looks like im wearing a wig

do you ever think about the casting process for the extras on horrible histories “we want you to wear a toga and learn this dance to a song to a parody of high school musical" “paint your face like a celt and back up martha howe douglas while she raps in a field, look fierce” “you’re a breakdancing saxon peasant, deal with it” “you heard me, i want you to put on this restoration-period curly wig and outfit and hurl britain’s sweetheart, mathew baynton, into the air”

ok im still in a jackshittybitty mood
  • but my meds are fuckin w me so i don’t want to write fic so have more messy bullet HCs
  • post-grad dating is tricky bc now there’s THREE totally different and demanding schedules trying to line up
  • they do a lot of one-on-one plus skyping dates during the season
  • the commute between samwell and cambridge is not ideal but it’s also not terrible so by the end of the first semester it’s p much like shits has moved back into the haus w bits
  • jack gets a lil jealous that his BFs’ schedule match up a bit better than his but mostly he just misses them a whole bunch
  • shitty has been banned from “””””helping”””””” bitty write the notes on jack’s pregame PBJs. he writes his own and sticks them in the lunch sack when bitty’s not looking. they’re always very crude and either make jack laugh like a fool or blush bright red in public. 
  • bits and shits are jack’s unofficial cheerleaders at home games. bitty wears his zimmermann jersey and sometimes paints little blue and yellow streaks on his face. 
  • shitty is a fucking hooligan and tends to get overzealous in his Team Pride Gear. im talkin blue wigs, body paint, big ass foam fingers, boas, glitter, pom poms, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS
  • the falcs loooove jack’s best friends. mostly bitty, but shitty’s good for a laugh. 
  • (it takes jack a lot longer to confide in anyone re: his relationship, but george is a fucking goddess and takes it in stride – after the initial “teammates” panic, that is.)
  • (there is a brief second where she thinks that jack is dating both tater and snowy. she’s not sure why those are the names that come first to mind, but the logistics of it all nearly stop her heart right then and there.)
  • when they go out in public, bitty and shitty don’t have to hide with each other, but jack is very reserved.
  • (in a way, it’s harder, because he so desperately wants to hold their hands and kiss them without thinking about it; but it’s easier, because they can still be open together, which is all jack wants for them.)
  • luckily, shitty is equally gratuitous in his friend-PDA and his boyfriend-PDA, and bitty is equally reserved, so it’s not like they have to hold back too much love
  • jack and shitty have nearly gotten into physical fights over paying for dates. at first bitty feels bad and tries to steal the check from them, but he’s learned that’s the fastest way to lose a hand with these two goofs. 
  • so he just finishes his drink and watches them bicker like an old married couple and gives them That Look so they’ll hurry up and take him home already

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 I’ve been screaming about mtnn featuring a lot of neuyako!karma with @isahnas for the last 24hours:

  • Neuro and Yako keep the real nature of their relationship out of the public eye, so sometimes Fuwa makes theories about Yako’s relationships with people and if she has a boyfriend or something. And karma just laughs his ass off
  • When Karma invites class-e to his house and Neuro and Yako are there and Karma is like: oh hi Mom hi dad. Fuwa nees to lie down
  • Karma knows a lot of random world trivia just bc his parents travel so muchALSO Fuwa probably notices that he has an eye for detail and one day says smth like “wow you’d make a great detective” and he kinda just… h e h e h
  • The fanboy from mtnn is Fuwa’s dad. They have a Yako shrine in their house and buy a cake every 10th of March to celebrate
  • The technology developed by Harukawa was then used by researchers and had a part in making Ritsu and when no one else is listening, Ritsu says “hello, child of the neurons” @ Karma
    • Karma: am i hallucinating? h a h a 
  • Karma picks up his habit of putting his feet on his desk from both Neuro and Godai
  • Godai is the reason Karma knows how to twirl a knife in his hands without cutting himself lmao
    • At least he didn’t learn about fashion sense from Neuro and Godai 
  • When he was younger he liked to dress himself with his dads blue suit
  • Yako gets more and more badass the more she learns out in the worldlike she definitely learns self defense and some martial arts for her own sake, and the day neuro sees her flip three men twice her size and knock them out, he is (secretly) very impressed

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shyjimins  asked:

apparently jeon's current hair is a wig???? or smt????? but anw his arms and ohmygod he's so cute im crying

hnsdjkasksd i really don’t know what to think but i am highly suspicious… and i wouldn’t put it past bighit since they’ve done it in the past

some ppl on twt have been saying it’s a wig and even saying he’s wearing clip-on bangs fnfjdjkdksd. the first time i saw that photo i thought it was just hat hair from wearing his cap, but SMTH DOES LOOK WEIRD ABT HIS FRINGE??

