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From a Joke to the End Game - The Evolution of Molly Hooper: Molly the Tool: The Blind Banker

Hello again Everyone!

Today it’s time for The Blind Banker. This episode is the excellent blend of the scenes portraying writers’ initial idea to the letter while at the same time showing how the crew creates so much more than it was originally planned in the script. Let’s take a look at the scenes in this episode to see what exactly I mean.

[under cut for a long post and many pretty pictures of Ben and Loo ;) ]

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anonymous asked:

Kind of late but my theory of the pronoun change in 'Home' is that in the beginning he's referencing relationships with women. "There was something missing in her eyes." And then he talks about "I saw it in your eyes" referring to an encounter with him falling in love with a man. He was missing something with girls, but it was there with a guy. Then being confused and feeling alone and finding someone who helped him be himself and feel okay about it all.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I also think the “I’ll make this feel like home” isn’t only a reference to the person who helped him accept himself but also his band members being there and supporting him. But that’s just my analysis.

First part: yes!! That’s what I think too! And if you look back it makes sense because he was dating Hanna and then he met Harry and he and the girl broke up and suddenly he was all over Harry and the fond face started haha 

Second part: that’s so sweet!!! I’m taking this one and saving 

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How does Inuyasha age? He's a hanyou, so does that mean he would outlive Kagome or does he age at the same rate? Did the anime/manga ever address that?

So I’m not the expert on this unfortunately, I think this might be more @inukagkids ball-court.

However! From what I’ve read both here on tumblr analysis, and my own little research, they don’t really address it directly.

However, it’s shown that the two half-demons we DO get to see in the manga, they seem to age normally with their respective parents.

Jinenji for example is shown as a grown male, his mother- an old lady. Both aged together. Shiori also, they mention the events of her late father happening a few years ago when she was born, so she seems to also have grown at a steady rate. Her mother looks similar to when she was born, so she is also still fairly young, since it’s only been like five or six years.

So judging by these, it can be argued that hanyous age at a normal rate as humans, alongside their parents.

I think the argument is that once they hit a certain age, they STOP aging.

Like I think there’s few in the community who think Inuyasha aged slowly- meaning his mother would have to deal with him being a toddler for decades.

I don’t really buy the whole magic behind when a half-demon hits 15 they stop aging.

It doesn’t make sense to me- why 15? And why would that be exclusive to half-demons?

When you think about it, it makes sense that Inuyasha’s father and his brother look perpetually young, they are full-demons and they themselves probably aged really really slowly. Because their parents were also aging slowly and could all keep pace, it made no difference how long they stayed newborns for, or toddlers for that matter etc..

However in half-demon perspective, there’s no evidence that Inuyasha aged slowly and poor Izayoi had to taken care of a baby for years. It’s even shown in the manga (or is just the anime?) when Inuyasha is playing ball and his mother cries for him, she is obviously not wrinkly, she is young-looking, implying that Inuyasha aged at a normal rate, alongside his mother.

Unfortunately, due to all the inconsistencies in the manga, I don’t think Rumiko really put too much thought into the whole aging thing, so this is all up in the air.

I think they implied that when Kikyo struck Inuyasha with the arrow, he would be in an eternal sleep forever (or until released), and never age, and this would also make sense for when Ryūkotsusei was sealed. He never aged, and he looks identical to when he was slain by Inuyasha’s father. (Granted he’s a full-demon but…)

So really, I don’t think the fact he didn’t age while pinned to the tree makes any difference one way or another in this argument.

I do think that because half-demons have demon blood, they don’t get sick easily. Meaning normal things that would kill humans, wouldn’t kill them.

I also think this goes the same for when they break bones or get hurt, as is shown multiple times in the Manga- Inuyasha heals very quickly.

