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somethin that ive noticed about post-undertale undertale jokes is that they’re all centered around really bad skeleton puns (not bad like they are in the game, but really phoned in, hokey, making-fun-of-the-undertale-fandom-bad) as well as sans (”hey look its my favorite character, sands undertale”) but none of them are about papyrus

which leads me to believe that, even after people like me kinda got sick of undertale and left it behind, cracking jokes about how silly the fandom was and how silly it got after we left, we never wanted to disrespect papyrus, because papyrus never did anything wrong or had anything like an edgy past or gigantic amounts of depression or anything that could make him a worthy target for the kind of jokes sans gets thrown at him.

papyrus is just a goofy skeleton fella. nothin wrong with that. no reason to make fun of em. he’s just havin a good time, tryin his best, bein responsible.

good for him.

*Throws these two amazing dorks at my followers* I love them

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Start shift. Three minutes later the phone rings. Hooray for starting my day by being yelled at by an older sounding lady because "a while back, no, a few months ago, no last week" (Aka January 🙄) she bought sheets and didn't decide to use them till today and they ripped. How dare we sell her these sheets. How dare I ask her if she followed the care instructions. I'm looking up your receipt for you lady & I don't have to. Be nicer to me or you get the no receipt discount refund, please 🙄🙄

Just sent the ask about lady on the phone who bought sheets (like 30 seconds ago) and here’s the follow up: she was so mad because she spent hundreds of dollars on these sheets! How dare we sell her expensive sheets that ripped! She spend $90 with an additional $15 off coupon. Costing her a total $75. Not hundreds. And not a terrible price for Egyptian cotton extra deep sheets.            

So today during lecture one of my students walked up to me looking distressed, so I asked him if he was okay and he said

“call 911. I’m having a heart attack.”

So my morning was very scary.

It seemed like it took them forever to get here and I kept forgetting how words worked and what the names of all the buildings. My students were *dolls* and pulled together beautifully to take care of all the little details. They also helped me remember how words worked while I was on the phone with 911. One of my students in particular had a husband with heart problems, and knew the symptoms and things to check for and what to do in the short term.

Good news, the paramedics said his heart and vitals were good and got him breathing better again. Bad news, they weren’t sure what the cause was. (Maybe an anxiety attack?). He went to the hospital for blood work and I called his mom. (He was so confused he gave me his own phone number originally.)

Also at one point I actually came close to blacking out, which was weird, and I really didn’t want to distract the paramedics so I sat down and got my head lower. Apparently it’s pretty common for bystanders to pass out during these types of things? Weird.

Anyway, like I said, it sounded like he was doing okay by the end of it, so a mostly good and promising ending to a stressful event, but wow. Just. whoa.

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hello, im sorry to bother you, but i just need some advice. well, this may seem a little weird but, for some reason, a whole bunch of nsfw things have been coming up on my phone and some times...i can't get myself to look away from it. i'm 12 and i feel like i shouldn't be seeing these things, i try to stay away from it but i just keep coming back. i don't want this to become a part of me and i need some advice on it because i need to know if someone has had this experience before. thanks

!!!!!!!!!!! OK OK so if i may assume that u mean nsfw content keeps poppin up on tumblr mobile then i wanna say block as many of those as possible!!! if it’s not tumblr ur talking about then try these tips to block specific sites on using your phone’s settings!

And I mean. Getting curious is…something that happens to us all at some point? But I feel like thats something you should wait until ur older because there’s definitely sensitive material out there not meant for younger ages 

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I just got my Sangwoo phone case from Redbubble and I'm patiently waiting on the day someone sees it and gives me that, "Holy shit they like Killing Stalking", look on their face.

ok wait you bought a sangwoo phone case

Amazed (Gladiolus x Reader - Fluff)

Thank you, fieryfantasy (what do you want to be known as????), for giving me this idea! Admittedly I said it would be for truly madly deeply, but amazed by lonestar got it instead.

