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My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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For You ~ pt. 11

| all parts up to date |

~ Fate ~

Walking side by side, it is announced that the amusement park will be closing in an hour.
It has gotten colder and since neither my skirt nor the sweatshirt had pockets, I had slipped my hands inside the sleeves of Jungkook’s cardigan that was dangling down my thighs. It helped but I wish I had some pocket warmers.

“Oppa,” Jungkook’s face turns my way. “Why did you take the sketchbook? I’m not upset or anything, I’m just curious.”

He takes a deep breath, he seems nervous. “I actually already knew you from before, but I don’t think you do.”
I try to remember if I’ve seen him before the cafe incident, but nothing comes up.
“It’s OK, it wasn’t like we talked.” Now I felt bad, because somehow he sounded sad. “You used to go to the Han River a lot, right?”

I was surprised that he knew but only nod my head not wanting to interrupt him.

“During trainee days, after practice we’d often go to the Han River.” I gasp, no way. “One day, I saw this cute girl with her brother, she tripped and hurt herself while dancing, but she didn’t cry or anything, she didn’t stop to care for the wound. The girl kept going.”

I was so entranced by his story that I didn’t notice that a teenage boy was about to run right into me. Jungkook, though, does notice and before the boy can collide into me, he grabs my arm and swiftly pulls me out of harm’s way.
I look up, startled and look at the boy who just passed me. I frown at him disapprovingly and focus back on Jungkook to see that he was glaring at the boy.
It’s the first time, I’ve seen him with such an expression. I’m so used to seeing him smile and laugh that I’m totally thrown off by the intensity of his eyes.

“Oppa?” I say softly wanting to avert his attention from the boy. His eyes snap to mine and they soften.

He scans my face the way it always makes me feel self conscious. “That girl was you. I admired you for your work ethic. You weren’t practicing for anyone but yourself. You were so happy and enjoyed it.” Looking deep into his sincere eyes, I couldn’t help but be in awe, so this is how I used to be.
“As much as I’m grateful to my company, I’d totally forgotten how it was to do things for myself. I watched trainees practice again and again with sadness. I just forgot. But every time I saw you at the Han River, I felt lightness.”

This is how he perceived me as? She sounds like a beautiful person, but I feel like I don’t know her anymore.

He leans closer and inspects my eyes even more, the intimacy makes my breath catch in my throat.
“That day was the first time you noticed me, you were drawing and I was curious, because you looked so absorbed into sketching.” Hearing him talk about that day from his point of view feels unreal. “You caught me looking, and I was blushing so much, but you were so nice about it, it made me like you even more.”

With the combination of him being up close and his sweet words, I had trouble breathing.

“But then you got the call and ran off, I don’t think you remember but you dropped your sketchbook under the table and before I left, I took it, thinking that I would see you again, at the Han River or the cafe.”

Jungkook pulls me close into his comforting arms. “However, I never did, not for a few years. Then I debuted and I was so busy that I didn’t even get to go to the Han River anymore.”
Slowly pulling away, he looks at me intently, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this side of his. “But then a few weeks ago, the day I decide to go to school because my schedule was free, you sat down next to me. Out of nowhere there you were.” I smile thinking back to that day and how much I had struggled to even go to class, that seemed like years ago.
“I was shocked, and then you even talked to me asking if I was OK. Do you know how nervous I was?”

He was smiling now and I start feeling tingles running down my spine at his confession. “You know, you also grew up to be very beautiful. I don’t think I tell you enough. But there are moments when I look at you, I find it difficult to look away.”

In my head I squeal at his romantic words and my cheeks feel like they’re are on fire, more than just flustered, I avert my eyes. “No one has ever said something like this to me.”

Putting his finger under my chin, he makes me look at him. His eyes weren’t as intense anymore and I think my breathing was working again.
“I’ll just have to do it more then.” His cheesy lines were making me all giddy inside, so in response I hit his arm.

“What the (mwoya)! Where do you learn these things from? Are you sure you aren’t a ladies’ man?”

Raising one eyebrow, he throws me a mischievous wink. “You are the only lady in my life.”

This time I squeal for real and step back while cringing at the spidery feeling across my skin.
“Don’t do that again, don’t ever say that again.” It was so unlike him that I shudder. “That was so weird coming from you.”

Jungkook throws his head back and claps his hand while laughing entertained. “Maybe I’m actually like that.”

