looks like somebody i know

He glanced at Tiberius. What was odder, perhaps, was that Ty was looking at him. Emma remembered Ty, years ago, saying, why do people say ‘look at me’ when they mean ‘look at my eyes’? You could be looking at any part of a person, and you’re still looking at them. But he was looking curiously at Kit’s eyes as if they reminded him of something.

Holding hands? no of course not what do you mean

Two individuals could be the same size and one would be aesthetically/socially accepted while the other wouldn’t be.
Do people not know this?

Do people generally believe that individuals who are over 200lbs+ only come in the “slim thick, big boobs, tiny waist, large thighs & ass” shape? & not in all various shapes & sizes??

So many circumstances come into play but as long as the person you’re looking at doesn’t look fat it’s fine right? Ok.

As long as they can pass your ideal image of beauty right? Ok.

As long as you can jack off to their pictures right? Ok.

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
How I’ve been remembering trainees names on Produce101 season 2

Remembering names on p101 is difficult given there’s 98 of them, so these are nicknames I’ve given to some trainees to remember who they are (this doesn’t include all 98, only some names I’ve actually remembered).

Lee Daehwi = Not-Taeil

Lai Guanlin = Not-Jackson Wang, “Swaggy Rapper”

Son Dongmyeong = Off-brand Renjun

He got eliminated :’( my sweet son 

Lee Gunhee = Lips, voice cracks

Ha Minho = Cutie with the eyes

Ahn Hyeongseob = Not-Joshua Hong

Park Woodam = My mansae son with the eyebrows

Kim Jonghyun (nu’est) = National Leader™, Deserves Better™, Squirtle


Choi Minki (nu’est) = Not-Luhan

Seong Hyunwoo = Not-Taeil #2, Eyebrows, kind of creepy?

He was also eliminated 

Park Jihoon = Wink boy, Not-Jimin, What Did You Do To Get 1st?

Ong Seungwoo = Looks like somebody I know but I can’t quite place who

Kim Sangkyun (toppdogg) = Has cute teeth, the one who did not need to flash abs in Replay but did anyway

Kim Sangbin = Looks like he belongs in 2015 iKon

Yoon Jisung = Meme King, deserves the world, Sweet Bub

Yoo Seonho = Swaggy Rapper’s friend

Jung Saewoon = Cute lil frog face

Kim Jaehwan = (Not actually) frog face’s older brother

they just look alike

Kang Dongho (nu’est) = A Man™, Swaggy Rapper’s dad

Joo Haknyeon = Not-Haechan

Park Seongwoo = Can’t Dance Dad

He’s 30, btw

Lee Woojin = A Literal Child

Kang Daniel = Baby Face, Pinky, Front Teeth

Hwang Minhyun (nu’est) = Another Pledis stone face

I’m just … . tired. I’m tired of sleep schedules and sleep trackers and having people judge me and trying to explain myself every 15 seconds as to WHY I have this and this and that. I’m tired of people calling my blue light filters stupid and I’m tired of being told I just need to drink milk and get off the computer. I’m tired of constantly saying I’m tired and trying to explain that yes, I did go to bed at 10 PM, but no, I didn’t get to sleep until 4 AM. I’m tired of being dismissed because people assume I’m always on my phone in bed and hurr durr technology bad fire scary thomas edison was a witch and these young people are ruining America. (I wouldn’t even sleep with my phone within 5 feet of me if I didn’t need a sleep tracker). I’m also tired of running out of my emergency sleep meds whenever I need them. I am just … tired

tea time for @potterwhos. prompt: flower shop

“who’s armin?” levi asks. he’s written the name so many times, it might as well be his own.

jean looks around the flower shop, eyes setting on a display of lilies. there’s a faint blush on his cheeks, and he sinks into the powder blue scarf around his neck. “someone.”

“no shit.” levi says. his remarkable penmanship has come in handy–a blessing and a curse. it made schmucks like jean’s day easier, the customer that comes in so frequently he nearly pays for levi to open the shop. on the other hand, valentine’s day and mother’s day were hell on his wrist. no amount of braces or painkillers could alleviate that pain. “she must be really special.”

jean taps his finger on the counter. he still doesn’t look at levi. “he is.”

levi hums, holds back a smile, but his interest isn’t feigned. “does he like flowers?” he finishes writing the message requested in the card, slides it over to jean for him to sign in his abysmal handwriting.

