makes that character even more relatable to the reader.

Take for example this opening line to one of the first few chapters of The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas by Machado de Assis:

As far as I know, no one has ever spoken about his own delirium. I’m doing just that and science will thank me for it. If the reader isn’t given to the contemplation of these mental phenomena, he may skip this chapter and go straight to the narrative. But if he has the slightest bit of curiosity, I can tell him now that it’s interesting to know what went on in my head for some twenty or thirty minutes.

To provide some context, the protagonist of the novel (and the narrator, as this is written in first person) decided to depict his death at the very beginning of the novel, and here he is relaying the delirium he experienced at death’s door.

I chose this example, because the passage does a lot of work helping you understand how egomaniacal and (to use a colloquialism) absolutely extra this Bras Cubas is. “As far as I know, no one has ever spoken about his own delirium. I’m doing just that and science will thank me for it.” In the first sentence, he condescendingly explains to the reader that he is about to accomplish the impossible task of articulating a moment of impaired consciousness, and not only that but science should (implied in “will”) thank him for it. And yet as soon as he brags about his ability to do what is considered impossible and hitherto unknown, Bras Cubas then nonchalantly tells the reader they can skip this chapter if they’ve never experienced delirium.

How important is his contribution? How reliable is this narrator?

The whole point of those first three sentences is to tell the reader that Bras Cubas is delusional, self-aggrandizing, and yet painfully self-aware that his readers can be callously indifferent to his contributions. It makes you sympathize with his ability to make fun of himself all the while still clinging to grandiose claims.

Afterwards, he takes the tone to a more sardonic level (”if he has the slightest bit of curiosity”… meaning why the fuck aren’t you curious, dear reader) and claims that their completely subjective and mental experiences are “interesting.” The understatement feels like a punch in the gut given the rather disproportionate amount of histrionics he started with.

The passage brims with his contradictory, flawed, and nonetheless narcissistic (as we are?) personality. This character feels vividly human despite being a “dead narrator.”

Here there is a degree of separation between the character and the reader despite the personal pronoun “I” dictating the voice of the piece. The reader knows they are not the “I” who claims to be able to describe their delirium, and yet they sympathize with the very same maniac (the “I” of the piece) who knows no one cares about his hooplah and bullshit.

I think when you’re writing a piece of fiction that it’s important for the reader to come to terms with someone they disagree with (or perhaps don’t like) and still be able to sympathize with them. I think not a lot of people in fandom are willing to give their OCs this kind of vanity or flaw despite its potential to give characters room for growth. This task is difficult to accomplish with first person, because it’s difficult to seamlessly string together his contradictions the way Machado de Assis has done (and you won’t really notice it unless you give it a 2nd or 3rd read).

What you don’t want is a character who blatantly contradicts themselves because the writer didn’t take into account inconsistencies within the narrative. This is where you get the “OOC” or out-of-character mistake.

Because I was too lazy to look through my books for examples of bad writing, I made one up for demonstration. I hope you don’t mind!

I slammed the dishes into the sink. What did I care? The water was running, but even that couldn’t outdo the loud blaring of a sportscaster and the throngs of crowds roaring from that dreadful box. He stayed glued, and I stayed washing. Washing, drying, and cleaning. It was my work, after all.

And so I came up to him screaming, “DAMMIT SCOTT! WHY CAN’T WE BE TOGETHER?!” I didn’t care anymore that I was angry. I didn’t mind doing the dishes for the rest of my life, so long as he stayed watching that dreadful box.

Okay I exaggerated a bit, but notice the complete 180 in voice and tone between paragraphs. I wrote the first one as the introspection of a dissatisfied individual who was resentful of doing chores while their partner very loudly ignores them by watching a sports game on the TV. Then, the next paragraph devolves into this melodrama about how the character loses all sense of introspection and awareness of the injustice done to them, just so they can “[do] dishes for the rest of [their] life.” It seems like I’m reading two totally different characters, right? 

Well, that’s an example of a narrative contradiction where the character isn’t showing any sense of awareness or depth. The degree of separation is too large, and the reader finds it difficult to connect the various “I’s” in the piece. The first person is collapsing under several different voices, and there isn’t connective tissue between them.

They’re just showing the writer’s clumsiness. On the other hand, the contradictions in de Assis’s prose work to balance Bras Cubas’s vainglorious ambitions and his awareness of its futility.

To be completely honest, I often catch two-dimensional characterization in fanfic in the sense that their characters very rarely express doubt (unless in its relation with their romanced LI). Annoyingly enough, most self-doubt and insecurities their characters express are rooted exclusively to the LI, which I find highly problematic. As opposed to, say, the LI bringing out (by way of the need to change their relationship because the protag is not helping their relationship or if that LI is a dick) these pre-existing doubts and insecurities (which IMO is much more interesting).

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you look for in a piece of fiction. First person is very tough, but I can see the draw to it (mainly because personal voice is so much more contoured in it). I wish you best of luck, and feel free to always ask me anything wrt your work or writing in general!

