looks like he kept his hair extensions in

Making up Altean shapshifting disorders

•Altean lance who doesn’t know he’s altean
•Altean lance who ran away to earth and hid who he was for so long that he forgets who he really is
•Altean lance who, once he finds out who he was, has a hard time transforming back
•its been so long
•how is he supposed to rember what he looked like
•altean lance who cant keep his shapshifting under control after realesing his human form
• he kept himeslf looking human for so long that he kinda… broke
•"haha mama always said ‘if u keep making faces one of these days they are gonna stick’ i guess she was right…“
•now he cant keep himself together
-somedays he has white hair
-somedays its brown
-some times his ears are pointy
-sometimes one ear will be pointy the other will look round
- "altean” lance’s eyes and “human” lance’s eyes are both blue
- but altean lance’s eyes are so bright they seem to glow
-while human lance’s eyes are so dark they look like an extension of his pupils
-sometimes only one of his eyes will change and it is DISORIENTING for anyone looking at him
-but also… mesmerizing
•Altean Lance who’s looks change with his mood
•altean lance looking in the mirror and being confused every morning by what he see’s.

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No, but. Warfstache finally snapping and taking the Host from Dark for himself, like 'no, fuck you, this is mine now'.

(More fanfic, I guess. Here it is yall, the au where Warf gets tired of Darks shit and finally frees the Host)

Wilford doesn’t know what’s worse, the way the Host shies away from his touch, or the way he flinches away from his voice though it’s as quiet as Wilford can make it. There’s an emotion tightening in his gut, sour and disquieting.

Dr. Iplier looks at him with a sort of hopelessness that makes his stomach clench. The three of them are on the floor of Dr. Iplier’s office, the Host curled into a tight ball with his knees tucked under his chin and looking very much like a small, frightened child. Dr. Iplier is carefully curled around him, one hand gently stroking his hair, the other examining the extensive bruising that wraps around his wrists and travels along his arm.

Dr. Iplier hadn’t meant to pry. He had only mentioned that there seemed to be more bruising than usual, that Dark must really pushing him, huh? And the Host had hummed in response, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. And he had kept asking, musing that maybe he should do a more thorough checkup, not noticing how the Host began to tremble, how he bit his lip to keep himself from narrating and spilling information he would be punished for not keeping.

Dr. Iplier does notice when the Host manages to draw blood. He makes the mistake of reaching for him without asking permission(a stupid mistake, everyone knew only Dark did that) and the Host yelps, scurries away from his reach and throws himself into the nearest corner. It throws Dr. Iplier to the first time he had given the Host a checkup.

He’d been smart enough to not ask about his eyes back then, at least.

But he can’t calm him down this time and he doesn’t dare approach while he’s lashing out, so he does the only thing that comes to his head. He calls Wilford.

He can see the fury flickering like flames in Wilford’s dark eyes when he sees the Host. It burns hotter when Dr. Iplier tells him about the bruising.

Wilford gets the Host to calm down somehow, enough for Dr. Iplier to resume his examination. The Host is still murmuring softly under his breath and Dr. Iplier makes sure he’s gentle as he pokes and prods.

“Take him”, says Wilford quietly.

Dr. Iplier pauses and looks up at him in surprise. The Host suddenly becomes silent.

“But Wilford, what about-”

Dr. Iplier’s question dies at the burning look Wilford gives him, touched with a hint of pleading.

“I’ll deal with Dark”, he says. “Just take him. There are places even Dark cannot go.”

Dr. Iplier does just that.

Fighting For Freedom - 1

Based on an rp with @frostbitten-pooka-roo, transformed into fic format for your reading pleasure :) See the end of the work for more author’s notes.

Summary: Hiccup is forced to choose a new slave, and a gorgeous, white-haired man catches his eye.
Size: 2973 words
Warnings: Jack is a sex-slave. No explicit content in this chapter.
Click here for AO3

Chapter 1
A New Master

Hiccup sat on his throne, physically comfortable thanks to a soft pillow or two, but mentally in great discomfort. Slavery was a most common thing in these lands, but no matter what his father, and later his advisers had tried to teach him, he did not like it. The kingdom was not stable enough to abolish it, however, and Hiccup realized all too well it would be his head on a spike if he decided to try anyway. So he abode it, accepting it for now and trying to steer clear of that as much as possible.

The cause of his current mental discomfort was not just the existence of slavery all around him, however. On this particular day, guests had come to his court. The Bludvist family, one of the great houses in the north. Great battle veterans… but also fervent slave traders. And as customs demanded, they’d brought gifts for their king, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, Third of his Name, Ruler of the United Northern Kingdoms. The gift in question, predictably, were slaves. Hiccup had no choice but to accept and appear thankful, and he dutifully played along, professionally hiding the fact that his stomach was making back-flips like a star athlete.