I glare at him. “I really hope not.” He looks at my face then doubles up even more.
I stomp my foot onto the ground. “Oppa!”

Walking over to me, he attempts to tune down his laughter and fails. “What, you don’t like me being your Prince Charming?”

I gawk at him open mouthed. Did he really just say that? I’m surprised he isn’t hitting himself for saying something like this.
I spin around and walk away, worried for my sanity as I shake my head, trying to get rid of those horrifying words.

“________-ah,” he calls out in between laughter. “Don’t be like that.”

I ignore him and walk away faster when I notice the last shop before we were out of the amusement park completely.
Switching directions, I move towards the brightly lit store. Entering, I’m positively surprised that it was warmer than outside.
Spotting the bear section, I quickly dash over to it. I lift one hand to touch the fabric and I’m amazed by how soft it is.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asks from the entrance as he sees me there with the dozens of plushie bears.

“I’m looking for a new favorite bear, since my previous one has gone crazy.” I look at him innocently and he just smiles cutely.

I look around some more and see a medium sized plushie bear wearing a beanie and a white shirt. I can’t help but laugh out loud at the sight. The plushie looks just like Jungkook.

Something heavy suddenly lands on one side of my shoulder and takes my brain a few seconds to register that it is in fact Jungkook’s chin.
I try not to get affected by that, but let’s be real, how can I not?
“It looks like me.” His voice was so close, it was lower than usual.

Acting nonchalantly, I tilt my head the other way. “Don’t you think it looks a little bit,… I don’t know, manlier?”

He lifts his head and stares at me, shocked. “Are you saying I’m not manly?”

“What you said out there was hardly manly.” I glare at him accusingly. “It was rather disturbing.” I shudder from the sheer thought of his words.

“‘You’re really beautiful (jeongmal areumdawo)’, is that disturbing?” I didn’t even have to face him to see that he had one eyebrow raised and that only one side of his mouth was lifted.

“No, I like it (ani, joah).” I admit sheepishly, busying myself with the plush toys in front of me.

“What about this?” Looking at him curiously, he curls his two V fingers against his cheek and does the cutest kissy face I’ve ever seen.

My heart pounds against my rip cage, so in order to save myself I cover my face with my hands and actually escape the store and him.
Welcoming the cold night air, I take deep calming breaths and place a hand over my erratic heart.
I don’t think I’ll ever recover from his aegyo.

Not a minute later, too soon for my liking, Jungkook steps out of the shop. Grinning from ear to ear, he looks pleased. “You liked that (aegyo joah)?”

“Don’t do it too often, or I think my heart will stop.” Moving next to me, he places his arm across my nape and we start to walk back to the bus.

With the comfortable silence settling in and the darkness of the evening surrounding us, I can fully feel the effect of exhaustion seeping in.
“How come you don’t look tired?”

“I am, trust me. As soon as I have a chance I’ll be asleep.”

I am surprised to hear this, because he looks like he still had a lot of energy. “Didn’t you get any sleep before coming here?”

“I took a nap for the ride here.”

Pouting sadly, I look at his face. “I really wish your schedule isn’t so packed.”

“Don’t worry, I’m the one with the most energy in our group.”

“Mhm.” Somehow I believed him but only because I had no other choice.

We meet up with the rest of our class and stand in line as we wait for the bus driver to return.
“Is that Jungkook Oppa?” My head perks up at a few girls from another line whispering excitedly.
“You’re right, it’s him. Oppa!”

It takes all in me not to burst out laughing when I see that they were probably in their mid twenties like my brother.
Jungkook smiles and waves at them. The girls squeal and look away shyly.
Ah, the effect of a ladies’ man.

Lee turns to me and notices my straining face as I try to hold it in. “You okay?”

Successfully forcing back the laugh from escaping, I take a deep breath.
Jungkook watches me, knowing why I was like this. But I don’t say anything, since they’re his fans, I shouldn’t tease him about it.

5 minutes later Lee leans her head on my shoulder and I do the same to her head. I guess we were all a little exhausted.

“Hey, that’s my girlfriend.” Joon exclaims as soon as he sees us.

I glare at him. “She was my friend first before you met her, you already had her the entire day. So, go and look for your own friend.”

Joon was about to argue when Lee wrap her arms around my stomach. “Yeah, go look for your own friend.” She giggles and high fives my hand.

Looking wounded at our bullying he spots Jungkook and goes to hug him when Jungkook also glares at him, daring him to try.
Joon puts his hand up in surrender and moves back.

