looks like my life


In any time, in whatever apperance… he’s still handsome


Forgot aroha selca day because I was debating whether or not I should do it but here I go
(Also throwback to when my teacher brought in his dog just so we could pET HIM AND I DIED)

anonymous asked:

LOL! When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Goku and Chichi… Seriously you all are retarded for shipping a brain damaged retard and a bitch.

Funny story, I actually know what a good and healthy relationship that’s built to last looks like because I’ve been around it all my life. Unlike you.

Vegeta and Bulma are the young teenager couple. They work for each other because of how stubborn they both are but their dynamic really is just like teenagers.

Goku and Chichi are the mature old-married couple. They bicker and argue at points but they always work their shit out.

-pulls out couch and notepad- Now how about you tell me more about how mommy and daddy didn’t love you enough.

Congratulation Sir for 14 millions subscriber!
it was just a month ago you got 13 million. Woah..dang.
But, seriously tho. Thank you. thank you for everything.
I’m so happy to be your subscriber, i’m so happy to be in this wonderful community. i’m..just so happy ‘v’)

again, thank you!
(thank you for being yourself, Jack)

Can you hear, my heartbeat ?

He caught a bad case of yaoi arm because I drew this at 3am why am I like this

You fools thought you would be safe from Katsudon x Russian Jesus in this blog *laughs maniacally*

Shout out to this adorable gay couple I saw posing like this in the subway today ~

Bonus : Yurio is tired of everyone’s bullshit.