Hands down my favourite part of Yuri On Stage

Many thanks to @thatshamelessyaoishipper for subbing the entire section. 

This line of dialogue (spoken by Yurio) is genuinely so important to our understanding of Viktor’s character. It’s fair to say that a lot of us kind of view his character as lovable, childlike, and whimsical, and that isn’t wrong. But this proves it, he’s only like that around Yuuri, according to somebody who has known him for three years or so at an absolute minimum. 

This is the Viktor Nikiforov without Yuuri, the one the majority of people know. This is the Viktor Nikiforov who sits alone in parks in the snow, with only his dog for comfort, as he contemplates how his life even turned up like that.  

I know this is a particularly bad moment, to be fair, but just look how miserable he looks. 

Even here, he just looks so bored and serious. 

This is Viktor without Yuuri for what? Three days?

The actual effect Yuuri had on Viktor’s life is astounding. With Yuuri, Viktor learnt to let everything go and just be him, rather than his more restrained and serious self, morphing into the usual personality we see and love for the duration of the anime. 

All I can picture is the first day Viktor and Yuuri start training again at the rink in St Petersburg, and are absolutely gobsmacked to witness Viktor smiling, laughing, with his arms draped around Yuuri like he’s a buoyancy aid. Quiet, serious Viktor Nikiforov actually looking like he’s enjoying his day. He’s the opposite of the kind of man who would tickle someone publicly, but there he is, chasing Yuuri Katsuki around the rink like a five year old. It’s like some kind of bizarre dream. Even Yakov would have to admit that Yuuri’s presence has transformed him. 

And perhaps Yakov even asks him once, unable to help himself, where Viktor suddenly got so much inspiration from, after so many years of misery. 

The only answer he gets, as Viktor starts to walk away, is “he gave me his love, Yakov.” 

The signs in class

*check Sun, but Moon can also be used here

Aries: Casually chatting with someone, they get bored easily and often don’t pay attention

Taurus: Tries to pay attention and sometimes actually does, but they often get lost in and their thoughts and daydream a lot

Gemini: Random comments to make other people laugh, somehow stays organized even though they look like they’re not paying attention

Cancer: Usually talks to somebody, either the teacher or other people in class, but stays organized.

Leo: One of the people who enjoy debating with the teacher, doesn’t really keep notes but remembers a lot of stuff.

Virgo: Pays attention and makes notes, sometimes they talk to the teacher, but they’re usually not interested in the subject that much.

Libra: Checking out other people, pays attention only when they’re really interested in the subject

Scorpio: Doing everything but paying attention, usually. They’re good at memorizing but they’re mostly interested in something completely different than what they’re talking about in the class

Sagittarius: Only pays attention if they’re interested in the subject, when they are, they usually talk to their teacher and debate 

Capricorn: Most of the time pays attention and makes notes, but if they don’t like the teacher or the subject, they just doodle or something

Aquarius: Sometimes gets super into the subject and then they can go on about it for the rest of the day, but there are days when they just doodle and don’t really pay attention.

Pisces: Snacks, kinda paying attention but mostly daydreaming. Simiraly to Gemini, sometimes they talk to other people and make them laugh

august 21st aka fanfic writers appreciation day.

i saw this post going around and i’ve decided to make a post to a) recommend you some great stories and amazing writers, b) give some sort of feedback. i don’t really have that much time to read anymore, so this won’t be that long. as soon as i get more time, i’ll start reading again :) the list is in no specific order, i was going through my “following” list and through my fic recs blog.

@noona-la-la-la  — i recommend literally everything noona ever wrote. i love her style and her plots and the fact that she always manages to exceed my expectations. she’s one of those writers whose stories aren’t just about the smut, which i love. of course, the amazing smut is just a bonus. my favorite story of hers is either unexpected or conditioned (which is also one of my fave tae stories ever. e v e r.) and her vmin threesome the group project is amazing! i’m so far up her ass it’s not even funny, but i seriously love everything about her blog and her writing.

@ellieljade  — amazing plots! a m a z i n g. and the dirty talk! the smut scenes are just too good, and mr.min is my favorite yoongi series. i love the plot, i love the fact that the characters aren’t labeled as good or bad, there’s a lot of grey areas and you never know what to expect. if you want to cry, read her this is how you lose her series and come bitch about it with me. and did i mention sub namjoon? because damn, watch me is amazing.

@avveh — some of the best dirty talk and pwp ever. i enjoy reading her stories from the first one she posted, which is reveries. i don’t even watch the show it’s based on, but i love the series. emily can really suck you into the plot, regardless of the smut. of course, you know me, my favorite is jealousy games because jungkook AND jimin. you know.

@xhixtape — i could go on about lila forever. the flow in her stories is amazing, i love the slow build ups in some stories, and i love the smut in all of them. she’s a huge inspiration for me and her work has inspired a lot of mine, i think i might be her biggest fan. read everything! my favorites are kitten’s got his tongue, good mornings, and vibrations. vibrations, man!!!

