looks like he's on speed


Tbh I’m so starved for pics of my baby that I don’t care about the sub-par quality of these finds.



Okay so, full admission, in the previous page I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that was intercepting the arrow in mid-air. Part of me thought it might be Mokona, because how awesome would that be, but this. Is even better.

Kurogane throws a rock.

He just.

He sees some random guy pointing a crossbow at Syaoran. And he picks up a ROCK.






Kurogane is not messing around you guys.

EXO When They Get Hit On By Another Girl *Supermarket

A/N ~ I may or may not be doing a ‘Hit on’ thread with difference scenes and bands.

Scene - You and your boyfriend are next in line in the supermarket, but you forget to grab a tub of ice-cream. You turn to your boyfriend, who already guesses you’re going to leave them by your facial expression. “I forgot the ice-cream.”
“Y/n, no”
“I’ll be a minutes - promise, Just let me get it” you run off.
few seconds pass and your boyfrined is putting the items on the table to be scanned, however the cashier had other things in mind to scan.

He calls after you to no avail. He huffs silently and put the groceries on the scanner.
The girl doesn’t even get a chance to speak to him as he tells her to wait a second so he can run to find you.
“Y/n!” you jump in your place and turn around to see minseok at the end of the aisle “Babe, hurry up”

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The girl inspects him quickley before beginning to flirt casually, “Are you new here? I don’t see you around often”
“No,” he looks up quickly to smile at the cashier, “My girlfriends apartment is around, maybe you know her”
“Um, I don’t think s-”
“Hey, there she is” his smile widen as he takes the icream from you to put on the scanner.

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Automically looks for you when they call him up. He smiles politely at the girl and she greets him shyly. She calls over a co-worker to remind her of the code for lettuce.
“You’re really handsome” The coworker says trying to ignore the cashier, “Would you like to-”
“Oh look who came back” he says smiling over at you speed walking towards him
“Um, who-” The coworker begins to ask, trying to get back his attention, but its useless as soon his smile widens from seeing you.
You start explaining yourself as you walk up to him, “I didn’t know which flavor to get, but i figured we could mix them.” Lay doesn’t hesitate in peeking your lips quickly causing you to laugh at his sudden affectionate outburst, “Geez didn’t think you’d be this excited about ice-cream.”

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Jokes with her for a bit but keeps mentioning you
“Theres a party I’m going to at 10, ”
“Oh I love parties” he says, causing the girl to smile as well
“If you’d like -”
“But I already have plans with my girlfriend tonight, raincheck?”
You get back on line smiling up at the cashier and apologetically at your boyfriend.
“Babe - she was wondering if we’d like to go to a party tonight”

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“Y/n!” you turn around as you hear your name being called. You automatically recognize who the voice belongs to an settle quickly on an icrecram, racing back to chen.
“What’s wrong? are you okay?”
“Yeah, The items are bing scanned”
“Don’t yell across the supermarket!” You chide him, seeing the girl still in shock by how far when’s voice could reach.

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Doesn’t even notice the girl talking to him.
She giggles and repeats again, “You’re really tall”
“Oh yeah, i get that a lot” he shuffles his eyes to see when you’re coming back
“So my shift ends in an hour -”
“Oh that’s good for you! you must be tired, get home saftley then.”
you make your way back putting the tub of icecream on the scanner.
“I’m here”
“Yah! stop leaving me in line on the last minutes.”

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Non-attentive enough for the girl to even get a word in.
She looks at him trying to catch his eyes, but kyungsoo is focused entirely on the itmes being scanned and then the computer that displays the price behind the girl.
“So how’s your night going?”
“Good, thank you” he says as if it were an automatic response. You come back and he looks over to you and finally smile, “I think that’s a new record.”

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You made sure to make it back quickly, but stop in your tracks when you saw your boyfriend still on line. You walk up to him and put the cream down on the basket that was on the ground by his feet.
“Did you let people pass you again, so you didn’t have to talk to the cashier?”
He smiles at you fondly, making you laugh as his obvious answer to your question.

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He’s been grociery shopping with you before and already new to stay clear of this cashier.
“I swear, my girlfirend always does this.” He tells the cashier, while he hands her the grocieres out of the basket. “She’s so cute, it’s sickening” he jokes, hoping thats enough for her to get the hint.

