looks like rio


Aliya Mustafina Successful Acro Series


every time the volleyball club members leave during club hours hamuko texts her squad to help rio and her practice!!!

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bird diapers DO exist, but birds generally don't like them. you CAN potty train birds by making up a potty word/phrase (ours is bombs away) and saying it when they look like they're gonna poop (requires spending a lot of time with them and knowing their signs). have millet or other treats handy for reinforcement. it takes a while, especially when the bird is a bit older, but it removes a lot of hassle! ...or you could put a dishtowel on your shoulder and have him stand on that.

wait so the training is basically so that they shout the poop word before htey poop so u know when theyre pooping? or is it teaching them to shit on command??

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what about some yakuza!karma? (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)


Ok, so Happy Mid-Autumn’s Day and idek what im doin here //sigh// icantjustgetridofmypervertnessforalittlelonger//cries//

And let’s have Misael, Rio and Yuma in CheongSam or QiPao, because i like em smexy XDDD //slapped//

well actually i just wanna do a misael version with jinlong but i can’t stop myself from drawing the other two and durbe ;w;

Oh and here’s a little bonus for Ryoga-kun XD