@tayegi — lu is one of the OGs of bts fanfics, so i’m sure you’re all already reading her stories. i lover her ocs, i love that they know how to speak for themselves and that they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. my favorites are fuck, marry, kill (because JIMIN), the golden boy because T A E, and friendship goals because TAEGI.

@kimtrain — okay, one good purr had me hooked ! i loved the slow burn and tae′s character and everything about it, from the plot to her style. that’s also one of my favorite tae stories ever.  also, the wings of a devil? b o m b. she has a huge masterlist and i need to read all of her stories.

@floralseokjin — blessed is the day i found out about jordan’s blog. i love everything she writes, i don’t care what member the stories are about because they’re that good. i love her style because it makes me get into the story so much that i can’t stop reading. the first story i read was salt and shadow and i still love it. her jin stories are the best out there and i love reading them. show me might be my fave. also, playing with fire is bomb.

@gukvory —  can you feel it, sugar? is a masterpiece. actually, everything on this masterlist is a masterpiece. i love her writing style, i love the flow, i love the feeling i get when reading her stories. just read everything of hers, you won’t regret it.

@kittae — eva writes for other groups as well! i’ve only read most of her bts stories, and my faves are v-card because it’s the right amount of everything, and favourites and servants is so good! there’s still so many stories on her masterlist to read and i can’t wait to read more. 

@dailydoseofdia — i’m gonna recommend carousel because it’s one of the stories i’ve been meaning to read, but just didn’t have enough time for, even though everyone is praising it. i’ve read dia’s fics and they’re amazing, so i don’t doubt that carousel is just as great. lick was amazing and it’s the first thing i’ve read on her blog.

@chinnychimchim — ah. ah! one of my favorite writers. i seriously love everything she posts, i don’t ever check who the story is about. my favorite has to be reset. it’s such a good story and i haven’t read anything similar, so i love it. cognitive dissonance is also a must read. just read the entire masterist while you’re at it, it’s worth it.

@kstopping  — who doesn’t want a good mmf threesome with vmon? that’s exactly what cinnamon sugar is and i LOVE IT. also tags that crack me up every time.

@jungkookfortunekookies  — for those who don’t read smut, there’s a ton of popular stories on her masterlist, including jungkook roommate series which is so fun and easy to read!

@jeylovestoblog — i’ve heard jey writes amazing reader/girl/member threesomes, so i need to check them out, and i recommend you do the same. she updates often, so i’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

@rapmonluv — all i’ve read so far is nightcall and it’s enough for me to know i’ll love everything else.

@jingukz — sarah’s stories are amazing and you know that i prefer smut, but her stories are that good. she doesn’t need smut to pull you in, but when it’s there, it’s great. bliss among sinners is probably my fave, but the first one i’ve read is cry me a river and i’m still not over it.

@emboyz — i still need to go through her masterlist, but i’ve read good catch and it’s great!

@pjxmin — i don’t get how everyone’s not talking about her writing. caught in a lie is amazing, proposals is such a good story, her writing is amazing and her stories are fun and they just pull you in. amazing writer!

@cosykims — merlot murders (the crimson killer, kisses of carmine) is the most underrated series i’ve ever read. it has everything and i can’t praise it enough, seriously. you need to read it!

@jiminniemouse — i think i’ve read everything of hers and there wasn’t a single story i didn’t like. i love her style, i love her plots, i just love everything about her writing. purple jewels is so well written and interesting, i can’t get enough. seriously, i recommend everything.

@wonhopes — amanda’s writing is amazing. i think you’ve all read not so honest, but i think my favorite might be cat got your tongue because TAEEEE.

@mindfullofcrazy — i absolutely loved give me love!!!

@hobibliophile — i think i’ve read everything on her masterlist and i loved it! my favorites are take a break (jihope threesome ftw), blue blooded (prince jin!!!), and don’t care about the presents (namjoon being a cutie).

@kainks — i love her writing style! my favorites are new guy and triplicity because damn, hoseok and yoongi threesome? i’m in. orange tulips is on my to read list, i’ve heard great things about it.

@versigny — if you haven’t read miss dial, i don’t know what you’re doing. read it. now. i love it!

@baeseoul  — protege is probably my favorite jungkook series ever. it’s so well written, i love the plot, i love the characters and their flaws, i just love everything about the story. destruction of a muse is on my to read list. just great writing in general, one of my favorite writers.

@protectaetae — i love her writing style! one night snap pt 1 and 2 saved me.

@taehyung-the-baehyung  — closer is amazing and so is the suit and tie series! amazing :)

@jheartseok — i still haven’t read nude, not flowers and i suck because i’ve heard it’s an amazing story. i need to read everything of hers.

@roseok — just read everything. amazing writing.