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#when will the Original Iwatobi Relay Team come back from the war

I was feeling nostalgic earlier and i skimmed through the high speed manga and i remembered again how much i love my tiny rarepairs, like makorin who are adorable and smiling up there because they were friends and also had fondness for each other.

and also i saw this tiny panel

it’s smol and like… at the back of a Very Important Haruka panel but this made me smile so much because this was the scene before Nagisa went to say “I’m really nervous!” all smiley at Haruka??? this implies that he was more nervous and worried but rin talked to him so he’s kinda more smiley after?? that’s such a cute small detail!!! also rin and nagisa are so touchy, i appreciate my cuddle buddies being on #brand.

i love nagirin so much ok

Have I ever rambled about how much I love Windblade design of Blurr?

I mean look at this beautiful mech. 

He looks like a ‘bot built for speed. With smooth curves and a stream lined body.I can believe he an ex-racer.  I even love that his wheels are more in the open now. 

*Slams fist on table* I JUST LOVE THIS DESIGN SO MUCH!!!

NCT Reacts to your gg covering their song

Anonymous: Hey~~ I love your blog, could you please do NCT127 reaction when reader just debuted (she is their gf) and her group covers their song and she is the rapper?

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  • It would have been much funner if you could have kept it a secret that your group was finally debuting, but hey, gotta hype you up, obviously Taeil knew it was coming. But, he wasn’t aware of how your debut was going to go. So when your group started your performance, a medley of nct’s songs, Taeil was instantly out his seat and cheering like hell. Being a supportive bf, he did his best to hype your group up to fans, so the second you bust out rapping as your group covers t7s, and the crowd is losing their minds, he can’t help but feel like the happiest man alive, seeing his girl getting so much support and nailing one of his group’s songs. He’s just so immensely proud, and can’t wait to find you after the performance. 


  • Being the ultimate hype man, Johnny was doing the absolute most the create buzz for your group. He’s been mentioning the upcoming debut non stop, reposting all your teaser pics, the works. And when you finally perform, unfortunately he’s not able to be there to see it in person, but he’s watching it live during the radio show, and bet money he freaks tf out the second he hears the intro to Limitless, and you owning the stage, and Jaehyun’s making fun of him while Johnny is just a mess of smiles and clapping and ‘wooOOooAah ! did you see that! that’s my baby!!!!’ He’s just so freaking hyped and happy for you, he forgets he’s even doing the show and ends up just gushing like hell to Jaehyun about how fcking proud he is. 


  • Taeyong cries. You know it. I know it. The flood gates open the minute you step on stage and slaughter his rapping in Cherry Bomb. He’s a blubbering mess and has to hide his face every time the camera shoots from your performance to his reaction in the audience. He’s so unbelievably happy that your debut went so smoothly, and covering his group’s song and his rap, fills him with so much joy and pride that he can’t stop himself from getting emotional. You’d think he was debuting all over again, with how his cry baby butt was acting.  


  • Yuta is so gobsmacked when you began the performance. He knew you were covering for the performance, but for the life of him, he couldn’t get what you were covering out of you. He should have known you were covering NCT “really, yuta. i wouldn’t tell you who, and you didn’t immediately assume i was covering my boyfriend’s group? dummy”. But even when Cherry Bomb started, he assumed it’d been twisted to be more feminine, but here your group was, popping your hips and rapping as intense at NCT had, and he’s completely blown away. He’s so in shock, he’s still in a daze when you find him afterwards, “so how did I do?” “….what?


  • He’s such a braggy boyfriend, fight me. He’s really going to be watching the live stream of your performance and just punch Yuta in the arm like “Look at that! Look at her! She’s a better than you! Look at her go, that’s am-wooAAhh what was the hip thrust oh my god! My girlfriend’s better than yours.” “Do, I don’t have a gf.” “Exactly. You suck be default.” Don’t get me wrong, Doyoung’s insanely happy you debuted, and you’re nailing the song, but he’s got to rub this in someone’s face. 


