looks like it on my phone

some girl walked into the kitchen n she was like “hey love!” n my dumb ass turned my head to look at her n of course she was talking on her phone like why tf do u even look when a girl calls someone “love” it sure as hell wasnt directed at u maria u useless lesbian


uhh lol soSOREY ABOUT MY KNEES. idk i curled my hair and i think that i looked decent today. maybe? i dunno. and ignore my messy room and the screen in the background and my blue phone case. i was moving a plant in the second pic so that’s why my hand looks like it’s going like 27km/h. and yeah i took it by accident lol. i’m sorry my knees look so stupid i hate them so plz just ignore them ty. i mean i could crop them out but i’m way too lazy. sorry. and yeah i prefer he/him if it’s ok for you,, i can’t make you do anything, you do you.

The paladins as notes I gave my actors 2.0

Pidge: that laugh was a lot to handle and William Shatner is jealous

Lance: “sooner than you’d like” is ominous could you maybe not hang up the phone like you’re on your way to murder someone’s family

Hunk: Lance don’t look at Keith with the repugnance you feel when you actually look at him #concealdontfeel

Shiro :Lance don’t whisper sweet nothings to Keith please

Keith: don’t say “i’m back from tinkle town” when you come back from the bathroom please

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random fluff idea (it's not lafluff but it's fluff so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯): Pidge loves cats, but if you get her started on lizards there's a good chance she'll whip out her phone and show you the pictures of that one time she made little clothes for Matt's lizards to wear

I like, approve of this 1000000000000% 

But okay, can we like;

Pidge showing off the pictures to an Empress of the Planet they just saved: Yeah, so here’s my brother’s lizard in a Flash Costume, and like, look at that flat face, oh my god, isn’t he the best —??

Shiro opening his way through the crowd: MR. PEAS THE LIZARD IS ALIVE? HOLY SHIT —!!! 

I’m all aboard for this heacanon.

Also, bonus, can we pls imagine Lance and Pidge knitting together??

Lance: what…Pidge, you added another leg hole? How many legs do you think they have????


They bond over knitting and you all can take that away from me from my cold dead clammy dry and slightly small hands, ok. 

Also, ally, sweetie, I love you and you are precious. 

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ok I know we love the tassel but can we talk about The Look when malec were on the phone. The grey streak and light eye shadow and the fact that Magnus was literally wearing the night time sky as a shirt

PLEASE I KNOW he looked so good!! the smokey taupe eyeshadow was back which i love; it’s kind of his signature look and i adore it. i loved seeing him get ready while casually on the phone with alec. i wish we could have seen a little more of it, with him selecting a piece of jewelry or a necklace, but this was great, too.

that shirt looks amazing on him. my favorite part is  always how much you can’t quite place him in a specific period of time by his clothes. like the stuff he wears isn’t altogether vintage, but nor is it entirely modern. it’s just kind of…a step outside of time entirely, which i think suits him perfectly.

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Hey! Your colouring is always so perfect! I'm new to digital art and when I colour, it looks fine on my laptop but on my phone/home computer it is VERY over saturated. I tried calibrating my laptop but I got nothing. Your art from my phone to my laptop is relatively the same (a lil duller on my computer but I figure that's just the size adjustment of the resolution) so I was wondering what you do to get your colour so perfect? What resolution and dpi do you use?? Thanks! Love your art❤️❤️

Thank you! :) I’m not entirely sure but I guess the phone screen shows the actuall colours, at least I read it somewhere, or maybe heard… Anyway, I calibrated my laptop at the beginning too because the colours were really weird. I think the graphic card is also important but I’m not an expert at those so I won’t help you. When I was buying my laptop, which is super old now, I asked about something that would allow me to see colours pretty accurately for art stuff. I use approximately (it changes all the time) 4000x5000 px (or A3, A4) canvases with 300dpi, though I know other artists go for 460dpi. But it’s important in case you want to print your art, it doesn’t affect the way the colours look like on your computer screen (at least I think so xD). I save my drawings in png format for better quality.
I’m sorry I can’t help you more. Maybe there are smarter people who can give you any advice?

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How have things been going with Ducky's parents? Did the CW talk to them? Have they chilled out some?

Things are going much better with Ducky’s parents. I think the Easter Seals worker and the case worker both talked to them about how working together would be in Ducky’s best interest. We have had a few doctors appointments together, and they’ve opened up a little, telling pregnancy stories and talking about Ducky’s time in the NICU. It’s definite progress.

I don’t think his mom likes the idea that I have other kids. I think she wants Ducky to be an only child and I could tell by the way she looked at my other kids (that I had to drag to the last appointment) that she isn’t happy they are around him. She seemed visibly disgusted at their presence. I don’t think they noticed it because I bribed them with videos on my phone, thank goodness. Hopefully she’s never directly hostile to them.

She’s still nitpicking. Pointing out tiny impressions on his skin from his clothes and asking what happened to him. Saying he is too old for baby acne, so I must have done something to his face to make a couple tiny pimples. But she’s doing these in person at least instead of filling the notebook with complaints, and hasn’t (to my knowledge) reported anything to the CW again. I can take it.

So while interacting with them is definitely not my favorite thing, at least I’m not panicking at the thought of seeing them anymore.

i love you

request: Could you do to me a romantic smut with Julian Draxler where he admit how much he loves me pleaseeee

a/n: tried to make this as romantic as possible. also this is my first julian draxler imagine! i hope you like it, feel free to give me feedback :-)

warning: smut

“I need to tell you something.”