That being said, humans die of old age, mainly due to disease or mental illness and the overall withering away of our heart, since our heart is like a muscle or an engine. Picture our hearts as being the engine of a really cool hip car with an average spin-life of 5 years, and Inuyasha’s heart being a Toyota or a Honda Civic (cars with reputably longer life-spans).

Seeing as Inuyasha’s bodily organs are overall stronger than a normal human’s, it can be easily argued that he would outlive humans, but in my opinion only by a couple decades. Certainly not CENTURIES. And he wouldn’t look like a young man forever. In my image, he is very very old looking by 100.

For example at 100 years old, most humans are dying, or dead, but since he has a half-demon physique, he might survive to be 150 or 200 maybe? Very old and Totosai style, but still alive.

Am I making sense?

Anyway….that’s all I got.

Granted- that doesn’t stop me from writing the Grouch in the Cabin in Alaska, but that’s why that’s an AU ;) <3

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Would robotboy be good for close range melee or long range snipping?

Robotboy seems to enjoys close range melee, at least in Activated mode. I actually don’t recall Ro ever using weapons in this mode, aside from the Freeze Ray from “The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi” and what looked like his SA mode’s missile launcher in “Science Fear”, though he never used it in that ep. Other than those, I don’t know if Ro can use more weapons or if close combat is all he can do in Activated mode.

Now, in Superactivated mode, while Ro is still capable of dishing out impressive but deadly punches and kicks, he has a huge variety of weapons in his arsenal. So he’d probably go with long range sniping while in this mode, especially considering most of the weapons he uses are for long-range attacks.

its so weird…..bc ik that jack still looks like himself despite the 50 years, but that beard completely throws me off and he really does look 50 years older and i just saw a pic of beard jack and I could easily see beardless jack underneath and my soul hurt bc this guy will always look the same every time he sees his reflection jack will see the man, the young naïve foolhardy man, the boy, who betrayed his people and so he grows a beard keeps his hair down, wild and tangled, desperately trying to pretend he didnt disappoint his parents he didnt let the whole world, the UNIVERSE, down bc he lost the only way to defeat aku, that this jack is a different person from that jack the jack who failed

Zankyou No Terror analysis

Here’s my take on these feather’s we keep seeing in znt and why its 12 who can only see them.

When I first witnessed these feathers I wondered what they could mean, I knew that they had to symbolize something because this show is cryptic in a sense.

The first time we see them is around 12 and its after he meets Lisa, he has the inexplicable look to his face, almost confused

Like he doesn’t quite know what to make of them, heres what I think, I believe that the feathers are there to represent 12’s growing attachment/attraction towards Lisa and also is humanity returning back to him.

He has that confused look on his face because he doesn’t know what to make of his feelings, he doesn’t know if they’re wrong or right.

12 mention that he can see color in sounds, so its possible that he can see other things manifested in objects as well, because we only really see these white feathers when he’s around.

Then we see this afflicting look in his eyes

He knows his attachment and his growing feelings for Lisa will only cause him pain in the end. He realizes that it wasn’t good for him to get in involved with Lisa and he tries to fight it.

He threatens to kill her if she “does something wrong” but I could see right through his lie, he would never cause harm to her, hell they don’t even want to cause harm to the people around them.

He was simply trying to fight his feelings.

In the end obviously he couldn’t stay away, he came to like Lisa even more and more, he even went out one night because he was WORRIED that she had ran away from home. He tries to fight it again but ultimately ends up taking the girl to their hide out and exposing her to everything they were.

Then I see something that makes me smile.

He comes to terms with his feelings

In this scene he’s seen smiling at the feathers before him, he knows what they mean, he’s acknowledge his feelings for Lisa and for the first time he is genuinely smiling.

So to close this up with a big red bow, I believe that the feather’s represent 12’s growing feelings for Lisa, feelings that caused confusing at first but ended up being the cause of his happiness for the auburn-haired  terrorist.

12 even wanted to stop everything because he was worried about Lisa and Nine even recognizes it.

The cutie is in love, I’m certain.