@drquinzelharleeni’m not a kid is a great series. there’s so much more i have to read from her masterlist, but i like her writing style!

there are a lot of writers who i still need to check out and i’m looking forward to it. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten someone! if i’ve ever given you a compliment about your writing, i truly meant it. i hope i’ve included everyone. if you go check out these writers, please don’t ask them about updates :)

Blurred Lines (Smut)


A/N: Celebrating Shawn’s birthday. Feedback is always lovely. 

Word count: 4,518

Shawn and I had been living together for a little over four months now. Since Shawn agreed to letting me crash for a week while looking for something new after being kicked out of my dorm, things we didn’t count on happened between us and suddenly, we were practically roommates and enjoyed each other’s company for hours a day. 

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Hi just dropping Adam’s its-bisty excited expression when he discusses Kylo Ren’s story in The Last Jedi here for all to enjoy!


BTS in Bed Part II (Based on Their Lilith and Eros Signs) - Hyung Line

warning: mature content ahead

Part I one can be found here and Maknae Line version here.

As an introduction, Lilith and Eros are two key placements to look at when trying to explore someone’s sexuality through astrology. Black Moon Lilith illuminates the dark side of your sexuality, and reveals one’s desires, fantasies, and kinks. Eros is an asteroid that encompasses one’s deepest passions and wants.

Jin - Scorpio Eros Pisces Lilith

  • a classy freak
  • let’s see his scorpio eros
  • they’re fearless lovers
  • not afraid to express his wants and desires
  • i feel like he’d be the easiest to tell when he’s in the mood
  • because his whole aura just exudes it
  • and his attitude flips like a light switch
  • this is an especially sensual position
  • intensity is important
  • very intimate
  • they prefer having a relationship with their partners
  • because they’re addicted to the thrill of getting to know someone inside and out
  • the type to say “i’ve literally been inside u” when u get grossed out at him
  • a lot of eye contact
  • grabbing ur chin and making u look at him
  • this boy is soft dom
  • but can turn strict in a blink when disobeyed
  • his pisces venus is dreamy and fluid like water
  • loves foreplay
  • takes his time
  • so much passion
  • into partners who have an innocent aura
  • i see him really enjoying a teacher-school girl roleplay
  • treats his partner like royalty but can manhandle them real quick  
  • 20/10

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

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Sangwoo is in deeper than he thinks

_Koogi peppers the intimate scenes with such skill that both Bum and the reader are kept constantly on edge unable to guess Sangwoo’s intentions, let alone feelings. But the evidence is clearer than we think. 

_For someone who would probably claim that he’s hardly interested in Bum, finds him pathetic and just generally isn’t gay, Sangwoo has made out with Bum 6 times (every time initiating the kisses himself btw)

_More than that, so far the relationship has featured two blowjobs, which Sangwoo seemed to thoroughly enjoy 

_Two steamy bath times

_A dildo fuck

_And whatever the fuck THIS was (seriously, can anyone explain this to me?)

_Yoon Bum might not look like much, but he’s got that “kicked puppy” appeal to him that not many can resist. And Sangwoo might just be much MUCH more into this relationship than he’s willing to admit to himself.

_And YES, I wen’t back and counted. Sue me!

[translations] 2017.08.16 NCT DREAM “We Young” Showcase fan accounts

*Might contain spoilers*

1. Seating arrangement: Mark Renjun Jeno Jisung Chenle Haechan Doyoung [6Hzt_]
Roommate arrangement: Renjun x Jeno, Chenle x Jisung. Mark (rooming with Doyoung) and Haechan (rooming with Jaehyun) are in NCT 127 dorm.

2. Due to pronunciation Renjun and Chenle were the guides for the recording of the Chinese version of We Young. Haechan said it was tough, so Renjun and Chenle had to do a demo for it too for everyone to listen to.
However, during the recording Chenle forgot the lyrics, and he asked Mark if he knows the lyrics hahahahahahaha
Mark: Chenle suddenly asked me about the lyrics and I found it so funny [leleezzang | 99m0ng802]

3. Mark and Jisung watches Muk-bang (eating shows) together [99m0ng802]

4. Haechan: The MV shoot took us 2 days. At the last part we just had to do a group dance and it would be done. We made a bet and said that the person who does it wrong have to buy fried chicken for everyone. While I was thinking ah I made a mistake, Renjun danced it wrongly too, and he was honest about it.
Renjun bought 4 sets of fried chicken 2 days later, but there were 2 chickens left.
Renjun: While eating I felt that it was too much
Haechan: But we agreed that it was supposed to be 6 chickens (one for each person?), buy 2 more next time.
Doyoung: Why are you guys so greedy. [99m0ng802]

5. Jeno says his favorite song is My Page. The genre is Deep House. The song describes a worry they recently have. Their concerns and worries were written in the lyrics. Mark participated in the writing of the lyrics for this song too.
A concern Jeno recently has: Jisung is growing so tall and he starts wondering to himself then will he (Jeno) grow [99m0ng802]

6. Doyoung: I have not seen the MV yet~
Haechan: I watched it
Jeno: I watched it too
Doyoung: Oh. What. When did you guys watch it [99m0ng802]

7. Mark: I want to boast about the album. Our title song “We Young” is something that we can portray well.
Doyoung: So I can’t do it?
Haechan: (English) You Old~ [99m0ng802]

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She was smitten. Well, who wouldn’t be?

