looks like i grew some balls for once

Its all part of the plan (Skate/Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: Hey guys so i’ve been really lacking on a lot of things mainly because I havent had the time for it but now I do and pleas give me feed back it would be great because it is my first ever imagine so it would be great to get feed back anyways heres the imagine 

Request: Can you write an imagine where you’re best friends with Nate but you like him so you and Sammy make a plan to make him jealous with each other and you end up getting into a fight that leads you to walk out and he goes after you? Sorry for being so specific lol 

Me and Skate have been spending a lot of time together and i’ve come to really like him. Me Sammy Skate and the Jacks are all hanging out we deiced to watch a movie and eat a bunch of food. I got up to go into the kitchen and Sammy followed. “What do you want know??” Don’t get me wrong i love sammy he’s like a brother to me and not only that he’s one of Skates closets friends. “Whats up with you lately?? Every time Skates around you get all bubbly and all girly with him and its starting to worry me and the guys. Is their something going on between you and Skate?? ” I stared at him for a while. Then I whispered quietly so he wouldn’t hear me. “I like him.” “What?? speak up I cant hear you” I spoke a bit louder this time this time so he could hear me “ I like skate alright” he looked at me all bugged eyed. “ You can not tell him anything I don’t want to mess up anything”  Sammy looked at me with a smirk. “ I have an idea” I looked at him shaking my head no “ No no no no I can not have you messing with it” he speaks of the plan anyway “ Me and you all the sudden become really close you know we could cuddle and crap be all touchy and if skate really dose like you he would get all mad and stuff and in the end you and him can be together.” I wasn’t gonna lie it was a good plan but what if it didn’t work and then I remembered that if their is one person Skate didn’t keep secrets from it was Sammy I gave in he definitely knows if Skate likes me or not. “ Fine”  was all I said to have him kiss my forehead and pick me up and spin me. 

We walked back into the living room hands intertwined as everyone looked at us. Johnson was the first to speak “ What did you guys do in their?” Before either of us could respond Gilinsky spoke “ They probably fucked or something close to that.” I looked at Sammy and he looked at me with a we’ve been caught look. Sammy was the first to respond “ Relax guys we were just talking” “about??” both the jacks said at the same time. Once again Sammy spoke before I could “Well I asked her to be my girlfriend because we have been hanging out a lot lately and i’ve come to realize that I really like her so I grew some balls and asked her to be my girlfriend.” “ Did you say yes??” they looked at me and I looked at Sammy then at our hand that are intertwined with Sammy’s thumb rubbing circles on top of my hand and then I looked back up at them and said “ If you couldn’t tell by the smile on our faces and our hands that are intertwined I said yes of course.”  I made a glance at Skate his jaw was clenched and he tried pulling it off I could tell. Me and Sammy sat down.