looks like my cat

InkTober Day 15: Mysterious. This is based on a story I read online about a man who thought his cat was acting strange, so he took it to the vet and was given some anti-anxiety medication to give the cat…and then his cat came home. It turned out that the cat acting strange was his neighbor’s cat. The neighbor was just glad to have her cat back, but now I’m wondering if any of my neighbors have cats that look like mine, and someday we’re going to get them mixed up…

So I can’t tell if this was a nightmare or just one of those trippy dreams (bc Prozac !):

I dreamt that Pennywise was my cat - he was still human-shaped and looking like a clown as he did in the movie, but I think, courtesy of my conversations with @casinthegarden, I just took all that for granted and treated him like he’d been my cat all along. 

He clawed up the furniture in my grandma’s house (because I guess that was where I was living?), kept rubbing his face on mine and my legs while he was covered in blood, slept all stretched out on the hardwood floors and with his eyes open, and at one point just sidled up to me while I was sitting on the dilapidated couch and laid his head on my lap while purring, but said purring sounded like a chainsaw revving up. And I was just cool with it. 

What a fucking creep. But not that much different from an actual cat, tbh. 

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jakei95!! (✿◡‿◡ฺ).:*☆

The first pic is kinda desspressing.. But we know you have been fighting all this time to make us smile and happy.. must be hard– YA NEED TO BE REMINDED HOW LOVED YA ARE HWHWHW

Seriously I HOPE YOU HAV A LOVIN DAY :’333