OK so I’ve vagued about it but I’ve been busy lately and it’s not soo late so here it is! My character analysis on Katsuki Bakugou for those of you who aren’t really sure about….well, WHO he is. I’m starting at the beginning and going up until the current arc so obviously there are are spoilers for you anime-only people and those who haven’t caught up yet. I wanna go step by step through his character development so he makes more sense, basically.

(And yeah, I’m looking at everyone who thought he’d go Sasuke. I had faith in my son.)

TLDR; Bakugou likes Winning more than Losing which is why he’d NEVER join the villains.

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valkyrie1969 said: In later books, we learn that you can “steer” (or mis-steer) by having someone you are thinking about “pull” you to them (e.g., the Roger going to the wrong time thing). I think that somehow Jamie pulls Claire to 1743 – which if he’s already pining for her (as in the ghost Jamie sighting) could account for her first instance of falling through the stones in Outlander. The endless loop theory plays in here as well, but don’t know what would kick it off initially. What do you think?

Hello again @valkyrie1969​. 

I adore @gotham-ruaidh​‘s endless loop theory but I also think there are elements of fate/predestination at play as well - though maybe they feed into each other somehow (if it is what has always happened and what will always happen, does that count as fate? would they be able to break the cycle if they tried? - not that they’d want to). 

While the ghost makes his appearance shortly before her initial journey through the stones, I don’t know that I think it’s that pining for her that brings her through the first time - I think the ghost’s appearance has to do with the significance of the dates, the idea of the veil between the two times is lifted/thinner (details on how I think that might work below the cut). 

I don’t think it’s coincidence that we learn through the course of the series that Jamie’s birthday is May 1st and Claire’s is October 20th - right at Beltane and Samhain, times when the stones are particularly active/conducive to traveling - I just don’t have a theory for how/why that association would work. I also think it’s pretty clear that Jamie and Claire are soul mates and I think that has something to do with how she manages to get where and when she does without needing to focus her thoughts that first time.

Spoilers for Voyager ahead.

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blazestuck  asked:

I am a big Chara fan and do not really see them as evil. I always hated the fact that when a Genocide run starts people assume that Chara possessing Frisk body to kill. I like the idea that Chara helps Frisk a lot in this run but hate the accusation that they are doing it alone. But in the Genocide run the line "its me Chara", "where are the knives in" in home, and Papyrus line of Frisk about how they "Shamble about from place to place" is some strong evidence in favor of Chara possessing Frisk.

Okay, first I’d like to address the second half of your post, because that’s a little easier to talk about. Why do you think that the differences between the Kill-All and the neutral and pacifist runs are based on Chara?

It’s a valid question.

Mostly, people like to point at stuff sans says first. Like, say, this:

\E1* my brother’d really&  like to see a human…/
\E2* so^1, y'know^1, it’d&  really help me out…/
\E1* if you kept pretending&  to be one./%%

Right? Sans, Flowey, Undyne and Asgore call Frisk ‘not human.’ And Frisk IS human, so that means he has to be talking to Chara, who isn’t. That makes sense, right? There’s no point where Frisk is called or even hinted to be something other than human.

Well … About that … 

Did you know, in one of the neutral judgments, Sans hints that he doesn’t see Frisk as human?

\E1* besides^1.&* chances are…/
* i’ve already tried to&  steer you in the right&  direction./
\E0* so what can i say?/
\E3* what can i say that&  will change the mind of&  a being like you…?/%%

And, how exactly DID frisk get past the barrier without a boss monster SOUL in the first place? It shouldn’t have been permeable to them. Everyone just assumes that Frisk killed and absorbed Asgore’s SOUL, but … they never do. So. Frisks’ humanity is more in question than we realize at first

Let’s look at the context of your quote in particular. 


Dusty powder … That’s the dust of the monsters we kill.  To shamble is to move slowly and awkwardly from place to place … We do that too, don’t we? We have to. That’s how we hunt monsters down. We’re walking around, or doing the murderdance, and otherwise.