They met in a very dreamy way, almost surreal come to think about it. She didn’t in any way fit in what the media pictured as the beautiful bombshell. She was… ordinary.

So when she was invited to a brunch by a friend who happened to be somewhat famous for modeling a certain lingerie label, she was thrilled. Someone as ordinary as I am, she thought.

She was excited as she scanned the beautiful garden filled with beautiful decorations and beautiful people, somehow too extravagant for such event called brunch. Her friend had long gone after gulping countless amount of liquor that made her laugh way too much under the daylight so she decided to stay where she was left and enjoy the white flowers decorating the table.

“This isn’t lily,” she mumbled to herself as she smelled one of the flowers in the glass vase.

“You’re right, ’s not,” a voice startled her, “’s frangipani. It looks like lily but ’s a li’l different.”

She smiled coyly, hiding her excitement, conscious of who’s talking to her right there and then.

When she heard a knock on the apartment door, she was just making a cup of tea for her friend. Her friend was back from a weekend modeling gig and couldn’t be more exhausted. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see the frangipani boy stood towering her height with a smile that showcased his dimples.

“Hi,” he rested his hands behind his body, a gesture she noticed often made.

“H-Hi,” she was still taken aback to see him by the hallway.

She told him she lived at her friend’s — who happened to be his friend as well — this summer but she wasn’t expecting him to come visit or anything. She was just ordinary, he wouldn’t come for her.

“Come in, I’ll get Nina for you,” she smiled and as she turned around to call her friend, her movement was halted by a grip on her wrist.

“I didn’t come to see Nina,” he almost chuckled seeing her blushed.


“I come to see you.”

“What? Why?” She raised an eyebrow, pure confusion lingering on her face.

“Because I want to,” he said not letting go of her fingers under his hold.

Over the course of six months, she thought Harry was the one. He made it far too easy for an ordinary girl who had very little experience with love life to fall too hard for him. He didn’t keep this relationship as a secret, something that was very much terrifying but also sweet in the terms of him being proud to be with someone like her. How his hand grabbed her arms and how he sneaked a kiss every here and there, not even caring when the paps were around… She was whipped.

So when the calendar marked their seventh month of being together, she thought she’d fly to London to surprise him. It tickled her a little because she had never been a good surprise to anyone before since she always assumed she was never really expected by anyone and not at all in a bad way. It’s just she had never been this deep and invested in a relationship that it made her believe that she was wanted.

The other thing that really bothered her was the fact that he didn’t proceed to make any further move on the relationship. They were just going on dates and making out. He didn’t even give her the spare key to his apartment and rarely stayed the night. Hell, he didn’t even introduce her to his family. But she thought he was just taking his time.

However, she still couldn’t help but wonder if this relationship was going somewhere because she was in love with him. She just hoped this surprise would show him how much he meant to her.

She should know better when she timidly entered his studio. She asked Jeff for the spare key the other day and he gave her hesitantly. She didn’t mind about it too much though: maybe he was really trying to guarantee his security, she thought.

She rested behind the half-opened door as she heard a conversation between him and his sister via the phone. Gemma’s voice was on speaker while Harry strummed his guitar every now and then. His head rested on the cushion of the black leather couch. He looked very much soft and beautiful, she wanted to just run to hug him but she held back when she heard her name mentioned during the call.

“Mum would love to see Y/N,” Gemma insisted.

“Can’t,” he answered shortly while humming a song of his.

She felt nervous about eavesdropping and the way he talked about her but she couldn’t just bust in at this point. Her curiosity only grew so she decided to stay.

“She seemed lovely, H.”

“Gem-“ Harry exhaled a long heavy breath, “We’re not together.”

Her breath choked as she waited for another sentence to explain the last one.

“Jeff told me to date her. Said ’s a good image to date a normal person — you know, not a model and such.”

“What?” Gemma was just as surprised as she was, “What are you talking about?”

Harry put down his guitar and straightened up his posture to clarify his following words, “I do not want her, just doing it for the job.”

The spare key she was holding dropped, earning Harry to look her way. Her eyes were watering at the point but she remained quiet about the subject.

“Y/N?!” Harry was surprised and mumbled call you later while disconnecting his phone call as quickly as he could, “How long have you been there?”

She stepped back as he drew himself nearer to her, “I-I think I should leave.”

She immediately found her way to exit the building. The cold winter air waved through her as she tightened her coat and held back the tears that already streamed down. Harry ran to chase her and could finally keep up, steadying himself in front of her to block her way.

“Y/N,” he said half panting. He didn’t even get the chance to grab a coat. Shivering and exhausted from running, he looked at her. To his disappointment, she didn’t even look at him. She just stared at her shoes.