Luckily for us, the bus driver finally arrives soon after and opens the door to the bus.
As I am about to take a seat next to Lee, someone from behind me shoves me further into the bus with their body.
I turn around and snarl at Joon who had a victorious grin on his face.

Moving way into the back, I take a seat far away from him, not even wanting to hear his voice.
I stand back up and unknot the cardigan from my waist and cover my thighs with it.
Jungkook silently follows me and sits down next to me after putting his backpack under his seat.
It was crowded, as in crowded where I sat, his legs just like my brother’s always are, were spread apart brushing against mine.
I guess guys do that subconsciously when they’re relaxed.

Feeling sleepy, I lean my head on his shoulder and I wrap my arms around his arm closest to me.
I feel him looking at me,and even though he doesn’t ask, I feel the need to explain. “Whenever I sleep, I need to hug something. It’s a habit.”

I can hear him giving a short chuckle under his breath, but nonetheless he puts his hand on my lap so I have better access to it.
I’m about to shut my eyes completely when I feel his hand moving against the fabric of his cardigan.
I focus and it takes me way longer than usual, blame it on the sleepiness, to realize his intention.

Smiling to myself, I entangle my fingers with his awaiting hand and finally exhaustion takes over and I fall sleep.

~ ~ ~




The shrill and stark sound of my phone’s ringtone wakes me up from my nap and for a second I’m disoriented. Then, I remember that I was still inside the bus next to Jungkook, whose head was resting on top of mine.
A little bit restricted, I remove my head, and luckily his stays in place without him waking up.
I unravel one arm from him and take my phone out of my bag and answer the call.

“Hello (yobosaeyo)?” The contrast, of the silence compared to my voice, was shocking to my ears, I take quick look at Jungkook. Still very much asleep.


I lean as far away away as possible. “Oppa?”

“________, why are you whispering?”

“My classmate is still sleeping, I don’t want to wake him.”

He is silent for a moment. “Him? Is it who I think it is?”

Busted, I blush a little. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure, you don’t.” He retorts. “Try waking him up, everyone almost already left, I’ll be waiting for you here. I’m parked behind a black van.”

“OK, see you later.”

“Hm.” We hang up and silence settles once more.

A yawn fights its way through my body and I rub my sleepy eyes, still feeling tired.
At least it’s warm in here and I notice that it’s not coming from the bus itself but from the person next to me.
Jungkook is like a heater, without fail he keeps emitting warmth. With his eyes closed and his face relaxed, he was really beautiful in a flower boy way.
His lips were slightly ajar and I could see his bunny teeth through them.
It was an endearing sight, seeing him sleep so tight makes my heart melt a little more.

“Oppa.” I squeeze his hand, gently. “Oppa?”

But he doesn’t move an inch, not even my ringtone could wake him. Seems like he’s a deep sleeper.
I reach with my other hand and gingerly place it against his cheek. “Oppa, wake up.”
If it wasn’t for his breathing, I’d be extremely alarmed by now.
Very slowly, I lift his arm and place it back on his thigh and untangle my fingers from his. Taking his cardigan, I spread it as wide as possible and cover his shoulder with it.

Thinking of something to do, I remember my old sketchbook and place it in front of me.
Flipping through my old drawings, I feel a sudden need to sketch again. Rummaging through my bag, all I can find is a pen, not my preferred tool but that’s going to have to do for now.
I flip to the next blank page but then think back to those eyes.
Looking at Jungkook once more, so peacefully asleep, it’s no surprise that he was all I wanted to sketch right now.

Around 10 minutes of some rough sketching, I hold it up so I can get a better view of it.
I could instantly tell that I wasn’t as good anymore as I used to be.
Absentmindedly I begin to think back to how my mother loved to see my finished projects and how happy she was whenever I approved and mastered a new technique.

I don’t notice Jungkook waking up until he touches my face. His thumb brushes a tear away that must have fallen, his face thoughtful. “You’re awake.”

“Eoh, why didn’t you wake me?”

I look at my sketch of him sleeping like a baby. “I tried, you’re a really deep sleeper.”

He chuckles deep in his throat, thinking of something funny. “Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

Agreeing, I put my book back in my bag and follow out after him and instantly the stark night air makes me wish I had worn something warmer.
“Are you sure you’re not the slightest bit cold?” I ask him, astounded, I was slightly trembling.

