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Thanks, Rukia. Because of you, the rain has stopped falling.

never-sleazy  asked:

How about for a prompt an au where stiles soul/personality is switched with Derek's and vice versa. (basically freaky Friday)

“I’m calling Deaton,” is the first thing Scott says.

No,” Derek growls. 

If Stiles wasn’t currently trapped in said werewolf’s body, he probably would have laughed, because Derek trying to growl with Stiles’s vocal chords is hilarious. It sounds like a wimpier version of Christian Bale’s Batman.

“Dude,” he says, and Scott looks—if possible—even more freaked out.  

“I’m not going,” Derek says, crossing his (technically Stiles’) arms. He’s moving slowly, almost gingerly, in Stiles’s body, like he’s afraid he’s going to break a finger just by lifting it. 

Stiles scowls at him and Derek ignores him.

At least some things stay the same. 

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There’s a part of me that ships Maria Hill and Coulson. I don’t know why, but I really like the idea.