And anyway, would Chara be a shambler? They’re a dead kid, sure, but they’re not a zombie. Rather than a comment on who is in ‘control,’ you’d think it more likely to be a change in Frisks’ demeanor, depending on how they’ve acted this run.

Because the way they interact with the world DOES change, depending on how violent they’ve been. Let’s look at what the text can be if you punch the mad dummy:

* (You tap the dummy with&  your fist.)/
* (You feel bad.)/%%

* (You hit the dummy&  lightly.)/
* (You don’t feel like&  you learned anything.)/%%

* (You sock the dummy.)/
* (Who cares?)/%%

* (You punch the dummy at&  full force.)/
* (Feels good.)/%%

So, no, I don’t think it’s weird that Frisk starts to shamble and behave in a predatory, awful way in the Kill-All. That is totally in keeping with what I know about the corrupting influence of LOVE.

I’ll talk about the mirror now. The rest of this post is image-heavy, so I’m putting it under a read-more.

tl;dr, an argument against the ‘Chara possessing Frisk’ interpretation.

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Why hasn’t Aladdin thought more about the rukh system over the past 3 years?

It’s very odd that Aladdin is so passionate going into this conversation, but immediately has to turn to Alibaba once Sinbad asks him a very loaded, valid question. I find it hard to believe he hadn’t been mulling over that question every day since the fight that took place in Night 304-305.

Scenes like this make me feel like Magi is a baffling, unholy love child between a sienen & shounen. I’m not criticizing Aladdin and Alibaba per se, I just don’t understand the rationale for the narrative choice(s) Ohtaka made to get us here. I think I get why the first meeting was so banal. If they had this discussion before the SP invasion now. It would just seem like a personal dispute and might escalate in a way that never gets to the meat of the rukh system conundrum. I don’t think he should be able to immediately rattle off a perfect answer to the question, but I think the scene falls flat when Aladdin can’t even begin to answer the question on his own.

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anonymous asked:

I know the ending upset you a lot but... I feel like you're jumping around and latching onto other people's theories way too much to justify it, without critical thought on them?There's been a lot of "THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING" instead of "This is interesting, here are the pros and cons that support/don't support this theory" and putting your own twist on them, because it seems like your support slowly ebbs away as other people bring in their own criticisms of those theories to you?

If it looks like I’m relying on other people to do the thinking for me, that’s because you’re completely right. I’m not putting a whole lot of extra, unguided thought into the ending. I know that; I’ll make no illusions about it.

Because I *can’t*.

I can’t think about Homestuck canon at all yet without this angry, anxious feeling welling up in my gut and forcing me to chant “don’t think about it” to myself in my head like an insomniac warding off night terrors. Which is a pretty fitting thing to say when I CAN’T SLEEP. It’s past five AM and my lights have been off for hours and I was tossing and turning sleeplessly in bed, and now I’m writing a teeth-gritting comment about Homestuck on my blog again just to let off some steam, because shit about the unresolved, pointless state of most of canon keeps occurring to me and making me want to eat my pillow.

You guys *deserve* cohesive, critical thought and analysis trying to piece together what that ending meant, for the conclusion of the comic and everything that came before it. That’s why you followed my blog in the first place! And I’d do that for you if I could, but I’m not in that state yet. So all I can do is show you some work from people that *can* put in that effort, because I’m too caught up in my emotions to properly consider the comic.

If it looks like I’m stumbling back and forth between linked theories and opinions looking for a panacea, unsure what to even believe, that’s because I am. I’m not USED to being in a position where my emotions are stonewalling all rational analysis of a topic I care about. It’s frustrating the hell out of me and I feel like a lesser person for letting it get to me this way.