Also Tagging: @fieryfantasy (it never lets me tag you DX) @honeybeelily and @bloody-geisha

Please enjoy guys! Because shortie reader and big man is cute. Added bonus, if there are any typos I did this at school on my phone.


Gladio looked down at you gently. You were short, but that didn’t matter to him. He may have towered over you, and you may have been a right fire cracker, but he loved how it made him feel like he coukd protect you even more. You were grinning widely, mirroring his own dorky smile, and the moonlight of Insomnia, pouring in through the window of your shared apartment, made it all the more appealing..

Your gazes had locked, brown eyes meeting your own. Warmth spread through his body, heart beating frantically as his love for you grew. He was thankful that your head wasn’t over his heart, otherwise his cool exterior would be…uncool.

When you moved your head onto his shoulder to reach his cheeks, he looked at you in amusement, eyes gleaming humorously. He could feel how deep your love was for him, your thumbs tracing his jaw. It blew him away, as cheesy as it sounded.

Although he had been with people before, he had never been as close to them as he was to you. He knew your thoughts just from expression, see your dreams through the look in your eyes.

I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you

He leaned forward slightly, pecking your lips without warning. Your surprised laugh urge him to do it again.

It just keeps getting better

You hit his chest as he started tickling you, though it did nothing to inhibit his efforts.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever

Gladio wasn’t going to stop so easily, but your cough deemed it wish for him to do so. He wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you into his warm embrace.

Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you

Now that you were closer to him, Gladio buried his face into the crook of your neck. He enhaled deeply, taking in your scent, and ghosted his nose along your jaw and to your nose. He kissed you deeply, tenderly, taking in the taste of your kiss, remembering the way your whispered his name against his neck the night before.

Your hair became entangled in his fingers, your body surrounding him as you tangled your legs with his thighs, you hands on his chest, touching every place in his heart.

It felt like the first time, everytime. The way you clung to him, deepened the kiss. He wanted to spend the night in your eyes.

It didn’t matter how much shortie you were than him. He loved you all the same. He had no idea how you had managed to have him fall head over heals for you and it only got better every day.
Even though you had only been dating for ten months, he just knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you by beside him. He was amazed by you. And he made sure that you knew it.

Every little thing that you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do, oh
Every little thing that you do…

Baby, I’m amazed by you.


I was tagged by @gayanqel and also @harryslovelylocks to do the six selfie thing.. So here it is. (also check their selfies!!!! They’re beautiful omg)

I don’t really take selfies lmao it was quite hard to find ones I like 😂 and also I don’t know why but my phone camera makes my skin looks amazing lol. Okay I’m gonna stop talking now.

I tag @haarrrrry @1989rosesxx @lilacjules @yeshaddy @harrysfashioncampaign @ifheartscouldfly @lookformyownparadise @hs-1dfan @androgynoustyles @theharrystyleseffect and everyone who wants to do it :) if you don’t want to you don’t have to, of course.

Thank you 💖🙆

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Where would you suggest putting one of your charms if you couldn't hang it on your phone? I really want one and I'm trying to convince myself I'll have somewhere to put it!

HMM usually I just hang up charms I buy in my room, but what you can get is a headphone jack plug!! I was gonna buy complimentary ones for you guys but I COMPLETELY FORGOT SOBS IM SORRY;;; 

I have a rubber headphone plug that came with a charm I bought a long time ago so I just reused it to attach my gon/killua fishing charm to my phone!! You kinda just tie the strap onto a ring connected to the plug, and you can just insert it into the headphone jack on your phone! I did a quick google search and found these on etsy so you can see what I mean! HERE and HERE

Heres what it looks like on my phone!:


Summary: Once, Scott interrupted Stiles and Derek in the middle of sex. Stiles likes to tease him about it.

Notes: Based off this photo set. It gave me a kind of fun, silly idea, and I went with it. (On AO3)

Stiles shoots Derek a sly look, picks up his phone. He tips his head back against the couch cushion as it dials, letting his fingers trail lightly down Derek’s arm. “Hey,” he says brightly when Scott picks up. “Derek and I just had sex, and you didn’t call or text to interrupt. Are you okay? We’re both concerned.”