Looking at me, one side of his smile is raised more. “You need more muscles.”

Ignoring him and trying very hard not to roll my eyes, I make my way to the black van. “Says the one who has too many.”

Following after me, he laughs softly. “Is your bother picking you up?”

“Yeah, but I don’t see him anywhere.”

“Try calling him.” Doing so, I wait for my brother to take the call.

“Oppa, where are you?” I ask as soon as the line connects.

“Behind the van.”

I arrive at said van and look behind it finding it vacant. “No, you’re not. I’m standing right in front of the van.”
Soundlessly, Jungkook turns me slightly and points at a car, almost half the lot away.
“That’s what you call behind? You’re on the other end of the parking lot.”

“Yeah, yeah. You found me, now hurry.” I look at the phone in disbelief as he hangs up on me.

The sliding door of the van suddenly opens and I jump back in fear. The lights inside the van illuminates the vicinity and I see a familiar face poking their head out.
“Oh, annyeonghase-yo.” I bow politely to Jin, who greets me back.

“Happy birthday, ________.”

“Ah, kamsahamnida (thank you).” I say slightly taken a back that he knew as well.

“Do you have a ride home?”

I point a thumb in my brother’s direction. “Yes, my brother is there waiting for me.”

“That’s good, then. You should get home and rest early. You have school tomorrow, right?” Why does he sound like a worried mother to me, it was cute.

“Nae, you two, too, rest well. I’m going, then.”
I look at Jungkook and felt a little bit awkward with Jin being there.
“Then, thank you again and I’ll see you later.”

“________-ie, wait a moment.” I raise my eyebrows at him. “I have something for you.”
He puts his backpack on the floor of the van and takes something, the same size as the bag, out and then in one strong motion shuts the door of the van.

I can hear Jin’s muffled laughing, but all I can focus on is Jungkook holding the plushie bear that looks exactly like him with the beanie and white shirt.
“You got it for me?”

It was comical to see him holding such a cute thing with himself being such a tall and masculine guy.
He nods and touches one hand to the back of his neck, feeling nervous perhaps. “I didn’t have time to get you anything, so I hope this is enough.”

Touched by his thoughtfulness, I push up on my toes and throw my arms around his neck in an embrace.

He wraps his own arms around my waist and bends down slightly so I don’t have to strain as much and breathes in contented. “So, I assume you like it.”

I giggle under my breath. “Eoh, I’m just really happy today.”

“Whenever I’m not around, you’ll have him by your side.”

“I like the original more, though.”

He ruffles the length of my hair that was not covered by the beanie. “I’ll try my best.”

“I’d like that.” We stay like that for a moment, and I already begin to miss him because I knew that his schedule was going to keep him busy for a while.

“I think your brother is glaring at me.” He sounds amused, not at all worried.

Laughing out loud, I pull away and turn to look at my brother who did look displeased.
“Don’t worry, I’ll just tell him you like IU as well.” I tease him about his long time admiration for the female artist. His eyes shut in an overwhelming smile with his nose crinkling, the way I like it the most.

Still smiling big, he turns me around and gently motions for me to start walking. I look at him taken a back. “What are you doing?”

He scans my face for a second, probably wondering if I really didn’t know. “No girl should walk around alone in a parking lot when it’s dark.”

His thoughtfulness always manages to make an impact on me, not because I was under the impression that he is any less but it has more do to with the fact that I’ve become so accustomed to taking care of myself that I totally forgot how it feels to have others look after you.

‘’What?’’ Jungkook asks me, when I just keep looking at him in awe.

‘’It’s just, it’s nice having someone else look out for me.’’

We start walking in comfortable understanding. ‘’You’ve been having a hard time, haven’t you?’’

I raise my head and seek the skies for a suitable answer. ‘’Now that you say it, I probably was. But I didn’t have a choice, I had to learn to care for myself. There was no one else…’’
He places a comforting hand on my nape and squeezes affectionately, I smile up at him.

Reaching our destination, it’s his turn to greet my brother, who luckily is polite enough to get out and shake Jungkook’s hand.
From my point of view all of this was really humorous, my brother who was only a little bit taller than me, had nothing against Jungkook.
Even though it was the smallest difference, my brother notices too and doesn’t back down, Jungkook isn’t doing anything intentionally but still for me he won.
It took a lot of effort not to laugh at this.