What can I do? Up my medication dosage?? I thought reading substantial stuff people were writing to make sense about what’s right and *wrong* with it would help me come to terms with it, but it’s not. Because Andrew’s being a coy bastard and locking away everything the ending could possibly mean or NOT mean behind a wall of nothing, and I can’t even apparently be satisfied in what I might find WRONG about the ending because there’s a good chance he actually meant something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and I can’t even be sure what I’m supposed to be upset about. FUCK. If he even did an AMA and came out and just said something like “the classes’ real definitions were never that important so I chose to leave them permanently unclarified”, THAT WOULD GIVE ME SOME SOLACE because I could at least KNOW I was wrong about his intentions and be mad about it, but I CAN’T BE MAD ABOUT IT YET BECAUSE HE REFUSES TO CLARIFY ANYTHING SO I CAN’T EVEN FEEL SETTLED. We cared about SO MANY of the details and plotlines, can’t you at least TELL US whether or not you really did so we don’t sit here NOT KNOWING whether or not you cared about them, which feels EVEN WORSE??! Were they irrelevant to you all along, or were they important but sacrificed on the pyre of some greater meaning we’ve yet to appreciate? WHICH ONE IS IT??! WE CAN’T FEEL CLOSURE UNTIL WE KNOW!!! JUST SAY *WHICH ONE*, THAT’S *ALL WE NEED*!!!!! …Saying you didn’t care about those details is something we can handle. It just means we were wrong about what mattered in the comic. But NOT saying ANYTHING is tantamount to saying, “I don’t care about whichever readers ever did care about the details,” and that feels SHITTY.

I hear an album might drop on 6/12; let’s hope Andrew uses that opportunity to actually take a moment to clarify… FUCKING SOMETHING, ANYTHING, INSTEAD OF LEAVING AND NOT ANSWERING A SINGLE GODDAMN LINGERING QUESTION AT ALL, EVEN INSIGNIFICANT ONES. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. He used to talk us up a STORM in offhand comments when his work didn’t clearly get across what was going on. “Because game development” isn’t the sort of excuse for silence that leaves us… not feeling pretty much fucking abandoned.

Just, make a substantial comment about the comic or two when the album drops, Andrew? Please?? I really want an excuse to buy the album like I bought each other one when they came out, back when I enjoyed it all so much, but I literally get sick to my stomach hearing any Homestuck music with things regarding the comic sitting as-is. I really want to enjoy that music again……


My future is promising,
That’s why I take rests sometimes.
–Don’t Say “Lazy”, K-ON!

Arguably one of the most popular ending sequences in K-ON, spawing hundreds upon thousands of pieces of fanart of the girls in their respective outfits, ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”’ not only stands out as one of the more memorable segments of the series visually, but lyrically as well.

Most K-ON fans know the music of the series is not half-assed–not in the slightest. This song proves that fact and while the lyrics can seem just like a jumble of personal thoughts and trouble, along with the music video being a big moment for the series artistically, there lies some good messages, themes, and interesting tidbits laced throughout the two mediums. Taking apart the lyrics and music video separately, beyond the read more cut we will analyze the lyrics and music video in depth and connect themes and such that give this great song an ever greater clarity.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you have addressed this before but do you think it is possible that Len knew that what Cisco was threatening him with at the end of S1E4 was not a weapon at all and left because didn't want to hurt Barry and the others?

I think anyone could headcanon this however works best for them? If that’s a headcanon that works for you, go ahead and adopt it :) 

Personally, I appreciate Len’s more villainous side as well as how he has a code. In 1x04 of The Flash, he kills 3 people and endangers a train full of innocents, including some kids. The people he murders in that episode seem to be over relatively trivial things too, including someone who no longer wants to work this job (and screwed up the job by shooting a security guard) and thus was a liability, someone he was purchasing the cold gun from and therefore knew he had it (something he wanted to keep secret for at least a little longer it seems), and someone else just to test the Flash’s speed. That last one I’d argue he didn’t intend to kill, but nonetheless he was willing to and did.