“Stiles, that was one time,” Scott huffs. “And I promise, it wasn’t on purpose.”

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Someone mentioned the Connor look alike thing and I actually have two stories about it So the first time was when I had my passport photo done and because of how my hair looked, I was practically identical to Connor which really shook me up But then earlier this week my friend was going through my phone and they find a photo of my moms old student card, and they then go on to say that she looks exactly like Connor too?? We have the connor genes in my family 😂😂

AU where the Murphy family is just four Connors

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📱? ((Regular Joot. I doubt fleshie would be in his contacts.))

Send 📱 to see how my muse has yours in their phone!


[ don’t as k ]

Name: Mermaid Man (Where’s Barnacle Boy)


[ TEXT; ] is there a way to get to the marina trench


[ TEXT; ] the poor blobfish species dude, it must be so fuckin sad to wake up in the morning and realize you look like that

Description: He’s me…..But constantly talks about the ocean. I never get a break.

D the stalker.
  • Me: I fucking hate selfies. I post them, but I hate them.
  • D: [went quiet]
  • Me: [Going into a rage about how stupid instagram was]
  • D: [Turns around phone] Lets see how much you really hate selfies. [Screen shows my instagram account]
  • Me: did u just look me up.
  • D: Yes I did.
  • And then he scrolled through my pictures and gave commentary about the pictures and told me how much he liked my cat and awh.
Birding Dream Journal

Dreamed that I found a Great Crested Grebe hanging out with two Canada Geese on a tiny pond in my backyard. I didn’t eBird it because I didn’t want people showing up to my house to chase, but some old person called my cell phone questioning me about the location anyway. I kept trying to get better photos without disturbing the bird. Unfortunately this dream grebe looked… more like a Brant. And also I determined it to be a captive escapee when I walked up to it and it let itself get petted. But it was a cat at that point anyway.

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First of all, thank you for all you do! Second of all, the link for Redtail Boarding isn't working (under the boarding school masterlist 3). Has the writer changed urls or deleted? If it's just my phone being an ass, then I'm so sorry. Thanks again :)

the author has moved to full-dark-no-starss but i believe they may have deleted the fic


Research Study for University

Hello! My name is Lacey and I am a student at the University of New Hampshire. I am majoring in Communication Sciences & Disorders and Women’s Studies, and for my senior undergraduate thesis I am researching the experiences of women with autism. As you likely know, there has been far less research done in regard to how boys and men present with and experience ASD, as compared with girls and women. I am interested in the way that women with autism experience social-pragmatic communication (and I would be happy to tell you more about my research if you are at all interested).

I’m looking for people who would be willing to participate in my thesis. Requirements are that participants are 18+ and have a diagnosis of ASD; participation would involve a 30-60 minute interview that could take place over the phone, Skype, or via some type of messaging system. (Participation will also be anonymous, and I am taking great care to protect participant confidentiality.) 

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part in this study? If so, I would be happy to provide you with my contact information, or tell you more about my research via tumblr.

CtM Thursday Thoughts

Hello all! I’m on my phone today and can’t do a “read more”, so I’ll just post a brief thought this week, about a series 7 wish that may sound strange for me, and that is:

I think there should be a new regular nun character on the show.

I know I’ve complained about too many characters and not enough screen time, but since Cynthia’s return is in doubt (at least to me it is) and even if she does return it will likely not be as Sister MC, it now looks like as of series 7 there will only be three regular nun characters on the show. So I think that if there is a new character next series, it should be a nun, and hopefully not another Sister Ursula type.

So, that’s it for this week. I will leave this here now and invite discussion. What does everyone think?