“Your Highness, you may choose whomever pleases you.” A set of workers and servants had already been transferred to Hiccup’s care before this, and his slavekeeper had ushered them out of the room. All that was left now, was- “All of these slaves are highly trained in the arts of bodily pleasure, I assure you. Who would you prefer?”

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Hi could you please do some genderfluid Marco feeling dysphoric and Tom helping him feel better please plus I love your blog;)

Ahh! Thank you so much! You’re icon is adorable btw! I hope you like the story! I write this bacause I saw a lot of makeup shaming going around recently. People calling my others “Shallow” and such. So I just felt like this would be nice. You have a right to wear whatever you want to make yourself feel happy and confident! Your body is yours!


“Marco! I got you something!” Tom exclaimed. He jumped into Marco’s room looking very excited. Marco grinned and gave the demon a kiss.

“You spoil me too much.” He giggled. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Oh please, I don’t spoil you enough, and besides, most of this stuff is from the castle anyway, so all it would do is hang up there with no purpose.” Tom assured. Marco smiled and took the box.

“Well as long as I’m giving it a use.” He decided. Tom laughed a bit at Marco’s concern and sat down, excited for him to open it. Marco took the lid off and his immediate reaction was ecstatic! But it quickly faded to anxiety. Tom sat up.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. Marco took the burgundy dress out of the box. “Do you not like it?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head frantically.

“No, no! I love it!” He assured. “I just… I’ve been thinking I should stop wearing… girl stuff.” Marco added. Tom smiled.

“Don’t worry! The dress does not have a gender. It’s just clothe and I think sequence.” Tom assured, very much serious. Marco face palmed.

“You don’t understand earth gender roles do you?” He asked. Tom shook his head. “It means some things are just for boys, and others are just for girls… and here dresses tend to be just for boys.” Marco explained.

“But you love dresses, you looked so happy when you first opened it.” Tom explained. Marco sighed.

“I was… and I am but… I feel like because I’m technically a boy I should wear boy clothes.” Marco added.

“But you aren’t technically a boy. You told me you were gender fluid… so the other thing doesn’t matter.” Tom was actually confused. Some of these things didn’t make sense to him, but he was trying his best.

“But what if I don’t look… I don’t know, what if I just don’t look right? I don’t feel right no matter what I wear. I feel like I’ll always be the gender I’m not expressing.” Marco sighed and lay back on the bed. Tom did as well so he would be right next to him. Tom smiled at the human.

“It’s okay to feel like that. You just need to take some time for yourself! To dress however you want and make yourself look good, so you can feel good.” Tom explained. Marco smiled a bit.

“I guess so, but I feel like I’m just gonna keep trying and I won’t look right.” He said again. Tom pressed his forehead to Marco’s and purred.

“You look perfect, you’ll always look perfect.” Tom promised. “How do you want to look today?” He asked. Marco thought for a minute.

“I’d like to try on the dress you got me… and I’d like to look really pretty, like Star does.” Marco admitted shyly. Tom handed him the dress and smiled.

“Then put this on! And I’ll make you look as pretty and feminine as you want! And then you’ll see how perfect you are!” Tom assured. Marco smiled and nodded.

“Okay… I’ll give it a try.”


“Tom, stop pulling.” Marco complained. Tom rolled his eyes and kept doing Marco’s hair.

“I have to!” He explained. “You said you wanted the extensions, so I have to put them in at the root, and I kind of have no clue what I’m doing here so stop squirming.” Tom told him. Marco laughed a bit and held still.

“Can I see now?” He asked. Tom shook his head.

“Not till I’m done.” He insisted. Marco grumbled and Tom went around to look at his face.

“Okay look up.” Tom told him. “I’m gonna put on makeup now.”

“Can you do makeup?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I did Star’s makeup all the time when we were dating.” He told her. “Also there was this younger demon who lived behind me, and he liked it when I did his makeup too. Sometimes I would just put on eyeliner, but sometimes he wanted me to paint his whole face like a dragon or something.” Tom explained. He did Marco’s makeup and then pulled away.

“Okay, you can look now!” Tom exclaimed. Marco turned around and looked in the mirror, he could hardly believe he was looking at himself. He looked so pretty! He felt really pretty! He looked like himself, but feminine enough to be comfortable in how he was feeling on that day. “What do you think?” Tom asked. Marco spun around and tackled Tom in a big hug.

“I look amazing!” He exclaimed. Tom grinned and twirled Marco around.

“I told you that you’re perfect.” Tom smiled. “You’re allowed to wear makeup and jewelry, anything you want to make yourself feel nice. You don’t need to conform to these earth gender norms just because you think you have to, or you think you won’t look good in the other one.” Tom told him. “Just… do what makes you happy. I wish I could offer more understanding for this, but to be honest it’s all a little confusing.” He admitted. Marco nodded.

“I understand. Thank you for trying.” He admitted. “And you did make me feel beautiful today.” Marco assured.