Following their prideful staring contest, Jungkook smiles at me, knowing very well what I was thinking about.
Taking a step closer to me, not irked at all that my brother was right there, he hands me the plushie bear. ‘’Don’t forget this.’’

Gladly, I take it from his hand and wrap my arms around it, hugging it tightly. ‘’Get home safely and don’t work too hard.’’

I would have said more but my brother was making it pretty evident that he was disapproving. Jungkook nods with a smile, understanding.
I walk around the car and when I go to open the passenger door another hand beats me to it.
Jungkook was really laying it on thick, and I couldn’t help but laugh at my brother’s face.

Letting him open the door for me, I watch him as he keeps an eye on my brother as if waiting for something.
Just then he quickly looks at me and does the call sign with his hand, inaudibly telling me that he will call me when he can.

I nod, looking forward to it and then, causing my heart to beat widely, he winks.
I press my eyes shut and cover my mouth, keeping back the squeal that was on the tip of my tongue.
When I finally peek at him after a short moment, he gives me the most affectionate smile anyone has ever given me, making me get that warm bubbly feeling inside.

I slide into the passenger’s seat, a tight hold on my bear against my chest in fear that my heart will jump right out.
Jungkook leans down to my level and for a moment I wonder if he’s going to put my seatbelt on, because if so I think I might as well just faint right there.
‘’Have a safe drive, Sir.’’ I release a breath of relief.

Focusing on me, he waves without saying anything, but he doesn’t need to, his eyes express more than enough.
My brother starts the engine of his car and Jungkook firmly shuts the door for me, then returns to his own transportation vehicle.

‘’He’s got guts.’’ I look at my brother, raising my eyebrows. ‘’This little rascal.’’
Contrary to his words, the tone of his voice wasn’t harsh nor mean, there was almost something like admiration lying underneath as he too watched Jungkook walk away.

Returning my focus on Jungkook, his steps confident, his back straight, shoulders wide, it’s the first time that I get to admire his back.
Just before he enters the van he turns once more and catches us looking at him, he faces us completely, bows and waves.

Is he trying to make a positive impression on my brother or what? I have a feeling that it’s working.
‘’He likes IU, too.’’ I return the wave, so he could finally get inside.

‘’Is that so?’’ He trails off, while still looking at the now closed van. ‘’He is in the music industry, isn’t he?’’

‘’Yeah.’’ I respond cautiously. He isn’t going to judge him upon his profession, right?

‘’He always has all those beautiful women around him but he’s with you…’’ I look at him sharply. Is he trying to make me upset?
Finally, he turns his head and gives me a reassuring smile. ‘’You know what that means, right?’’

Thoroughly puzzled, I shake my head.

‘’He’s a smart guy.’’ He pats my head briefly, shifts into gear and drives off.

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I love the internet :))) after some playing around I have now figured out how I can use the gifs that I want without spending hours searching them through the gif search option… I’m a little bit fussy because I need the gifs to be big enough so they fill the post that’s why I’m just really happy to have the internet rn..
I actually wanted to use the one where they were in Thailand, I think, doing the V live where Kookie did that exact face but as I couldn’t find it anymore…this is close enough..

Kcon in abu dhabi tomorrow, I wonder if there will be a stream and I’m looking forward to the performances… and is it just me or has Kookie gotten even broader in those airport pics? (it probably is just my biased ass) ^^


angelthainguyen  asked:

can you do a modern au where eun owns a toy shop and soonduk and so own a martial arts center and hae soo is a famous beauty blogger?? idk how to weave these altogether but i just have these head canons?? (btw, the-wolf-puppy is my side-blog and i've been following and loving your writing and all your moon lovers posts!!)

I love your side blog! I’m pretty sure I’ve liked every post on there haha Thanks for the prompt & enjoy! :) 

Of course with concealer, you always want to go a shade or two lighter than your actual skin tone, otherwise you’ll actually draw attention to your blemish. 

So I want to end this post with a final tip. If you have dry skin, try sticking with cream or stick concealer, and if you have normal or oily skin, go for the liquid! 

Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon! \^o^/

Soo shut her laptop and stretched her arms, feeling the stress lift off her shoulders.  

She had been in a writing slump for a whole week, not knowing what to post on her blog. Not to mention, she was constantly receiving messages from her readers asking for another update. 

It wasn’t until she started experimenting with different types of concealers that she finally found something worth writing about. 

So’s scar had always made him a bit insecure, whether or not he liked to admit it. Whenever they’d go out, he always wore a hat or made an excuse to avoid crowded areas. 