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i was trying to direct my friend to your blog so they could read your posts and excellent explanations for good representation etc, and straight up said "here look at this post Mom made" like?????i didn't even catch it until i sent it and i turned off my phone right after bc i didn't know how to explain i hope he checked out your blog anyway

that’s the best thing i’ve ever read omg i’m blessed 

Sherlock x reader- Babysit

Well, I’m didn’t take that long right? Today my school had it’s sports so that totally killed me. Anyway, this isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, but it’s something. Doing this on mobile sucks Valhalla balls 😒 but I hope you enjoy none the less, sorry if you see anything jumbled up, it’s because I’m using my phone… _____________________________________ “Checkmate.” “…..How?” Sherlock looks up at Y/n, confused on how she had possibly beaten him, at chess, again. Y/n winks, moving from her space on the ground, “I’m just that good. You, Mr. Holmes, over think things.” She picks up her empty tea cup, walking to the kitchen with a laugh, Sherlock following behind her. “No I don’t.”  Sherlock grumbles.
It was a bit late in the Tuesday evening. And Sherlock and Y/n had nothing better to do to pass the time, since absolutely nothing was happening, no case, nothing of interest to Sherlock at least, so chess it was. And that’s what they’ve been doing for the last half hour, and even after calculated moves and strategies, Sherlock still lost, three times. “Yes you do, sometimes you talk aloud when you concentrate. So I knew where not to move.” Y/n shrugs, pouring more tea into her cup and Sherlock’s.
“I think that’s called cheating.”
“No, I think that’s called using your opponent’s weakness against them.” she smiles, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek. He wraps his hand around her waist, pulling her to him for a proper kiss, lifting her onto the counter, not once pulling away.
Until someone clears their throat behind them.
“I hope I’m not interrupting you two.”
Y/n looks over Sherlock’s shoulder, seeing John standing in the entrance, the blond male shifting awkwardly on his feet.
Y/n smiles kindly at him, trying to ease the awkwardness of the situation, hoping down from the counter. “No,”
She looks up at the curly haired man, glaring a bit before looking back to John. “No. You’re not.”
Sherlock purses his lips at her, taking his cup and heading back into the living room. “Hello John, what brings you ‘round?”
“Oh, I was wondering if you two can watch Rosie later, Me and Mary are going out.”
“Oh, sure, no problem at all. It’s what we’re here for. Right Sherlock?”
“Hmm? Yes of course.” He replies, waving his hand in the air a bit, not at all looking at them, his eyes locked on his phone. Y/n rolls her eyes and assures John and she and Sherlock would be at his place later.

“I can’t do this.” Sherlock states, causing Y/n to laugh, “It’s not that hard Sherly.”
“I find this extremely difficult.” Sherlock says, staring down at Rosie who was laying on her back, holding her tiny feet and giggling up at them. “Changing a diaper isn’t rocket science. I bet Mycroft can do it.”
Sherlock rolls his eyes and glares at the ceiling, Y/n nudges him with her elbow, “I’m right here with you,” she says solemnly, before giggling, “Okay okay. Move over.”
John and Mary had been gone on their anniversary date, and babysitting Rosie was easy as pie, well easy enough when the biggest baby in the room refuses to change her. The night had been filled with spending time with Rosie, making sure she had everything she needed and watching the telly. And of course, cuddling with Sherlock.
“Like I said, not that hard.” Y/n says once she was finished changing the baby, picking her up and placing her on her hip. Poking her cubby cheek, to which the girl responds with a giggle “Well aren’t you just the cutest, lucky thing you take after your mother.” She chuckles to herself, smiling at the child. And Sherlock stood and wondered what’ll be like, to live life away from his norm. Away from solving crimes and being well… him. What’ll be like to live a domesticated life, with her, to have a family of his own.
“Hey,” Y/n waves a hand in front of his face, capturing his attention. “You alright?” She asks when he looks down at her, he nods, smiling slightly. She smiles back and continue to gently rock Rosie to sleep, which she falls into quickly.
When that was done, the two were in John and Mary’s living room. The telly was on, the volume low as not to disturb Rosie who was in the room across from them. Y/n was leaning against Sherlock’s side, his arm around her waist, and she was quite sure that the man was asleep. You know what they say, when the baby sleeps, you sleep too cause you just might miss your chance to. Y/n leans her head against Sherlock’s shoulder, falling asleep even though she tried to keep her eyes open.
Later in the night, John and Mary came back, finding both their friends passed out on their couch. And Mary smiles fondly at them, “Oh I’ll never get over how cute they look together.”
“I didn’t even think he’d be able to find a girlfriend.” John whispers, trying not to wake them up, they do deserve the rest after tonight, he knows how taking care of a baby could be extremely tiring. “You found me.” Mary says softly, smiling at her husband, “Come on, we can wake them in the morning.”

