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Sin City - Part 1

Word Count: 2522

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Would you look at this?” Bobby snickered and glanced up to Dean and you. You were sitting together melting down metal into bullets while Bobby was studying the Colt and a diagram of its parts.

“Look at what?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows at Bobby.

“You two idjits. You haven’t stopped touching each other since you’ve been melting those bullets.” He chuckled. “And you haven’t stopped smiling.”

“What? We’re not – “ Dean started and looked down at your knees, clearly touching. “Whatever.” He rolled his eyes.

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pipermccloud  asked:

Undertaker's outfit always makes me think he's trying to be several things at once X) The clothes underneath his cloak seems like those a priest would wear (minus the collar) the cloak is something wizard-like, the top hat fits in the Victorian era but with a ridiculously long tail, his Mardi Gras bead necklaces, the scarf looks like he was using it as a baby sling or something and his boots are akin to a leather cotour fashion model's. While not clothing his hair screams hippie needs a haircut

//The Undertaker’s outfit is actually very close to being historically accurate to the Victorian era. Not to what an undertaker of that time would wear (unless they were moonlighting with another job within the profession), but it is inspired by the garb of what a Funeral Mute/Undertaker’s Mute would wear.

A Funeral Mute was an attendant and professional mourner who would often lead off the funeral procession. And would stand motionless and silent, flanking either side of the doorway that led to the wake or the funeral of the deceased; usually at the family home of the departed.  They would remain there all day, and all night, for as long as the event was underway, rain, snow, or shine.

They usually held a broom with mourning crepe draped around it, which was made out of the same material as the baldric (sash) that was draped across their torso and tied at the side.  The colour of their baldric, and fabric on the broom changed depending on who it was that died.
If it was a child, or a chaste young woman, the cloth would be white or light grey.  If it was an adult, the cloth would be dark grey or black.
The long liripipe-like cloth that draped from their top hats was also made from mourning crepe. It would sometimes change to match the colour necessary for the funeral, but it was normally black and matched their outfit.

The large robe the Undertaker wears is too inspired by the traditional garb of the Funeral Mute, and the cassock he wears beneath it is indeed similar to that of a Priest’s :)  You are correct, he doesn’t wear a clerical collar beneath it, but he does wear a high collared white shirt, which was fashionable at the time; William wears a high-standing collar as well.

And I’ve heard it mentioned that the strands of beads the Undertaker wears, are reminiscent of Tibetan prayer beads. Whether this is accurate to the characters actual design, only Yana can say.

It wasn’t uncommon for men to wear high heels, though the Undertaker’s heels are particularly high, and I think the many straps and buckles are a design all his own. They definitely are not a common Victorian fashion practice lol.

As for his hair, it’s known that he has had long hair well before he became a mortician, but when he was a working reaper he wore it tied back.
He wears his hair long/down, and covering part of his face for two reasons: It helps to hide his scars, and it hides his inhuman eyes.

So, the majority of what The Undertaker wears is very historically accurate. Yana is amazing with attention to detail!

When your whole niche as a dating site is to facilitate discreet extramarital affairs, basically the worst thing that could happen would be for your user data to get hacked and for the names and details of your 39 million clients to hit the Internet. That’s what happened to cheaters’ haven Ashley Madison last year. So how, after such a terrible betrayal, can they regain the trust of the ball-and-chained horndogs (and thousands of lady robots) who populate the site?

They went with masks.

And not even cool ones, like Batman or Zorro. These look more like what you’d wear for 10 minutes at a Mardi Gras party before you realized you looked like a douche. And be careful that you’re not wearing an eyeball-print shirt, because they use facial recognition software to place the masks. We’re sure nothing could ever go wrong with that.

If masks aren’t your thing, you could go with a black bar across your eyes, to better reflect the color of your soul, or four different degrees of blurring. Because if there is one thing people are looking for in their potential dates, it is how sexy they look when they are moving back and forth really quickly.

6 Insane Ways Companies Have Tried To Deal With Bad Press

anonymous asked:

okay but imagine a frog prince au (like the disney one cause it's blesssssed) with courf as the prince and combeferre as tiana (and thenardier as the bulter guy and montparnasse as the friends on the other side guy)

I just rewatched that movie SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU ANON (because I haven’t seen it since it was in theaters haha) and I’m so on board omg.

I’ve always liked the idea of them living in New Orleans too ahh can you imagine??

All Combeferre wants to do is open a restaurant, he’s been saving up since he was old enough to work. Day shifts, night shifts, double shifts, two jobs on the weekdays and another on the weekends. All he does is work, he hardly ever goes out with friends, all so he can achieve his dream.

But New Orleans has a visitor, the amiable Prince Courfeyrac, who’s all about relaxing, dancing, flirting, and never working (he leaves the work to his butler, Thénardier). Courfeyrac cut himself off from his royal family because he doesn’t want to stand for all the things entitled upbringing implies; this, however, means he has no money– a fact that wouldn’t bother him, except he’s never worked a day in his life, and has no discipline or work ethic.

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Destiel Christmas Mini Bang, Lights-Day 14.

(Now with art by Novakstiel!!)

Dean had never really had a normal sleep schedule to begin with, but this case was keeping him up at odd hours. He was buried up to his elbows in dusty boxes at the Bunker at two in the morning. Friggin’ witches, man.

Sam passed out in the library around ten, and Cas stumbled off to bed not much later. Dean grinned in spite of the dust particles blowing around. Cas seemed happier than ever now that he was living at the Bunker, and a happy Cas meant a happy Dean. The angel even had his own room now, plainly decorated but home nonetheless, and Dean would catch him standing in the doorway occasionally, staring into it like he couldn’t believe he had his own bed.

“Shit!” Dean swore at the sudden sharp pain in his finger, and withdrew his hand from a box he had been mindlessly digging in.

Blood dripped from a tiny cut, and Dean looked into the box to see shattered glass. He narrowed his eyes. Were those…Christmas ornaments? Sure enough, the box was filled with (mostly) unbroken ornaments and strings of lights. He glanced around and saw another narrower box tossed haphazardly close by, and lifted the lid to find an artificial Christmas tree. Inspiration hit Dean, and he gathered up as much of the dusty things as he could, quietly depositing them in their makeshift living room.

It was no secret that he and Sam had never had much of a Christmas when they were kids. They made do with what they had in the multitude of rented rooms, but a tiny stolen tree and candles just wasn’t the same as a home decorated for the holidays. For once in their adult lives, the brothers finally had a home, and Dean was going to do his best to make it memorable for Sam, whether he was an adult or not. And, a niggling voice prodded his brain, for Cas as well.

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