“he doesn’t seem to complain.”

“you’ve come in here every day for the past three weeks. his house must be a greenhouse by now.”

“do you think?”

“i hope he likes dumb men.”

jean finishes the stroke on the ‘n’ in his last name and glares up at levi. “do you talk to all your customers like this.”

“only the dumb ones.” levi wraps the stems of the flowers in tissue paper, carefully folds and seals the edge with a colored piece of tape.

“i could go elsewhere.”

“and what, go to yeager’s place across town? his flowers are dead within a day.” levi looks up at jean. “actually, that might work out for you.”

“fuck you, old man.”

levi shrugs, tucks the sheers back into his apron after he cuts a piece of kraft paper to wrap around the outside of the bouquet. “why are you so head over heels for this ‘armin’?”

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Beetlejuice  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Fine, you look fine.“
  • “Nice fuckin’ model!“
  • “Aren’t you scared?“
  • “Maybe this is heaven.“
  • “What are your qualifications?“
  • “You asked me, I’m answering.”
  • “Go ahead, make my millennium.“
  • “You look like a regular girl to me.“
  • “Do you think I want to die like this?“
  • “What did you expect? You’re dead!“
  • “What do you look like under there?“
  • “Is this what happens when you die?”
  • “This is what happens when you die.”
  • “What do you think of this? You like it?“
  • “A little gasoline, blowtorch… no problem.”
  • “It’s okay, there’s no damage. See? It’s okay.“
  • “I didn’t realize you were into the supernatural.“
  • “I hate this. Just… can you give me the basics?“
  • “They’re in there? …They must live like animals.”
  • “Well, how is it you see me and nobody else can?”
  • “How do I look? There are no mirrors on this side.“
  • “My whole life is a dark room. One big, dark room.”
  • “You know, you look like somebody I can relate to.“
  • “Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.”
  • “You have got to take the upper hand in all situations.”
  • “I’m feeling a little, ooh, anxious if you know what I mean.“
  • “I’m tellin’ you, honey, she meant nothin’ to me. Nothin’ at all!”
  • “God, this book is so stupid. I can’t understand anything in it.“
  • “I will live with you in this hellhole, but I must express myself.“
  • “Oh, geez, I don’t know. I mean, it’s kind of a big decision isn’t it?“
  • “These aren’t my rules. Come to think of it, I don’t have any rules.“
  • “Honey… we’re dead. I don’t think we have very much to worry about anymore.”
  • “If you don’t let me gut out this house and make it my own, I will go insane, and I will take you with me!“
  • “We cannot have a routine haunting like yours provide proof that there is existence beyond death.”

Why are people hating on my boy lance like this??? For his hair no less?

That boy has the most making sense hair on the team aside from allura and possibly coran like???

Have you tried to draw everyone else’s hair????

I have and let me tell you Lance’s is by far the best so lemme give you some ratings and before I get into it let me tell you that no one will be spared from this roasting I’m about to give:

Pidge: How the fuck do you even draw those bottom sticks? They’re fucking sticks those aren’t no damn curls, I know curls, I’ve been the curls, I’ve lived in the curls, those aren’t curls. The ends of her hair look like campfire sticks ready to be lit. I know somebody already got the marshmallow on a stick. Ready.

Hunk: Headband works for him I’ll give him that but without it I’m pretty sure he’d be looking like some motoko kusanagi shit.

Shiro: Have you tried to draw the top half of what people apparently call his hair? It’s like trying to draw and upside down plate bowl and I refuse, can’t be done.

Keith: Again I can’t draw his fucking ends to curl, like why tf would he have hair like that???? This is not the 80′s my dude you have lived past that, or at least I thought you did like damn.

Coran: Very good, perfect always shining like the god rays themselves.

Allura: I’m pretty sure she could put her hair in just one braid and kill someone with it, like no joke I want to see a fight scene where she knocks a bitch out with her hair.

Lance: I can actually draw it therefore it’s 100/10

anonymous asked:

wait who did michael makeout with??!?

michael kissed miles during his (possible) second month officially living in austin and working with rooster teeth back in 2011!!! barbara talked about it during the post podcast show #338, but it’s only for sponsors so here’s what she said if you can’t watch it:

“Was [the time Michael was drunk in the backseat of Brandon’s car with a bunch of people sitting on top of one another] the same night that, uh, Miles and Michael kissed? Did I ever tell the story on the podcast? I think it was after the strip club. It was either like— I think it was Michael’s first week here or something, like after he just got hired, and they all went out and got really drunk. And, uh, it was either Miles or Michael who sent me a video of them being like, “Hey, Barbara, wish you were here… and, uh, here’s this!” and then they just started kissing. Like, not making out or anything, but they kissed each other, and I have that video still on my computer at home. It’s blackmail material.” 

michael and miles later confirmed it inadvertently with these tweets:


and also i’m like 99.9% sure that this is a picture from that night:

edit: as i was going through michael’s twitter feed just for funsies i found these tweets which i think were probably from that night:

[one, two, three]

edit: they also kissed a second time in 2012 according to this tweet:


anonymous asked:

I'm a guy. In his 30s. I've always been attracted to females. I've known this girl and have crushed on her for a while. She came out to me yesterday that she's transitioning to a male! I still love her. Does that mean I'm homosexual? I assume, yes? I've looked for research on Males with FtM partners but I don't see much. Like Data is going to help me but I'd like to know how common this is.

First off: Sexual identity notwithstanding, it’s kinda a huge red flag to me that you’re publicly referring to your crush as “this girl” and “her.” Benefit of the doubt: maybe that’s out of habit; maybe they’re not publicly out yet and you’re being careful about how you refer to them. But Anon, if someone professed to have feelings for me and still referred to me that way, I would a) be extremely hurt and angry that they didn’t respect my identity, and b) wonder if they in fact thought of me as female.

As for the rest: Does being into a dude make you gay or bi or whatever? I don’t know, Anon. Look, if you like somebody, you like them; and it’s up to you whether and how you want that to inform your sexual identity. There are predominantly straight people who fall in love with people of their own gender; there are people in ostensibly hetero relationships who stay with their partners through transition; and there are people for whom a loved one’s transition leads to some discoveries about their own desires. (And in response to one of your questions: yes, there are absolutely cisgender men who date trans men.) And there’s the question of how you quantify your sexual identity versus what the world sees when they see you and your partner; and a whole slew of other variables. In short: You do you, buddy. (But maybe take a little while to practice the pronouns first.)

Finally: Don’t refer to women as “females” unless you are writing up a scientific paper and also the women in question are lizards or something.

Devotional activities

Gee, you think as you see a wonderful highly-rendered painting of a deity, I wish I could draw so I could make Them something like that.

Then you reblog and wistfully think about how nice that would be.

You see wonderful devotional poetry, song writing and singing, dancing and cooking, all in the name of the Gods. And you think I’d do that, if I could. I’d love to. But I can’t.

You’d never be as good, of course. You haven’t drawn since you were eleven, you dance like a drunk giraffe, you can’t write worth a darn, and your cooking skills don’t go past macaroni and cheese.

But the thing is - don’t just wish you could dance for Them. Don’t just think about what that would be like, how nice it could be to do it well - just do it. Play music that reminds you of Them, or simply the music that makes you happy, let go of your reservations and just dance. But I look silly! Maybe. Probably. That’s okay. Your grace does not matter - let the happiness spring from your heart as you dance, your intention more valuable than your ability. Offer your joy.

Don’t wish you could write and sing for Them. You can’t carry a tune, don’t know how to play a single instrument, lose the words you’re looking for when you write - it’s okay. Sit in a quiet place and let your emotions come. Do not worry when you stumble, when your voice cracks and you feel awkward about the lyrics. Simply sing with the words that spring to your mouth. The act is more important than your skill.

Don’t look over the pictures of wonderful food wishing you could cook for Them. Go, learn, experiment. Don’t worry if you burn the food, or if it turns out wrong, or if it looks funny. Leave your anxiety over whether it’s fancy enough, whether it was difficult enough - put your adoration and your attention into it, and it’s irrelevant whether it’s the finest and most expensive delicacies.

Do not worry that you cannot paint well enough to create images for Them. Create what you can, with what you can, to the best of your ability, and do not worry whether it is enough. Sculpt Their images in clay, even if you with all your might cannot quite seem to capture Their nature. Draw Them, even if your hands are unsteady. Paint Them, even if it never comes out the way you want it. 

You feed Their Ka by putting forth your attentions and efforts. You are putting energy towards them, even if it may turn out ‘bad’ by your standards.

Do not doubt what you can give.


Victoria + favourite outfits [1/?]