looks like nyan cat sugar girls

ll girls as artists

idk if canon already said stuff about it but w/e. thx renee for insp :*

Hanayo: best artist, draws lots of pretty shit and has the best aesthetic. good with almost all mediums and can do some cool sculpture stuff too. u go Panayo.

Kotori: 2nd best, only second to Hanayo because Kotori doesn’t draw much other than fashion designs. gotta expand her fields tho. also good at drawing animals. 

Honoka: mostly does half-assed cartoon doodles that somehow turn out looking decent?! not half bad at art, surprisingly.

Umi: crazy skilled at hyperrealistic stuff…… except she takes forever with her drawings. one time it took her 6 hours to draw a single eyeball but goddamn it was a beautiful eye. just stick to calligraphy, Umichin.

Nico: draws horrible self-insert OCs instead of maximizing her potential in fashion design alongside Kotori. Nicko why. 

Rin: weirdly good at art?! Hanayo probably rubbed off on her. she doesn’t have the patience for anything other than dumb cat doodles on her homework tho.

Nozomi: more into bizarre performance art than 2d mediums tbh.

Maki: potatos. attempts graphite portraits of the others that end up looking like potatoes it’s ok u tried Maki. 

Eli: draws self-insert OCs with Nico and thinks airbrush looks good. the two shouldn’t be allowed near digital art programs. they make their own animated series that has quality on par with Nyan Neko Sugar Girls, stop them.