  • Besides being completely thrilled and as happy for you as can be, he’s kind of emotional about it. Not nearly as emotional as Taeyong, no tears will be spilled, but he will have this warmth in his heart and just knows how successful your group will be. He’s 100% going to find you after the show, and just jump your bones. “I told you you’d be perfect, all those late night practices were worth it huh? no more breakdowns, okay? you were perfect. I’m so proud of you.


  • WinWin is just over the moon. Try as they might, the other members couldn’t keep from being the loudest person in the audience. “That’s my girl! I’m the number one fan, and I’m gonna yell. Now shh, her parts coming up!” You have never seen WinWin this hyper and loud before, he’s instantly transformed into your #1 fanboy. He’s just so excited you’re finally debuting, and beyond thrilled you’re covering his group, and absolutely amazed at how much you’re killing it but like, he shouldn’t be surprised, he knows how talented his baby is.


  • Aw, the baby hype seal is loose again. Listen, he was semi aware that you were going to be covering one of NCT’s songs, he just wasn’t ready to hear you say “uh, and that’s a long ass ride” with his own two ears. The hype train hit full speed, and he looked like a NCTizen every time he performs the song. Hearing your flawless rap, after having helped you practice as a trainee, and then come out and completely own his rap threw him for a loop. He’s so amazed and so so proud on how all your hard work has paid off. 


  • The bud is actually the sun from the teletubbies when you hit the stage. He’s instantly out his seat, clapping, yelling, and chanting along with all the other fans excited to see your group’s debut and at NCT’s song being the cover. More than anything, he was completely shocked to see you in full performance mode for the first time. Haechan knew you were good, but damn, you were good. Absolutely owning Taeyong’s rap had him blown away. All he can think is how proud he is that you’ve refined your skills so well to tackle the song, and how he can’t wait to meet you after to congratulate his baby on her official debut. 

i kinda got lenient with what unit’s song they covered….sue me.

The first days of Haven

Summary: Lavellan tries to cope with the situation of him being stuck in Haven after the explosion at the Conclave. For now he cooperates with the Inquisition, because it seems like the only way to stay safe in his situation. It’s not much a difference to being alone altogether in this foreign place though, far away from his loved ones and all he knows.

Characters: Tamlen Lavellan, Varric Tethras

~2000 words | Gen | Strong language


A low grumbling roar resonated from his stomach as Tamlen walked by the tavern. No one had probably heard it, but his face turned red nevertheless. The smell of molten butter on fresh bread, of a hearty stew bubbling over a crackling fire, the warmth radiating through the doors and windows was like an invitation. To leave the tavern behind as quickly as possible he immediately sped up his steps. The small money pouch attached to his belt suddenly had the weight of a brick, dragging him back and slowing him down.

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Regrets (I have none) TAEGI

This is my gift to @ask-camboy-taetae because we both love Taegi and she was kind of my muse for inspiration yeet. Love you kat and hope you liked it!!!

Name: Regrets (I have none)
Pairing: Taegi (YoongixTaehyung), side jikook cause im jikook trash
Rated: M for slight smut (not explicit though)
Summary: Yoongi had many regrets, but meeting Taehyung wasn’t one of them. Not when he disappeared from his life and much less when he once again got to see him, in a very akward way but all the more special
(Tattoo artist! Yoongi x Teacher!Taehyung)

Min Yoongi regretted many things in his life. Regretted dropping out of college. Regretted not haven properly spoken to his mother before taking his leave when his father kicked him out because he wanted to be a rapper. Regretted even getting a tattoo with a red rose on his shoulder because of one night he was feeling extra poetic and thought red was a passionate color. He had an extensive list of regrets because he, although a reserved person, tended to make many mistakes or at least it seemed that way. But if there was one thing he didn’t, something that as meaningless at it seems that he keeps close to his heart, regret was meeting Kim Taehyung.

It might seem stupid to reminiscence the memory of the boy he went to middle school with. It might have even seem meaningless to even think way back to meeting someone from your childhood. He was just a kid back then but Kim Taehyung seemed to have struck a chord within him, left a mark in him because no matter how many years had passed he could never forget him. That boy with red glasses, bright honey eyes, chubby cheeks, and braces who was the first person in his entire life who wanted to be his friend. The boy who was bullied, pushed around, and teased for his appearance and strange habits yet still remained with a bright boxy smile on his face. The one who taught Yoongi what it meant to socialize to feel wanted and appreciated. The same boy who after their freshman year of high school banished without a trace or even a good bye.

