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I hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse~!! 💖💖. I know I did. Got to spend it with my most favourite people. Storm sat down next to me and I got to talk to my love, @dawnofstars the whole time. It was so lovely.

Thank you for spending it with me, you two! 💖💖😘😘

i better not see ppl getting mad at dot when y'all know very well y'all wouldn’t miss an opportunity to jump magnus 🙄


Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Three of Four)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s interviews in DWM #371

Euros [Lyn, Director]: “At one point, David had such a duck’s arse haircut that I was afraid we’d taken it too far!  Both their haircuts were a nightmare, cos every time their helmets went on and off, the hair had to be reset.”

Mark [Gatiss, Writer]: “I got so used to David having huge hair that it was quite a shock to see him with normal hair in the other stories!”

Euros discussing “Faceless Rose”:
“It really was Billie Piper standing there, mainly because it’s such an emotive scene for the Doctor. But she had crosses all over her face, so she and David just wet themselves!  At the beginning of that scene, she had a blanket over her head as well, and when that came off her hair kept standing up at a funny angle.  I think that was the scene with the most corpsing.  Seven takes.”

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David Tennant Appreciation 2015:  Free Day for David’s B-day 
Happy Birthday, David!!!

Lewis Carroll Facts #1

In a letter to a friend, Carroll described his own dancing technique as follows:

“As to dancing, my dear, I never dance unless I am allowed to do it in my own peculiar way. There is no use trying to describe it: it has to be seen to be believed. The last house I tried it in, the floor broke through. But then it was a poor sort of floor- the beams were only six inches thick, hardly worth calling beams at all: stone arches are sensible when any dancing of my peculiar kind is to be done. Did you ever see the Rhinoceros and the Hippopotamus at the Zoological Gardens, trying to dance a minuet together? It is a touching sight.”


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞

Sonamoo’s video is such a good example of how important good editing is to a mv like that. It was an inexpensive video that used very little, but managed to keep things visually interesting and exciting through quick editing, good simple aftereffects, and good camerawork. Such a simple, stripped down kpop video is really hard to do and it’s honestly commendable. Plus, the choreo was fast and skillfully done. It was the only focus of the video and yet it managed not to be boring at all, which could’ve happened very easily. It’s all truly impressive. 

OiHina Week: Day 7 - Free Prompt

The idea of Oikawa humming to Hinata while they dance together in their pj’s in the kitchen literally turns me into a giggly blushing mess. So of course I had to draw it for the final prompt! :D