And I think that they had him killing so many people in part to establish just how much of a legitimate threat he was. Captain Cold isn’t a metahuman, but he still gets named by Cisco because he is just as (or even more) dangerous than the metas they face. And a ‘quick and dirty’ way to establish his threat level was to have him killing others without compunction and one-upping the Flash in the process. And the audience has to believe that he could one-up the Flash at all, really. Because again, this is a guy who dresses in a parka and has a fancy gun and engages in an exchange of quips with his nemesis on a moving train as part of his getaway…

So again, we have to believe he can do that without thinking he’s just silly, and come out of it accepting he’s A Very Real Problem.

So by the time he’s got his gun trained on Barry? I 100% think he was ready to pull the trigger. He might be fascinated by the Flash, but he probably also thinks that if the Flash was that easy to kill, he wasn’t the challenge Len had thought he was, and while he was enough fun and challenge to make him ‘up his game’, he’s won already and it’s time to move on. 

But then Cisco shows up with Caitlin and Felicity. 

And, like you mentioned, they have a weapon trained on him. He’s seen firsthand how much damage the cold gun can do and he’s not keen to be on the receiving end of it, even a prototype. And he has no reason to believe it’s not a weapon, because well, it looks like one, and more importantly, this is the man who’s been on the receiving end of weapons for more than half his life. Just earlier in the episode he has a gun trained on his head and he just stills and more or less tells his men to shoot him or else. 

So I doubt Len’s ever been around someone crazy enough to bluff like this with a fake weapon, because his experience in life is very ‘kill or be killed.’ When he calls himself a survivor in Lot 1x03, it’s not simply because of his abuse, but because he’s learned how to do whatever it takes to survive. It’s why he kills any potential liability (barring people he considers his team or partners, at least until they betray him). He’s learned the hard way what happens when you don’t tidy up loose ends, I suspect.

So I have a feeling he thought it was a real prototype. But almost more importantly, he didn’t think Cisco would shoot. Like I just said, last time he had a gun trained on him he wasn’t afraid, and he’s not here either. He points out that Cisco’s not ready to pull the trigger.

And in either case, Len would likely be quicker on the draw if needed, or able to dodge if he saw the look in Cisco’s eyes harden to the point where he was ready to pull it (had it been real). No, I think Len was pretty confident that he could win this one, should he need to.

But he still walked away. Why? 

Well one, Cisco responded to Len basically saying Cisco didn’t have the mettle to kill him by saying that “there’s a first time for everything, Captain Cold…. I will shoot you.” And aside from Len’s obvious love of the nickname, I think that type of response pleased him, in a way. Even if he doubted Cisco could do it, or even if he believed Cisco would do it, Len is smiling when Cisco says he’ll shoot him, looking genuinely like he’s enjoying this exchange now, far more so than he was a minute prior. 

So I think Cisco being who he is has a lot to do with why Len walked away. In Len’s eyes, I think he saw another survivor, after a fashion – someone with the mettle to push through out of necessity. Len recognizes it. Unlike his hired hands who ran away, here’s this kid who’s willing to stick it out. He’s obviously scared and unprepared, but he has someone (the Flash) that he cares enough to defend. Len knows what that is like. So after a pause, he tells Barry that he’s won.

If it’s more than that, there has to be some accounting for how he would have balanced the odds – four against one, two cold guns, one Flash, most things not in his favor, that makes sense as well. Len isn’t someone who enjoys losing battles, he doesn’t let his pride get in the way of his good sense; he just makes a plan for the future and decides to be better. So while he might be able to fight and win, it’s also a lot easier to walk away right then, knowing that this group is too wet behind the ears to want to fight him if they don’t have to (and we know he knows that because he keeps the diamond).