He had stepped into his life and just when Yoongi had gotten far too attached for his own liking, that boy had gone and Yoongi had experienced for the first time what he later realized was heartbreak.

Even then Yoongi did not regret.

He’s closing the shop late again. He had a last minute client who begged that he tattoo him. Yoongi was weak to pleading, and he got rather easily annoyed when they whined and begged endlessly, and had reluctantly accepted with a sigh as he looked at the design and set up the equipment. He’d heard a snicker somewhere behind him as he began his work from his coworker and his best friend, Namjoon, who had only chuckled with a shake of his head as he cleaned up the rest of the unused equipment. The man was always kind and waited for him to finish up even if a good two to three hours had passed. He had just placed the lock with the chains around the metal gate on the door when he turned to the purple haired male next to him who took a long drag of his cigarette, a gentle smile at his face.

He went to offer Yoongi a stick as the male slipped it between his fingers and nodded gratefully, taking his black lighter to light the stick taking soft and light drags. There was a comfortable silence as both leaned against the wall, sighing once in a while. “Its okay if you leave me behind, Joon. We do live upstairs and I’m sure you get bored waiting”, Yoongi had broken the silence suddenly as he eyed the male from the corner of his eye.

“It’s cool, hyung. It doesn’t hurt to stay with you. I wouldn’t be doing much if I left any earlier”, the male shrugged nonchalantly throwing his cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. “but I was gonna ask sooner. We should go out tonight. Jungkook called up saying that Jimin insisted we go out for drinks. Hell he even begged that I convince you. You know how Jungkook is when Jimin’s involved. He’d do anything to please him and the shorty insisted we all go.”

“Jungkook, is stupid and in love, but so is Jimin. Neither can go a minute without being next to each other, but anyways, I guess I’ll go. It’s been a while”, Yoongi mumbles.

“Who knows you might get laid. Heard Jimin’s bringing one of his cute coworkers along”, Namjoon mentioned suggestively. It sounded far too suspicious and Namjoon better not have intended to set him up with someone because his obvious answer would have been to decline any hook ups. The last time he let someone try to hook him up, Jungkook had ended bringing him a hooker and he was not pleased.

“Namjoon”, the tone was warning, but the purple haired male rose his hands defensively, a nervous chuckle spilling from his lips.

“Hyung, I swear It’s not an excuse to hook you up with someone. I bothered to mention because it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of any of Jimin’s friends”, he mentioned as a matter of factly and now that the black haired male thought about it, Namjoon had a point, but he chose not to ponder on the idea. Not like he’d get acquainted with said friend anyways. He took one last drag of his own cigarette before throwing it to the side and motioned for them to head upstairs. He hoped tonight he’d be relieved of his pent up stress


Whoever thought that letting Namjoon feed Yoongi alcohol before going out, was an idiot. Who pre-games before going out for drinks. For DRINKS?!. But the younger male had always had a bad habit of drinking before going out and this time Yoongi didn’t protest when the younger insisted they take a few shots. And well that turned into a competition and few minutes later you have two drunk males stumbling their way to the door. It was a surprise that they didn’t kill themselves while dragging themselves down the stairs, an especially impressive feat for Namjoon.

The male hadn’t bothered to mention that they’d have to meet up at this club nearby and that they’d have to walk themselves there. It did help alleviate the heaviness of the alcohol in their system as they were allowed inside the club by the burly bouncer at the entrance. They guided themselves inside as the loud music hit their ears. From the corner of his eye, he managed to spot Jungkook and Jimin devouring each other shamelessly against the bar counter while a male beside them looked extremely awkward. It was to dark to see faces, but anyone could recognize Jimin’s ass in leather pants.

“Oi, you idiots. You’re making him uncomfortable with you grossness”, Yoongi scolded them as both males retracted from each other at the speed of light. Jimin looked like he wanted to correct Yoongi’s word choice and sentence structure, but a simple glare was enough to keep him focused on being ashamed for his behavior when his friend was present. Stupid teachers and their incessant need to correct others or maybe that was just a thing for Jimin.