It just made sense to her now: why he didn’t do certain things during their relationship, why his behaviour was so different after he got her, why he just tried to snog her instead of holding her in a loving snuggle, why he didn’t bother telling her where he was going if she didn’t ask him first, why he only became extremely romantic when there were people around. It all made perfect sense.

An uncomfortable silence filled the windy air of London. He didn’t know what to say and she didn’t know what to expect.

She brushed past him to break the silence, not wanting to know anything else that might further her pain. She wasn’t even mad, she was just hurt.

She moved right along and Harry could only stand there, wishing he could just do something. Anything.

She spent the night at a cheap hotel in London. All her savings were drained for this trip considering she didn’t have a lavish job with mouth watering pay. She really was ordinary.

It took her a long time to actually feel fine about her ordinary self and it was all gone with one simple sentence from Harry. She was back to square one again.

Harry tried to call her several times after that day, to say sorry she’d reckon but she didn’t want to answer. He would just say he felt awful and that wouldn’t change the fact that he hurt her if anything he would just cause more pain. After a while, he stopped calling. She knew he wouldn’t try harder because who would fight for something they didn’t want anyway?

She tried to move on with her life but after a headline of Harry’s umpteenth supermodel conquest, she broke down again. Of course, he didn’t want her, she was far too ordinary compared to successful models with amazing physique.

Sometimes she couldn’t help but wonder if she ever crossed his mind for just one split second. Sometimes she wondered if he could at least feel something. Anything.

Harry should feel fine, right? He said it himself that he didn’t want her. But he couldn’t help but feel miserable.

“You’re just feeling guilty, that’s all,” Jeff told him from time to time.

Harry nodded. He agreed, it was just the guilt eating him up for a while and he was sure it’d be gone with time.

But as much as he wanted to believe it, he couldn’t help but feel strange. He missed the texts asking him where he was, the hot cup of tea she usually made when he was tired, the stroke on his hair when he felt stressed. He missed those. Or was he just missing the attention?

He reached the bare skin on the other side of his bed and looked over, and for one split second he wished it was her. She never slept bare next to him, he didn’t bother to touch her during their relationship but never a single complain spilled from her mouth although he knew damn well how longing she was to express her love and to be loved. She was so understanding, too understanding at times.

He should be happy that this whole scheme was finally over. He should be. But why was he wondering where she was and who’s holding her now? He got a beautiful girl next to him, the one that he wanted but he didn’t feel the warmth she used to radiate on him.

He didn’t realize just how ridiculously kindhearted she was: how she would tell him “I’m sure you’d rock” every morning he had something big coming up, how she would never protest when he chose to hangout with friends instead of her, how she would patiently wait when he said he’d come over and not even got angry when he suddenly canceled.

He found his hand roaming over her name on his phone contact. He wanted to talk to her, to hear her voice but any words coming from his mouth didn’t seem to deserve her listening. He let out a heavy sigh: it was just the guilt, Harry, he thought to himself.

Another six months had gone by and by now she wasn’t as miserable as she was. She was able to get on with her life but the pain didn’t leave her the same. She couldn’t trust anyone who wanted her for who she was and any attempt of new relationship was immediately shut down with the unknowingly huge walls she built around herself.

She had just finished working that day and after some grocery shopping, she had planned to spend the whole evening with herself and some books. She walked calmly through her narrow hallway of her apartment but stopped as soon as she saw a figure sitting curled up by her apartment door. By his position, she could assume he had already waited for a while.

Harry looked up at her and stood up so quickly as if he was caught off guard.

“Y/N,” was all he managed to say.

“Why are you here?” her voice was weak and shaking.

Harry ran his hand through his hair and just shook his head, “I miss yeh.”

They stood there for God knows how long until she decided to slip her key to open her door and closed it. He was fast to hold the door open.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

She didn’t answer. Being with her for a period of time, albeit a lie, was enough for him to know that silence was her way to cope.

And so he continued, “Can we start over?”

She looked up at him for the first time and he could see all the pain he caused her beneath the teary eyes. He felt an unfamiliar stinging feeling on his chest seeing her in that state of pain.

“Did Jeff tell you to do so?” her lips trembled.

“No!” He was quick to answer, “No… It has nothing to do with him. God, Y/N, I just… I miss you and I can’t—“

Harry moved closer to her only for her to step back. The stinging feeling was spreading through his whole body. The girl who was so devoted to him was now afraid of him and he cursed himself every day for that.

“I love you,” the words slipped his mouth and she jolted.

She shook her head, “You can’t love someone you don’t want, Harry.”

“Just please, tell me how to fix this.”

“I don’t know…” she wiped her tear-stained cheeks with her nervous hands, “I don’t know.”


Tumblr killed the quality cries//

But yeah, meet Akio! His quirk revolves around him having literally hot blood! His body temperature is higher than the normal person, so if you’re not aware of his quirk, it’ll probably burn you if you’re not careful. During his normal state, his veins are faint, but still visible, but once he gets flustered (and he gets flustered really easily) his veins start to glow as his body temperature rises. 