One night, she offered to apply makeup on him.

So refused at first. He was too prideful and makeup was too “feminine”, but after much persuasion, she got him to agree.

“You can’t even tell,” she said. “Look!” 

She handed him the mirror and watched his eyes widen in surprise. It had been a long time since he was able to look at himself without staring at the wretched scar. 

“I guess it looks alright,” he mumbled. 

“Just alright?” she asked, snatching the mirror from him. She placed his face between her hands and smiled. “It looks great, So. Now we can actually go to the marketplace together and eat street food without you worrying about people staring at you. We can go to the park during the daytime!” 

“All you care about are dates dates dates,” he said, rolling his eyes.  

Soo frowned and let go of his face. She grabbed her makeup brushes and began placing them back into the bag, clearly upset by his reaction. 

Just as she began to walk away, So grabbed her arm and pulled her onto his lap. “I just meant,” he said, kissing her neck. “That I’d much rather spend my time with you here. Or more preferably, in my bed. Not surrounded by a bunch of strangers.” 

Soo tried to pull herself off him but he responded by tightening his hold on her. She began to laugh as he tickled her sides, his face still nuzzled against her neck. 

“This is amazing, Eun!” 

Soo stepped into the toy shop, So following behind her. She had dragged him from bed earlier that morning to come visit Eun. 

“It’s the grand opening. We have to go!” 

She spun around, amazed by all the toys and gadgets surrounding the store. Eun quickly stepped around the counter and pointed at a vintage slingshot in the display case.

“That’s my favorite,” he said, pulling it out. “It’s made exactly like how they were during the Goryeo era. Pretty cool, huh?” 

“Are you still a child?” So asked.

Soo elbowed him in the side. “What he means to say, is that this place looks great. We’re so excited for you.” 

“Hey So…your face! The scar’s gone,” Eun noted. 

“See? I told you!” she said, grinning up at him. So touched the side of his face but she quickly swatted his hand away. “You’ll mess it up if you keep touching it.” 

Eun’s face broke out in a grin as the front door opened. 

“You’re here!” he yelled out, quickly handing Soo the slingshot and rushing to the door. “I thought you had a class!” 

So turned and saw Soon Duk unwinding the scarf around her neck, her martial arts uniform peeking out under her coat. 

“Yeah, I thought you had a class,” So repeated. “I definitely don’t remember you having the day off.” 

“I had my father cover for me,” she explained. “He’s been wanting to teach a class.” 

“You’re father?” he scoffed. “I didn’t know he was in town…”

“Got in last night,” Eun said, taking his wife’s coat. 

“He meant to tell you but-” Soon Duk’s eyes widened when she saw So’s face, the scar nowhere in sight. “Your scar…”

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” Soo said, grabbing onto So’s hand. She knew he didn’t like all the attention and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. “The power of makeup.” 

“Ah, speaking of makeup,” Soon Duk walked over to her and pointed at her face. “I need some more of your face masks, Soo. It’s getting so dry!” 

Soo offered to bring some by later that day and began walking around the store. She couldn’t believe how big a toy shop could really be until now. Eun really outdid himself. 

“How long are we staying here?” So asked, glancing around at all the toys. 

“We’ll leave in a little bit,” she said, pulling him behind a shelf of dolls. “But first…” 

Soo pushed him back into the wall and smiled up at him before placing a light kiss on his lips. When she pulled back, So stared down at her with amusement in his eyes.

“What was that for?” 

“For being such a trooper today,” she said, wrapping her arms around him. “I know you hate all the attention but you came out anyway.” 

“Well if you’re going to act like this all the time, maybe I should get out more…” 

Soo slapped him on the arm but continued to rest her head against his chest. 

Bing bing! 

Soo pulled out her phone and saw that the screen was full of messages. 

- Thanks for the new post, unnie! 

- Soo, the concealer tips were great. I’ve been having trouble finding the right kind but now I know which ones work with my skin type. 

- Yay a new post!

She smiled at all the replies and put her phone back in her purse. 

“Ready to go home?” she asked. 

So grabbed her hand and began walking towards the front of the store. “Well, I was thinking of taking a stroll around the park, but if you want to go home…”

“No! Let’s go!” she yelled out. “I mean, if you want to. I think it’s a great idea.” 

The corners of his lips twitched before his smile erupted into a laugh. “Since you say so, I guess we’ll have to go now.” 

