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every time the volleyball club members leave during club hours hamuko texts her squad to help rio and her practice!!!

Anonymous said: Hey um um uuuum,yui why do you have bags under your eeeeeeyesssssssss???????   


(Click here for the original post. Brief explanation: Yui was kidnapped and tortured, but then she never killed anyone or herself and Ayano didn’t need her… so she was released and is living “normally” with the addition of nightmares related to being in Ayano’s basement. Her memories are so foggy she can’t remember it was even Ayano who kidnapped her.)

like father, like son

author’s note: a cute, fluffy, one shot of Rafinha with his kid. enjoy :-)

Rafinha eagerly watches the entrance to the training field as he waits for his wife to arrive. In fact, he’s probably spent more time distracted than he has on the drills he’s supposed to be doing - which will probably get him in trouble with Luis Enrique later, but Rafinha doesn’t really care. He’s too excited.

“Rafa!” Neymar yells, as the ball slides right past an oblivious Rafinha. “Hey, princesa, wake up!”

“What?” Rafinha turns his attention back to the field and sees several of his teammates laughing at him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Neymar asks. 

“I’m waiting on something,” he says vaguely.

“Waiting on what?” Marc slaps Rafinha on the back.

“It’s a surprise. It should be here any minute now.”

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what about some yakuza!karma? (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)


Ok, so Happy Mid-Autumn’s Day and idek what im doin here //sigh// icantjustgetridofmypervertnessforalittlelonger//cries//

And let’s have Misael, Rio and Yuma in CheongSam or QiPao, because i like em smexy XDDD //slapped//

well actually i just wanna do a misael version with jinlong but i can’t stop myself from drawing the other two and durbe ;w;

Oh and here’s a little bonus for Ryoga-kun XD