Besides his quirk, he’s a 16 year old socially awkward boy who doesn’t like being touched bc he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt someone. Akio tends to have a resting bitch face, but he doesn’t mean to look… intimidating. His parents are both deceased, and he lives with his granny, who has a cockroach companion named Jimmy (poo I hate u LMAO). He enjoys baking and collecting rare, but super ugly figurines. He’s also best buddies with Poo’s oc, Misha, and Sushi’s, Iwi!!! They’re all a disaster though, probably do more harm than good being together in the same room.


* the descendant represents people we often find ourselves unconsciously attracted to, or people who may find themselves drawn to us. planets in the 1st and 7th house will alter the expression of the ascendant/descendant axis; venus, mars, and the moon will alter what we seek in a relationship.

Aries Ascendant/Libra Descendant: You are independent, straight-forward, a natural leader, and possibly competitive. You enjoy action and often go after your goals without a second thought. You can be impulsive at times but this is because of your ambitious and restless nature. Self-reliance comes naturally to you, and you tend to radiate independence. You get things done on your own, and fast. Aries is all about action, especially at home in the first house. This can lead you to seem impatient and restless at times. With Libra in the descendant, you may attract partners who adaptable, harmonious, and may expect you to make most of the decisions in your relationship. However, you may resist overly dependent partnerships and may be self-centered sometimes during love. It’s important to keep your partners needs in mind in order to have healthy relationships. Having relationships with partners with Libra influence can teach you to balance your personal needs with the needs of your loved ones.

Taurus Ascendant/Scorpio Descendant: You are loyal, sensual, determined, and possibly stubborn or resistant to change. You often have a comforting, harmonious, stable presence. You are typically calm and approachable because you rarely come on too strong. You desire reliable and secure relationships, and can be protective or even possessive of your loved ones. Despite your innate peaceful nature, you are also very opinionated and can be skilled in the art of a friendly debate. Change is not always welcomed by you, as your comfort is important to you. With Scorpio in the descendant, you may attract partners who are passionate, intense, magnetic, and able to commit. Intimate relationships are likely with this placement, and although you may not rush into relationships, when you do fall in love you fall hard. It’s important for you to find a relationship where you can both be comfortable and feeling secure, and satisfy your craving for passion and intimacy. 

Gemini Ascendant/Sagittarius Descendant: You are curious, social, interactive, and possibly restless or impatient. You have an active, intellectual mind and you like to learn from experience. Talking to people is enjoyable for you because it stimulates your mind and allows you the opportunity to ask questions. You often have a way with words and can be quite easy to strike a conversation with. You come off as quite clever and often this placement gives one a witty sense of humor. You can be quite friendly and willing to talk to anyone, but since Gemini is an air sign, you can also come off as distant or cold to certain people. With Sagittarius in the descendant, you may attract partners who are adventurous and challenge/stimulate you mentally. Relationships that value open communication, independence, and spontaneity are likely of interest to you. Since Sagittarius represents the higher octave of learning, it’s possible to attract partners who can take you below the surface and expand your worldview or perspective.

Cancer Ascendant/Capricorn Descendant: You are compassionate, practical, sensitive, and possibly reserved or shy. Your presence is perceived as gentle and soft, it’s possible you are sensitive to your environment or the emotions of the people around you, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon. You have a nurturing soul and others may look to you for comfort. It’s simply easy to relax around you. Typically, you come off as approachable because you seem so nice and compassionate. Your personal security is important to you and you can be very protective of it. You like to feel sure of yourself and your environment. With Capricorn in the descendant, you may attract partners who are reliable, stable, and seek a relationship with well-defined expectations and boundaries. You appreciate someone who is both romantic and serious in love, someone you can trust and depend on. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, you may be attracted to older partners! Or just people who are responsible and good at maintaining their personal security.

Leo Ascendant/Aquarius Descendant: You are passionate, expressive, ambitious, and possibly dramatic. You have an innate magnetic energy that makes you stand out, whether you try to or not. Being in the spotlight is cool with you, in fact it might be something you desire, and you tend to be quite decisive, even stubborn at times. You have the tendency to feel very sure of yourself, which can sometimes lead to impulsive decision making. Your reputation tends to be important to you, you hate being embarrassed, and you may not exactly be the best at accepting criticism. With Aquarius on the descendant, you may attract partners who are unique, original, and inspiring. A relationship with someone who allows you the independence to express yourself is ideal for you. You appreciate partners who can share your ambitious and social nature, someone who you can talk to about your opinions and desires, someone who will listen with an open-mind.