“I’m glad I did.” Tom smiled. “I hope you’ll come to me anytime you feel like you look wrong, I’ll do anything to help you. Make sure you have everything you need to make yourself look anyway that makes you happy ad feel good about yourself.” Tom promised. Marco grinned.

“I love you for that Tom.” He smiled and gave the demon a kiss. “I love you for that so, so much.”

Awkward Andrews - Mark Andrews

Originally posted by zacksabre

Just a little thing for @nerdandwwegeek and @rabidwrestlingfan for helping me through last night. Love you guys.

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Mandrews was smitten.

Y/N was friendly, funny, smart, talented etc. Everything he looked for in a girl, not to mention that she also happened to be incredibly beautiful. There was just one problem; her father just so happened to be William Regal, his boss.

Pete loved reminding Mark of the look that was on his face when his dream girl kissed Regal on the cheek and said ‘how was your morning, dad?’. Priceless! Perhaps Regal would be thankful that it was Mark who was after his daughter’s heart and not Dunne, though that was a longshot.

Any flirting that he wanted to do had to be sneaky to get past his eagle eyes.

“Oh, hello there Mark. May I help you?” All of his confidence drained as soon as she started to speak.

Be smooth, don’t be awkward.

“I, um. I, uh, just wanted to, uh… tell you that I think you look, uh… nice today.” Well done, you absolute dunce. She tilted her head to the side, sweet eyes staring holes through him. To make matters worse for Mandrews, she started biting her bottom lip and shuffling one of her feet in a swinging motion.

“That’s very nice of you to say. Oh! Dad wanted me to tell you that you have a match tonight, good luck.” And with that, she walked away.

The boys could be in the middle of a conversation and they’d still have to stop and punch Mark in the arm whenever she walked by. The dude was bewitched.

Pete did not help the situation, opting to invite her to the next ATTACK! show. So, Mark was stood there in awe because someone (*cough* Tyler *cough*) had thought that Travis, who was dressed as Mandrews, could use a special valet in the form of Y/N. Nobody was expecting her to show up in a cosplay of Alexa Bliss’ old face attire from NXT, from the tutu to the sparkly boots to blue hair extensions.

“What d’ya think, lads? Any good?” She giggled, lowering herself into a quick curtsey. Travis laughed, pointing at Mark with a knowing look.

“Mark definitely likes it. Poor boy looks like he’s going to faint!” A couple of the other boys burst into laughter along with Banks whilst Mark turned a deep shade of red. The girl was committed though, even doing the old Bliss entrance and blowing glitter from her hands.

The whole match, he struggled to keep his eyes off of her and he was certain that she knew that because she kept hopping up onto the apron and sending wide smiles his way. Webster and Dennis found it difficult to stay in their ‘anti-fun police’ characters, stifling laughter when Y/N leaned over the top rope once Mark was tagged in. The Welshman looked petrified but just barely kept it together.

She was going to be the death of him.

Back in Florida, he nearly had a damn heart attack when he was called into a meeting with Regal. The main worry in his mind was that he was going to get fired but luckily, his worries scattered when he saw her sat in a chair, beaming up at him.

“Mr. Andrews. Y/N has raised an idea to me that I believe would greatly benefit you both. How would you feel about her valeting for you for the time being?” He wasn’t about to say no to him and nodded. The woman next to him jumped up in excitement, excusing herself from the room to find her new gear. Regal went from his boss to protective father in seconds, rounding the desk to stand in front of Mark, just close enough for him to be looking down at him. “I see how you look at my daughter, Mark. Let me be frank with you, dear boy, because I am not the type to lie; I have respect for you because you show respect to me but I will gladly break a man in half should he disrespect my little girl. Should she decide that she feels the same way as you do for her, I will not stand in her way. However, if you dare abuse that privilege for even one moment, I will have your head. Am I clear, Andrews?”

Mark had never been more afraid in all of his career. His boss was a relatively cool guy but Y/N’s dad was terrifying simply due to the fact that he stayed completely calm when he spoke his threatening words.

“Crystal, Mr. Regal.” Pete, Trent and Tyler were waiting outside of Regal’s office. Each of the three gave their friend a questioning glare.

Ooh, boy. This was going to be interesting.

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Taemin looks so good with his long hair up during the Lucifer and Sherlock era. Every time I see photos of him in that era, I seriously gets a heart attack!

although it is a known fact that I’m an Ace era hoe - pls don’t ever make me choose between Ace and Sherlock eras, I will cry. 

Lucifer/Sherlock eras are in a whole different level because let’s be real, Taemin reached an unmatched level of ethereal beauty then. your fave could even try but I don’t think anyone could pull off long hair as well as he did tbh

step on me pleas e

it’s a shame people kept pushing the “taemin looks like a girl” bullshit, though; I keep holding onto hope but I highly doubt he will grow his hair out or wear extensions again because of that. :/