looks like im wearing a wig

I bought fake nails and false eyelashes for this cosplay, things I don’t typically wear tbh… so this will be fun.

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Walgreens (a pharmacy chain in the US) is continuing Boots' (UK pharmacy chain) charity thing called 'Red Nose Day'. It will be the third year this is in the US. Basically, buy a red clown nose, children's charities are helped. There are other 'Red Flair' items, but the nose is the main attraction. I dress up for this stuff. One customer said that if I *had* been wearing my nose at the moment, he would have punched me because I looked enough like a clown in my red wig.

jkkHD im so sorry,,,, this is Clowphobia ,,,, 

I drew the Space Mom wearing my own dress (cuz it’s cute as heck) and also because I’m gonna cosplay her very soon :^))))

ALSO this is a good exercise to help me like myself a little more… I MEAN Rose looks HELLA GOURGEUS IN IT!!

So why can’t I? ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾


❤️i feel like crap but at least i look like an angel❤️

my wig arrived today so i finally managed to do a costest for fem!Clear~ The pink lenses kill me so there was no way in hell that I was gonna wear them today. Many thanks to the lovely cosmic-artsu for creating the Dramatical Yuri AU and giving me plenty of inspiration.


Okay…. okay. This was a lot of work. Next. I love digimon. Gabumon was always one of my dear favorites. (Also love tailmon, tentomon and impmon) Yamato was always my favorite kid. Ever since I was a little kid long long ago. I was planning to cosplay him at tsubasacon but decided to bump him up a con and also cosplay him at Blurriecon. Only thing I wanted for the cosplay was gabumon. So here he is. I originally was planning to have him white with stripes… but, at least to me, he didnt look white so I made him light purple instead. (Would have liked a lighter purple, but it’s all I had at last minute). This was just a style choice, everyone sees colors different. Sadly the wig I ordered wont make it so I will be wearing a backup wig. It needs styled (im doing Tri Yamato :) btw) Phew~ Newho. Hope you all like him. Im gonna go sleep now ♡

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she really means: i wish beyonce would wear her hair natural more often because honestly she just looks so gorgeous with curly hair. and i dont mean like the wigs/extensions, no i mean like her natural curly hair. shes a role model for so many people, girls, boys, children, teens, women with natural hair, and i just wish we saw more of that. i fel like at least a few more people would feel comfortable in their own skin

the girl who did my hair at the beauty school was so funny she was telling me how last year she went to one of meek’s parties and nicki was there and nicki sat in a chair that she had put her jacket on. she tried to ask nicki to get up so she could get her jacket and nicki was like “no pictures!” and my hairdresser went off on her like “dont nobody wanna take a pictures with you and ya tacky ass lace front no ways im tryna get my coat b*tch why the fuck you still tryna rock that doll ass wig when you got money you look beat get a weave” (thats a direct quote) and so ofc nicki called security and made her get away but she said ever since then nicki’s been wearing her hair black and natural. nicki if you’re reading this Tamara said she wants her royalties

rewatching pll s5

yo remember in season 5 ep 22 someone rented a storage unit under hanna’s name the day before mona was ‘murdered’?

and in the murder scene we see a person with blonde hair/ wearing a blonde wig right? 

im not sure about the details, but im pretty sure u have to be there in person with your ID to rent a storage unit, so assuming that said person used hanna’s photo in the ID, that person must at least look like hanna even a little bit right?

And who do we know that looks like hanna? Who do they keep comparing hanna to? Alison.

And you know who looks like alison? Cece.