“Sorry, hyung”, Jungkook had murmured but the male didn’t seem apologetic at all as a smirk was splayed on his lips. Yoongi was really tempted to slap it off his face, but unfortunately, he had a soft spot for the younger gross love birds. He finally turned to the male next to them and without really saying much, he’d ordered two drinks and was pulling the male to another of the bar’s in the club. “Drink up. I’m sure those two scarred you”, he motioned stil not looking at the male as he gulped down his drink and slid the other drink towards the male.

He had shivered slightly from the strong bitter taste after downing it like water thinking he’d ordered something a little too strong. He finally looked up at his companion and felt his breathe hitch in his throat. The man was beautiful, no, gorgeous. Beautiful eyes decorated with full fluttering lashes some longer at the bottom. Nice tan skin and soft looking brown hair and his clothes were a tight black dress shirt and black leather pants. The male looked quite adorable as he looked terrified of the drink in his hand, so contradicting to the sex appeal he oozed just from what he wore.

“Uh, t-thanks for helping m-me. I just…I’m not good with my liquor. I’m already buzzed”, he murmured embarrassed by this fact as he took the glass and swished it a bit, licking his lips nervously. Yoongi chuckled as he leaned on the counter with one propped up elbow.

“I mean, who cares. You gotta live a little, and what’s the point of going out clubbing if you’re not gonna take a few risks”, Yoongi chuckled, his voice slightly slurring as he spoke. The younger male looked at him for a few seconds as a sad smile spread on his lips.

“Don’t you ever worry about regretting it later?” he asked and Yooni had to pause to compose his thoughts given that the alcohol was working in making him unable to properly think. He licked his lips and shrugged simply.

“There’s a lot of things I regret, but you can’t live with those regrets your whole life or even the day after because they don’t let you move on; they hold you back. It’s better to know you lived and learned”, he explained surprised by his wholesome response despite, almost reaching a point of no return. The laughter and bright smile he was rewarded with was all the more rewarding and made him proud of his response as he found himself captivated by the male next to him.

He gulped when he observed the way the male had brushed aside any further hesitance and downed his drink as well. Yoongi couldn’t help but let his gaze wander down to his neck where his adam’s apple bobbed as he drank, couldn’t help watching the slight liquid that had spilled slightly over his lip until it trickled in a line down his throat. This man who looked staight out of a magazine, and desire pooled in his lower stomach. The slight innocence from this man was endearing and Yoongi wanted to drink that innocence himself.

The brown haired male shook his head violently, sputtering slightly, a goofy smile on his lips. “Oh god! How did you m-make it seem s-so easy…that was strong!” He cooed and Yoongi wondered if the man was such a lightweight to the point that the drink had finished its job and was enough to fully inebriate the handsome man. For the next half hour, Yoongi was content to listening to the young man talk animatedly, amused at how easily alcohol had made the man lower down his guard completely. He liked to stare at his face as his eyes would widen when he talked about something’s particularly exciting and how endearing his smile got when it was wide and boxy.

He looked so familiar, a sense of deja vu consuming him. He made Yoongi nostalgic and he didn’t even understand why. This stranger he knew nothing about was making him feel attached already. Why? He felt a finger poke his forehead as he felt himself flinch. Sweet giggles made him blink as he looked at the male in front of him. “You have this cute pout when you suddenly think”, the brown haired man chuckled, but the black haired male didn’t miss that aroused way he’d said it. Didn’t miss the fogged lust now in his eyes. Didn’t miss when the male was oh so close to him, grasping onto his shirt like a lifeline. And surely didn’t miss when Yoongi himself took the initiative himself to crash his lips desperately on the other’s.

Their hands were fumbling to find their home on each other. The younger chose to tangle his hands in black locks and the elder’s hands took refuge tightly around the male’s waist, pulling him flush against him. Tongues met, teeth clashed every now and then, slightly clumsy from their drunken state, yet they had never felt more aware; more awake and living than in that moment. The younger had suddenly thrusted his hips a bit, his hardness brushing against Yoongi’s own, a groan escaping them both simultaneously. When they finally separated, Yoongi having released the other after his teeth had dragged on the male’s bottom lip, he took in the other male’s appearance again.

He looked so utterly wrecked and just from making out. He was already sweating, lips bitten red and panting harshly, his face having a glowing flush to it. “Let’s get out of here. I live a few streets down”, he’d muttered in the male’s ear, passing a hand swiftly down from the male’s waist to slightly squeeze his ass. A mewl escaped the younger as he nodded vigorously grasping onto the elder’s wrist as he guided them out.

“J-Jimin…he doesn’t k-know”, the male began to say as they walked down the dimly lit dark streets. Yoongi brushed the comments aside muttering that he’d text him as he sent a quick message to Jimin and one to Namjoon, just in case. No longer had they managed to stumble up the stairs and into the apartment when their hands were on each other. No awkwardness involved as clothes were shed as they fidgeted into Yoongi’s room, avoiding from triping. No hesitation as their hands boldly touched and caressed. Yoongi worshiped the male beneath him marking his beautifully tan skin, its taste addicting, like a drug.

The beautiful moans that had spilled from the younger’s lips were like music, music that yoongi wanted to hear more and more off, like a song on replay. Could get used to seeing the male like this and the utter realization that he was already whipped for this man, who he still knew nothing of, had him feeling strange. It was only at the peak of passion that Yoongi realized he didn’t have a name from this beautiful man. As he held this gorgeous male who clung to him as though he’d go insane from the pleasure Yoongi was giving him. The elder kissed up his neck, whispering praises before he asked him.

“Your name…I need your name”, he’d muttered, not withdrawing the speed of his thrusts. The other male panted and keened, but mumbled incoherently. Yoongi coerced him with gentle kisses, but his thrusts weren’t making coherent thoughts possible for the male.

“T-Taehyung…K-Kim Taehyung”, he cried clutching tighter around Yoongi, and suddenly Yoongi felt sober. It had to be coincidence right? He slowed down slightly, a whine escaping Taehyung’s lips. He opened his eyes questioningly and saw the intense gaze from the male above him. Yoongi had recognized it then. The smile and those eyes. How had he not seen it before? He had found a renewed energy as he thrusted at a ruthless pace once more, feeling his forgotten emotions from his past rising up again and fluttering in his chest warmly. To know he had his first love in his arms, and pouring all his passion into him. Having him unravel beautiful under his touch and him alone, filled him with pride.

At the moment he didn’t care for explanations. Could give lees fucks about why he had left in the moment because all that mattered was that he was her now and under him and amazing and so gorgeous. The answers would come later. His kisses had become more fervent and persistent, wanted to mark him more and more. Taehyung keened and begged, nails digging at his back, overwhelmed by everything he was feeling. A feeling he’d never experienced before and the male above him didn’t need to know that.

“Taetae”, Yoongi had dared to mumble in the male’s ear, a nickname he’d given this same person long ago. He felt Taehyung tighten around him even more as he looked at him eyes wide and shock. A slight feeling of recognition flashing to his eyes, as he panted.

“who…ahhh fuck….who are you?” he’d moan, trying to keep himself thinking.

“its me…Yoongi…Min Yoongi…your hyung”, he simply responded and Taehyung’s eyes suddenly teared up as he launched his arms around him, sobs escaping his lips.

“H-Hyung! Yoongi hyung!”, he began to scream as though in a mantra as though Yoongi would suddenly vanish in thin air if he didn’t. It was followed by apologies and so much longing. “Hyung…I’m close. Yoongi hyung…please”, he’d cried and Yoongi was too, but instead of saying anything, he’d simply kissed him passionately, all the loneliness and longing pouring into that one kissed as though it would be the last time. And they were both gone, coming together and tears were spilled, unspoken emotions lingering in the air, and there was no going back


Days had passed since that day, Yoongi had woken up and Taehyung was gone. Not a trace left behind as though a repetition in history. “You look miserable, hyung”, Namjoon had said one particular afternoon while they were working in the shop. Yoongi had drowned himself in customers to tire himself out, making tattoo after tattoo to distract himself. All the while, his thoughts had gone to Taehyung who’d disappeared so suddenly and chose the most awkward of ways to come back to his life. Yoongi had realized that night, that he’d never stopped loving Taehyung. Because it was love, not just a crush like he’d previously thought.

He shrugged and made a slight noise in response as Namjoon sighed. “Hyung, is it Jimin’s friend?” he had suddenly asked casually. Yoongi whipped his head at that and Namjoon knew he’d hit right on mark. Yoongi noticed his knowing look and frowned looking away, as he stood up straight from his crouching position to dispose of the black latex gloves he’s been wearing.

“Yeah, it was”, he quietly admitted, hearing a slight hum. It was quiet then or at least it seemed like to them even when customers were still piling in. Yoongi walked behind the counter to retrieve a new set of gloves before Namjoon’s voice spoke up.

“Go”, he’d said simply making the black haired male looking at him in confusion. “Go to him, hyung. I don’t know what happened, but it obviously seems like you guys must of known each other before. So go before you end up regretting it”, he smiled, a warm and encouraging smile.

Yoongi licked his lips nervously. “What aboutbthe customers?” he asked almost seeming to find an excuse to avoid this; to try and convince himself he shouldn’t.

“Hyung”, Namjoon dead panned. “Go. to. him. I’ll worry about the customers and you need to go and find your happiness!”

No longer the words had left and Yoongi sprinted out the shop. He hated exercise more than he hated waking up, but there he was running as fast as he could while dialing Jimin.. “Hey hy-”

“Where is he?” he interrupted the younger.

“who? Hyung you okay?” Jimin muttered at the other end in concern.

“Yes I’m fucking fantastic. And I meant Taehyung. Where is Taetae?” he breathed out quickly and almost out of breath. He really was gonna call out a cab or something, but time was money or well whatever it was for him. So he ran faster, pushing agaisnt crowds of people muttering quick apologies.

“Oh, Tae’s with his kiddos! He should be teaching in his classroom. 103 A!” Jimin chirped not bothering to question why his hyung needed to see his best friend. Yoongi hung up, reminding himself to apologize to Jimin later as he saw the gates of the elementary school come to view. He felt gross and sweaty as he ran inside, relief invading him as he felt the cool air lf the AC hit him.

He walked to the front desk, the secretary giving him a confused look as he struggled to breathe. “I…need to…see…Kim Taehyung”, he almost demanded as the nice desk lady only nodded with an almost knowing smile. Did all women have some sort of psychic intuition or some shit? He took the visitors pass and stuck the sticker on his chest crookedly, more preoccupied with finding the room and feeling stupid to see it’s the first door straight ahead.

He feels his heart begin to race as he approaches the door carefully, thankful for the small window showing the inside. And just as his eyes fell on the man he was looking for he felt his breath hitch. If he thought Taehyung was beautiful before, he seemed so gorgeous and ethereal when he was just himself. He wore a silk champagne long sleeve, slightly old fashioned, but elegant and classy on his frame, tucked into black pants a pair or cute red glasses perched on his strong nose, wide boxy smile on display as he animatedly talked to his children.

Those glasses were the heaviest reminder of their childhood. He could fully see him clear as day and felt a warmth blooming in his chest seeing him soew laughter and giggles from his lips as his kids asked question after question and Yoongi was in love. There was a moment when Taehyung’s expression became neutral as though he felt watched and his eyes wandered to the door before his eyes widened immensely. He looked both ashamed and bashful and quickly averted his gaze, his mannerisms turning nervous and hesitant for the rest of the period.

The kids ran out, yelling excited goodbyes of “Mr. Kim” as they ran down the halls, another teacher scolding them for running seconds after. Yoongi stepped inside the classroom as Taehying eyed him wearily, a prominent blush spread prettily across his tan cheeks. “H-Hyung…” he muttered. He looked about ready to cry.

“You left that morning. Days ago. I wondered why”, Yoongi said simply as he looked around at the many drawing hanging from a string. Taehyung bit his lip, and the black haired male had caught the sight briefly trying to keep himself from biting that lips himself. The male before him was just adorable.

“I just…I didn’t think…I didn’t think I deserved to be there”, he said suddenly, genuine words and worries. “I hurt you and left without saying anything. I was forced to leave because back then…i had feelings for you”, he confessed, looking away from Yoongi like he’d said something disgusting and felt ashamed.

