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It is your scarred job to produce content for retro cool kids now

Never in my life have I been so honored

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your tags abt woozi writing songs.. honestly same i think about that a lot 😟

yeah i honestly cant stop thinking about their first win? when he started crying like i think about that all the time and just how relieved he must have been and while he did express before how he felt about writing svt’s songs, i think emotionally it really hit home during their first win, especially since at least publicly, woozi is not really someone who tends to cry easily? i think that it goes to show the amount of burden he must have been placing on himself (and probably still does place on himself) and i honestly cannot imagine what it’s like for him.

what amazes me too is the way that he pulls through with the songs that he’s created despite all this stress he must feel…he has a natural gift for sure. i honestly sit in awe and revel in the beauty that is woozis music. it’s amazing because woozi doesn’t have a ‘formula’ of writing music per se. He has little quirks he likes to add in his music, types of sounds he prefers, but honestly comparing all the title tracks theyve released…(at least to me) none of them really sound the same? they all have that ‘svt’ feeling and vibe to it (which is emphasized through the choreo as well) but musically…none of them are really too similar? so you can tell that A LOT of thought goes into him writing songs and he’s not looking for the easiest or quickest way to compose; he constantly experiments and tries to find sounds he likes but never limits himself to any one single thing and he’s always looking to improve himself. and he makes so ! many! smart! musical ! decisions! he knows how to create jams and bops, but also super emotional ballads and they are all equally high quality stuff like that to me is absolutely ridiculous, esp given how young he is? 

tl;dr woozi is freaking awesome 


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 

I wanted to finish it for Klance week but didn’t find the time 😳 The prompt was Welcome Home so here it is.

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did an art style thing !! ft the Very Special Boy

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he think he slick

Kravitz loves music.

Lup and Barry both play instruments.

How excited do you think Kravitz is the first time Lup pulls out a violin, or Barry sits down at a piano? He’s just watching them super intently and maybe it’s kind of weird at first until he explains. Eventually they all play together and it’s a really nice thing that they share. They’re at each other’s houses after work, and those houses are filled with music and laughter and light.

(All three of them keep trying to teach Taako to play an instrument. Any instrument. It hasn’t worked so far mostly because Taako hates to practice.)

Kravitz has people to talk about music with, people who don’t get lost when he gets to the technical stuff. And it’s like he’s been saving up everything he had to say all this time, because when Kravitz gets started on music he doesn’t really stop. Have they heard this piece? Do they know this artist? The really great thing about this or that period of music is what they did with sound, how the whole tone of popular music changed in response to… Kravitz is adorable when he gets excited about music, his whole family thinks so.

Kravitz has a new family and he couldn’t have picked a better match if he tried.

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition