looks like i'm flipping them the bird

you cannot convince me this is not how it went: sam and max
  • [at a stakeout, sitting on a few old boxes on the side of the road]
  • Max: I wanna get a kid.
  • Sam: You can't just purchase a precocious progeny!
  • Max: Why not. I've got a checking account and I coupon like a daemon. I'm sure we could get a deal! Besides [motions to himself] think about what having a juvenile would do to this waist line!
  • Sam: Still! You can't just go down and buy a-
  • [a group of 5 year old orphans march down the street after a nun. the smallest of them, a little orphan red-head, sees the pair; stops, and stares]
  • little red head: [to one of her companions, snorting] those two are weird looking.
  • Nun: Darla.
  • Max: Like you're anything to look at.
  • Sam: Max.
  • little red head: [flipping the bird] FUCK YOU, THUMPER
  • Nun: [grabs her] DARLA
  • Max: ...
  • Max: ...
  • Max: ...
  • Sam: Max-
  • Max: I want that one.
  • Sam: Max, no.