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Mr brightside-the killers for nessian!!😇

Ugh this song!! I’ll forever love it! Enjoy babe~

Cassian didn’t feel the slight sting as his back slammed against the rough brick wall. No, he was too focused on the women before him, and the fact that her mouth was pushed firmly against his.

She tasted of cinnamon and alcohol - tequila to be exact. The kiss was all teeth and tongue. She’d bite down on his bottom lip before his tongue would slide back into her mouth. Her figures grabbed the loops of his jeans, pulling his hips against her’s as she grinded against him. A moan would leave his lips before his own hands snaked down her back, grabbing her ass. And lord help him, because the sounds that left her month were completely unholy.

It was messy. Hot and dirty. And hands down one of the best kisses he’d ever-


Cassian’s eyes snapped open. The sounds of the club came back into focus; the thumping of a heavy base, the high pitch laughs, the chatter as people yelled over the music, the stomping of feet on the dance floor.


Cassian turned to his right and found Azriel raising an eyebrow at him, drink in hand.

“You okay man?” he asked, voice rising above the music. “You disappeared for a while.”

Cassian shrugged. “Couldn’t be better. Where’s Rhys?”

Azriel nodded over his shoulder. Cassian spun around in the barstool, spotting Rhys on the dancefloor with Feyre. His arms were thrown loosely around her hips, lips against her ear as Feyre threw her head back.

“So guys night, huh?” Cassian glanced over at Azriel, raising his own drink to his lips. “And he had no idea she would be here, I take it?”

A deep chuckle flew past Azriel’s lips. “Don’t tell me if a pretty girl comes up to you in the next few minutes you wouldn’t go with her.”

“And leave you, bro? Never.”

Azriel rolled his eyes in response, causing Cassian to chuckle. He was raising his drink to his lips again when his eyes found her. And he couldn’t look away.

Dressed in a skin-tight red dress, hair hanging long and loose down her back, Nesta looked devastating as she moved on the dancefloor. The moment Cassian spotted her, he felt his heart leap in his chest. He flashbacked to the night just last week in the alley, where she kissed him, pushing him back against the wall. It was only a kiss but how he wished it was so much more.

Whatever he was feeling, however, quickly turned into ugly jealousy as he spotted the guy she was currently grinding against. Her hips moved against his, his hands clearly on her ass as the moved together. Cassian wished more than anything he was the one she was dancing with, but despite the kiss, Nesta seemed to have a hatred for him.

As the guy grabbed Nesta’s chin, crushing his lips against hers, Cassian spun back around towards the bar. He couldn’t look anymore. It was killing him.

“You good?” Azriel asked once again.

Cassian nodded, taking a long sip of his drink. “Peachy.”

“Two shots.”

Cassian downed the last of his drink before glancing up at the women standing next to him. And if she was gorgeous on the dancefloor, she was even more so this close.

Despite himself, despite his heart beating in his chest, Cassian smirked up at her. “Fun night?”

Nesta’s hazy, stormy grey eyes snapping towards him.

“Always,” she drawled, the bartender placing two shots in front of her. But it was the loose smirk that graced her lips that had fire running through Cassian’s veins.

“Hmmm,” guy from the dancefloor swayed on his feet, downing his shot before pulling Nesta tightly against him. “Ready to get out of here, babe?”

The words felt like a knife in Cassian’s heart, but he kept the smile on his face.

Nesta didn’t respond. She simply downed her shot, shaking her head slightly, before looking back at Cassian.

“See you around,” she managed to say before being dragged away.

“Most definitely.” Cassian nodded.

Nesta glanced over her shoulder, holding his gaze for the slightest moment before she was out the door.

“Still holding out for her?” Azriel questioned after a beat of silence between them. “She’s a dangerous one.”

“I know.” Cassian smiled to himself. He pushed down the hurt and jealousy. He wouldn’t let that take over. Because someday, he would have Nesta Archeron.

“Then why are you chasing her still?”

 The smile only grew bigger on Cassian’s lips as he flagged down the bartender. “Because I’m an optimistic person, Az.”