so idk what to think and now im on edge bc if it is a wig…. what does his hair actually look like akssmdskdsdkds

ouranchimaru  asked:

How about the RFA+V/Unknown meeting bald/super short-haired MC? ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

this was cute !! im sorry if its bad/some are so short/or i said anything wrong/offensive, feel free to correct me ! uou


  • if you had super short hair, hed love petting you
  • it was a nice sensation to him ?
  • hed find you beautiful either way
  • hed always assured you looks weren’t important if you ever expressed concern with your appearence, and nothing changed when you met
  • always has and always will think youre breath taking
  • if you ever felt insecure or anything hed kiss your face and remind you how beautiful you are
  • if anyone makes rude comments about your hair or lack therefore of he will
  • f i g h t
  • if a fan makes fun of you he is lightening quick to put them in their place
  • one time a coworker indirectly insulted you
  • they were almost immediately removed from the cast

Yoosung (sorry his is so short :\)

  • likes brushing the short hairs on the nape of your neck with his thumb when you kiss
  • if you put your head in his lap he will pet you no matter what hes doing
  • all the head kisses
  • from both of you
  • would try to fight people who make mean comments about you but you drag him away before he can think about it
  • you appreciate the thought but yoosung
  • thinks youre the coolest


  • never really thought she pulled off short hair herself
  • so she understands as much as she can when you feel insecure
  • but listen you are the most beautiful ok
  • if you lost it to something and youre upset about it she’ll always remind you how beautiful you are regardless, and how glad she is to have you
  • will not hesitate to force people to apologize if they make fun of you
  • then will kiss you and remind you youre perfect
  • if its super short by choice, she helps you keep it in check

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CIP im working on and still not sure when will I wear it. This will be Noa from Sky doll, first outfit from volume four.

The clothes are almost done, next will be the shoes, the accessories, stylish the wig (I already made the wig, I’ll show you one day) and the tail (yes, this girl has a tail. Not exactly a furry because she is a robot, but made by furries to look like their kind so I guess she is a furry robot?) which I’d like to make it able to move while I walk.

Note: cip (cosplay in progress) ψ(`∇´)ψ


Sam from Danny Phantom !!!!! Tomorrow I’m sewing on the purple patch and the green stripes at my grandma’s house ,, I’m so excited !!!!!!!!

Also, this wig is FUCKING WEIRD BRO
I feel like I look like a completely different person. I think I’m gonna wear it to the con anyways, and just as long as all my friends that are gonna see me in it don’t make fun of me I’ll be fine, but I’ll probably sob if one person says I look weird 10/10

I drew the Space Mom wearing my own dress (cuz it’s cute as heck) and also because I’m gonna cosplay her very soon :^))))

ALSO this is a good exercise to help me like myself a little more… I MEAN Rose looks HELLA GOURGEUS IN IT!!

So why can’t I? ✾(〜 ☌ω☌)〜✾


❤️i feel like crap but at least i look like an angel❤️

my wig arrived today so i finally managed to do a costest for fem!Clear~ The pink lenses kill me so there was no way in hell that I was gonna wear them today. Many thanks to the lovely cosmic-artsu for creating the Dramatical Yuri AU and giving me plenty of inspiration.

rewatching pll s5

yo remember in season 5 ep 22 someone rented a storage unit under hanna’s name the day before mona was ‘murdered’?

and in the murder scene we see a person with blonde hair/ wearing a blonde wig right? 

im not sure about the details, but im pretty sure u have to be there in person with your ID to rent a storage unit, so assuming that said person used hanna’s photo in the ID, that person must at least look like hanna even a little bit right?

And who do we know that looks like hanna? Who do they keep comparing hanna to? Alison.

And you know who looks like alison? Cece.

So like

I’m looking through my dash and suddenly I see all of this Big Hero 6 stuff and so im just like okay i’ll watch this trailer.  I just so happened to be wearing a red shirt and my blue jacket was next to me so im like okay wow what a coincidence. 

. So then I put on my black wig and I was like oh okay

and then I tried to match facial expressions

so now im just like I should actually cosplay this and put this wig to a good use. So guess what guys.

the girl who did my hair at the beauty school was so funny she was telling me how last year she went to one of meek’s parties and nicki was there and nicki sat in a chair that she had put her jacket on. she tried to ask nicki to get up so she could get her jacket and nicki was like “no pictures!” and my hairdresser went off on her like “dont nobody wanna take a pictures with you and ya tacky ass lace front no ways im tryna get my coat b*tch why the fuck you still tryna rock that doll ass wig when you got money you look beat get a weave” (thats a direct quote) and so ofc nicki called security and made her get away but she said ever since then nicki’s been wearing her hair black and natural. nicki if you’re reading this Tamara said she wants her royalties