looks like he's starting a bonfire there

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

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PART TWENTY TWO ”Let me know”

Word count: 4.9K

Where you left off: 

“Just a little longer… please…” He whispered, as the youngsters came over. The teasing began, hearing the news of his request. Jimin and Hoseok pouting of not being asked, but it never affected Yoongi. The two of you going on a trip to Daegu, seemed normal to others. But to Yoongi, he saw it as the last.

Time after time, rubbing your palms together, looking like a person starting a bonfire. Cursing under your breath with steam escaping your lips, trying to warm your reptile body, because you were dumb enough to forget your gloves, again. After practicing with the boys, Jessica left with a heavy heart of not hearing from Jackson. Being a protector for your friends, a female knight, you took her problems into your own hands. Walking towards the white building in Seoul, not even too far from where your own dorm was located. Dragging Jackson outside, even if it meant you would get scolded by Sir Bang. The chances of that he wouldn’t get outside, was big. Knowing that Got7 had a policy of not letting people get into their dorm, you would use that information against him. With a smug smile on your face, Jackson finally walked out of the entrance.

“Are you nuts? What if reporters see you?” He discreetly whispered at you, looking around to see the neighbourhood abandoned. With a shrug as an answer, you walked towards the nearest café. His annoyance towards you faltered, when he saw your figure walk along the white covered streets. “For what reason, do you drag me out of my warm home??” He questioned, following along you.

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Camp counselour!Michael had a huge crush on you since day 1. He loved how you were always around the kids and how you helped everyone. The little girls started noticing how he looked at you and started singing songs like “(y/n) and Michael sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G” and you would smile because you thought they were just playing but Michael would blush because he really wanted to kiss you. He would make the girls ask you what’s your favourite song because he was too shy to talk to you and they would tell him afterwards. At night everyone was around the bonfire and he would bring his guitar and play your favourite song earning a huge smile and a kiss on the cheek from you, which made him have butterflies on his stomach.

acoustcmichael and suburbanbluesmichael are having a camp counselour blurb night and camp counselour au is always so cute!


Pairing: ReaderXThomas (The Maze Runner)

Prompt: You and Thomas had had feelings towards each other for a while, however neither of you ever wanted to make the first move so Newt had to make it for you and one night he sits down with Thomas and has a talk with him about you.

Written By: Claire

“Thomas, can I talk to you?” Newt asked, breaking up the conversation you and Minho were having with Thomas about the days run which had been long and far too fast paced for your liking.

“Sure.” Thomas nodded looking at you quickly before turning completely to follow Newt who had already started off towards a sitting log near the large bonfire that the supply of meat was cooking on.

You watched as they both sat down on the log facing away from you and Minho who had already picked up the conversation again as if Thomas was still there.

“So you and (Y/N).” Newt spoke after a moment of the two sitting in silence.

“Come on Newt, you know how I feel about her, we’ve talked about this before.” Thomas defended quickly. It was true, the amount of times Newt and him had talked about you and his feelings toward you was at least a dozen since he got here a month and a half ago and each time they came to the same conclusion that he loved you but would never had enough shucks to actually do anything. 

“Listen, I know you care about her, I know you would do anything for her, and I know that she feels the same way about you, but the longer you wait man the more likely it is for someone else to come in a sweep her up.” Newt explained looking at Thomas who was already looking at him.

“What do you mean?” Thomas asked naively, his brow furrowing in confusion. 

“Don’t be stupid, you have to notice that Gally and Minho have wandering eyes for her too, hell everyone does, she’s the only girl in the Glade and these guys are all horny and testosterone filled.” Newt spoke in a low voice, making extra sure not to let anyone hear that statement. 

“She’s friends with Gally and Minho, she’d never think of them like that.” Thomas defended.

“Listen Thomas, all I’m saying is if your feelings are as strong as everyone can see, you need to do something before someone else comes up in the box or Gally and Minho get a chance with her.” Newt spoke in a matter-of-fact voice knowing that was the best way to get a point across to Thomas. 

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“Fine.” Thomas spoke after a moment. Newt watched as he stood up suddenly and dusted his pants off before looking for you.

“What are you doing?” Newt asked looking up at Thomas who had just spotted you. 

“What I should’ve done a long time ago.” he said before walking strongly over to you and grabbing your arm, pulling you away from Minho and into him, your lips meeting. He brought his hand up to your cheek and pulled you into the kiss even more as you heard the guys start to cheer around you. You couldn’t help but smile. Finally.