looks like i forgot to fix the watermark

alright i’m going to make a proper call-out because this is getting ridiculous. hit that “j” key if you want to skip past this.

bluemcclain does not have my permission to use my audio clip in this post, so please do not reblog it.

first of all, i had blocked her months earlier because i saw the toxic drama and didn’t want to get caught up in it at any point. i do this with a lot of discourse blogs as well. she knew this because when i unblocked her to ask her to take it down, i found that she had also blocked me. basically, she stole my audio while fully aware that i had blocked her and thus didn’t want her interacting with me or my posts. there was a reason why she couldn’t reblog the original audio post, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a hint. 

second of all (which is actually just me being touchy tbh but), she tagged it as: “#i also tried to fix the audio bc it sounded windy and i didnt like it”, which is just rude considering i took it at a convention. but hey, look, i fixed it too

third of all, which i didn’t realize until someone else pointed it out, she watermarked the video that used my audio without permission, and when that someone pointed it out, all she had to say was that she forgot to properly link back to my post and she worked hard on the video so she gets to watermark it. 

fourth of all, which is honestly why i’m mad, she’s being a giant hypocrite. on the same day, she made a callout post for people reposting her friend’s photo without permission, and then reblogged another callout post about it

So recently a friend of mine had her cosplay pictures edited and reposted without her permission.

this is exactly what she did–edit and repost my content without permission–but worse, because she knew i had her blocked.

so either it’s not okay to “edit and repost without permission” or it is okay to “edit and repost without permission.”

look, my post has 10k notes. i’ve provided four download links so that people can use it as their ringtone and whatever else. i want people to have fun with it. i called it a “present for you guys” because that’s what it is. i was so nervous to ask him but i thought it would make people laugh, so i went for it. i’m aware that it’s blown up and thus people will end up using it without permission. i’d appreciate credit, but i won’t get upset if it’s not there. it’s not as if i delivered the line myself.

but if you know that i blocked you, yet you repost and edit my content without my permission, after making a callout post criticizing exactly that behavior, then i’m going to say something. 

look, i’ve blocked a ton of discourse and drama blogs for a reason. i never wanted to need to make a callout post because i always just block people instead. but if blocking someone isn’t enough to get them off my posts, then i honestly don’t know what is. i just want to appreciate lance and make fun of 80′s lotor in peace.

don’t use my shit if i’ve blocked you. it’s that simple. 


thanks to someone for bringing this to her attention! the post has been deleted and she’ll be messaging people to delete their reblogs. i hope she practices what she preaches going forward and asks people before using their content.