They said goodbye to Eun and Soon Duk before heading out the door. Despite the cold weather, Soo felt the warmest she’d ever been. 

Note:  I just feel like Modern AUs have to be fluffy since they’re going through so much shit right now haha I hope you guys enjoyed this one! Now off to study for my exam! (Maybe) 

A Gift of Sixty-Four

Fancy wrap can’t hide from my eyes,
A gift that’s familiar in shape and size.
It’s the present that I adore.
They’re the toy that’s never a bore.

They’re a box of possibilities,
a forest full of Christmas trees.
Blanket of snow and garlands bright,
with flicker of lights in the night.

They’re singing birdies just for me,
or sailing ship on a stormy sea.
They’re autumn play and a summer breeze,
the colors of spring and buzzing bees.

With this one gift I’ll need no-more
It’s a box of sixty-four!
There are colors for sad, colors for glad.
They’re all perfect, none are bad.

What endless choices to be found.
But what is the color of sound?
What is the color of a kiss?
I’ll someday find those colors amiss.

They’re jewels in a treasure chest.
Something shared with a special guest.
We draw and print or color books,
while snuggled in our secret nooks.

I’m glad they float, though labels’ lost.
Nothing left to peel and be tossed.
Then guides are gone for shades unknown.
But I’ll know them all, when I’m grown.

My cat swats greens under my bed.
My dog’s favorite to eat is red.
We all roll fast and giggle for more.
When they’re like bearings on the floor.

We build rainbows to the sky.
Stacked like logs to make towers high.
We lose the ones we like the best.
Then have extras of all the rest.

They’re a gift that’s always welcome.
They’re used up quick or saved by some.
Look what Harold did with just one.
My sixty-four are much more fun.

Stored neat in a box with lid that flips,
and hole on back to sharpen tips.
Enough to share with all my friends,
we’ll draw a line that never ends.

Though mostly used sparingly,
tucked safe in a drawer, just for me.
They somehow seem to go away,
just in time for Christmas day.

The End
{Holiday revision}

Story time!!

Before I was born (so we’re talking like late 1970s), my mother and her friend came home early from clubbing or whatever. My mom’s friend had wanted to surprise her husband, but as she came up to the house, she spotted said husband through the living room picture window nailing another woman.

So the friend slinked away and went to the grocery store. She bought all of his favorite foods, candles, wine, and everything. By the time she got home, the other woman was gone and he acted like nothing happened. The wife cooked him a romantic dinner, got him nice and liquored up, and then they went to bed.

Morning came and the husband awoke alone in bed. He tried to move. Suddenly he realized his wife knew everything. How did he know? Looking down, he found that, to his horror, his wife had superglued his hands around his penis while he slept in a drunken stupor.

That, my friends, is a true story.

Minific: Prompt “I’m here”

“My whole life is gone, Reddington!” Liz burst out, interrupting him. “I don’t have a home anymore! No husband, no dog, I can’t call my friends, I can’t eat at my favorite restaurants anymore. I wear other people’s clothes, or random things we pick up along the way from stores that aren’t my taste!” She grabbed a handful of her hair and gave it a harsh, angry tug. “I hate being blonde, and every time I look in the mirror I feel like there’s some other woman staring back at me! This isn’t me!” Liz realized her voice was getting louder and more desperate, but she couldn’t manage to reel it back in as she paced the room, suddenly feeling simultaneously claustrophobic, and all-too exposed. “At night, when I feel like everything that was me is slipping away, I don’t even have anything personal to look at, to touch. I have no clue what happened to all my things… The pictures of my dad, things from my childhood…” Liz’s eyes cast around the room frantically, welling with tears. “We run from safe house to safe house, but everywhere we go is just another there–nothing feels like here.” Liz threw her arms out to either side, indicating the room. “Here!–there’s nothing here that is mine, that I can hold on to, nothing that can remind me of who I am, who I’m fighting so hard to be able to be again!”

Reddington had been listening to her silently, trying his best to allow her to vent, to get out what she needed to say. Without warning, his body moving without his permission, he stood abruptly, the fingers of one hand pressed viciously into his chest. “I’m here,” he protested with a fervid urgency. His outburst seemed to take them both by surprise. Not because of the words he’d said, but because of the despondent vehemence with which he’d said them. Reddington dropped his eyes to the floor, let his hand fall to his side, and swallowed. When he looked back up at Liz, he repeated softly, “I’m here.”