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Male MC Mystic Messenger: Route ???? Day??? {Hour ???}

List | Mobile List 

**Something I just had to get off my chest

It’s that hour again, so it seems. The sentimental hour. The hour where thoughts seem to get… a bit depressing. It happens to all of us, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it causes confusion, and sometimes it creates more questions than answers. 

Zack looked at his phone, no one was on. It wasn’t like he really needed to talk right now. Not to people but… 

        Zack has entered the chatroom

>: You know… I don’t feel right sometimes. 

>: It’s like I’m depressed but I’m not. 

>: I’m not sad but then again I’m not exactly happy either. 

>: I can laugh and joke around and smile. I can cry and feel angry. But at night it feels empty. 

>: You see, it feels like people are moving and growing and striving for something and I’m… just here. 

>: Like I want to follow and move and grow but I’ve fallen into a hole and no matter how hard I try I can’t get out. 

>: But I’m not naive. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Even the people who I perceive as moving may feel stagnant in their eyes. But I just can’t help it. 

>: I understand that it’s normal to feel this way, even though it feels so abnormal. 

>: … 

>: heh, why even bring it up? 

>: You can all say, “Same” “I feel this a lot” “I feel this everyday” but what does that do for me? 

>: Selfish isn’t it? But can’t help it. 

     <: Well it lets you know you’re not alone. 

>: I already know this. But it feels like I am alone. 

     <: Because you are. 

>: … 

     <: In a sense. 
     <: Sure you have this as some form of social interaction but out there you’re alone. 

>: Yeah. 

     <: And in here you can only go so far. 
     <: You can make a few steps and go here and there but then what? 
     <: … 
     <:Well? Then what? 

>: I’m trying to figure that out. 

     <: For how long? Hmm? 

>: Until I have an answer. 

     <: and that answer is in your little safe bubble? 
     <: It’s only in there? No where else? 

>: I have places where I get out of my safe bubble. 

    <: They’re not really “places”. It’s just another location where a safe bubble is waiting for you. 

>: … 

>: I want to… get out. But it’s 

>: Intimidating. 

     <: So you’ll never move? You’re always going to be stuck here? 
     <: Waiting for an answer that’s out there? 
     <: Out there where there’s no one. No one you can really talk to. 

>: I have people who I can talk to out there. 

      <: No, the out there you’re talking about is still in here. I’m talking about OUT there. 

>: It’s intimidating. 

     <: That’s the way it goes. 
     <: But you have to try. 

>: I am 

     <: Not hard enough. 
     <: You want to know why everyone is moving and you’re still just here? 
     <: Because they face what they fear, and even if it’s hard, they go OUT there. 
     <: and you? You stay in here. 
     <: Where it’s safe 
     <: Where you’re sure no one will hurt you. 
     <: Where you’re sure you will never fail. 
     <: Where you can’t even grow. Not enough at least. 
     <: You’re a plant whose roots are all tangled, trying to prosper but has no where to go. 

>: I will, one day. 

    <: one day? 
    <: maybe one week? 
    <: One year? 

>: I’m trying. 

     <: Not hard enough. 
     <: So when? 
     <: When will you let your roots spread and grow? 

>: … 

        Zack has left the chatroom

**I’ll delete this later. since it has nothing to do with the story. He’s just a good way for me to say what I want to say to myself.