And in part, I think Len was intrigued. Because the Flash doesn’t work alone, he has a team. So even if Len can beat him alone and did figure out his weakness and did exploit him, the game isn’t over yet after all. He still wants the Flash dead, that much is clear in 1x10, but there’s more to learn and do and gain between now and then, and he realizes he can’t just take out one man, he has to find a way to get around the whole team. 

So… I don’t know that Len left because didn’t want to hurt them. I mean, I don’t think he wants to hurt anyone; he does because it’s ingrained, a matter of survival and self-defense. He compartmentalizes that shit like a pro, uses innocent people like tools, and he does whatever he feels he has to do, regardless of whether he ‘wants’ to or not. But I don’t think he enjoys killing no matter how willing he is to do it, and I especially don’t think he likes innocent people getting killed even when he’s the one behind the trigger. 

So if it was a matter purely of sentimentality, he’d have stopped himself from killing the Flash, and that wasn’t about to happen. But that doesn’t mean there was zero emotion or empathy in his decision. A little unbidden empathy and a soft spot for Cisco, and a team of kids trying to look out for one another? That’s probably something he can understand better than he’d like to admit, and that understanding humanizes the team and makes them real. He came into this ready to kill The Flash, but here are three people he’d have to kill as well as the Flash, people who looked scared and determined and were there just to protect someone they care about, people who weren’t actually much threat to him. I like to think that helped push his hand a bit, yeah. 

qwuilleran  asked:

serious question, So "bi-Dean" and "Destiel" are popular things, but I don't understand why. Why is there so much fervent effort to prove these things? Is it projection? cuz I don't see it (a lot of the gifs are skewed out of context). Why does it matter if it's "canon"? - signed, a lost asexual entp

I’m not bi or even homosexual, so I do not think it is projection. I find it a bit rude of you saying that, don’t assume that I’m bi because I feel like character development has allowed fluidity in a character’s sexuality. In fact, I don’t understand why my sexuality or even yours would come into account for anything about this. My sexuality should not be something you think about in my analysis, that makes no sense, I’m not in the show. I like Destiel because of Dean Winchester, not the other way around. I’m not going to run this by you step by step. I have a post that illustrates a lot of evidence for this relationship. Look at that (x). If you want more examples, I can trudge up more of my metas as well as other people’s metas. I’m fine with you asking these questions, I love answering questions, but next time, phrase your question more politely.

here is my translation of ronaldo’s post. things in the parentheses are illegible spaces where i speculated based on context. things in brackets are my notes.

Dear Ronaldo,
I decided to write (you a) letter because I’m a big fan and because I know that parano(id about) the NSA hacking your email. (I rea)d Keep Beach City Weird every week and I just (think you’re the) CUTEST GUY EVER! When(ever) you (put) up a (new? cool? any adjective that makes sense here) post I SWOON POST [this part doesnt make sense but it really looks like it says “POST”]
I’m (going to) be in Delmarva for the summer. I’m (going) with my par(ents), [illegible] MURDER [illegible] and [illegible] KILL SOMEONE if I d(on’t get) a chance to (visit bea)ch (city). So won’t (you) please PLEASE (give) me a call (back? soon?) please? My number is 555-7?02. And (please) wear your Loch Ness Bloggster costume!

thehufflepuffprefect  asked:

I haven't seen any of the hollow crown adaptations, but I saw your post on henry v. From the trailers/clips I've watched (and full disclosure, my undying love for the branagh version) am I right in guessing that Tom Hiddleston's Henry is a bit darker, more violent, less idealized? If Olivier's Henry (I also need to see that one) was the perfect knight/king, and Branagh's was... introspective, but looked very stereotypically heroic/blond/handsome and was heavily portrayed as a sympathetic char...

Interesting! Branagh’s henry v is also my favorite version tbh. Hiddleston’s henry isn’t that dark—i’m not really sure how to describe him. he’s not as dark as branagh’s, and not as light as olivier’s, if that makes sense. I liked him though, just not as much as some versions. Does that answer your question, maybe…?