looks like he has a tiny mouth

the things i love about this image:
- tord’s shirt
- the gun tord is holding
- matt’s face
- :3
- tom has no mouth how did he consume the alcohol
- drunk bubbles
- the hands
- tom'a shirt, the sleeves somehow make me uncomfortable and i love it
- tiny cigarette
- edd’s shirt is smaller than everyone else’s
- edd just looks, taller, than everybody, some how
- tord and edd aren’t looking at each other like something stupid happened the night before and they dont want to talk about it
- matt’s sunglasses
- tord’s legs look skinner than everybody else’s
i just love this image in general, especially the watermark

Okay so. You know how fic writers describe Sans as eating without opening his mouth/food’s there, you look away, foods gone?

(Of course you do. Don’t lie. I know the stuff you read)

Well. What if his “teeth” are just an illusion, and he has rows of actual tiny sharp teeth within his mouth that move on their own, chewing separately from his jaw. Like dropping food into a disposal or something.

When Dean Sleeps

When Dean sleeps, he looks younger. His expression gains openness and credence that no one can expect to see when he is awake.

When Dean sleeps, he often keeps his mouth half open. He never gasps for air though, his lips remain sharp and steady like he is about to shut them tight, forming tiny dimples on his cheeks. He does so when he feels uneasy or worried, revealing one of these pieces of his face language that Castiel has learned over the years. But in his sleep Dean is peaceful and relaxed and never shows any of those.

When Dean sleeps, Castiel always knows which dream he has. He winces painfully and rolls on his bed at the nightmares and just smiles lightly on something pleasant, but Castiel never allows himself to find out the cause of either. Dean’s dreams are sacred to him.

When Dean sleeps, the freckles on his nose bridge and cheeks are spread like stars in the night sky, and in his thoughts Castiel traces the constellations with his little finger. He never stops before he finds all the existing ones and those vanished over many millennia he has been watching them. His imaginary Lady in the Chair is on Dean’s left cheek, and Southern Cross on the right, and he doesn’t really care that in the sky they are much further apart.

When Dean sleeps, he is like a little star himself, distant and bright and full of inner light and generous to share it. He always shines to Castiel without even being aware of it.

When Dean sleeps, he doesn’t like to be watched (and he has made it crystal clear), so Castiel never touches him and even does not hover on him to keep his breath away.

One night, he is very surprised when Dean opens his eyes and glances back.

“I don’t mind”, he says and Castiel suddenly feels that this refers to something more than just watching.

sugar sweet.

1595 w || g

Ushijima is just about to put Kentarou down when Oikawa comes bounding up to him, trolley in tow, and tells him, “Put him here, Ushiwaka-chan.”

Tobio is already sitting down in the slot for toddlers provided in the trolley, and there’s another one next to him vacant and apparently reserved for the tot in Ushijima’s arms. He didn’t even know there were trolleys that came with slots for two children. He looks down at the downturned line Kentarou’s tiny mouth has turned into. Coincidentally enough, Tobio is mirroring the frown on his brother’s face. Ushijima imagines the trolley can’t be his kids’ favourite thing in the world.

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Cooking with Harry.

There is something about cooking with Harry that I just adore and want. Like for example, making a family dinner. Making just a simple spaghetti bolognese for four people can be one heck of a job, especially if you have a toddler running around and a 3-month baby to be looked after. You would be telling the toddler to slow down, or otherwise he is going to hurt himself, while Harry has his daughter in his arms and is stirring the sauce and sings some songs in funny voices to make her laugh. He would bring a tiny spoon to your mouth, and you would make a statement if the food was good or not. “Needs more salt” you say, wiping the sweat from your forehead.

Then there would be cooking, when you didn’t have kids. Maybe it’s the start of your relationship and everything is just so lovely and fun. Dancing to some music, grinding your hips against his, cursing loudly when you realize that your stake burned and Harry laughing at you, because he finds it funny when you’re mad. You cut your finger while chopping up some vegetables and Harry would kiss it all over to make it feel better, you smiling like an idiot and blushing to as red as a tomato. You would use your spatula as a mic and have a sing-off with Harry and he would of course let you win.

You wake up to a beautiful morning, with your boyfriend on your left side. You get up after a while of cuddling and decide to make some breakfast. Making some pancakes you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. “You look beautiful” Harry says, his voice raspy from his deep night sleep, kissing your shoulder and then resting his chin on your head. You’re only wearing his favorite Rolling Stones-shirt and some underwear, just something quick you threw on after a passionate night with Harry. Harry would start cutting up some fresh fruits and berries while humming a song that has been stuck in his head for a few days. Then you’d make some tea and start your day.

Lastly there is baking. He would steal some cookie dough or cake batter, making you playfully hit him with your whisk. Your clothes would be cover in flower and face in chocolate. You would have matching aprons, he would have a naked bodybuilder one and you’d have a bikini model one.  As you would bend over to put the tin into the oven, Harry would slap your bum and leave a big flowery hand mark. And after you’d be fighting over who can lick the bowl.  

Rami Malek Is Slaying Me

Rami Malek’s tiny frame is killing me. I love how pocket sized he is. So smol. My tiny son. And his voice? Oh my god. Like where did that deep rumble come from? How dare he? He’s just this tiny, happy, LA dude, who doesn’t care for social media, has an impish grin, gets confused for Bruno Mars, makes awesome conversation, prefers the company and confidence of women, and looks like he knows what you look like naked. Even if you haven’t ever been naked in front of him. He’s a tiny, complete package. That I want to put my mouth on. Get in me, Snafu.