Yoongi’s eyes widened unable to control himself and more as he grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him before pushing him against the whiteboard. He felt his heart constrict painfully seeing those pretty eyes full of tears. “Where you that scared that you left?” Yoongi had asked and Taehyung shook his head slowly in disagreement.

“No, I was going to confess…b-but my parents f-found out and t-they said that my feelings were a sin, thats it was unholy. They thought keeping me away and taking me someplace else would change that or ‘cure’ me, but…I…I could never forget you” he managed to say both confident and in shame.

“And you don’t have to…I’m here…And same as you I’ve always loved you. I need…no, i want you to be with me. Even then, I had feelings for you too”, Yoongi muttered burying his face in taehyung’s neck, wanting to stick as close as possible. Taehyung sniffled his hands grasping tightly onto the elder’s shoulders desperately.

“Hyung, I don’t deserve to be loved by you…I…I”, he began to ramble hopelessly and no longer had Yoongi grasped his face and pressed his lips on the younger’s. A kiss yet again showing that Yoongi had forgiven him and loved him even more than he did before. Taehyung kissed back just as hard, hands pawing at his shoulders till he reached his hair. “Hyung…”

“Whatever happened, happened. Remember what I said? That you shouldn’t let regrets hold you back?” he muttered softly onto the male’s lips, receiving a soft nod. “Well you shouldn’t blame yourself. I still love you. I still want you. More than ever”,

“Really? Even after what I did?”

“That wasn’t your fault…Now say it. Say you’ll be mine, Taetae, and I’ll be yours”, he whispered like a prayer, hopefully, as he interlaced their fingers together. Taehyung’s teary face and wide smile was enough answer as he nodded vigorously. “Yes hyung. I’m all yours and you’re mine”, he muttered before he leaned forward to catch Yoongi’s lips sweetly. Yoongi had never felt happier and even when Jimin had come in screaming in delight and to tease him, he couldn’t bother to be angry or embarrassed. Not when the man he loved was at his side now and had laughed so beautifully, clutching onto him and hiding his face in his neck, bashful. He was finally and truly complete.

It almost seemed ironic how opposite they were. Taehyung the cute, innocent and adorable teacher while Yoongi was that tough looking tattoo artist, an unlikely pair. But they were so content, Yoongi spending his breaks from work to take Taehyung some coffee and, when he was feeling rather sappy and gross, some flowers. It was rewarding to see the huge blush that swept his cheeks when he took the bouquet in his arms a bright and bashful smile ever present. Not that Yoongi was any different when Taehyung would come bouncing into his shop with a huge grin on his days off to bring some lunch for the elder. The way his expression soften as he approached with a bag in his hand and sweetly kiss him. Yoongi felt his face heat up in embarrassment and his stomach fill with butterflies everytime. His customers would coo over them and it was then that younger had realized his actions and become extremely flustered, cutely so.

“I love you, hyung! See you later!” The younger would yelled waving dramatically after he went to leave as Yoongi smiled and returned the wave. Oh man, he was so whipped. Truly meeting Taehyung was something he would never regret.

((I hope it wasn’t too bad rip ;;)

Just The Three Of Us - Pt.2

Genre: Smut of course

Length: a tad over 2,000 words

Kink(s): Sir! Jinyoung, (mostly) Dom! Jackson, voyeurism, impact play, gagging, orgasm denial/slightly sexual torture, etc. 

Originally posted by jackseunie


Soon he stopped, walked back over to his chair, then took a seat. He looked up at Jackson with that breathtakingly, powerful gaze of his. “Have fun baby..”

As soon as he said those words, Jackson resumed his position directly behind you and roughly massaged your ass with on hand while the other found its way back into your hair. He tightened his grip in your hair like before, as he viciously dug his fingertips into your bum cheek. “We’re gonna have lots of fun, y/n..”

He suddenly roughly yanked your hair back, causing you to rise up on your knees. With your back pressed against his muscular chest, he snaked his arm around your waist just to hold you there and inhibit any chance you hand to escape. Not that you necessarily wanted to though. 

You could feel your heart pound as he teasingly rubbed his lips up and down your shoulder and neck. “Fu- Fuck..” You airily mewled as his subtle teasing caused you to shudder beneath him. “Jack- Jacks..” 

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