“Okay?” she gives Julian a confused smile as she drops her travel bags on the floor of his Paris apartment. She had literally just walked through the door when he rushed to greet her with a very worried look on his face. “What is it?”

And he is very worried – he almost told her on the phone a few days ago, right before he said goodbye to her, but he managed to bite his tongue to stop the words from coming out. But oh, he wanted to tell her so bad – he loves her. He loves everything about her. They’ve been dating for six months now but he knew he loved her several months ago, but he didn’t want to tell her for fear of scaring her off. But now he loves her so much he doesn’t think he can go one more second without telling her, so he finally blurts it out.

“I love you.”

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Years later, this still remains one of my favorite pictures of my son and daughter. They were trying on sunglasses at Cabelas, and I snapped a quick picture on my phone of my girl. She looks posed perfectly. And only later did we notice my son in the background lookin’ like a tough guy in a bear hoodie. 

Spirit worker things: having to determine whether a plague on your garden is just natural or the result of a spirit attack

Also I had to dig up an ant nest so that I could plant a tree. I don’t think I hit any egg chambers but I still gotta get right by the insect fae if I want that tree to grow lol. I also dug up a weird creepy looking root system that was almost shaped like a virus. I was going to take a picture but I felt like something bad would happen to my phone if I did lol

I planted some wormwood seeds so let’s hope that I get something from them. I mean I have a shit ton of seeds in case I need to try again. I also planted some green beans just cause. Watch them be more successful xP

Finally, I found a pure white bone in the garden. It looks like the end of a femur that was perfectly cut off from the rest of the bone. Kind of creepy…

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I've definitely used the "I'm lost" thing to talk to a cute boy so I'm with you on not believing it. At least she didn't beg for a picture.

lmao there’s no shame in that. i’ve definitely asked people to point me in the right direction before. but like it’s 2017 and it’s very hard for us to truly get lost if we have a phone. harry would have been my last resort. if he was on one side of the street, i legitimately would have crossed to the other. bc even if i needed directions from him, i’m going to be honest and say i don’t trust myself as a mega fan to just approach him as one pedestrian to another and be like ‘dude, i’m lost’. no, it’d be ‘dude, i’m lost also i’m a big fan of yours think you’re amazing sending you lots of love during this difficult time looking for the nearest tesco i love you’ (or i’d start crying) and that would be unnecessary and unhelpful and i would later be ashamed. i just don’t think ppl get how exhausting external human interaction is when you’re grieving. he just needs space. there’s not much we can do for him as fans but we can give him that.

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Hi! Kinda freaking out right now. I leave for an all-day seminar. And when I get back home, I see JUGHEAD IN A KILT. And there's a wedding?! What just happened?! What did I miss?!! And thank God I did NOT check Tumblr on my phone all day, or I'd never would have made it through that seminar. Jandy, please help me fill in the blanks!

Ha ha ha. It’s been a fun day for sure. Probably a good thing that you didn’t see before you got out of your seminar. Lol.

Filming what appears to be a nightmare/dream sequence. The Andrews’ are Scottish - so it makes sense that the wedding party are wearing kilts. Looks like Jason Blossom is in attendance. And there’s a shooter. Could be that it’s how Archie processes his Dad’s shooting at Pop’s.

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Plagues phone kept blowing up as he was in a meeting. “Excuse me one moment”

He got up abd walked out of the room to see all the nudes Rick sent him. His cheeks flushed as he texted back.

>You know Im in a meeting.. Now I have to find a way for no one to notice the large boner I have

> Like the collar thou.. And is that my harness you are wearing? Looks good on you.


Sabrina sat in the bathroom for what felt like hours just staring at the pregnancy test, which was lying face down on the sink corner. The timer that signalled that the test would be ready broke her out of her haze of thoughts though. 

She grabbed her phone and fumbled to turn the alarm off, but then found herself just staring at the test again. Shakily, she let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and extended a trembling hand to pick it up.

Sabrina: “Ugh, pull yourself together Sabrina, just look at it…”

Pregnancy test: “+”

Sabrina: “Oh my god.”

Sabrina could hardly believe her eyes at first; surely they had to be deceiving her. It couldn’t all be happening this quickly, could it? She couldn’t take her eyes off the little plus sign no matter how hard she tried, but soon all sight of it was obscured by tears of relief and pure joy welled up in her eyes. Her family was going to be complete. She was going to be a mom again. 

I think baby boomers’ tendency to get very mad at slow service goes hand in hand with their dislike of smart phones. Every situation I’ve been in where service is slow? I just whip out my phone and browse apps for the extra 30 seconds. It’s not a big deal. Meanwhile Landline Howard behind me in line who’s never held a smartphone in his life is bored with nothing to occupy his time so he yells at minimum wage workers instead.

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Victor lost Yuuri while out shopping in Japan so he goes asking locals in cute broken Japanese "I lost my husband will you help me?" and people are super nice so they're like "sure, what does he look like?" and Victor started tearing up and says "he looks beautiful" hahaha

LMAO the locals are probably like “????” and victor’s like “oh oops sorry” [brings up a pic of yuuri from his phone] “HE’S LITERALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON EARTH”