Okay, so I decided to make my own Darkiplier, and this is him! So basically this Darkiplier is based around this, and I just put my own tiny twist to it. 

He doesn’t talk. He literally can’t. He can kinda mumble though. (I figured a stitched mouth could be a thing representing how he never got into YT) (Also, I’m pretty sure I remember Mark saying something in a video about before doing YouTube he was kinda quiet) He is VERY envious of irl Mark. He is usually kinda sad, and tends to keep to himself.

So uhh, yeah, that’s my Darkiplier. Sorry, if this has been done or it looks like other peoples Darks D: I just started drawing with an idea in mind and this happened.

hellagays look it! :D 

Keen Senses(Villain!AU)
  • *Saitama's sitting reading a book as Genos stands in the doorway*
  • Genos: I finished all of the daily chores, Master~ *gives the bedroom eyes*
  • Saitama: *arches a brow and grins* Oh really? *closes his book*
  • *The little Genoses play outside as Hellhound watches them, a cigarette hanging from his mouth.*
  • Hellhound: *Gets an unsettled look as he sniffs once then stands up* Do you kids eat ice cream?
  • Tiny Genoses: *In unison* Yeah!
  • Hellhound: Come on then, let's go find some *Picks Kin up and carries them on his shoulders while heading towards town*
  • Kota: but what about Mama and Papa?
  • Hellhound: You can bring some back for them after.
  • *Sonic walks by grinning as he heads for the headquarters the villains called home*
  • Sonic: Ohh, looks like you got stuck with babysitting duty. ha ha
  • Hellhound: *Pauses as he seems to wait for something. Sonic heading into the building*
  • Ryu: I thought we were getting ice cream?
  • Hellhound: We are, just hang on a minute
  • *From the headquarters*
  • Hellhound: *gives a small smile* Okay, let's go.
  • *The group of little Genoses follow after him*

So can Angie be a WASP?  

Peggy has always been super protective of Angie because look at her, she’s tiny.  She looks like a strong gust of wind will blow her into a tree.  And Peggy does not want to explain that to Howard and ask him to make her special shoes or whatever.  And then she takes Angie to a small air show on Long Island and one of the pilots recognizes Angie and pretty much plops her in a cockpit.  Peggy just watches with her mouth hanging open as Angie points out all the things that could be fixed and how he better treat this machine right because she deserves a pilot who will love her.

Also Angie totally lied about her age because she really wanted to fly.

Imagine Kyungsoo in a car looking out the window. He feels a sudden pressure on his shoulder and turns to see Baekhyun has fallen asleep on him. As he goes to push him off (and possibly outside the car) a tiny puppy-like whimper escapes Baekhyun’s mouth. Kyungsoo freezes.

‘Maybe.. Maybe it’s okay to let him stay there. But just this once!’ He swears to himself. He has an image to protect, after all. Meanwhile Soo starts absentmindedly petting Baekhyun’s hair.

i love seeing bilbo and thorin dressed in each others clothing style

bilbo living in erebor, at first having dwarfish clothes that are just a little too big because they dont have new cloth for a few months but bilbo cant stay in his old clothes. then, finally, erebor has new cloth. bilbo dressed dwarf style but much simpler and almost hobbit-like.

thorin in the shire, immediately having clothes that are his size, though he thinks he looks a little silly. bilbo loves seeing thorins tiny naked feet and his lower calves. thorin has his first true sun burn, an awful farmers tan.

GUYS!!!!! Toward the end of this gif, the corners of Killian’s mouth go up just a little bit, and his expression turns into what ALMOST looks like a little, tiny, weak smile. 

This man- a survivor, a pirate, who has gone to great lengths to cheat death (probably for fear of the unknown in this world)- is dying. He is afraid. He is in pain. But… he’s smiling. Why? Why would anyone smile while they were being killed?

Because he’s realizing that the last thing he will ever see in his life is this stunningly- beautiful, amazing woman, Emma Swan. And though he barely knows her, she’s still enough to make it all worth it. Even in this reality, she’s worth the pain, the fear, and even death itself. 


peanut really loves to eat and unfortunatly for him it just rots in his gut and its obnoxious to take care of, IM ASSUMING he just throws it up he is an a n i m a l

his favorite foods are probably fruits and candies, really sweet things, but also food that can just LOOK really cute and nice. most of the time inbetween meals hes just nibbling away on dry crackers like a small hamster. 

HERES a really shitty chart trying to explain his head spikes and how one of them goes thru his mouth. it exits on the left side of his face, and knocked out the back two molars on the left side as well, but the spike is for the most part in the back of his jaw so movement is pretty easy. the guy has to eat in small portions to fit it thru the tiny gap thats left BUT BOY HE NEVER LEARNS HE JUST LOVES TO SHOVEL IT DOWN

to the next question about saint having to handle overly in your face merchants here

he will do what he can to avoid contact until he gives up and stampedes out of there, tear trail following

A MORE SERIOUS QUESTION if a GOOD UNNAMED FRIEND DIED that wouldnt be too good for him goodness thats gonna put him in a bad funk that NON PARTICULAR person was the first guy to help him out when he woke up and im sure saint has internalized that this guy is untouchable cause he looks up to him so much sO HES NOT GONNA FEEL TOO SAFE IF HES GONE OK



dont put him through that just do n oT