Virgo Ascendant/Pisces Descendant: You are analytical, observant, rational, and possibly reserved or quiet. You can be very detail-oriented, a perfectionist even, and you seem to notice the flaws in everything. However, this can be a valuable skill, as you can spot the one flaw in a plan that others may have overlooked. In new situations you may feel uncomfortable and come off as shy as you take in and adjust to the environment around you. However, you can also be very adaptable as well. People tend to rely on you and see you as dependable, as you typically enjoy being helpful. It usually takes a little bit for you to warm up to others, but once you do, your personality lights up and the real you is revealed. With Pisces in the descendant, you may attract partners who are idealistic, compassionate, and willing to make sacrifices for a relationship. You enjoy relationships with partners who are sympathetic and understanding, someone who can make you feel appreciated and needed. Someone who is kind, patient, and understanding of your emotional needs is likely a compatible fit for you.

Libra Ascendant/Aries Descendant: You are charming, polite, social, and possibly passive-aggressive or indecisive. You tend to be naturally charismatic as you radiate harmony and enjoy being friendly. Although you have a peaceful presence, to some your charm may come off as superficial. Your appearance is often important to you and you enjoy being attractive. Even without natural good looks, Venus is your ruling planet and others may find themselves naturally attracted to you in other ways. It may be because of your naturally easygoing nature. With Aries in the descendant, you may attract partners who are direct, action-oriented, and assertive. Someone who can balance out your indecisive nature and point you in the right direction can often be beneficial. You may find yourself enjoying relationships with people who are straightforward about their needs (without being rude/overbearing of course!) and able to think for themselves.

Scorpio Ascendant/Taurus Descendant: You are passionate, intense, loyal, and possibly come off as powerful or intimidating. People are often left to guess what’s going on inside your mysterious mind, and it seems that’s how you like it. You have an innately powerful presence about you that makes it hard for others to ignore. To some, this is intimidating, to others, it’s simply magnetic. You can be rather secretive and protective of your personal privacy. Curiosity is a natural trait of yours and you have a gift for reading between the lines and discovering the truth. With Taurus in the descendant, you may attract partners who are reliable, loyal, and sensual. You don’t enjoy superficial relationships, and the determined quality of a Taurus can offer the stability and authenticity you desire. Taurus is also a very sensual, physical sign, and since Scorpio strives for raw intimacy, having a Taurus influenced partner can send sparks flying.

Sagittarius Ascendant/Gemini Descendant: You are open-minded, curious, adventurous, and possibly blunt or impulsive. You tend to appear optimistic and happy even when that’s not the case. There is a restless quality about this placement, as if the soul is constantly searching for a new adventure. Adapting is usually not an issue for you, in fact you often thrive within the currents of change. Your curious nature thrives when you have the freedom to learn through experience. Your lighthearted nature helps you thrive in social situations, and you often enjoy talking to people and sharing your ideas and opinions. With Gemini in the descendant, you may attract partners who are witty, social, and easy to have a conversation with. You enjoy having a partner who you can talk to about whatever’s going on in your head. Someone who can share your interests, accept you with an open-mind and join you on your adventure, may just be your ideal partner.

Capricorn Ascendant/Cancer Descendant: You are determined, loyal, ambitious, and possibly come off as serious or hard to read. You have a very powerful ability to focus on your aspirations, and you may have the tendency to worry about the future since you are so goal-oriented. Capricorn Risings seem to be naturally responsible and often learn to function independently at a young age. You desire to be successful, and you want others to notice this quality in you. People usually feel like they can rely on you, as your rational and competent nature is a part of your personality that you project to the world around you. With Cancer in the Descendant, you may attract partners who are stable, loving, and compassionate. You desire relationships that offer security, and a Cancer’s willingness to make a proper commitment is attractive to you. Someone who is able to offer you authentic compassion and soothe your ambitious mind after a long day can often seem like the perfect fit.

Aquarius Ascendant/Leo Descendant: You are independent, unique, curious, and possibly enjoy shocking others with your originality. You like to come off as different, whatever that may mean to you. It’s difficult to surprise you because you are acutely aware of life’s taboos and oddities. You tend to be very open-minded and it’s easy for you to get along with others. You can be very opinionated especially with topics that revolve around humanity, but sometimes you may be overly willing to try and push these ideas onto others. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, you can be very stubborn sometimes and resistant towards change. Your individuality is never something you’re willing to sacrifice. With Leo in the descendant, you may attract partners who are creative, expressive, and ambitious. Despite your need for freedom, relationships with partners who are willing to be loyal and give you the affection your heart desires can bring you great amounts of happiness. Someone who can share your creativity and opinionated nature may just be perfect for you.

Pisces Ascendant/Virgo Descendant: You are compassionate, imaginative, creative, and possibly sensitive or a people-pleaser. You have a very mutable quality to you and often find yourself going with the flow, as you have a very harmonious nature. You are imaginative and sometimes you leave people guessing what’s going on inside your head since you tend to be a day-dreamer. Your open-mind adds a changeable quality to your personality and your opinions and beliefs may undergo many changes throughout your life. You tend to blend in and adapt to the needs of others. With Virgo in the descendant, you may attract partners who are adaptable, helpful, and reliable. Partnerships with people who keep you grounded in reality may be karmically beneficial for you. You like to feel secure in love, and a partner with Virgo traits can offer the stability you crave deep-down.

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